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@M_Brittijn @meedabyte @artfulmanager Do you mean the HCLI one?There are some pretty extraordinary quotes/revelations in @ShippersUnbound’s STimes piece on the Cummings affair (n…
Retweeted by ᗪᗩᐯᕮ SᑎOᗯᗪᕮᑎ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🇪🇺Trump has a bunker, Boris has a fridge … @duncanhart Apple MailThat moment when your inbox is completely empty - fourth time in my life I’ve made and three of those were in the l… @chriscorrigan @TXMLean There is one academic reference that uses ‘Dan’ - my son (a KPMG auditor) sat in a class wh… @uknowhoyour I would think more about the person selling the bleach … @alshalloway @RonJeffries I’m not surprised and in some ways grateful :-) That matrix looks like it has more roots…
@uknowhoyour I assume you have no problem answering that when making a judgement between medical knowledge and some… @StOnSoftware Should I install a drawbridge?“If the project can not withstand a budget overrun of 400% - don’t start. Interesting article ironically promoted… @jambarree Because small things cumulatively make a difference, but more importantly change the dispositional or at…
@jhngrant @Giant_Leep Avoiding the question again. reductio ad absurdum complete @Giant_Leep @jhngrant Good idea to put the link on your ID then no danger of confusion. @jhngrant @Giant_Leep Waiting for you to answer the question. Is is credible to remain open to the use of bleach t… @allenholub @JoBencke That one is mixed depends on breed and pasteurising. Mass production of any type of meat to be avoided @rebeccawb Thanks! @Giant_Leep @jhngrant No this is a twitter exchange and you have an anonymised ID with 20 tweets so we have no idea… to all but I’m looking for some ‘authoritative list’ that can be used to establish good practice @Giant_Leep @jhngrant My point was that there are categories of things that can be dismissed as incoherent. You no… @jhngrant @Giant_Leep Humans are political and research can be manipulated. Truth is hard but clear untruth is eas… out there got a list of the small things that households can do to reduce impact on global warming? Not le… @jhngrant @Giant_Leep So what John? You are taking the same stance as creationists, science gets things wrong but… @Giant_Leep @jhngrant Please don’t avoid the question @Giant_Leep @jhngrant I’ve answered that several time :-). Now it’s your turn should we be open to the idea that do… @Giant_Leep @jhngrant And I ask you the same question. Do you think we should countenance the idea that domestic b… @Giant_Leep @jhngrant Ben’s question is attention seeking. There has been no claim to absolute truth so it is off… @jhngrant @Giant_Leep Is the earth flat? There are absolute untruths which was my original point. I also said th… @jhngrant @Giant_Leep Let me ou another example would you seriously suggest we take the proposition that bleach can cure Covid seriously? @jhngrant @Giant_Leep Come on Ben you know that isn’t an example. Morality changes and the state follows @jhngrant @Giant_Leep Physics works with several paradoxes and mathematical ideas are explored and await experiment… @Giant_Leep @jhngrant Sorry, the whole point of the idea of coherence is that it recognises that all the facts may… @jhngrant @Giant_Leep That was my point on coherence in respect of evolution. That which was replaced was coherent… @Giant_Leep Give me some examples @Giant_Leep Authentic = coherent to what we know from the Natural Sciences (evolutionary theory isn’t perfect but i… @Giant_Leep The earth is not flat. Wikipedia has very good tests before something like NLP is labeled a pseudoscien… @axmagno Yep, keep them corralled and don’t allow false claims - fact check like on trump’s tweets! @axmagno It’s called quicksand @commandodev @MMcLaughlinMD I saw it and liked it in respect of the hero’s journey. However I think that is overpl… @StegoPax Which is why we need to test for coherence and validity of sources. Those which are evidently nonsense you reject @FitzXyz If something is correct and it doesn’t agree with your ideas then change your ideas @jhngrant Well put simply, NoThere is a sort of hierarchy of ideas: 1 coherent with mine; 2 semi-coherent interesting differences; 3 contradict… @hnsvanniekerk @EnjoyAgile @metahyphencast @bobgalen @nosrednAhsoJ We have never competed. SD focuses on progressi…
@EnjoyAgile @metahyphencast @bobgalen @nosrednAhsoJ Well it might be an idea not to include a pseudo-science like spiral dynamics :-) @SarahChampionMP @swardley In any modern age Barbara Castle would have been leader of the Labour party and the first female Prime MinisterInteresting quote… from @galleman (MSSM, USC, Vietnam Veteran). A little OTT but useful; ir… @_fsbaptista That is the old 1” to the Mile OS maps - they still exist but we have 1:25000 now for walking over the… happened next during the plague dad? Well son, the government started changing the advice they were giving so…
Retweeted by ᗪᗩᐯᕮ SᑎOᗯᗪᕮᑎ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🇪🇺I found a box with all the old OS maps I had as a teenager. This one is marked up with Lay lines. I got a bunch of… I am one of the judges :-(
@meedabyte @artfulmanager I tweeted the invitation last week but DM me an email and I will send you more details @meedabyte @artfulmanager All three sessions are being recorded and will be available to participants @luchokool @nntaleb Hey, I don’t block people who disagree with so don’t dump me in with those who do! @derekmasselink @artfulmanager Alicia wasn’t on the call today? Bruce was and does work with positive deviance but… @DanSuper73 @jchyip @cyetain @CGLambdin not me I said its was a pity agile was defined most by scrum not XP and it… @snowded for the great conversation today on the interplay of affordances, agency, and identity. Eager to see what evolves.
