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goodnight snowbird nation @john_bh2o ye @john_bh2o its fake will reform team sireni have been sitting here trying to think of more ways to express my contempt for this shit and i just cant find any… poor laning phase turns her off what the FUCK am i reading @sc4f3 @Saware7 my mfkin dawg chien po knew what he was talkin bout @Saware7 @kaz_u97 hahaahahahahahahhaah omfg that so sad but in a funny way? does that even make sense @kaz_u97 qewrqwerqowkewqeok because of this? @kaz_u97 did u laugh @Serfexx @kaz_u97 @kaz_u97 can i make a joke about this its lighthearted and meant to make u laugh but ill spare u if u'd rather me not :D
2021 @sc4f3 I can make them come true @SkyduduNA did it fix it? @SkyduduNA do this everything except the location of the game .exe is correct - its now i… what. the snow or me screaming and pissing and dying? @tonedTnT ROFL...ohhhhhhhhhh ok sorry ill just never tweet again to get 8 inches of snow between now and tomorrow morning im gonna fucking cry and pee and scream and die @SkyduduNA wait thats true HmMMmMm @LSXYZ9 what about the PD changes - are ad's gonna build that item now or is it still weirdactually idk about PD i actually take back what i said i think thats gonna be rly awkward to build actually @Shafulyn @Protect_LoL ya idk im dumb sry im too old for this shiti like these item changes a lot phantom dancer has felt really "idk i guess ill build this" gonna feel a little bi… @Protect_LoL @Shafulyn ye nvm was thinking lethality @IXinoI thank @Vakin_jg this is huge for vakin nation @OBELISKTORMENT0 @OBELISKTORMENT0 yo what about before u transition are there any openings (no pun intended)Very important breaking news: Champ and Major Biden have moved into the White House
Retweeted by snowbird @ArKanlc @thetotalchaozs2 @smurfie @taihgah @GucciProtobeIt has now gone 5 days without our president publicly saying something racist, xenophobic, purposely misleadin… @SaiYesLol mother fucker it has HALVED in price in the past 3 hours @SaiYesLol i am @KFCGenerous "or maybe we want to late invade" "maybe no" RIEJTWERIJTIWEJRJTI @EthanCrofts whats so funny.. @sc4f3 meme @sc4f3 what the fuck wait is this what she actually replied or is this just a mene @sc4f3 @sc4f3 Elaborate @EthanCrofts come back @basedhelio i have less than 0 faith in gamestop @Shafulyn ability haste gives more cdr the higher level you are, 1 level higher +2% makes sense to me in my very ma… @Shafulyn ...were u the same level @homecominglol dont get used to it. im a secret undercover trader only. @zz63___________ stock: @Hyyydra1 gamestock @hhhhv7777 completely emotionless @sc4f3 There is something wronk with u I think @RaiderWho Antarctica @Sky_LoL_At which one r u @sc4f3 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAJ @Kyaandere WTF KYAANDERE FIORA COSPLAY? @montieGG in the FUCK @sunmifansite u finna b an astronaut?good morning fellashey guys quick reminder that being racist isn’t a valid personality trait @73eggie i did like it - i made sure of it i s2g. this only ever happens when im on my phone i wonder if this is a… @73eggie hahahahaha @macawcaw123 @monc1er its ok :) @monc1er this scared the fuck out of me thanks max i just got into bed u bastardgoodnight friends you're feeling down and don't wanna wake up Remember one little fuck is hoping you don't Live everyday to sp…
Retweeted by snowbird @taihgah @asdjkdsalka @karzbish8 @hhhhv7777 QWERQWEFQFGERTQRET @hhhhv7777 @hhhhv7777 hahahaha @karzbish8 even funnier how people still watch his shit and interact with him as if its no biggie. @acroi @acroi he looks like u. @LSXYZ9 mental health surviving a really tough day but then losing 3 league games in a row will be taking a bubble bath please do not disturb me for the next 45 minutes or so. Thank u. @JanuWilliams40 @JungleMan72 that word scares me sorry @JungleMan72 @JungleMan72 This is no longer Trumps america. @JungleMan72 Why are the ones u listed all straight white men
@rockingeorge99 Thanks for keeping us updated @LSXYZ9 @nemesis_lol @kaz_u97 @ForestWithin @ChadDraven @uwukong not wrong, but most ppl would have caved by now hes stubborn. @amaranthinepain u inherit the memories of all the previous titan shifters before u, all of the 9 @kaz_u97 @ForestWithin @ChadDraven @uwukong he's still in the 'this dude is too annoying to actually talk to' phase