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Piercing the MLS Is Back Bubble by @jmoorequakes, @etmckinley, & @benwright
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@JeremiahOshan Every week it was like “Surely this week he won’t rip into his players on the halftime interview hit… @SteveDavis90 Also no good!I quite like fireworks and I think setting them off at 3 pm is beyond stupid.
@RohnJossi As a full-time mother (only once) and an office lady, I can confirm I have a very similar model of this… irony about the Chivas USA jersey at the Mount Rushmore thing tonight is all the racism that was around the clu… @CorazonDMLoon
@tychoblue That’s within the last 6 weeks or so, because I looked at the ownership roll around then and they weren’… was really fun to be part of. We learned, we laughed, some of us roasted Ray and Alan’t believe he joined Sic Mundus. emerge that someone associated with the Clippers has tested positive for coronavirus
Retweeted by Alicia RodriguezFor everyone in the “These are pro athletes. There is no risk. Nothing happens to them if they get the virus” camp…
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Our next #Quakes74 question for the MLS is Back Tournament: Can they stay healthy (in all senses of the word)?
Retweeted by Alicia RodriguezGBS on Chicharito injury: He has knee pain [after a knock in scrimmage] but it’s not a big deal, coach doesn’t seem… @grimmace420 Yep!I think a goal where you dance in on goal and just bury it is so satisfying
We have achieved the astounding feat of producing 2 episodes of Plex Weather! Today, we talked about…
Retweeted by Alicia Rodriguez @LAFCvince Awful news, really sorry to hear it. But I know you’ll bounce back, your work is so good.
That research on racial bias in football commentary could have been conducted just by doing a headcount at pretty m…
Retweeted by Alicia Rodriguez @SteveDavis90 When you are watching a fun game, the inspirational juices start flowingKing is the new Queen. #NWSLTHIS GAME! #NWSLActually, the Dash @karahead_ for real @AztecaAmeliaaa Just losing tons of clout with quality accounts @jeffrueter I don't know if you've done this exercise, but you may be surprised at some of the PR/execs who follow them!A lot of you could plausibly follow B------l for "professional" reasons, but you really shouldn't. You're being judged, hard!I just looked through all the people I follow who follow B------l and I am very disappointed in each and every one of you!
The scheduled return of Sacramento Republic’s season is approaching, and we discuss some of the good and the bad of…
Retweeted by Alicia Rodriguez @sbuck67 @_jacobschneider Vermeer has played 4 competitive games so far for LAFC. It's clearly a "win now" move, Mi… #NWSL became the first American pro league to return over the weekend, and two Bruins made big contributions in…
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@DrKimGee Thee were protests downtown last night after a shootingStay safe, my friends in San Diego @mrkmcclr Just bantz, ladsTruly love midfielders who make the trailing runs to clean up reboundsShort and Ertz ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️It's going to be really funny when someone who isn't paying attention tunes into an American soccer game where they… @tedski This is a fantastic point!
I'm sorry, any team that treats their basic roster info like state secrets gets a zillion points negative karma, that's the rules @ScoutRipley "Are you reday" two times, it's such a good lineN⚽️W⚽️S⚽️L⚽️Galaxy player Efraín Álvarez was a child prodigy. Now facing a turning-point season, he used the coronavirus shutdo…
Retweeted by Alicia RodriguezAnother #LAGalaxy signing — another prospect with a ton of potential
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Even with coronavirus rates through the roof this week in Orlando, #Quakes74 defender Oswaldo Alanis says he feels…
Retweeted by Alicia RodriguezThe schedule is out for the Clippers. Check out the 8-game slate
Retweeted by Alicia RodriguezSoccer starts in the U.S. Saturday. The details on how to watch the opening day of #NWSLChallengeCup
Retweeted by Alicia RodriguezIt hasn't been hard motivating his guys after nearly 4 months away but Bob Bradley has to get them focused and fit…
Retweeted by Alicia Rodriguez @andrew_wiebe I don’t want to sound dramatic, but welcome to my entire parenthood existence @viewfromcouch You get it!One of the great things about working from home is my boss can't rifle through my stuff to take some gum...that's what my kid does.
