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im zombie @snoreed nomming on brains

//edtwt// ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ i... got this. dnf if fatphobic or under 16!!

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@httpsfaii yeah duh chompchomp @neocollector :0 @str4wiviii vejsvsjbsksdb @mangledp0ppy oooo!! @yumekochokeme YOU ALWAYS LOOK GOOD!!!! it's gonna be so worth it and you'll feel so awesome i bet!!! :D @mangledp0ppy fr.... i can't imagine how my friends would react ????i hate waking up aaaaaaa @yumekochokeme THANK YOU :Dnomnomnom!! fuck i fucking forgot my meds this morning i think @_BurningtoAsh targeted ad fr @losiingkgs kiss rice, marry bread, kill pasta !!!!!! @_BurningtoAsh 2, 10, 13 ;D @cinnamews that's so messed up :(
i live right next to a pizza place too,,i've been wanting pizza hhi wonder how many ppl from my university are on edtwt @nocalsplease_ @f4twhorse @airihurts omg me too!!! @_BurningtoAsh meow @m3nitrust get this guy a binky fr!also check out that old meme reflook how sharp my jawline looks in this photo :0 i used it to show off my shirt hehe i promise i'm not THAT wide @digitalkyra @cinnamews @goreslt @HackySacShaggy this entire time you've been defending him?? im reading your tweet… @t04st3rb4th thank you uwu @digitalkyra @cinnamews @goreslt @HackySacShaggy dawg???? even if the actors are 18 he's still trying to LOOK AT PP… @digitalkyra @cinnamews @goreslt @HackySacShaggy you're putting all this energy into a "COULD" be pedophile??? if p… @digitalkyra @cinnamews @goreslt @HackySacShaggy most "legal" porn sites habor illegal acts? like article is proof?… @yumekochokeme recovered people!!!!! let them be happy holy shit, like sorry you're so miserable you feel insecure… @Deepixiant @mr_supercat @DaddyJMY @catsspo @tragicbirdapp those are just some ppl, most of us are here to have a p… @mangledp0ppy thank you sm!!! :3anyway i blocked them bc i knew their only response would be "idnc" and im just fed upthe fact youre using real people recovering from their disorders??? it's not quirky man, we all know you're looking… this RIGHT after someone died bc of this fucking disorder. stop acting like an evil wannabe, you aren't cut… @Slice0fLfe i guess like "im sorry for your loss, i know how important she was to you. have you thought about seein… @B1TCHESBR0K3N crying so hard @neocollector dude im the exact opposite ive been told by ppl i have rigor mortis bc ppl will try and move me but i… @27bki 21.7 :O @yumekochokeme IKR !!! i might contact them like "helllooo if i work do i still get paid" bc im a college student i need monzzz ksvsjsbsn @yumekochokeme I DONT UNDERSTAND EITHER?????? @yumekochokeme !!!! thank you B) its just ppl being like "edtwt is evil" and me like "we just have mental disorders lol" @imfkingsleepy hehe
@cinnamews sometimes its so addicting fr @vviemoon the struggle :') @vviemoon saaame,, idk why but i went from bmi 16 <33 to bmi... 13?! <333 @mangledp0ppy how do you do that :OOO @Z3R0_B0N3S noo what :((( i didnt know about this??? that's absolutely horriblert to lose 20 lbs by halloween🎃 rt to lose 20 lbs by halloween🎃 rt to lose 20 lbs by halloween🎃 rt to lose 20 lbs b…
