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@fvckwill @JoeyTheSuperJew vouch @fvckwill nobody cares @endeylol @fvckwill @connorxven @Attqcks this you huh? @Daymeeein somebody found out how to use inspect elementWtf are my DM’s man
Retweeted by sockshop @KingEmail0 twitchcon 2021 just you waitgeorge floyd died over an alleged $20 counterfeit bill
Retweeted by sockshophow do girls like cum this shit taste mad sour
Retweeted by sockshop @ELPWSwastaken booooooo get off the stage
Retweeted by sockshopthis is the type of bullshit i was trying to do 24/7 in 2015 someone asks me how my August is going
Retweeted by sockshop @Froste HOW THE HELL DOES HE DO IT? ITS BANGER AFTER BANGER EVERY DAY @chaselyons it looks like you took this picture in chrischan's room @notchaselyons finally, a weapon strong enough to ward off the swarm of hot sexy women that engulf you on a day to day basisFINALLY learning how to speedrun Super Mario 64 w/ @100TJackiee teaching me! TONIGHT AT 11PM CST…
Retweeted by sockshopthe whole population of scotland pulled up
Retweeted by sockshop @100TJackiee @shivisdumb
it's time ☀  daylight w/ @diplo thursday 12pm et
Retweeted by sockshopWikipedia is not fucking around
Retweeted by sockshopAndy Ngo operates alter-egos so he can post a range of true opinions he knows would hurt his online ego. Fuck Andy…
Retweeted by sockshop @yoongiismysuga @The8thKage @jennyalogy_ @kirbyfan04 since when did making fun of an accent become the equivalent t… ppl be like i weigh 19 stone, im 15 tree branches tall and my iq is 30 squirrels
Retweeted by sockshop @lidv2x hell to the no bro imma have to interveneHoly shit he’s actually seething. In shambles
Retweeted by sockshopDown bad followed like 50* (FIFTY) females on tiktok... deleting the appthis mf got that Hear-ye Hear-ye 😭
Retweeted by sockshopthis mugshot will be the single most important image in the entirety of human history niggas ask how my August is going
Retweeted by sockshopholy shit man
Retweeted by sockshopI remember the first time I saw this scene and thinking "how the fuck did they get a baby from spinning around?"
Retweeted by sockshop @TheCondomFish confom fish
Retweeted by sockshopEveryday I wakeup happy that I'm not 5'4 and don't live in Nebraska
Retweeted by sockshopmfs make $2.49 on stocks and start talking bout "sell me this pen"
Retweeted by sockshop @juulpodjules yo @ELPWSwastaken @Boy1drr go to bed bro @ELPWSwastaken @Boy1drr Get a grip6ix9ine hopped on ig live and disrespected X, Pop Smoke and Nipsey. FUCK 6IX9INE.
Retweeted by sockshopniggas call anime weird then go watch these mfs😐
Retweeted by sockshopAttention NON BLACKS, if I catch you using *squints* the word “swag” or “bruh” in public I’m going to take it as a…
Retweeted by sockshop"twitter isn't like it used to be😪" *joined january 2020*
Retweeted by sockshop @emrobinsonnn Why are you posting naked children on the Internet?
Retweeted by sockshopLOOK AT THE TOP OF HIS HEAD. LOOK AT HIS LIPS *wheeze*
Retweeted by sockshopso this happened in @gg7homas's stream
Retweeted by sockshopJay Gatsby: *swimming in a pool* George B. Wilson:
Retweeted by sockshopMy sister impersonated @HarryButAverage
Retweeted by sockshopEvery art discord has that one guy who joins calls and references oney plays while doing a shitty chris chan impres…
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I’m never listening to this guys advice again
Retweeted by sockshopsorry for the kyle in the background, graham edited this video. OUR NEXT TEAM: ➡️ @xLambo_ @Chriztopha_ @shivisdumb
Retweeted by sockshop @PersonaSuspect You know, if nintendo fans could read they'd be very upset to read this
Retweeted by sockshopNintendo fans, if the TF2 community can survive 3 years of silence from the devs, you can survuve 4 months without a direct jesus christ
Retweeted by sockshop @HarryButAverage i gots a webcam :)Tomorrow is my 100th day in a row streaming so i'm gonna be doing a big ass discord call with everyone! So if you h…
Retweeted by sockshop @Xouped @oFabz send proof so you wont feel so lonely! :)Nah man maybe Tik tok should be banned what is this
Retweeted by sockshop @endeylol THIS IS THE GREATEST VIDEO EVER MADEI am declaring a Twitter emergency.
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Retweeted by sockshopi love this sponsor blocking extension
Retweeted by sockshopi cant get over this fucking gif
Retweeted by sockshopi made a small animation of the earthbound/mother 2 kids! i had a lot of fun with this one. i wish this game had a…
Retweeted by sockshopthis is literally just woke segregation
Retweeted by sockshop @JoeyTheSuperJew
Retweeted by sockshopAnnouncing my new chapter ❤️
Retweeted by sockshop @DNPthree #FreeGamingPCWe'll give a $2,000+ Limited Edition Gaming PC to a random person who retweets this tweet. This giveaway is to ce…
Retweeted by sockshopThank you Froste Inc.
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When the broke kid is in charge of the music at funerals
Retweeted by sockshopif you sit and argue about what pizza is best you need to get off your "ay tony i'm walking here" ass and get a job @ELPWSwastaken this you? the TikTokers coming to YouTube after TikTok gets banned:
Retweeted by sockshopWaddles unfortunately had something come up and won't be able to make his time slot for the 24 hour, however,…
Retweeted by sockshopsources saying this why Trump got rid of tiktok
Retweeted by sockshoptiktok mf's tryna get a job
Retweeted by sockshopObama wouldn’t ban tiktok
Retweeted by sockshopAddison Rae now that tiktok is banned
Retweeted by sockshopVine coming back after TikTok gets banned
Retweeted by sockshoptiktokers when they wake up tommorow and have no platform 💔
Retweeted by sockshopLil Huddy making music after he hears TikTok got taken down 💀
Retweeted by sockshop"Dad can they actually ban TikTok??"
Retweeted by sockshopMe making sure the guys from TikTok got enough cake to be on Twitter
Retweeted by sockshopthe TikTok kids trying to make a career after losing app be like
Retweeted by sockshopThis the real reason why Trump deleted TikTok 💀💀
Retweeted by sockshopThis is why Trump got rid of TikTok
Retweeted by sockshopMfs getting kicked out of Twitter after coming from TikTok
Retweeted by sockshopwhen tiktok finally shuts down tomorrow Derulo after hearing TikTok is getting banned
Retweeted by sockshopJust bought a $30,000,000 mansion in LA so me and my friends can make Tik Toks together! I can wait! 😁😅
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Retweeted by sockshop @tvtropesfan @jaubreyYT nah he's nearly 40Trump saw this and pulled the plug.
Retweeted by sockshopMe getting one last look at all the ass on TikTok before it gets taken down
Retweeted by sockshop15 year old girls going to Canada after TikTok got banned #tiktokban #TikTok
Retweeted by sockshop @CouRageJD @SkreetMan No it’s not, I got like 6 of them mfs on me!
Retweeted by sockshopTrump saw this and said “enough is enough”
Retweeted by sockshopOnlyFans to TikTok thots after TikTok gets banned #TikTok #tiktokban
Retweeted by sockshop @ELPWSwastaken if only if only