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Shark @Snowscarf Austria

22/Nonbinary/ENFP-T/okey with all Pronouns Love to draw and play with my friends [Please dont repost or change my art thanks]

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𝘠𝘰𝘶𝘳𝘴, 𝘪𝘯 𝘵𝘪𝘮𝘦, 𝘖𝘴𝘪𝘳𝘪𝘴
Retweeted by SharkQuarantine day 20
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didn't expect this but... I got tag from @Jihi_chan , thank you owo I think these people @DuDuLtv @pepsiwasser
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arknight sticker gacha vol 2 is now in our store (there are 40 designs total with some unreleased characters that y…
Retweeted by SharkBeen wanting to do another art raffle to celebrate 13k follows and i finally find some time to do one. THANK YOU gu…
Retweeted by Shark @LoverGuin so cute all operaters deserve love i love all
@merphv jesus merph also see your second charater slowly get more time than me to wow
Growing up with siblings:
Retweeted by Sharki can not escape this song
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A really nice interaction I had recently
Retweeted by SharkWhen I told my 4yo that I’m not a medical doctor, but doctor of philosophy, he retorted with: “is philosophy an illness?”
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clingy drunk ✨
Retweeted by Shark @Okolnir i love this and Blackbird look so used to it now i want to see a drunk blackbird
The American Healthcare System™ in 4 panels
Retweeted by Shark @sitandsai @Educonnectionz way villains smile
Retweeted by SharkAround the country, nurses who are fighting the coronavirus epidemic—with little protective gear and at great risk…
Retweeted by Sharkchoose your villager #acnh #r6
Retweeted by SharkDeath made an art account!!
Retweeted by SharkIn order to get otakus to wash their hands more frequently in these desperate times, somebody invented a "see-throu…
Retweeted by Sharkphoto mode payback #DeathStranding
Retweeted by Shark @Dishwasher1910 i see a lot of hard work there you did amazing cant wait to see the next decade of your art2012 vs 2019, cheers to another decade
Retweeted by Shark#goblinslayer
Retweeted by Sharkif you're an Australian artist or creative currently relying on freelance, online storefront, commissions etc for i…
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so apparently,
Retweeted by SharkI'm currently working on one commission. If someone is interested I could take up to 3 more slots. I know it's a di…
Retweeted by Shark#ARMS Trial Tip: If you want to try local, LAN and online multiplayer at their fullest potential, press RS+L+R on t…
Retweeted by Sharklandlords not accepting “global government mandated shutdown” as a reason why people can’t afford to pay rent is ac…
Retweeted by Shark"It's just a port"
Retweeted by SharkIf you need to do this, just drink your fucking coffee at home.
Retweeted by SharkDo not go out without putting a mask on or going to a crowed place, if else Martha will give punishment to those mi…
Retweeted by SharkBruhn does this to her Coeurl kitten all the time. #FFXIV
Retweeted by SharkThe secret answer to any sphinx’s riddle: smooches
Retweeted by SharkY’all still got that $35? This is a real good guy that could use it.
Retweeted by SharkAnother goblin
Retweeted by SharkQuarantine and chill with your significant one
Retweeted by Shark오늘 방송한 15년전 그림 리메이크 하기 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Retweeted by SharkJanuary 1st, 2020 VS March 25th, 2020
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PSA: If you stumble upon an artist caller oh_man_art on Instagram and they open commission better not commission be…
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@hanjosi have fun playing smoon you deserve itAnyone advising the end of social distancing now, needs to fully understand what the country will look like if we d…
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when u want to relax with some fishing but u are nervous by nature
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Retweeted by Shark“Practice social distancing” may not be clear. “Stay home. Get groceries once per week” may be more clear. Messagin…
Retweeted by SharkKiss it goodbye is happening!! Late this spring I'll start this wlw webcomic, so I hope you will look forward to it…
Retweeted by Shark @jeibon_com your last retweet is love that manga so much cant wait for more to be translated"My fiance and I had to cancel our upcoming wedding due to COVID-19, so our best friends gave us a surprise Animal…
Retweeted by Shark🎉Art Raffle | Give Away🎉 Thank you for your support! [ Ends March 25th ]
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This. GIF. Is. Everything.
