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Writer, editor, feminist, lesbian, unwell. They/them. Anti-TERF, anti-racist, antifa. Married to @dykhotomy. When I refer to my children I mean my cats.

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@AzureXiong Just don’t come to Britain, we’re doing much worse than the US now Biden is in place and we’re stuck with Boris @JohnPMaurer If they voted for Trump, after he proudly supported Nazis and white nationalists, then no, their choices don’t deserve respect.My wife and I have been in hysterics for upwards of ten minutes because she’s capacious vivacious and I am elephant…
The cheek the nerve the gall the audacity and the gumptionDane though I will cherish until I dieAlso guess Riven is bi - also a bully so less invested in his survival nowI want to go to school here.I love these children like my own.Listen. I love this stupid show.I regret to inform you that the reason I stopped live-tweeting was because I accidentally and fully invested in thi… legit just copied the Martine McClutcheon intro from Love ActuallyOk he did not.Is the gay friend immediately about to die? I’ll be furiousWAPThomas Barrow doing incredible sword fighting I am wetYes British people basically just talk about ginges and shags. However I do like that we have a gay friend alreadyThere he is! There’s my boy!!! Power and bossiness. I love this for him.The chemistry between Bloom and Aisha. I came for Thomas Barrow but I could stay for this.Feel like if my name was Bloom I might not be that surprised to find out I was a fairyI’ve never heard a line delivered with less enthusiasm or belief than “a whole new world it must be rather overwhelming for you”A MAPThis public school girl’s attitude tracks though“How very American of you”Women don’t just accuse men of mansplaining for offering genuine help when we’re genuinely lost that’s not how that worksI feel like we could have conditioned our hair for our first day at fairy collegeCollege for fairiesFeels a bit ask to expect us to be taken in by this inspirational pop banger while focusing in on characters we do… me more!!!I thought we were past the stage as a culture where we were entertained by ‘horror’ in which people are killed by m… to be honest as a country girl this farmer is fairly spot on.Also very excited to see how badly a CW show can possibly render modern Britain. I bet it’s bad!!!! Thrilled!I will be watching Fate: The Winx Saga because, and only because, Thomas Barrow my gay butler is in it doing stuff… apparently today was the first time a lot of people on my TL learned what a TERF is, so I’m going to educate y’a…
Retweeted by elephant hamThe only COVID party I’ll accept
My PS4 remote doesn’t charge anymore. New ones are absurdly overpriced so... Look at my sweet 2001 ‘I just bought a… @HenrikRummel @bonyunicorn 'if men could compete in the same class, female rowers would never win an olympic medal… @HenrikRummel @bonyunicorn 'genetic females' is a very cynical tweet - I DO see the benefit in offering people cash support if they’re positive. I also kno…“How can we reduce the spread of COVID?” “Strip people of their income, design a benefit system impossible to navi…
The kitten fell asleep in a pile of extra-strength catnip toys to see TERFs and Trump lose together! 🤗🥰❤️🌈 you are a TERF who thinks #BidenErasedWomen by recognizing the full identity of trans women, fuck right off and unfollow me.
