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Hey fellow creatives, Wordpress or Squarespace or some third option for portfolio websites? I've currently only got… @littledozerbaby aaahhh???😭❤️❤️ ❤️ well I'm glad I can do that with you too now, your stuff is so dang inspiring!! @littledozerbaby oH dude thanks! glad you're on twitter too, I love your art so so much!! ❤️
@starlxrd Snowpiercer.There is decidedly not enough fanart around for my fave movie, so here. @TheDustyLeaves me if someone boops me down for the night with a rare self portrait
@MademoiselleKNH Yeah and even tho he's extreme he feels like someone you could run across in real life. Oof. I'm g… @TBSkyen Ye get on it, it's goodThe Anai storyline in the new season of Aggretsuko? Possibly the creepiest shit I've seen on TV all year.My contribution to #moominreanimated ! I got one of the scenes from, in my humble opinion, the best moments in the…
Retweeted by Lea @myrdrottningen this scene always made me weep and this rendition is no different. this is beyond beautiful. I'm pr…
I love that all of the danes on my TL are losing their minds over the thunder right now. I mean, me too. It's awesome.Wednesday just got a whole lot better with a new ep of @MissionToZyxx 🙏✨
COMMISSION STATUS UPDATE: I know I promised a few people that I'd open up my commission slots again sometime this m…
One more commission of my fave Sun King and Machine Hunter for xenontrioxide over on tumblr ☀️🏹 wip wip wip @BHojlund I'd be up for a robo pet owner and mech gunner tag team combo for sure 👌ONE MORE THING abt cyberpunk o H my god the box-art looks so painfully boring. Even if it's reversible ala Mass Eff…
@Krosecz right, yeah, it's not quite as extreme I guess, but it'd be like saying both South Park and Bojack Horsema… I wanna reiterate that the only reason I keep harping on about this is because I am GENUINELY, BOUNCING-IN-MY-S…'ve said it before and I'll say it again, tHAT'S MY CHILD AND I'M SO PROUD OF THEM 🙏🙏🙏 tho, I am the most hyped for two big games (BL3 and Cyberpunk 2077) coming out than I think I've ever bee… @Loki_Anansi JACKIE DID, APPARENTLYReservation 3: DID THEY GODDAMN KILL JACKIE????(that last one is iffy bc we have only the trailers to go on - but let me remind you the sentence 'this is a mature… 2: the gameplay trailer dude made a real point of how it's a "mature" story, but used it to emphasize t… 1: CDPR has a... let's just say *rocky* relationship with the portrayal of women and the first trailer… - 1) visually looks gorgeous, 2) the world is likely gonna be insane to just explore if it's anything like the… thoughts, hype and reservations on Cyberpunk 2077 atm, a thread: @BHojlund "Is Keanu gonna be the claptrap of Cyberpunk" is honestly not a string of words I'd ever thought I'd see put together 😂like, okay, something like Death Stranding, everyone's an iconic actor. but that kinda evens it out. if you just ha… this is possibly an unpopular opinion seeing as literally everyone is yelling that keanu just single-handedly…'S TALKING ABOUT KEANU, NO ONE'S EVEN MENTIONING MY BOY JACKIE, I'M HONESTLY thing about that Cyberpunk 2077 trailer tho... is that bit with Jackie like, R E A L L Y what happens...???? 2077 release date a day after my birthday next year? hECK 🙏Thank you all for joining the stream (and the countless others before this one)❤️❤️❤️!!!!! The Oxventure…
Retweeted by Lea @TheDustyLeaves @OutsideXbox this turned out absolutely breathtaking 😭❤️🙏wip wip wip
some random kids? don't think I ever uploaded this here, so June's a good a time as any. is peak luxury complaining but I can't?? choose between Good Omens, Elementary, The Handmaid's Tale and Black…
Oh hey, a selfie I don't entirely hate for once. good, my webcam is so ancient that software for it is no longer supported, but it still technically works, I jus… got experience with the Storyboarder program? supposedly you can edit a frame in photoshop, save it and then… love a program with a sense of humor
a quick AJ and Papa Pleck. I've got whiplash from how fast AJ became one of my faves.'s-a Papa Pleck Decksetter you for letting me borrow your OC's for daily warmups❤️ @Tyurru @gneerly @SnuffyMcSnuff @WUHEGUGE @MarionLsc
Retweeted by Lea @TheDustyLeaves @Tyurru @gneerly @WUHEGUGE @MarionLsc @BHojlund @nova_bye @beardburrito @skyehuong MY GROSS SON LOO…
there were tons of good C-53 moments in season 1 of @MissionToZyxx but this is still one of my faves
I started season 3 of Mission to Zyxx and I'm absolutely losing my shit over 'Papa Decksetter'.