No spoiler alert for Sacramento Republic’s group as the local-est teams are matched up for the USL Championship res…
Retweeted by Alicia RodriguezLiterally every other year when we went to Florida, we drove, from Michigan. A few times, straight through, in 21 hours or so.Just remembered my first time on an airplane was a charter to Orlando. We're talking budget charter, too, they sent…
#Quakes74 call firsties on getting to the MLS bubble in Orlando
Retweeted by Alicia Rodriguez @lmechegaray I dunno man, I can see him with that same haircut in 30 years on the sideline in jeans as the manager of PachucaMaxi Moralez said he's not in agreement with going to Florida for the MLS is Back Tournament #NYCFC
Retweeted by Alicia RodriguezIf the report is accurate, I want to heartily thank MLS for not scheduling any California teams for 6 am games. Whe… @mkstnr Good old Atlanta @mkstnr Mostly ones I don’t know well, but JO was pretty confident. Whoops @mkstnr All those Sounders fans telling me not to worry about 6 am kickoffs...
You probably won’t believe which #LAGalaxy rival is ahead of them in the MLS is Back Tournament odds
Retweeted by Alicia Rodriguez @SoccerPrime You’ve missed the point: The Pride have a major coronavirus outbreak in Orlando, where MLS is headed @chandrimatweets You’re absolutely right. And I hate it (the state of things, not that you’re right)Still can't believe a whole soccer team ruled itself out of playing because of coronavirus and the official respons… you imagine having to look Marta in the eyes and tell her sorry that you just messed up the tourney for the team.
Retweeted by Alicia RodriguezJackson Yueill says he's feeling "more cautious" about coronavirus, but the #Quakes74 player says on conference cal…
@tedski Not specifiedThe Orlando Pride skipping the #NWSL restart sure feels like a canary in the coal mine, for the league and American sports overallOfficially, six Pride players and four staff have tested positive for coronavirus, that is why they are withdrawing. #NWSLThe Orlando Pride just withdrew from the #NWSL Challenge Cup entirely, set to kick off Saturday in Utah. Wow.#Quakes74 assistant coach Benjamin Galindo is recovering from a stroke, but the sudden news was a tough blow to the…
Retweeted by Alicia RodriguezAmazing news! Get it, @SandHerrera_ @RadRivas Feel free to drive over and visit if you need a change of scenery (after the pandemic, etc.) @RadRivas Haha, was literally comparing our house price out in the sticks to a relative’s in LA proper today, and t…
It couldn’t have been easy to write this, but it’s a worthy read @TheMikeDonovan I saw that one, haha @ChidoJerry People are joking Chivas USA were "ahead of their time" with the closed-door games, and that they drew… sure, between games behind closed doors and that rally in Tulsa, *now* Chivas USA is so hot all of a sudden
@mkstnr I think the more absurd take on this is when white ppl in Southern California live in gated communities cal… @AronPapernick You’re absolutely rightOne of the most liberating things about wearing masks in public is you can make really dumb faces and no one will ever know
@combledore I ended up reading a 3,000-word review that came to the same conclusion. The game requires you to kill,… @combledore Did you see the guy on here a week back who said it was like watching Schindler’s List? And tried to make that a good thing? @lgbtqfc ❤️ @Pete_Volk I just noticed one of the accounts the show responded to is a clear every -ist troll! wtf @kzknowles @JasonDCsoccer Every time I do the keys thing I get scared I'm going to hurt myself, like trip on the si… @JasonDCsoccer This is how women go through life all the time
@tdn_ Shouldn't it be "SEE-HAAAAAAAAAW!"?Here's the finished product. I watched every single #NWSL goal to compile this. Last year, Opta said there were onl…
Retweeted by Alicia Rodriguez @LindsayAdaire yep @ChrisRifer I saw @Thrace suggest Nadiya from Great British Bake Off replace Antoni, and that would improve the show one million percent.What makes it worse is that Mexican seafood restaurants sometimes serve a seafood broth for free as an appetizer th…’m watching the Queer Eye episode where they’re working with the Mexican family in Philly and the guy asks for a c… time. I barely go out and when I do my family is increasingly a shrinking minority of those actually wearing… @andrew_wiebe Feel like SKC should be a legit favorite, not just a dark horse. Started the season on fire, have tra… light of the ruling today on DACA, reposting a relevant story I wrote earlier this year @BleacherReport. I profi…
Retweeted by Alicia Rodriguez @jonahfreedman @tedski where would they play in SD?
We’re inching another step closer to Sac Republic returning to the field in 2020
Retweeted by Alicia Rodriguez @tedski I honestly don't even know what the Angels' official place name is anymore