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Three local teenage prospects will return to @orangecountysc in 2020
Retweeted by Alicia RodriguezThe puzzle pieces are starting to come together for the 2020 #LAFC season, as we find out they’ll host Inter Miami’…
Retweeted by Alicia RodriguezIt was a battle, but Tyler Miller wins #LAFC Goalkeeper of the Year in our year-end awards
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@MLS @LAFC @11carlosV *coughing loudly* Please reserve one for meThe top young player in MLS plays for #LAFC. Congrats, Diego!
Retweeted by Alicia RodriguezMeet the 2020 Copa America mascot, chosen to represent all the mischievous dogs that invade pitches in South Americ…
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👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 #LAFC player was the best newcomer in 2019? Vote now for our latest award!
Retweeted by Alicia RodriguezIf we think of #LAFC’s young DP signings on a scale of Horta to Rossi, where did Brian Rodriguez fit in his first m…
Retweeted by Alicia Rodriguez @DonTical_Futbol wonder what he thinks of Angel Reyna?Proud to have been asked to be on the voting panel again this year, think the guys who made the cut are in general…
Do you like an underdog story? Adrien Perez may have had one of the best around MLS in 2019. The review of his seas…
Retweeted by Alicia RodriguezThe bigger your platform, the more snark you face and for a prominent woman that's like x10,000, but to say LAFC ha… is extremely hard to cover *all* the sports, I totally understand, but LAFC did win something, the Supporters' S… Robles tells Sirius XMFC that he asked the Red Bulls to decline his contract option as he knew he wasn't going…
Retweeted by Alicia Rodriguez @cboehm It's either that or a "No Ragrets" tattoo somewhere, and I'd prefer the former @cboehm I died laughing at the adorable twee wood nymph who has somehow fooled the world into thinking he's a man w… @KingsPapa1015 Yes, that's right @SteelyZidane I wish we had an ideally balanced schedule, but that requires a max of 18 teams for 34 games and that… teams. 34 games. 2 conferences. Somebody help me figure this out, my team is doing...just fine.No surprise, Carlos Vela was the clear winner in one of our #LAFC season awards
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Rumor time! Are #LAFC going to splash the cash on another Uruguayan Brian?
Retweeted by Alicia RodriguezTwitter’s like, “Follow the topic of soccer, follow MLS!” Catch up, I built my account around these topics when I signed up! @karahead_ Colman has so much natural charisma, it is such a jarring contrast to Claire Foy’s frightened rabbit portrayal
As a Father of Daughters FC Silva took more of a backseat role in 2019 for #LAFC. The story of the Brazilian veteran’s season:
Retweeted by Alicia RodriguezThe holidays are a vital time to remember it's okay to not be okay. An exceptional essay from @nwblackmon about h…
Retweeted by Alicia Rodriguez @Dylan_Butler Made it a quarter. I just knew!How often does it feel like Arsenal's men's team plays a game of soccer?
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Happy Thanksgiving! In honor of the holiday, here’s what we were thankful for in 2019...pretty easy list to compile…
Retweeted by Alicia Rodriguez @MTomDem What did I say?Yer girl was sick in bed but still roused herself to write an article and make an improvised Thanksgiving dinner for her sick family @MTomDem I know better than to get my hopes upTime for the annual “how long will I watch the Lions’ Thanksgiving game before turning it off in disgust?” contest
@lgbtqfc A shit-ton of managers are rubbing their hands in glee at this developmentShross goals are great, I literally don't care what they meant to do
Peter-Lee Vassell couldn’t break through a stacked #LAFC midfield in 2019, but there’s still a lot of potential for…
Retweeted by Alicia Rodriguez @tombogert I swear I'm not being snarky, but: Isn't this what this specific team does? @LAFCjosh Also, European soccer standards/pay wildly inconsistent, aside from a half dozen clubs pay is better in N… @LAFCjosh Time will tell but I think we'll see Lyon and Reign run day-to-day largely distinctly. If we get to the p… @LAFCjosh Think it's wayyyyyyyyy too soon to jump to that conclusion.
from the high of anticipation of Little Women to the latest tragic netflix cancelation, Anne with an E, it's been a dayEff off, Netflix @hoover_dam bitch better have my needles @Zavagtastic One hella tight endorsement of the movie, in a senseHonestly dgaf I made up the word "ravely" I am that excited about this movieThe '90s adaptation of "Little Women" with Winona Ryder is my annual Christmas movie and I can't wait to watch the… of the four players taken in the Waiver draft today came from Orlando City 🤔 @cboehm MP be like, hell yeah come on down then you'll stop trying to tap up all my playersWOW family makes baozi during holidays , and one day I asked my dad why. The story, it turns out, one of Taiwanese h…
Retweeted by Alicia RodriguezThe votes are in, and you chose @Sbeita33 your #LAFC Defender of the Year
Retweeted by Alicia Rodriguez @SantosJAnthony @justkhoai Congratulations!
