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@gaussianboner ? buddy that’s my wife 💚 ✌︎ powered by plants & soy 🌱 Sagittarius ✨ ———— Banner: @thisisradinsky

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@JennainDeadland @PunishedHoliday The delusion 💀 @SorchaLesBean Ye :) @PunishedHoliday This made me laugh @TrashBandic0ot2 Everyone says finding a partner will make you feel better about yourself. Pure propaganda if you ask meMy insecurities as soon as I get in a relationship 📈📈📈📈 @scum1999 Me after i took the birth control pillsI really need male feminists to not #IAMSomebodyArtistClub hi, i'm jule or murpha, a russian artist, like warm palettes and drawing m…
Retweeted by 👾 eva 👾 @wuooods It’s kinda depressing bc she’s being love bombed by Qanon people, it’s gonna be so hard for her to get out of this bubbleSomething wholesome for your timeline! found these pictures by Japanese photographer Yasuto. I'm crying
Retweeted by 👾 eva 👾 @javi_draws All the children’s cartoons now look so polished, it just doesn’t look right :(TL CLEANSE. IT IS NOT CAKE.
Retweeted by 👾 eva 👾anyway mods are asleep post zuko smile
Retweeted by 👾 eva 👾 @abitchsnaqped Based @RationalDis @arhourigan Dave Rubin might as well join Q anon at this point
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@beebinch High five @yudovico @scum1999 Corona hasn’t killed me yet but I kinda wish it did
Retweeted by 👾 eva 👾 @shoe0nhead Government using my tax dollar to bail out millionaires? I sleep Government using my tax dollar to kee… anyone interested, I have 2 commission slots left! Emotes/headshots - 35 Upperbody - 45 Full - 55 HMU if you…
Retweeted by 👾 eva 👾 @lenaaidinidou @BroN_809 There are societies that live off the grid. You could join them!I just came across a dead hedgehog
Retweeted by 👾 eva 👾adults will be like “don’t believe everything you read on the internet” and then believe everything they read on the internet
Retweeted by 👾 eva 👾 @lenaaidinidou So you think we should abolish the government?You think I’m paying taxes for fun??“It’s not the job of the government to take care of you” Then what is the job of the government? @KaraRBrown I read your tweet and I still watched til the end to make sure it’s not cake... @Demon_Nerd95 People want to argue too much @Demon_Nerd95 Some of the people replying to you need to chill 💀 it’s never that serious @scum1999 getting raised by minecraft youtube....... I hope they’re doing better ❤️ @scum1999 Literally who are these people#NobodyArtistClub Hey hey hey friends! Lovely to meet you all, I’m Tolja or Radinsky I love painting characters fr…
Retweeted by 👾 eva 👾 @softarcadia How did you get that out of this conversation ? @Gubsygoo @DogsRNice I mean I figured they weren’t serious, looks like pretty typical trolling. Your tweet is still funny tho
Retweeted by 👾 eva 👾 @FydorableT “She doesn’t make my pp hard so why does she exist?” @HRivario @ross_jaquay @taniahprz @Jessicaandreaa_ You’re okay with racist ladies shouting “go back to Mexico” but… @HRivario @Juanny29434 So racism is okay when someone’s a bit mean? @purplcrayon @jeffinitelyyy @HRivario @zachbridwell_98 Yeah, the officers who murdered George Floyd all got arreste… @HRivario @BigBroNas808 @taniahprz Did the news fabricate this video? @willr171 @wlwklaus sexism doesn’t make you gay either
Retweeted by 👾 eva 👾 @iNZANE0ne @thinktanktanya @SOMEGUY7879 Lmaooo @LilWhiteclaw @pussy6000 I'm neither so I wouldn't know @jmjones2207 What are you confused about @pussy6000 >strong arms >soft body >Horrible cook >Awesome baker ????Pokémon gym leader Bea and Nessa with my cousin ⭐️
Retweeted by 👾 eva 👾 @Gazorpazorpfiel @kenklippenstein The pandemic made them money, that's the point
Retweeted by 👾 eva 👾 @Ryan_Redacted I don't understand your question @thinktanktanya @SOMEGUY7879 @iNZANE0ne A bunch of right wingers are defending him, lying about the situation to pu… @thinktanktanya @SOMEGUY7879 @iNZANE0ne And? @elph98 @rlyrlysryDave The first person in the article falsely accused a small publishing business of silencing her… @iq_phd @elph98 @FalanxZ @rlyrlysryDave Or the Dixie Chicks
Retweeted by 👾 eva 👾 @autoautism People go vegan for different reasons tbf. A lot of vegans don't care much about animals. Id guess that… @80sRetro_Girl @Halalcoholism Any diet can <3 @Halalcoholism I hate vegans that constantly try to hate on mock meat bc it's not "nAtuRaL". I'm just trying to eat some tasty food... @Iovelitchi Is quarantine finally getting to you?MONSTER CONBINI 👻 (yes all the products are painted by hand) Do u see some that you recognize?
Retweeted by 👾 eva 👾 @wlwklaus Being scared of men doesn't make you less straight ♥️ @1guytweeting I don’t feel any significant way about it. He got his followers to mass report me and suspend me twice, that kinda sucked :/ @DollyKola Can you elaborate on that? What do you mean with bigotry of low expectations in this contextMale victims of abuse are just as valid as Female victims of abuse. Their pain don't hurt any less, and they don't…
Retweeted by 👾 eva 👾i fixed it :)
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Retweeted by 👾 eva 👾 @marysuewriter I don’t get pimples usually but I did get two randomly... you might be onto smth!
@osmium1999 I don’t associate frat parties with fun 😳 @attackula I’m sorry 👉👈I don’t get why anyone would go to a frat party willingly. What’s so fun about them? date rape? @Cam_fucious It’s the tea, isn’t itCat’s having a cheeky picnic @deportablediz @doubledepress0 @Drallasta Racist! @GaussianBoner And Bobby is still surprised that she attacks him @GaussianBoner I hate this @Drallasta @doubledepress0 I have met one person who likes it 👀 @arhourigan Hmmm I’ll allow it @doubledepress0 Haven’t met anyone who likes itNot sure what’s worse, the art style or him pretending to like white chocolateIf you catch yourself daydreaming about the evil sjws calling you a racist it might be time to consider therapy 💜Why do they wanna be oppressed so bad @scum1999 Handsome 😌 @memorie_holiday Hes never even been to the Us apparently. Surely there must be better hobbies than political LARPing @arhourigan I actually had a few old mutuals raging at me bc I properly informed myself and stopped being an anti @arhourigan Pretty much. We used to be mutuals and now he’s mad that I call him out for tweets like “maybe fascism is good?” @theneedledrop Stupid horse by 💯🦎 @scum1999 @ima9f “All I know is that i know nothing” -scum1999He once had a meltdown bc I called him and his friends incels. He spent the day making 3 separate tweets about me a… @friendlee93 @ratgirldingus DefinitelyPersonally I’d say no other fun IMC takes @ratgirldingus Sure that’s bad but at least he didn’t make a call out thread about him. Cancel culture kills ✨💜💫 @AAlfaro97 @bambooney Well he was a nazi turned feminist turned gamergater turned reactionary so at this point it’s… @SorchaLesBean I felt the pain from this video ;-; @MaxiMoneyMonstr It’s so obvious too, how do people fall for it @notCursedE Didn’t some white woman say she felt uncomfortable bc a black woman was in the bathroom with her just a few weeks ago?? @sarahlugor This is fucked :(He doesn’t care about people getting hurt, he made an entire career out of hurting people