Retweeted by ᗪᗩᐯᕮ SᑎOᗯᗪᕮᑎ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🇪🇺 @geoffcwatts @eventbrite I didn’t organisae that one - it wasn’t Cognitive Edge @geoffcwatts @eventbrite OK that one is OVER - was 0830-1000 BST One at 1100 is looking at affordances, identity etc. @geoffcwatts @eventbrite The one at 1100 is not on eventbrite - which one are you thinking of @geoffcwatts @eventbrite it is at 1100 BST will open Zoom room thenThis summer, Rotterdam will allow all businesses—from restaurants to hairdressers—to convert the parking spaces in…
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Is the vogue for discussing panpsychism an example of what David Hume labelled ‘the strong propensity of mankind to…
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@ajblain @alshalloway The chart @ajblain @alshalloway I thought your piece was a good one but who owns that matrix? @cyetain @galleman @make9876 @SKHolt @tendon @gtsanker I think one of the issues for him is that on 21 (he counted)… @cyetain @galleman @make9876 @SKHolt @tendon @gtsanker He’s written a blog post to justify ad hominem attacks! The… @timcatchim The point is the nature of boundaries - if you start there you get classification errors as people make things fit. @timcatchim One should be issued next week - working on that @timcatchim Four points method is emergent - so data comes first. Once created it can be used to categorise @timcatchim That only works if you are aware you don’t know what type of system you are in - most of time people do… @timcatchim Problem with ‘prediction’ is deterministic chaos (our use of liminal) and the question of what is or is… @timcatchim I think that is a useful derivative within a context - and interestingly we have been debating using ‘c… @timcatchim No attachment, but the minute you impose those axes labels then it is no longer Cynefin and I would join in with your criticism @timcatchim 4 levels to describe Cynefin 1 NON-LIMINAL:  Order, Complex, Chaotic (Phase shifts) 2 NON-LIMINAL: Con… @timcatchim an that video has no description of a move from simple to complicated - Cynefin dynamics say natural tendency is the other way @timcatchim Cynefin doesn’t have an x & y axis it defines domains. disorder is now renamed as confused but the dis… @cyetain @make9876 @SKHolt @tendon @gtsanker He’s just trying to get some cheap PR by engaging with people who have…'m saddened that a Gov whose appalling early lack of action contributed to so many deaths is now willing to use ou…
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Retweeted by ᗪᗩᐯᕮ SᑎOᗯᗪᕮᑎ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🇪🇺Resigning Minister Douglas Ross MP is a top level football referee so he knows when someone is blatantly offside #Cummings
Retweeted by ᗪᗩᐯᕮ SᑎOᗯᗪᕮᑎ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🇪🇺 @timcatchim Doesn’t fit which scheme? @euan It happens, then you get 65. I spent both on long difficult mountain walks as a way of defocusing from the wrong sort of numbers @make9876 @SKHolt @tendon @gtsanker If you can’t take a request seriously - muting you for a week @make9876 @SKHolt @tendon @gtsanker Try not to lie so blatantly - you have been challenged on context and interpret… @make9876 @SKHolt @tendon @gtsanker Please remove me from this conversation, I have enough problem with literalist…, okay, okay, I'll blog then. Here's a quick 1,200 words from me about the #CummingsConference debacle:…
Retweeted by ᗪᗩᐯᕮ SᑎOᗯᗪᕮᑎ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🇪🇺Beware of people who faced with a moral dilemma ask themselves ‘Now, what would Ayn Rand do in this situation?’
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@SKHolt @make9876 @tendon @gtsanker That is how I read his comments and I think it that approach insults Goldratt t… @SKHolt @galleman @make9876 @tendon @gtsanker As a community they seem especially prone to retrospective coherence… @SKHolt @galleman @make9876 @tendon @gtsanker You mean all the things that @galleman says will never happen if only… @SKHolt @galleman @make9876 @tendon @gtsanker Thanks to the Galletroll I am doing a webinar on complexity for the I… @nicksonsec The taverns are full of gadabouts making merry this eve. And though I may press my face against the win…
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