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i get silent when i am hurt
Retweeted by shannon.Happy 6 months <3
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i love u’ve never related so much"gifted kid" aka "how did you go this far without getting diagnosed with autism or adhd"
Retweeted by shannon.six 🥺“color changing kageyama”cant imagine being with anyone else 🥺
Retweeted by shannon.why does my head hurt so much wtf @chipnanimus 👉🏻👈🏻i am tired
update my phone makes a great projectilehavent died yet you see me faceplant off my board on campus, no you didnt ❤️ @vlpuryear EXACTLY THANK YOU @vlpuryear currently watching try guys try on thongsnoah doesnt like my choice in youtube creatorsstop saying the r word.
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if you saw me taking self timer selfies near the drone cage no you didn’t
Retweeted by shannon. @chipnanimus @mitchdavis_ no i know he has it we gucci3 days 🥺 for good luck
Retweeted by shannon. @SethMegan oh damn. thats only #2 for me @SethMegan omg thats where i got mine @Ride_BT helpbonus sans props
Retweeted by shannon. @Blorn24 okay candace @alisonkate___ omg hii need... a kiss
Retweeted by shannon. @self_tytled @chipnanimus am crocheting and i have no idea whats going obi have autistic family, plz DO NOT support Autism Speaks
Retweeted by shannon. @chipnanimus i agree w thismilkshake @Blorn24 🥺 @Blorn24 dksldjkdks you dont have to hahaor a cookout milkshake or waffle house eggs and hashbrowns @wilburplays do you watch the try guys @wilburplays sidemen?i want another cheese burger from dx @fleetwooodzach no💛
Retweeted by shannon.its cause im in it 😏 this bus so hotnot emi and i geeking out over CROCHETINGfoxridge is fuckin emptyyy
@chipnanimus um @mmeredithashley thigh guys ?i mayyyyy have bit off more than i can chew with this one @fleetwooodzach i dont know what youre talking about @xEmiJ17 thats gorgeous omghi can everyone show me their favorite tattoo they have and tell me how much it hurtWHY DO I HAVE THE ATTENTION SPAN OF A GOLDFISH!!! I AM WATCHING TV WHILE DOING HOMEWORK WHILE WATCHING TIK TOKS AND I AM STILL FUCKING BORED
Retweeted by shannon. @chipnanimus its so cute 🥺LOOK AT IT
Retweeted by shannon.also ow someone come help me clean my room and my bathroom👉🏻👈🏻 @chipnanimus @andrewkentt thats my fault :(tell me how my motherfucking dick tastesi just fucked your girlfriend for this song @jayoffthebeanz owens is the only thing open wtfso they just weren’t gonna tell anybody they closed all the dining halls at 3.. just fuck my stomach right
Retweeted by shannon.Oop
Retweeted by shannon.oop11:11
Retweeted by shannon.✨📻✨ GLITTERY feat. @troyesivan
Retweeted by shannon.Idk about the rest of y’all but I’m all for a nationwide lockdown. If shutting down for 4-6 weeks means everything…
Retweeted by shannon.does someone wanna grubhub some crepes 👀Skipping class in order to do better in another class is my favorite kind of college student logic
Retweeted by shannon.this was a terrifying experience. 0/10 would not recommend. especially when he doesnt register it as the phone and… is in the quad firing fireworks at 1 am I will find you
Retweeted by shannon.allie stop craving cookout challenge!
Retweeted by shannon. @camp_soph_ 🥺will someone bring me waffle house please i’m serious @emfranks7 :(( @emfranks7 type it on your phonedoes anyone has soup 🥺could go for a hug
Retweeted by shannon. @Blorn24 proud of you @Blorn24 WAS IT WORTH IT @Blorn24 PROUD OF YOUokay i give in. im hungry @azizzaria_ you gotta charge for these ong
@Blorn24 @mainstreetmaddy @Blorn24 maddy you cant take this !!! you gotta prove him wrong @Blorn24 👀 @Blorn24 ill take the last 10 if you canthmmmm @Blorn24 now i want nugsim hungryWEIGHTED BLANKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by shannon. @chipnanimus cut them and i will @MrsTsPierogies thats exactly what i did @zallphantastic i need the moneyive given up on selling my switch.i want chip dipi quittime to cry nowi have to so so much today and im only on the first nutr quiz fuck my life @VT_YDSA this is what i recieved