Retweeted by im zombie @mr_supercat HOLY SHIT MAN WTF LEAVE ME ALONE LOL @mr_supercat ???? dude go away wtf i didnt mean @ yourself, i mean this is directed at basvdjdndm @3xt06 @5k1nny_b0y @basketbox33 @7sxy7 @hvllgenesis @souporexic i just dont believe in a god man i dont caaaaare fu… all my followers seeing me on their tl arguing with strangers : im sorrygod im so unmotivated to do any fucking homework hhhomg my roommate literally has the second plate hehe more plausible then @3xt06 @5k1nny_b0y @basketbox33 @7sxy7 @hvllgenesis @souporexic i just know governments must treat atheism like a r… @mr_supercat @catsspo @tragicbirdapp holy shit wtf?? youre weird, no one wants to starve dude @5k1nny_b0y @7sxy7 @hvllgenesis @souporexic im atheist too but you could be... a little respectful ?@ ppl who interact with edtwt but arent in it kavsjsbsknon edtwt stop being fucking weird challenge??? why are they more deranged than the literal shrinking brain edtwt community @mr_supercat @xloeysangelsx @DaddyJMY @catsspo @tragicbirdapp are you high or something calm down @mr_supercat @DaddyJMY @catsspo @tragicbirdapp go ahead send me one screenshot lolOMG i could be apart of a haunted house :3 the profits go to a charity too!! i still hope i get paid tho <\3 @DaddyJMY @mr_supercat @catsspo @tragicbirdapp who??? 😭"daddy's girls" do we look like a majority of us have good relationships w our fathers
Retweeted by im zombiehow am i losing weight despite eating like a pig ,, maybe i'll actuslly start restricting and maybe i'll finally be underweight again 👀👀👀 @mysweetkcals i used to loooove cheesecake but it kind becomes too much for me after a couple bites :( @lecterfied @cucumberrloverr wayyyy over 10 years too!!! i know people who were apart of ed forums 20 years ago that used that' @atlaslikedtoast @cucumberrloverr @sickofcalor1es low res actually means low calorie restriction - its been that wa… @bcrrykcals @coqonutcals @cucumberrloverr @raindropznrosez it stands for low calorie restriction huh ksvsjsbdk @cucumberrloverr you guys trying to rewrite ancient ed forum knowledge :') its always been low res = low cal @mr_supercat @catsspo @tragicbirdapp no one is doing that? we're all here just trying to cope with our mental disorder lolwait til you find out eating disorders are mental illnesses and not ppl being "privileged" im recovering and other times i see the most gut wrenching gorgeous life changing bodycheck @catsspo @Z3R0_B0N3S i wish it was better :/ i need the safe space, but this place is so toxic“edtwt is so nice” no it isn’t. this is genuinely the scariest subtwt i’ve ever been part of. racism, transphobia…
Retweeted by im zombiei genuinely want to end myself sometimes :((( why is my rib cage so wide and huge and everyone else so tiny @edtwtconfessing go on a diet, dont get an ed lol @t1ny_bellla im starving because my phone yall GEJSGSJStwitter update !! numbers on dm!!
@neocollector same;; @posion_era OMG OMG HAVE FUN!!! :D @vidarexic according to you, its not a big deal so chill
@vidarexic @crissydaichu @femcel444 ya youre weird stay away from 13 year olds pls lol @vidarexic @crissydaichu @femcel444 there's a big dif between a 2-3 year age gap in kids versus in adults... middle… @femcel444 yes. do men kiss so much @kindofmentall @sknnychanel omg thank you!! i'll try it out :3 @kindofmentall @sknnychanel what are the modifications :O @kindofmentall @sknnychanel omg... that sounds absolutely amazinf @sknnychanel SANDWICHES!!!!! i dont like the idea of sandwiches but i fucking love making them and giving them to p…
@roryscf i love dying my hair black :3i like it more when he calls me his boyfriend @angeIilo girls are you okay i can call now i love you so much and i cannot wait to see you tomorrow @angeIilo girls are so weird haha you so bad and then we have to be so cute bsksbdjdb @flowrgirl4 i got a nice man with a nice dick im dining in @_monica404 no... never :') @kyuujis born to having a disordered mom >>> to depressed middle schooler realizing they can skip meals without bei… @gurocm @purincount so realthats the weight my body has decided is perfect for me,,, soon it will be lower >:))my metabolism and body is amazing bc even tho i ate like shit all week it wont go above 101lbs