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@AGodAmongstMen2 @OdysseusPUA @FWPlayboy Soy Boys and the obesity epidemic in the USA are the ultimate proof of "yo… @alpharivelino One looks sane and emotionally centered, the other looks unstable and prone to mood swings @LifeMathMoney When I got a hangover for a day and a half... That extra half made me reconsider my regular, recreational drinking habits @AGodAmongstMen2 @OdysseusPUA @FWPlayboy A mentality of abundance/scarcity is rock solid when it isn't built on whe… @AGodAmongstMen2 @OdysseusPUA @FWPlayboy Messing w/ diff women to learn about them & yourself, ill agree with you t… @AGodAmongstMen2 @OdysseusPUA @FWPlayboy Having sex with wholesome, functioning women instead of damaged goods is a reality @OdysseusPUA @MrVDaygame For the thirsty, even soda or dirty water will do @FergusonCurly @DaysOfGame_com @modernthrills__ Bruh, Im agreeing with you 🙃 But its about baby steps: 1. Learn w… @DaysOfGame_com @FergusonCurly @modernthrills__ Being able to walk out teaches you not to worship the poose But it… @DaysOfGame_com @modernthrills__ I have never regretted walking out on a date where a girl demonstrated unacceptabl… @DaysOfGame_com @modernthrills__ Agree. I ended a date shortly bc a girl was on her phone too much She texted me l… @EdLatimore Only a Sith deals in absolutes @Cernovich Gave my family a chance. Without it I wouldn't exist
@JennelleMarie87 @Rich_Cooper Men support each other by listening and offering solutions That's just how we do
@alpharivelino And check her fingers for loyalty
@EdLatimore Dude walking around like Xerxes from 300 @UnmodernM "Be attractive to many women, but in the end choose one." - JP
Deal with the mold in your basement Before you try to build a house difference between facing your fear and burying it is often very thin @curtis_peel I see you are a man of culture 👏 @Roderic70318808 @tddaygame Exactly, it's all about framing and self respect Girls will test you by doing stupid s… @alpharivelino @FergusonCurly 😆 @tddaygame Continued jealousy can indicate a deeper, underlying problem Reoccurring negative emotions are usually… @33_Bandit @UnmodernM Not talking about acting on your emotions I am talking about *facing them* Affirming that t…
@alpharivelino Then she probably has a strap on at home too @beamanforreal @alpharivelino Can definitely attest to this I intuitively used this when I was getting a girl to "… @Mark_S_Mejia @TellYourSonThis Bro, I've taught in SEA for the past 4 years & the whole fear as discipline shtick h… @alpharivelino Preach 🔥 @33_Bandit @UnmodernM And the bigger & stronger the house, the more you forget there was ever a basement You can t… @33_Bandit @UnmodernM I stand by that metaphor, but I'll give you this Unresolved emotions/issues are like mold in… @33_Bandit @UnmodernM Physical exercise helps greatly in processing one's emotions, so I agree there I agree w/ st… @33_Bandit @UnmodernM I'm not talking about being an emotional faucet in public I'm talking about a man who doesn'… @UnmodernM Quality 👌 @tddaygame That's an awesome reframe 👍
@coltybrah If you're bribing your kids to behave well You done fucked up as parents
@BroodingSea When one door closes Another one opens up @DrRalphNap @joserosado Heard this from an entrepreneur acquaintance of mine Solid advice 👍 @0x49fa98 @Cernovich One of the biggest setbacks to modern understanding Is the idea that mind and body are separate @TellYourSonThis Sex is to men What attention is to women @alpharivelino Once you nut on a girl's face, 2 things will happen: 1. You'll never go back 2. You'll kick yourse… @33_Bandit @UnmodernM Curing a disease 1st requires identifying the root cause If you only treat the symptoms, you… @33_Bandit @UnmodernM Facing your emotions is like taking a shit Sometimes you gotta hold it in But eventually you'll have to let it out @SalchiHansford @TellYourSonThis Notice how they use "comrades?" Theyre not even trying any more @Rich_Cooper And if you criticize you know theyd use the "you hate thick black women" excuse There are a lot of at…
@cherubberry For a lot of people who view psychedelics as a whimsical drug yes But psychedelics made me realize I…
@tddaygame Motorcycle life! ✊ @alpharivelino "When a king marries a woman she becomes the queen. When a man marries a queen he becomes The quee…
@selfconquering @alpharivelino The difference (one if many) between Genghis Khan and modern day players Is that gh… @hattorihanzo99 @alpharivelino Dudes an addict Replace "girls" with any drug of choice and anyone would say he's got a problem
@BrentIN_Brazil @alpharivelino @beamanforreal 🔥 @Cernovich More importantly... Wheres Ja Rule? WHERES JA?!
