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very much in a hard depressive episode rn. first one since starting lamictal and i will admit it is kinda kicking m…
Retweeted by shannon @alisonkate___ can i come to the weddingahhhh
Retweeted by shannon @floralflareon am not a “millennial,” or a “zoomer,” or a “boomer,” I am from Virginia
Retweeted by shannonhelp i wanna go internet shopping but i have to save money to be an adult
Retweeted by shannon @mooopsy jealousmikes hard lemonade was ahead of its time a true pioneer
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@punzotwt bro @floralflareon 🥺 hii haven’t left my bed @gvilliard @SHAQ happy birthday !!babe are you okay you barely even touched the nachosaurus
Retweeted by shannonZÖE AND ALFIE ARE PREGNANT OMGwant am now home and boredHELP
Retweeted by shannon @SethMegan @sarahhhkeeth @AmblerMason how rude @sarahhhkeeth @AmblerMason @SethMegan ty ! @andybarrett98 @BrisaSalasR i dont think she needs to be hacked i think she tweets random shit all on her ownme after finishing the #WandaVisionFinale :
Retweeted by shannonhi does anyone wanna bring us cookout 👉🏻👈🏻 ill venmo you ofc
@ashhh_ketchumm brO im broke i cant afford that @HokieDining yo is the list of vendors that accept hokie p money up to date? ( @AmblerMason theres no option for it on doordash pick upupdate do they do them to go? i don’t fuck with: ppl who don’t return their grocery cart
Retweeted by shannonmy therapist asked me what i thought my strengths were and i couldnt give her an answeri will see no wandavision slander they made a beautiful story and developed Wanda’s character so well that she went…
Retweeted by shannonAgatha and Wanda The Visions #WandaVision #WandaVisionFinale
Retweeted by shannon @SethMegan nooothe cartoons (part 1)
Retweeted by shannonMental health conversations are so important in relationships.
Retweeted by shannon#WandaVision This was Wanda’s story. This wasn’t about busting open the multiverse or bringing in the devil. This…
Retweeted by shannon @crixare4kids did he end up saying he would do it?People who refuse to download TikTok think they have a PhD in maturity
Retweeted by shannoni made one
Retweeted by shannonAs a former 16 year old, I do not believe the legal voting age should be lowered to 16.
Retweeted by shannonupdate i love my new therapist 🥺virgins or so called "innocent girls" being ur main sexual attraction is wild predatory
Retweeted by shannonHere’s the thing. Most of those resources in the search results for ‘autistic support’ are autism organizations th…
Retweeted by shannonThe problem: If you Google ‘autistic support’, you’ll find resources for struggling parents. If you search ‘autis…
Retweeted by shannonhappy birthday to the goodest boy YALL QUIT TALKING ABOUT WANDAVISION PLEASE FOR LIKE A COUPLE HOURSSpoil Wandavision and watch what happens
Retweeted by shannon @ashhh_ketchumm damn :/ @ashhh_ketchumm are you okay ??wait im so excited 🥺 @baukhagen tysm for helping meeeee @baukhagen so it was worth it? @baukhagen damn bro i wanna get the godiva but its like 30 bucks ahh @baukhagen omg its perfect wow @socc3rgur1ie they turned out super cute and so good!!
Retweeted by shannon @baukhagen !! what alcohol did you usecow abunga
Retweeted by shannonno more ~ f o r t n i t e ~
Retweeted by shannon @jaidaaanicoleee omgLadies, vanilla ice cream - whip cream - your frozen juice of choice (orange and pink lemonade r good) - tequila. B…
Retweeted by shannonhas anyone made these 👉🏻👈🏻 i have to figure out what i want to eat every single day for the rest of my life... wtf is up with that
Retweeted by shannon @jordanphippss i think soive gotten 3 answers and theyre all different 🙃
whats the best margarita from el rods north mainhow do people just.. start a new job bro im gonna cry @crixare4kids !! where? @mitchdavis_ @erinschief hers is cooler she has conesR.I.P to our friends that passed away at a young age. We ain’t forget about y’all🕊💙
Retweeted by shannondoes someone wanna buy me this for my birthday 👉🏻👈🏻 with 2 alarms gf with 573838596 alarmstips to not want to die please" ur so quiet " thanks im not comfortable around u
Retweeted by shannon @VaTechPolice sing
Retweeted by shannonJ&J vaccine is rising to the occasion
Retweeted by shannonAgree
Retweeted by shannon @punzotwt goalsdoes anyone have a good description/explanation for nonverbalYo we really used to have to print out Mapquest directions and carry them in the car with us. 😭
Retweeted by shannonCan confirm that South Main Kroger has the same digital coupon
Retweeted by shannoni want some peanut butter pie 🤤
Retweeted by shannonSN10 becomes the first full scale Starship prototype to make a second flight!
Retweeted by shannonwell i didn’t see that one coming #SpaceX
Retweeted by shannoni am tired :)
Retweeted by shannon“i like your personality” thanks it’s a disorder
Retweeted by shannonBeginning at approximately 4:29pm, Canvas began experiencing page errors and is temporarily unavailable for many us…
Retweeted by shannonone day at a time deserved better than to be CANCELLED
Retweeted by shannon🎶 Do do do do dooo 🎶
Retweeted by shannonWatch Starship SN10 flight test live →
Retweeted by shannoni hate being so depressed eating makes me throw up 👐🏽
Retweeted by shannonI haven’t had benny’s in so long omg
Retweeted by shannoni love when you spend forever dreading an assignment and putting it off as long as you can and it ends up being easier than you expected
Retweeted by shannon @VChafian me trying to get help for adhd even though my mom said im finei think we need to make it ok to have mental disorder symptoms without having a disorder and still getting treatmen…
Retweeted by shannon...but i have class ?! letting people keep their camera off during zoom calls so that they can maintain one personal boundary wh…
Retweeted by shannonChecking Account : $8,644.68 Savings Account : $111,881.00 Claim It 🙏🏽
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