@yesmaaike eXACTLY my train of thought lmao. for a sec there I actually thought I'd accidentally switched over to M… @yesmaaike I'm like, two thirds into season 2 and already dreading being caught up bc it's jUST SO GOOD aaaahhhh hh h @yesmaaike thANKS ❤️ yes, it truly is the b e s t, I binged the entire first season and a half in basically one sitting ;u; @mochynhapus @MissionToZyxx had trouble fitting a whole ship in there lol. and Bargie's canon design is already so… some designs for the crew members of @MissionToZyxx @Nudlmonster BARGIE ❤️❤️❤️ hey @BargareanJade you're actually the best character, don't tell the others @Nudlmonster oh yes!! I love the C.L.I.N.T.S. so much ❤️ and Sammo and Wink 🙏good Mission to Zyxx things: - all sponsored ads are canon. the rebel leader is an underwear spokesperson. - 12 foo… @TheDustyLeaves oh heck, goals. both art-wise and sTRONG-wise 👀 can I also say, I love how you've drawn that towel?…
My mom during all Micah-related missions in RDR2: micah is MEAN, why are we helping him??? >:(
She had a drink from the bird bath and then came back to lie on her pedestal Garden Queen
@NermutBundaloy No spoilers Nermie, I'm still on season 1
In a show that's absolutely rife with hilarious ad lib, why is it a line as innocuous as "Ambassador Decksetter,, a…
I'm six episodes in now and I'm not kidding even a little bit when I say that I would take a bullet for Junior Miss… started listening to Mission to Zyxx this morning and... go d d a m n i t I'm gonna have to draw these fuckers at some point, huh.
@kenesu everything about this is just straight up incredible holy h e ck @TheDustyLeaves o h damn I'm loving how you did his hair in this one 👀❤️ and that soft boop-able nose 🙏 @TrashPxzzum @Fluffmun1 I mean, there's also wanting to do something nice for people who've supported your art for… @TrashPxzzum @Fluffmun1 maybe so, but... following someone just for a chance to get free art is not exactly a good… @TheDustyLeaves if u feel like drawing something gross ❤️ @NatumGo I usually open between 2-5 slots and then it's first come first serve 👍 @kimkoikoi it's almost like the words 'mutuals only' seem to amplify the effect tbhartist: hey mutuals, hmu for some art 7000 non-mutuals, inevitably: you called? @NatumGo Probably sometime next month ! thanks dude ❤️ @TheDustyLeaves YOU HAVE TO, I'M NOT GOING ALONEI'm starting to really seriously consider actually getting the shark tattoo I've been daydreaming about for the pas…
approved sketch vs final product :V @TheDustyLeaves The goodest girl ❤️right, I'm off to vote. Please go vote.
@TheDustyLeaves in our defense... who the fuck just buries a bunch of goddamn explosives in their backyard.Game narrator: Do you want to dig up this grave? Me and @SnuffyMcSnuff : yes. Narrator: are you SURE you want to…
Retweeted by Leahere we go, latest round of commissions ! @TheDustyLeaves Love u 💕💕❤️💕❤️💕 @pleasantchime right??????wHY DIDN'T ANYBODY TELL ME THERE'S A FUNKO POP VERSION OF BRUCE FROM JAWS????
I can't wait for GoT discourse to die down so the abbreviation 'D&D' can go back to being about the good and funny…
@TheDustyLeaves yEAH nu du siger det, jeg må ha haft din tegning i baghovedet da jeg valgte de farver ❤️ @TheDustyLeaves The perfect amount of eyes 👌👀 and dat lighting thobased on this tut -> some day I'll learn animation in after effects for real. for now, quick fire effects will suffice. - 'background' and 'lightsource' 404 not found - I have not fully rendered anything in my entire…
@NekoMcEvil your stomach has my sympathies @NekoMcEvil I cannot believe I had to read that with my own two eyes.oop, last one before I pass out, I promise. to this day, Frisk is still my child forever and always. old shit while I'm at it. goodnight nerds~ commission WIPs !'m listening to the game grumps playing undertale while drawing and it reminded me of some old doodles of the good…