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Animation Director/Writer/Creator. // . My opinions are my own but should be yours.

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@scottjohnson I made the same joke. I still laughed at yours.Their closing argument is murder? @monkeyminion ....Jesus, Dane. You way late to this party. @rstevens Thank god. Was worried it was all about a trade dispute or something. @rstevens I closed my eyes for the rest. What’d I miss?Phantom Menace, 1999, the opening title crawl. Everyone lost their shit. of US independent support transitioning away from oil industry to renewables. 28% of US voters oppose. The wor…
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@lartist ...maybe.
@lartist YOU DONT TELL ME WHAT TO DO @zipyrich …I plead the 5th. But yes. @fleenguy Evergreen, and also this - Facebook. Send tweet. @jeffzugale @southworth I’ve been a cuck for a while now, and have yet to receive a single cheque! @EpicVoiceGuy @VancityReynolds Ouch, dude. Just Ouch. @southworth I’m not pleased with you right now. @solarfish30 Washington Post, Axios.Thanks for the reminder on why I cancelled my subscription. @jasonnellis Pure fucking panic. @RobDenBleyker Never understood how that was allowed to be the norm. It stifles so much.
TIL that American conservatism was created by fathers not telling their sons that they loved them?Something weird about that press conference. Radcliffe is covering for something.
@RadBaron99 Cool, cool. @RadBaron99 Didn’t hear anything about that.Oh good, it was a slow news night. @RobDenBleyker You so wise. @lartist Why not both?Have I been tucking in my shirt wrong this whole time?Where the fuck was this approach the last 2 weeks? @RobDenBleyker Exactly.Quibi had 175 employees, who will now be unemployed in the middle of a pandemic. Keep that in mind before you gloat. @purserj Yes, but use it to delay the Supreme Court nominee. @tormentalous Oh shit, thank you!!I don’t understand why they wouldn’t do this. @rstevens TOOOOO SOOOOONWHAT ELSE ARE YOU TAKING FROM ME 2020 it Friday night?
@monkeyminion @Twitch @HuionTab We have 45 of them in the studio now. You’re in good hands ;) @monkeyminion @Twitch @HuionTab We switched our entire studio to Huion, and it’s been a huge savings.I am shocked. SHOCKED. @Starsong @lartist …LAR RUINS EVERYTHINGWeirdly, no one wants to zoom with me today.
@lartist I knew you’d get there eventually. Just like our zoom calls. @ChrisEliopoulos Sometimes no handed!I’ve been doing zoom calls wrong....yes
Retweeted by sohmerAny 2D Animators out there? We be hiring - @russellholly Thinking on it more, I found Ransom far more realistic than Janeaway. I would’ve been a pirate by season 2.
@russellholly Even then, I always related to Ransom and his crew. He was never motivated by evil, just the desire to get his crew home."Historians have a word for Germans who joined the Nazi party, not bc they hated Jews, but out of a hope for restor…
Retweeted by sohmerVictoria’s Secret Catalogue. analogy, if the abused woman in question was white, wealthy, male and a powerful senator from Texas. Fucking c… think I finally understand conservatives- Pro-life when it’s somebody else’s burden, but pro-choice when you have… all had a shitty fucking dream.
Fuck the New York Post. I’m not sharing the link, but trust me. Fuck them.
So brave, these GOP men are. @lartist Ditto. It’s 2020. I’ll take a small petty victory.Heh. @JesNx As a Canadian, it’d be nice to go 24 hours without thinking about the President of the US. @southworth Goddammit, Paul. @DJKirkbride Remember the fun days of 2017 when we thought we reached rock bottom?Morning, what’d I miss- Oh. Here's my detailed plan to combat COVID-19 TRUMP: QAnon actually discovered Osama bin Laden alive and well…
Retweeted by sohmerThere was never any lockdown. There was just middle-class people hiding while working-class people brought them things.
Retweeted by sohmerIgnore the lunatic tonight, and watch the one with empathy and basic sentence structuring capabilities.
Of course. right here? This is how you treat Trump. With laughter. a brave soul. @tombrazelton Holy shite I totally forgot about that.These guys will show their true colours again as soon as the election is done, but for now, they’re really good at…, California? What up with Feinstein? reminder to friends- Stop following and re-tweeting Jon Cooper. Him being liberal does not make him any less of a grifter. @TSComic Yerp. I do the same at a school around the corner. @TrenceA Longest I’ve ever waited was 20 minutes. @pghowie3 Lol, good talk. I feel sorry for you, but wish you all the best.As a Canadian, watching Americans have to ‘register to vote’ will never stop being odd to me. @pghowie3 …I don’t think that means what you think it means. @Yair_Rosenberg @jaketapper Good for him for standing against that nonsense, but Orthodox Jews should be standing w… @tombrazelton Does anyone play the victim as professionally as the ‘conservative’? @beckyandfrank Correct! @russellholly’s not the worst idea I’ve heard. @russellholly Good point, though obviously if we could find a way to direct their attention towards the pandemic sweeping the planet?Jesus Christ. Twitter is a private company, they can ban vowels from their site if they want to. only this do I wish we had peacock in Canada. fuckery.
@lartist @choochoobear @jasonnellis No hugs! No encouragement! Bad! Bad!The fuck is going on out in Nova Scotia? can be done, and it’s now cost effective. @alaskarobotics How many tapes do you think they have of Trump dropping the n-word? @alaskarobotics Exactly. Just malpractice on NBC’s side. But then, those assholes did give us the Apprentice. @alaskarobotics I agree there, and he does not do well in that type of arena. But NBC going up against ABC’s Biden,… NBC is doing is horseshit. @lartist @jasonnellis @russellholly It’s cool, how much longer could you live for anyways? @lartist @jasonnellis @russellholly Why the fuck am I VP??? I don’t wanna be the Sarah Palin of this outfit. @jasonnellis …you wrote in Kanye, didn’t you? @muskrat_john Jesus. The ‘pro-life’ party strikes again. @muskrat_john …what is going on in Wisconsin?I see we’re at the ‘but his e-mails’ portion of the campaign. @lartist @MC_Etching Man I forgot about that. My favourite part was telling Fred I bought convention wifi to stream porn.