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'The worst person on earth' - Guido Fawkes. Tall/Opinionated/Scuba diver/Pride Comms Team/Mental health advocate/Cis. She/her. #BLM #Bi 🌈 🍹👬👭🐱🐙🐝🌏

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@bentirs I feel like they've gone for fancy over functional @GracelessHippo This honestly a tragedy @CarlitoRemo The disparity between my tolerance and his is quite something. We've had a few dinners during lockdown… @nicksmith I love how he doesn't bat an eyelid when his guest is practically dying across the table @CarlitoRemo I kind of want the heat *and* the flavour, but clearly my poor sensitive palate can't cope with both at the same time. @stem237 My big memory connected with the football results is staying at granny and pop's house. He was an obsessiv… @JsnKnght Oooh @CarlitoRemo My order arrived - it's not bad, although I only get a tiny hint of the flavour before the spiciness o… @debbiehockey @dorsetchillisho @adamauden Ooh I like harissa... @CherryBee_Books @dorsetchillisho @adamauden We have Susie's in the cupboard :)I really, really want chips now. Semi-related given the wrestling segue, I've been watching Hot Ones on YouTube.… we'd not had them on a Friday night, we'd sometimes get them as a treat Saturday afternoon. We'd watch wrestling… remember being hugely jealous when I got too big to sit up there (but not quite tall enough to see over the main… was a long shelf along the wall where everyone queued on a Friday night (Catholics, yay) and when I was very… article mentions the influence of Cypriot immigrants on the UK chip tradition - that's what I grew up with. Nic… @Mefusen_Jam That's really not what that says @here_comes_B That joy awaits me on Tuesday when I'm migrated to the cloud @JsnKnght I've no clue what that isGod I miss proper chips and gravy. @here_comes_B I'm sure I'll adjust, but I'm very bad with change and this comes on top of being in a brand-new role so it's a lot @CamberwickC Outlook is awful. So monochrome and indistinct. I need a GUI which yells at me about things I need to… @ferkle1980 Outlook is ghastly. @JsnKnght What have they done to Outlook though? It's gone from being really obvious when I have unread things and…*Especially* don't do it if that person has a massive platform and a history of pile-ons (one of the reasons we screengrab) @fifer43 @jjarvisLondon @N_Shirtcliffe @HudsonHMack They make cycling way more accessible ergo they're awesome. @N_Shirtcliffe @HudsonHMack But that's not what was proposed in the OP's tweet. That's whataboutery. @dorisisaway Oh no @CiaranWest LOVE IT @dorisisaway There's no crime in being petite, but I had somehow imagined her more like this've been moved onto Office 365. @arlenehunt @JennieRidyard Yes. It means wellbeing. It's from Sanskrit and Hitler stole it. @GracelessHippo Brilliant someone posts a screen grab of a person's tweet and says something critical about it, there's likely a reason th… @ffswhy @GracelessHippo Yes @GracelessHippo Are you kidding? I can't tell @Mister_Woodo Nah I'm late for work, couldn't get up @CiaranWest There's nowt wrong with being short, but I guess her general demeanour had made me imagine her as reall… @nullifidian There's that. @katielara Skechers I think. @iamaweasel @Otto_English Don't snitch tag fgs @_Embo Some people are just berks and should be carefully put in a quiet room and the door closed. @dysondoc I didn't realise she was so short B) I was expecting jackbootsOpen for a surprise @_Embo So long as what the person enjoys or takes comfort in doesn't hurt or upset anyone else, there's zero scope… @MaggieP31069 @_Embo @StressfordPoet Uh no. You made a strange comment and have been asked to clarify. Ladling an i… @JacintaNandi I'm not taking issue with her not wanting the father to be involved. @DavidMuttering Is there a York Notes version? @Otto_English That's quite the take, even for Hannan @davidclewis Which is ideal. @davidclewis It should come much further up his nose. @JacobYoungMP He should have slagged him off at that juncture? Don't be fatuous. 