Retweeted by elephant hamsince "TERFs" and "#BidenErasedWomen" are trending, I figured I'd share a bunch of articles I've written over the l…
Retweeted by elephant hamYou’d have a long, hard think about your ethics, morals and politics if you considered yourself progressive in any…
Retweeted by elephant hamToday is the only day you can tweet this
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For proof see Things That Made Me Queer. Straight in with the Moira intonation on ‘POP culture!’Has anyone noticed that @crystalwillseeu sounds like Moira Rose? Crystal, have you noticed? It’s incredible, and, I love it.Very excited to get my hands on it. Based on sample, I highly recommend.Read a sample of The Haunting of Alma Fielding and it is absolutely addictive. I resisted the impulse to buy on Kin… up to a promo gift from one of the world's biggest tech companies. Nothing valuable, but boy. My life is weird. @nicodebenito Yes
RETWEET if you ever had a job where you were pressured to come to work when you were sick
Retweeted by elephant hamI did go to Frankfurt a month after that, to a semi-fancy hotel that we go to every year. I just have fonder and we… long rambling story is just to brag about how I was so sick I nearly died and still wrote the best 3D printing… final morning there I realise it has one of those safety buttons to get it hotter at your own risk. Motherfuck.Anyway the hotel room had this huge gorgeous bath which I spent every free moment in but I was like ‘I do wish the… desperately wanted to explore Munich, so one day when I was meant to be in bed, I walked to a Sephora about one b… answered no out of pure stoicism, and I wrote a lot of notes on those presentations to distract myself from how sick I felt.I mean genuinely at one point, we were in the fancy, disco-lit 3D printing conference, I was sweating and wheezing… last really fancy work trip I went on was to Munich, and I had one of the worst flus I’ve ever had. So bad that…’s been over a year and now, finally, I am just starting to miss work travel. Specifically, I miss fancy hotels I… @CowlesKathryn @FrancescaHaig
@Thomas_D_Lee If you wouldn’t be too sad about buying a ‘last generation’ console, you’d prob find a PS4 pretty cheap used on eBay! @nicodebenito You were right about that baker weren't you. What a cutie. Have romanced. @Thomas_D_Lee I'm not sure yet, much of the map is still unexplored - I suspect I will be in Northumbria eventually… it to me craving one of those little banana-based capri suns they make for toddlers rn
And there you have it, they are not going to complete the vaccination programme
Retweeted by elephant hamAC:Valhalla... Currently exploring Wroxeter Roman Village, aka Uriconium, which is about 5 miles from where I’m sitting irl. 🤓 Freaking out!Several. UK minimum wage, back when it was about £5.60 an hour. Record store cashier, sandwich maker in a cafe, pet…
Well that didn’t take long. I finished America.PeanusI knew that this part, Eivor Goes to America, was inevitable, but I don’t know if I’m super enjoying it. I’m churli… am medicated I am selfish, I am wrong I am right, I swear I’m right swear I knew it all along🥵 night I couldn’t sleep and was Depressed so I played the entire Lunden allegiance segment of AC. My least fave…, Erke and Stowe are the cutest thing I’ve ever seenHave the most incredible pain in my left shoulder, right by my collarbone. I’ve had it two days and it’s now so bad…
@CateSpice @ilnpbrand Thank you! @CateSpice What brand is this? I know a certain wife (mine) who will be into it @KDiastra Left is lovelyThe more DMs that come out the less Armie Hammer seems like he has a kink and the more he seems like an aspiring serial killer. Oh boy.I hit on Stowe - as I hit on every mildly cute man Eivor meets - but I think he just told me he already has a boyfriend 😢 Perhaps a throupleUsually I’m good at the basics but apparently not today, a day on which I blew right past the oil’s smoke point and… just made myself the absolute worst egg in the hole. Really vile. Horrible. Don’t recommend me as a chef.So if you have Apple TV, or can get a month trial, do yourself a massive favour and watch #Servant. We just finishe…
Kate Bush was the right choice But also I’d like to go very niche and come out as Wilfred Owen, moustache and all Two amazing queens lipsyncing always ends in sadness. #DragRaceUK2This elimination.............. brutalThis crop of queens.... fucking incredible. Drag Race UK is the only time of the year we can be proud to be British.Search “water” in your camera roll and post your favourites by cancel culture republicans are implying that white supremacy is their culture and we want that cancelled then yes I agree
Retweeted by elephant hamJust saw shoals of British fish happily leaping into boats while whistling God Save The Queen and Remoaners STILL aren’t happy 🤣🤣😂🇬🇧🖕🏻
Retweeted by elephant hamIt’s always the throwaway tweets that get popularIt is possible to be engaged with impeachment news without it being our only topic of conversation for 24 hours. Lord.Just seen a tweet saying anyone tweeting about anything other than impeachment today is ‘Bad’. listen Sally we’re n… getting a private school education just to cook chicken this badly
@jounwin Why would you want to? Genuine question.
@piss__angel Wishing them and you all the best. My colleague just had it and despite serious underlying health issu… don't want to be all French about this but when we find out which company is sending £5 of food to hungry familie…
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