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Write an Executive Order ending business restrictions and mask mandates nationwide @DrDavidLey As one would expect for a decent prostate massage250 years ago, it was not uncommon for the wealthy to buy a single mother of a newborn as an indentured servant to… @Rugged_Legacy @joserosado Is this how it's done in prison or something? What school of karate teaches you the five-finger butt punch?Phil Collins is a damned legend and he deserves better than this @DentesLeo @joserosado @Rugged_Legacy I KNOW! @joserosado @Rugged_Legacy I can't tell if he was trying to give him a prostate massage or a reach-aroundI bought mine a fancy brunch before giving her the engagement ring @Rugged_Legacy Dude I am baffled @will_renofmen She'll never bang a man that successful and it's killing her @will_renofmen Derangement
Retweeted by Noble Brown, PhD (Sociopathleticism)🗡They assume everyone is a bot As if a bot can't be programmed to exploit this... course they do energy've watched this ten times and it still makes absolutely no sense to me @chick4trump Wait, what? @RebelScumHan @RLYLpodcast @nevmech @AbeLopezAuthor @OfWudan This is why I laugh at the people who are like "BUT TRUMP GOT A LOAN FROM HIS DAD" @HormetcAesthetc Bro that stock is making me BANK... don't be like that... @AbeLopezAuthor Thanks. I can't unsee that.Queen @AbeLopezAuthor Facts If you did one of your fancy Venn diagrams of big tech companies with representation on each… @rulesofthetrade Agreed He should have ended the lockdowns months ago This is why I'm not voting for him @rulesofthetrade Hah Trump's not giving the peasants another nickel if they don't re-elect himOh.'m not an "influencer" 74 retweets is a good number for me Usually means it's a big story But this one still is… @teninchman1 No idea. But the NY Post is not the only agency reporting on this. It has to be deliberateStrange way to get redpilled, but there you have it is much truth to this Reminder: You are descended from men who founded and named towns for themselves.
Retweeted by Noble Brown, PhD (Sociopathleticism)🗡Has the Google Anti-Trust lawsuit started trending yet? @AbeLopezAuthor hope you have the resources to play the long game here, because you're not winning this case in the Los Angeles S… @LogFitz6 @BasedSpinach This is why they're the best @willchamberlain I quote-tweet for two reasons: 1. Shamelessly clout-fishing 2. Adding a comment puts it in the… @AbeLopezAuthor @jackmurphylive @OpheliaMaddsen Land war in Russia Boxing Floyd Mayweather Putting @Wendys on blast All-time guaranteed ways to take the LHe uses a Word document? Bush league I'd need a SQL database's with the headshot... Thunberg is a spoiled little shit who was given a platform by a political faction that seems to have an unhea… @rulesofthetrade @StephenStorey @mrdoornbos #WinningThis was sort of the plan she can't pull off this aesthetic, I'm not interested @StephenStorey That's WHY she had to say all of that @Quincinerate @OpheliaMaddsen @SherlockTowers Every time I'm out in public, I can spot the Tinder dates... you can… @noneofy18309084 @Quincinerate @OpheliaMaddsen @SherlockTowers NO! All the girls there explicitly say they're NOT… @OpheliaMaddsen @SherlockTowers Tinder has absolutely ruined women's expectations in dating @jezeusbryce Being a dad is so fun @SherlockTowers @OpheliaMaddsen She's calling all her critics "incels" because it could never occur to her that she's just awful @jezeusbryce Congratulations! @Quincinerate I'm going to assume she's speaking from authority because she has a penis of her ownRepublicans had a House majority when this happened Took more than just Obama to do this Remember that when you d…, @OfWudan You didn't tell me @BroScienceLife was in the War Room... the biggest antitrust case since Microsoft, maybe since AT&T, and it still hasn't cracked the top 20 tren… @cofemtscarnivor Different case. But, agreed, it's LONG overdueSecond paragraph: "The woman had underlying health conditions that were high risk and officials believe she was si…
Retweeted by Noble Brown, PhD (Sociopathleticism)🗡Is it wrong to laugh at blasphemy? @DeeperThrill They need to focus on winning local elections before they'll ever be taken seriously on a national stage. @willchamberlain @TexasDom1 There is no way this isn't being buried deliberatelyHow is the Google antitrust lawsuit NOT the number one trending topic on Twitter right now??, just patiently waiting for Joe Biden to tell 50 Cent he ain't black...
Retweeted by Noble Brown, PhD (Sociopathleticism)🗡Solid @MuldoonPatrick This looks incredibleMe, just patiently waiting for Joe Biden to tell 50 Cent he ain't black... @Ardeamus You're getting everything in the willLife imitates art. love Pat O’Brien
Retweeted by Noble Brown, PhD (Sociopathleticism)🗡Well said @ThomasEWoods Screw the globalist monocultural death cult they're trying to force us into. I will ignor…
Retweeted by Noble Brown, PhD (Sociopathleticism)🗡BASED
Retweeted by Noble Brown, PhD (Sociopathleticism)🗡 of ya'll haven't seen Demolition Man, and it shows.
Retweeted by Noble Brown, PhD (Sociopathleticism)🗡Hahahaha Imagine @David_Leavitt saying this to @50cent in person I'd pay good money to see that do the suicides
@KalkinTrivedi @MrsBrometheus @TheBrometheus I don't know about the out-gunned part But we have a nation full of cowardly, submissive men @briankillzombie That movie was so goodFascinating thread @OpheliaMaddsen @cofemtscarnivor @TWayneHicks @SharpShooterAO @SherlockTowers That would literally be meThis is what feminism has done Liberal white women screeching like harpies because they feel like they have to DO… @ChroniclesNate Nate, the master of financial punctuation @TheBrometheus Is it? I see a whole lot of Christians wearing masks like they're told, sitting at home going to "v… @Emily30Red @AmazonHelp @citizenhush Wow. This is a next-level bot... @tdenton1138 Yeah, they're going to do a whole lot of nothing1. Fewer college voters, probably fewer students overall 2. Sports viewership at record lows - less woke propaganda… is how J. Edgar Hoover stayed in power for so long @allicovington @ParadigmInverse I have cherry-picked businesses that don't give me a hard time about the masks, and… @ROGUEWEALTH You missed it Trump had Covid For, like, five minutes @allicovington @ParadigmInverse Disagree Businesses who comply are part of the problem They need to unite and res…'t wear a mask @OpheliaMaddsen She had the most perfect tits in her dayWho do the heads of the FCC and FEC report to? 🤔🤔🤔 a domme, she's pretty obedient about that facemask mandate... @caroljsroth @OpheliaMaddsen It's ALWAYS the faceless anons who do thisTrump Administration will do something about this in 4...3... 2... Never
@StephenStorey Probably not But I can hope @thotpoizn @OpheliaMaddsen ... he eats his first Brownie