The latest #LAFC season review is about Rodolfo Zelaya, a signing that seemed really smart at the time but didn’t e…
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@NJEMurray Logic a mansplainer can truly get behind! 😝So weird that it's overwhelmingly dudes creating punchlines to the "mansplaining at the club" meme
@MLSRefStats @mkstnr In Mark's case, yes. In mine, it's literal @mkstnr This is one of my favorite memes, and my insistence that I must play Football Manager on my iPad and not my… announce their roster moves, which includes Tyler Miller getting a contract offer for 2020
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We saw a bit of Diego Palacios for #LAFC in 2019, but the promising youngster is definitely one for the future
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@Okwonga @stadio I'm not normally a fan of them but I must admit, you pull it off with aplomb.Not a good day to be "Fab" in Philadelphia amirite @MikeGrayAFC @_BrittJo @ProSoccerUSAcom I believe previously the Coach of the Year had been tapped to do it but for… @MikeGrayAFC @_BrittJo @ProSoccerUSAcom It's been the hosting team's manager the last 5 years or soIt’s official: The 2020 MLS All-Star Game, against Liga MX All-Stars, is coming to The Banc
Retweeted by Alicia RodriguezObviously this has been said a million times already, but I can’t believe Spurs finally started building something… @embeleshow Yep, on @The_LA_Wanderer This is a fair point
I think Nguyen adapted to his role way better than expected at #LAFC, and he won't be easily replaced, but he made… @SoccerMurca well thanks so much for your input @SoccerMurca I mean I watch the games, I think he's very underappreciated @The_LA_Wanderer Hear Nashville is really high on him 😂 @UniverseLafc All...things come to an end?Jalil Anibaba is reportedly a free agent and honestly he should test the market because he's a unicorn, an inexpens…, the stream's now done folks. @SteveBarme @mbenson6 no @Llarian Trades announced @mbenson6 They announced two tradesHope you didn't turn off the Expansion Draft stream yet!#LAFC lose Lee Nguyen, as he was selected in the Expansion Draft by Inter Miami
Retweeted by Alicia Rodriguez @chestrockwell14 FM2020 baybee @thegoalkeeper I am indeed interested! He’ll do a great job @LoonyShark @madisonsoccer Yeah, I know the backstory @jacobcristobal Nice take my money @LoonyShark The joke was putting them on sale! Buying them is going too far @_BrittJo Spud Yukon gonna tear it up next year!Can’t wait for the hip brands to start selling “used shoelaces” for $80 or whateverPutting potatoes on sale was funny, but like potatoes are cheaply available at every grocery store in the U.S.Niko Hamalainen used his time with #LAFC to kickstart his pro career. Our look at the Kilmarnock defender’s short s…
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Miller or Sisniega: Which man was the #LAFC Goalkeeper of the Year? Vote now in our poll
Retweeted by Alicia RodriguezThis says Fito Zelaya hurt his meniscus and PCL, out an estimated 4-6 weeks. #LAFC @dunord He didn't wear track pants to his unveiling this time around? Lesson learned!On NWSL game days they should call it Sky Blue Arena send tweetThe Save of the Year poll closes at 12:00 PM ET! Only 2% separates @Coultergk1 and @01Phillip_. VOTE -->…
Retweeted by Alicia RodriguezOur latest #LAFC season review is for the lone player to draw the short straw and suffer a season-ending injury, mi…
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Time for the annual Angels on Parade awards! First up, tell us who is #LAFC Defender of the Year
Retweeted by Alicia Rodriguez @Schwiftywich Because he was a star already. Being good but then being hurt for a year and being good again is not… @SteveBarme @J2KantoBites He was mostly behind the scenes in New York, but he was spoken of in good terms