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listen to my EP! // being really honest is my thing

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@jorgie_pendrous hey!! 👋🏼💕 @OfficialJansma Oh yes @intohules so sad 😭😭😭thank you @MollieKing for playing what we had!!! what a lovely sunday morning surprise !!! 🤯🥺💛 compliment ever 😵🥺❤️🥺💕🥺 bed stuffing my face with chips and pizza living my best life
might be coming to munich in march.. who would come say hi? 👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼🧡 @abisha TOO MANY NIGHTS OUT. MY BRAIN CANT FUNCTION. SO HUNGOVER
@Silver7r_ HAHAHguess what I’m doing @aadoremendess yucccckkkkyybuying ready made soup feels so wrong @ON_PURPOSE_BO YES ! @facesonlouis ahhhh yessss! thank u so much. Xhello new friends 👋🏼💕❤️🌹💕
two months later and found another cardboard cut out of @Harry_Styles. oh wait so I actually did meet harry last night and it wasn’t a dream
speechless at @Santandave1’s performance tonight. so powerful @BRITsparty ready a cuddle
@historylaura noooo I mean this brown bit of hair !!! @intohules who gives a fuck what anyone thinks !!!! you’re beautiful makeup / no makeupwearing no makeup is so liberatingAbsolutely love this song and @sody whole recent EP but this live version is on a whole other level👏🏻👏🏻it’s just 😍😍
Retweeted by SODY @historylaura but I do not have this I don’t understand
@martinlukebrown omg MELBS!!!!! 😍😍😍
@historylaura laura they are PEACANSin a world where you can be anything be kind. @LikeToBeFranzi @jamessmithvocal thank yoooou 🥺❤️soooooo did u like our gift?! 🌹 fun fact: @jamessmithvocal and I have known each other for 5 years and we wrote lov… @rainfallsy heheheheh thank u @RealGirlFred there’s no soggy bottoms with this cake !!thinking of quitting music to apply for bakeoff? thoughts? we have two types of dogs
Retweeted by SODYlive stream on my insta at 12pm 💕🌹❤️ get your questions ready !!! could be about out the love’s a waste live video !!! ❤️🌹💕
love’s a waste live video ft. @jamessmithvocal at 4pm on my youtube. our v day gift for you 🌹…
@TBob53 I have purchased said chapstick. let’s see how it goes @alpyraz oh yes I stanme and @jamessmithvocal may have a lil gift for you tomorrow 🌹 @Silver7r_ maybe it’s a good thing you won’t see me anymoreNOTHING EVER CHANGES !!!!if my lips are dry and sore i don’t feel like myself
putting it into the universe that it would be the biggest dream come true to win a brit award some day here’s the link if you wanna match @LauraFurler gotta do our bit !!!! 🌱🌿☘️get you someone that looks at you the way I look at my REUSABLE coffee cup and also that will buy you one for v day…
@historylaura you’re a legend what would I do without you‼️‼️‼️‼️ @historylaura are you doing it on a laptop? I can’t save it on my phone I DONT GET IT @historylaura how did u do this. I’ve been trying to figure out how to post the video for hours but twitter won’t let me help plsMY FIRST EVER SOLD OUT SHOW WTF THANK U 🤯❤️ SEE YA IN 3 MONTHS chip muffins
there’s only a few tickets left for my headline show 🤯🤯🤯 here’s my reaction to people saying they’re “too busy” ...… birthday to my annoyingly talented but incredibly flakey friend 🤪 love yaaaa xxx @jamessmithvocal @noteapleeeease I’m in BITSjust watched the film. double tears today
he’s back 😍🔥😍 @JackGarratt @aadoremendess did you read the second one?finished reading me before you. in tears.
@relyonmel as in if I have a red top on, I will put my red converse on and if I have a black top on, I will put my… @sarahdenise2254 I’d love that @aadoremendess 122 pages !!!!!!!!! I can’t stopoh and cheese & mayo sandwiches 🤤cravings this week: super noodles, olives, writing happy songs, piano, the book ‘me before you’ and matching my shoes with my top. you?can my headline show come sooner please
right I’m deleting twitter until I see tonight’s episode of love island @fckedupkinda I NEED. maybe I should do merch like thiswhen we were kids you were real life superheroesIn love can be deep and nearly shit yourself had a dodgy carbonara and suddenly i felt sick and then BAM it nearly came out just before my stop but I managed… I nearly pooed myself on the tube and it was very traumatic
@intoodeepcv that sucks :( @historylaura @LauraFurler lauara i meant for you to guess the book hahahahaha because I’m reading the one you recommended! me before you 😍 @historylaura guess :) @LauraFurler so addictive omg @notsotypicalj I’m loving this feeling so much @ch1992_ch I’m a newbie!!!!!!!! 👋🏼 @intohules what kinda genres are you interested in?okay so I finally know what it feels like to enjoy reading because now all I can think about is the book and what h… @historylaura Yes
I’ve got a really clear vision for this next set of music & the visuals and I’m so excited for them to come to life…’m feeling so inspired, creative and grateful right now. I’m so lucky to be able to have this outlet as my therapy… @wieteke_w because I just had a team meeting about the next set of music, visuals etc and everyone is excited !!! I… hidden talent of mine: a keyboard typing wizardfuck I am SO excited. shit ballsI write songs about people and then forget that they could potentially released 🥴aRe YoU sErIoUs 🤯
filmed something exciting today with a good friendFINALLY GETTING OUT THE HOUSE TODAY
2020 my instagram feed is so ducking basic atm who am I ew no here I am
being a highly sensitive person is hard
Retweeted by SODYI wrote this last night: I knew the darkness was thick and blinding you couldn’t see the light standing in front… most likely, definitely - 6am antics ALEXA!!!! I’m literally going to cry. I’ve never experienced this level of dedication before 😭 I’m going to ha… this mean what I think it means @relyonmel are you? 💕