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•Apex Player for @VirtueVE• @Crmeroll❤️ 7•26•2022

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stream soon 😌👌🏽 twitch - K1ngAnt_ link 👇🏽 #RisingMiami #NorCalMiami lets say 20 minutes? #Apexlegends
Retweeted by SnowVE🌹Your @PlayApex teammates when you’re in a fight
Retweeted by SnowVE🌹THANK YOU @PlayApex
Retweeted by SnowVE🌹Animated Stream Package for @JaySweeezy 👑 Support is appreciated! 🧡
Retweeted by SnowVE🌹Like if you’d join Project Above! Looking at everyone that does!
Retweeted by SnowVE🌹New header by @HerbsUncles 😮‍💨🔥👏🏼 Hit him up! I love it 🥰
Retweeted by SnowVE🌹It’s really clear to see who’s riding withcha and who’s not 👀👀👀 ya boy was born at night but not last night homie 🐍
Retweeted by SnowVE🌹MAGGIE BALL DESTROYS GIBBY DOME LMFAOOValk mains are malding rn😂 @crmeroll @TheBlacSage @TheBlacSage @crmeroll @TheBlacSage @crmeroll My type of grinding.. @TheBlacSage @crmeroll @TheBlacSage @crmeroll me and all my mental illnesses
Retweeted by SnowVE🌹Mood whole POV of using mastiff:
Retweeted by SnowVE🌹 @crmeroll @TheBlacSage Put me on the registry the way I was fucking those kids @TheBlacSage @crmeroll @TheBlacSage @crmeroll @TheBlacSage BANGING OFF EVERY SINGLE LITTLE BRANCH AND NOT GOING WHERE I FUCKING WANT IT TO GO @TheBlacSage Neither. Rampart is 💩
Take a hint featuring the hottest Seer main youve ever seen edited by @MentalVFX
Retweeted by SnowVE🌹Grapple Demon 😈 @playapex #apexlegends
Retweeted by SnowVE🌹 @McCheesyTV @crmeroll bro at this point, just give upHow about, instead of naming girls in your phone as "easy pussy<3" you actually try to build a connection and not complain of being lonely @crmeroll @TheBlacSage @Undynne_ gonna need a game wth 4 people party so we can double dateGangs all here<3 drama. Perfect thing to wake up to😬 smallest of things can trigger my anxiety and depression. And I fucking hate it
Youre in her dms, she's sending me booty pics. We are not the same @crmeroll Nahhh I’m taken by this absolute cutie whatever tf this skin is my permanent since I wanna be a mini him so bad
Retweeted by SnowVE🌹lets, fucking, GOOOOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by SnowVE🌹 @xHumble__ @crmeroll I’m free as of 8This anime opening will forever be a banger
Retweeted by SnowVE🌹 @crmeroll @TheBlacSage 2 hours of sleep and a nicotine withdrawal didn’t help either @TheBlacSage @crmeroll @TheBlacSage @crmeroll Cracking our backs carrying you 🥱 @crmeroll @TheBlacSage Her dropping me literally anything I need ever since 🤷🏻‍♂️ @crmeroll @TheBlacSage Could always drink it like this @TheBlacSage I mean @crmeroll played like 3 games and fell in love with me so🤷🏻‍♂️ @TheBlacSage I should of @ a few of them weirdos @TheBlacSage Someone needed to say it🤷🏻‍♂️ @TheBlacSage @crmeroll @TheBlacSage @crmeroll of the guys in the gaming community areare Fucking weirdos. Cool you played a couple games with her, doesn’t m… @crmeroll Poutine. Fries, gravy, cheese. Basically diabetes in a bowl @crmeroll @TheBlacSage @crmeroll @TheBlacSage Is it going to bring me to the yard?This shit slaps. @crmeroll @intrsteIlars @Statikspark you’ve never seen this anime you’re missing out. And for those who have. You know this scene just sends chills… scrims are a fucking glorified pubs match. No one can change my mind on this. Need a scrim cord that has some… @McCheesyTV scrims today we’re dogshit. Couldn’t shoot straight for shitI will forever and always be complete dogshit at apex. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk @crmeroll When yo I try to third party and get fucking rolled
2022 is live for scrims Let’s goooo Link down below. @MySoulTried You already know I want the invite link @crmeroll Him and Witt Lowry @crmeroll @crmeroll Take care of yourself babe. Always keep your mental health at heart❤️I will not be streaming today due to high anxiety and triggered C-PTSD. I do hope you guys have a great day and are…
Retweeted by SnowVE🌹 @TheBlacSage Same. It’s hot as balls here and I just can’t get comfy tbh @TheBlacSage Same here fam. What’s got you stayin up?Best relationship ❤️🤝🏻 banner from the very talented girlfriend of mine @crmeroll❤️ @MySoulTried @crmeroll Nah. She’s a lot better and f a human than I can ever be @MySoulTried @crmeroll to quit… Read:
2022 his In game duo and made her my lifetime duo❤️You guys play apex?? Nahhh apex plays me tf?!Waking up to more console apex drama. About to make you guys a reality TV show. @eyeluding How you doing? @eyeluding Good morning sir @crmeroll That’s crazy🫡Decent valk nerf idea: Kill the bitch and send her to a family reunionGod shes fucking cute really are supperior
She is the goat at it ngl❤️ @JxsttGhxstyy Dms @eyeluding @crmeroll @eyeluding @crmeroll @eyeluding @crmeroll difference between boys and men is that a man wouldn’t ever take advantage of a female emotions for his own sex… @crmeroll blow someone’s back out with a 3x Flatline nglIf she crafts you a wingman. Put a ring on her finger, she’s a keeper.
If you disagree with this you’re garbage. @ZhengUchiha Console but can use discord and don’t care about playing over lobbies live with some pubs and maybe… maybe some ranked later. Link below @KE6S_ I’ll trade you a half pack of 20nuggets and a firm hand shake for it @VirtueVE @zDarkn_ LETS GOOOOOOOMy boy has arrived❤️