Retweeted by Sharkhi i really want a switch 🥺 👉👈 told myself i wouldn't get it because its expensive but i really want it now aaaaaa…
Retweeted by SharkHello. I hope you know what's going on in South Korea, called 'Nth Room(N번방)' #N번방_이용자_전원_신상공개 #N번방_박사_포토라인_공개소환…
Retweeted by Sharktw sexual violence the gist of it is that there was a telegram group chat where video/images were being shared/sol…
Retweeted by SharkLiterally ever person in the United States needs to watch this. PLEASE RETWEET
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I mean- that's his entire mood during this movie, right? #PROMARE #LIOFOTIA
Retweeted by SharkNew characters in next update~ stay tune~ <(") Thank you for the continuous support~ love ya all~ <3 Ko-fi:…
Retweeted by SharkArknights #9 - #10 It will be a slow update after this. Sorry guys, i need to deal with real life stuff for a while…
Retweeted by SharkHello~ brothers and sisters~ <(") I am now stuck in my home, trying to at least protect myself from the virus. Joe…
Retweeted by Shark탑에서 있었던 일
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austin powers actually has funny parts you forgot
Retweeted by SharkMy drawing tablet has been really fucky and I need to repair it, But with this corona shit, I basically have no job…
Retweeted by Shark(新年早々腹壊して描くの遅れました・・・。)
Retweeted by SharkThis is Generation Z. I want to name that because folks love calling everybody 40 and under Millennials. Millenn…
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Workout session 💪 🦁⚕️ #RainbowSixSiege
Retweeted by Shark @cpt_sunstark doc showing of how strong lion is i love itわかる
Retweeted by Shark【継子if】【✒︎Ver.】 急な霙も、一人ならきっと濡れることもなかった
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@boogainvillea Cutequick echo because i love her... #Overwatch
Retweeted by SharkMeanwhile....
Retweeted by Sharkso schools have been shut down this week plus the next so i dont have any work soooo if anyone would like a commiss…
Retweeted by Shark[R6S] Caduceus Story(original)author : @tyrmiel translator @cpt_sunstark original(kor) :
Retweeted by SharkI lost my job bc of the virus and emailed my landlord asking if they’re doing anything to help their residents duri…
Retweeted by SharkImagine blaming china when americans are out here doing stupid shit like this
Retweeted by Shark @merphv jesus merph thats insane
oh my god, the chicago aquarium closed due to coronavirus, so they let the penguins run around and check out the ot…
Retweeted by SharkWE-
Retweeted by SharkI loved doing this as a kid (still do it to this day)
Retweeted by Shark @nastimajesti Konosuba is amazingeveryone: dont touch your face, especially your eyes and mouth! me, fighting 24 years of built-up nervous habits:
Retweeted by SharkI am 30 minutes into home schooling my 6 year old. I suggest that all school teachers are paid £1m per year from now on.
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thinking about how this is an incredible, perfect time for amazon employees to unionize because they're no longer e…
Retweeted by Shark @merphv it looks so amazing i love itFlame Emperor and her Wings of Hegemon Yeah we gay, keep scrolling... 😄 #FE3H #edeleth #FireEmblemThreeHouses
Retweeted by SharkArtists VC when everyones drawing be like: *Scribbling noises* *tapping noises* *button clicking noises* *nose sni…
Retweeted by Shark#BernieWon the #DemDebate . Pass it on.
Retweeted by SharkTransparent = Less Panic Apparently, Koreans aren't doing any crazy early Christmas shopping for an emergency beca…
Retweeted by SharkStay at home as much as possible. Listen to the experts, ignore the morons (foreheads). We will get through this to…
Retweeted by Shark @smooth_poser they both are amazing they even have base skills that work perfecly together like lapp losses less ha… @smooth_poser they are soo cute i love texas and lappland hope i get pojekt Red someday🐺 poor lappy 🐺🐺 #アークナイツ  #명일방주 #明日方舟  #Arknights
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Retweeted by Shark @NiwaRhythm good sqisch
2 hours 16 minutes and 43 seconds into self-quarantine:
Retweeted by Shark @S0CKY that true❤️ #RainbowSixSiege #liondoc
Retweeted by SharkMAJOR BREAKING NEWS: NPR Source Says Trump Blocked Coronavirus Testing in January to Aid His Reelection Chances By…
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Human Amy🌹doodle #amyrose
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