45,000 are dead Jacob. Your boss… @Mister_Woodo He needs to unfold the pleats. This isn't hard... And yetWEAR YOUR FUCKING MASK PROPERLY YOUR FUCKING MASK PROPERLY @HudsonHMack Does it matter? @dysondoc @MatHempell @Kellbound Unless you're one of those men who thinks that wiping your bum is 'gay'. @missy_molly_mol @dysondoc The little one actually looks like the gonorrhoea test swab tool... @missy_molly_mol @dysondoc That's not a gay person, that's an ignoramus. @whatmbtweeted @TashaWorfolk @ShadyShames @RexChapman UK police still regularly abuse people of colour in custody b… @whatmbtweeted @TashaWorfolk @ShadyShames @RexChapman And again, since she didn't spit - that was a hypothetical -…
The new BBC social media guidelines announced today would ban staff from ‘virtue signalling’ their support for…
Retweeted by badly-drawn BOO!👻 @Sorrelish I'm seeing this shot but it's @drphiliplee1 and @drjanaway @SimonLandmine The whole thing is awful @StephenWarman Without humans the planet will recover.Here's Titian doing a great imitation of a furry ginger pig looking at me and going "wtf do you care, you're an ocean away". Nope - this is globally important. Without… @SimonLandmine On reading the article, it seems the phrase 'trans issue' was specifically referring to the 2018 Pri… know the polls look favourable, but none of that matters. Get out the vote. Vote Dem up and down the ticket. Vot… @CiaranWest @BBC Like...people's existence is considered something you take a 'both sides' approach with. @serbianboadicea @mojos55 Because people voted them into an 80 seat majority. @mojos55 @janemccourt1 Actually we can ask both of these questions." long as you're straight and cis." @andraswf @myhollycat @PrufrockUK @Emchisti @Littlemisskatyb @smallpersonn @thescareyone @sushigal007 @art_n_crafty how many hate groups does one have to follow in order to 'balance out' following an LGBT+ charity, @bbc ? @jamie_windust This isn't 'impartiality', this is embracing bigotry. @myhollycat @PrufrockUK @Emchisti @Littlemisskatyb @andraswf @smallpersonn @thescareyone @sushigal007 @art_n_crafty @whatmbtweeted @ESGPuppy @ItsMeTerah @ShadyShames @RexChapman Does nobody understand hyperbole? Ha, what am I sayi… sister and I have an annual tradition for our local food banks - sharing in case anyone would like to join us
Retweeted by badly-drawn BOO!👻 @myhollycat @PrufrockUK @Emchisti @Littlemisskatyb @andraswf @smallpersonn @thescareyone @sushigal007 @art_n_crafty“The right’s attacks on AOC are a visceral reaction to their inability to control what *they see* is her only legit…
Retweeted by badly-drawn BOO!👻I’ve been staring at this for about ten minutes, feeling increasingly sick. The right to live safely, fully, authe…
Retweeted by badly-drawn BOO!👻Today is too much. Total meltdown at work, I think I've made a heinous mistake in moving jobs. And then there's thi… @rabbidbunnyz @JackLubner @mattzarb There's a whole report. Read it. @rabbidbunnyz @JackLubner @mattzarb Yeah they doI beg your fucking pardon. How can this be legal? @davidallengreen @BarristerSecret @stand_for_all It looks straight up unlawful @ChrisFarrelly @StephenMcGann Beetroot in scouse? remember a parent giving me this kind of line right before I quit teaching. "It's your fault he's failing." Mmhm… @whatmbtweeted @ShadyShames @RexChapman But she didn't do that, did she? It's called a hypothetical. She just stoo… me @nonangrybiker Brill. That's all we need. @picapica1973 @DaveSmi34969166 @ShadyShames @RexChapman I mean, it's not even vaguely close as a paraphrase. @nonangrybiker Thanks - will give them a try :) (Nice tats) @nonangrybiker Bespoke size, self-fit. @caspar01 Do they do bifolds? @DaveSmi34969166 @ShadyShames @RexChapman Also when someone says 'thank fuck you're not a cop', responding with 'I… @DaveSmi34969166 @ShadyShames @RexChapman It's interesting that you're focusing your argument now on something that… @DaveSmi34969166 @ShadyShames @RexChapman You're actually kind of reinforcing the OP's assertion here: that cops ar…