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CherryTwiceVelvet world domination #BlackLivesMatter

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@vividkyr Stopppp I want to do bad @vividkyr I miss u both so muchI don’t even like carrots that much 😭 I just like orange @blackbyeri It all started because I saw Bora has a carrot pen 😭😭I think I have a problem’ll let you come to your own conclusion ... are going to take legal action against false rumours spread about their artists.... for legal reasons I don’t t… is seriously annoying with all this merchclick for a surprise
Retweeted by thea💙wendy @resolhotel YES!!! But they’re rare because there are only 1719 copiesThe proxy has received my album ahhhhhh is so pretty omfgWendy for Beauty+ Magazine October Issue 2020 💙💙 #웬디 #Wendy #레드벨벳 #RedVelvet
Retweeted by thea💙wendyThis is one of the most intricate choreos I’ve seen in kpop till date....the muscle memory has to be INSANE
Retweeted by thea💙wendyno thoughts head empty just yeri leaning her head onto wendy’s shoulder
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@illegalvelvets 20% omfg Just RV and miss GagaI miss seeing Wannie have fun on stage. I can’t wait to see her perform again 🥺: Do you like younger fans calling you Sana or Sana unnie? SN: I think Sana unnie. Because it feels like we're clos…
Retweeted by thea💙wendythe imposter me at work in Among Us 🤝 pretending to e…
Retweeted by thea💙wendyShe had so much fun 🥺 Wendy. Gone but not forgottenpeople were lined up at the door waiting to stan
Retweeted by thea💙wendyI am So In Love wendy bake something and post a photo of it on Instagram[REST]
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Retweeted by thea💙wendy @ootnpianovrsion 19th October! @reveluvhateacc @renefag Gaga’s “target exclusive” songs were actually just deluxe version exclusive songs and I bought from Amazon…온라인 축제도 재밌군여!! 덕우들 사랑해요❤️ #덕성여대 #근화제
Retweeted by thea💙wendy @HATFELT731 You’ve got the power of gays on your sideLOOПΔ 3rd Mini Album [12:00] 2020.10.19 pm6 (KST) Release 01 12:00 02 Why Not? 03 목소리 (Voice) 04 기억해 (Fall Again)…
Retweeted by thea💙wendyI was so so sad last night and I’m still feeling sad but idk if Tom is awake so am I even seeing someone today???? Ahhhh we will see @wanfession Oh I got u @wanfession Which one is skeld aksjsks I can never remember @HATFELT731 언니 ㅠㅠ 알러뷰My gf is so kind to do my washing for me <3 truly can’t wait for the mullet trend to die outthis video lives in my mind rent free
Retweeted by thea💙wendy @IreneOrbiting Wonder girls is literally 3 lesbians and their straight friend HyelimSunni and Yubin please please please bring back the bass and drums
@reveluvhateacc That was legendary @tsukisol_ Becky but that’s just because that’s how I know you 🥺The hairstyle is so ugly Concept Photo - "Go Won" ⠀ LOOПΔ 3rd Mini Album [12:00] 2020.10.19 pm6 (KST) Release ⠀ #이달의소녀 #고원 #LOONA #GoWon
Retweeted by thea💙wendy1st Concept Photo - "LOOПΔ" ⠀ LOOПΔ 3rd Mini Album [12:00] 2020.10.19 pm6 (KST) Release ⠀ #이달의소녀 #LOONA #Midnight ⠀…
Retweeted by thea💙wendy @yulkseulk OhhhhHer eyes omg @producermina </3Anyone want to play among us?It’s purple 🥺 not knowing how to show off the item 😭
Retweeted by thea💙wendyI’m crying omg Tzuyu I’m so sorry :( lightband looks ugly as fuck up should have gotten cherry bullet their first win
Retweeted by thea💙wendyShe’s a queen예리 에이프릴스킨 포카
Retweeted by thea💙wendyShe’s unreal‘Photoshoot Master’ #SEULGI has featured in <#ELLE> giving off her classic mood with #Ferragamo !🐻 ‘화보장인’ #슬기 가 클…
Retweeted by thea💙wendyLady Gaga @remymuah9 Omg me too!! My fave albums are Artpop, Chromatica and Joanne @papawendy At minimum take some time for yourself at bedtime to just go on your phone or watch some TV before bed <…
@saijoukuro I won’t understand but u can talk to me about itPspspspsps red velvet please cover this @papawendy Please remember to take some time out for yourself to relax and have fun 🥺💙I know it isn’t Seohyun but I really really want it to be Seohyun "Actually, this is a secret, but Mendoos should know. I was getting ready to release a special album with a c…
Retweeted by thea💙wendy @sunnydayseulgi Joy isn’tI only say “might” because she asked for my address but I have yet to see it so 👀👀MY BORA COMMISSION MIGHT BE FINISHED IM ALSNKSKS @MilfKahi Blonde namjoo <3Luvies would love Ha:tfelt and I know this because we are all lesbians and yee haw are 2 things that I cannot say as someone with an English accent the best !!! But it’s iconic and a stapleOkay maybe the Born This Way album deserves more credit than I give it...... it is the momentWhen I receive 1719 I’ll have something physical from Sunmi, Yubin and YeEun no one look at me I’m delicateHANG ON @mandarafact WOULDNT SHEWonder Girls - One Black Night (2015) Written and Produced by HA:TFELT
Retweeted by thea💙wendyIM SPEECHLESS solo debut with a song like this please I am begging on my knees birthday to this legend way irene would undoubtedly DEVOUR a concept and song like this
Retweeted by thea💙wendyMe and Minju vs the sexy older ladies and Momo duet special stage WHENIM LOSING MY MIND LOOK AT THEM @taepossum Hehe okie PS some SaMo love for u!! @chaethehouse Hahahaha although I don’t call him samo so I only think of sana and Momo when he refers to himself as… @taepossum I usually call you Broo anyway but I hate to confuse you 🥺 love u broo <3Having a friend called Samo and biasing SaMo is not good for my one brain cellAnd Samo! Babie boyWho wants to have matching SaMo icons <3 head is full of Them thoughts head SaMoTWICE JAPAN 7th SINGLE 『BETTER』 2020.11.18 Release #TWICE #BETTER
Retweeted by thea💙wendy @taepossum Your carrd is so cool!! And your hedgehog is babieShe looks so grown up 🥺1st Concept Photo - "Olivia Hye" ⠀ LOOПΔ 3rd Mini Album [12:00] 2020.10.19 pm6 (KST) Release ⠀ #이달의소녀 #LOONA
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