@alpharivelino If she don't give a rim job She ain't doing a good job @alpharivelino You're either A facefucker Or a facefuckee @alpharivelino @tellquint Heeeeell no
@HubVegas You conveniently left out the part where he: - Resisted arrest for dui, and they found him asleep at a d… @JacksonSongbird @thatgotdamnsam @Jon91432461 @MigSolSud @Cernovich Totally agree The way forward is together and… @HubVegas You understand what "over the limit" is, right? @EdLatimore "If you're not with us You're against us." Ok there "comrade." @mindstatex @SolBrah Her man's attractiveness to other women is what attracted her in the first place So she wants… @PatriotOklahoma @Cernovich White privilege Does not exist in the way many people think it does But most people… @DukeDebear @Cernovich It sounds nice in theory But often times it can lead to the officers getting killed Or ot… @spandrasx @Cernovich As long as there are police And as long as there are criminals People of every color will g… @peterAmerica123 @Cernovich Like the old saying goes: Common sense aint so common @Jon91432461 @MigSolSud @Cernovich I'm not always a fan of what Candace says But I do agree with her when she says… @ShamanOfThe Wise words Introvert power 🔋 @DaysOfGame_com "Fear, fear will keep the systems in line... Fear of this battle station." - Grand Moff Tarkin Th… @DaysOfGame_com Yes, women should be at least a little afraid to lose you Because: *you're* the prize Anyone who… @JayWalksTalks @Cernovich So you are saying that the police should let a man go Who just attacked them And stole… @QuintusCurtius You marines and your well defined jawlines... @greg_price11 @Cernovich People bitch about dominos complimenting some lady So they say they'll stop ordering dom… @dominos @kayleighmcenany People bitch about dominos complimenting some lady So they say they'll stop ordering do… @JesseKellyDC Black Asses Matter @alpharivelino Yuck @Cernovich Has anyone actually seen the camera footage? He resisted arrest for a DUI, assaulted two officers, stol… @SolBrah Like Patrice said Girls are attracted to you because you're superman But then they want to turn you into Clark Kent @coltybrah Yes Vietnamese girls hustle like its in their blood Very common for girls in their late teens to early…
@boywearingvan @Cernovich Or implement BJJ and wrestling into police training
@DaysOfGame_com Like my literature teacher always said: Specificity @MrVDaygame A buddy of mine used to say He'd rather learn game from an ugly guy At least the ugly guy has elimina… @EdLatimore Too true Anyone who wants to find out firsthand how much the world doesn't give a fuck Be homeless for a night in a big city @alpharivelino Translation: I don't hunt I dumpster dive
@AndrewLoeschner Wrestling/BJJ and/or boxing/muay thai @InfoProductJake @EdLatimore Yo, I was thinking about this very thing for the past week or so! ✊ @alpharivelino In other words: a doormat Set your boundaries! @Camellia_Alexan Yuck. Trump supporters gotta condemn this and police our own. @alpharivelino Tell her, "Don't worry..." 😏
@alpharivelino The best way to communicate how you logically think to a woman is to Make her FEEL your truth Use… @enniadv @Cernovich Tells us everything we need to know @raykwong The instigator god mad lucky he picked a fight with a decent man because someone with less decency woul… @FergusonCurly @HasanMeskani @alpharivelino 🤣 @alpharivelino Stick your dick in a spiritually damaged girl And you might just catch yourself a spiritually transmitted disease @alpharivelino God she looks so insufferable And how weak could he be to fall for a woman like that
@CarcinogenLG Your language is self-defeating You're allowed to evaluate your partner as much as they're allowed t… @Coach_Lapis @tddaygame Exactly, sex is not merely a physical act @kiassCristiano Exactly The twittersphere doesn't know what its like to marry & have kid w/ a pretty but uneducate… @Cernovich GOP don't have no fight in them But apparently had enough fight to try and railroad Trump at every oppo… @BookOfPook Women are afraid of solitude. @HasanMeskani @alpharivelino Self defeating language. Dudes on a one way train to cuck city. @LunaticGoods @alpharivelino Yeah his frame is weak. Like she's the prize and he is tolerated and in awe of why she… @CharriseLane @Cernovich Most of those who hate America haven't been to other countries with real poverty and loved…