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@HisWattson I'm set. I just wait for my HisWattson paycheck
@Lloyd5172 @SoaRGaming Thank you homie, that’s the goals @_routers if only you played like this in our ranked games maybe you wouldn't be immortal 1 🤷‍♂️ @BrrayV @Rewind1K is the best in the game without a doubt.First of many milestones, 10,000 ✅ @SoaRGaming 🚀 @HisWattson @ashudevil2 ❤️ @loldehnn Monumental W. So happy for you ❤️
@TheMellaDee Thank you brotha 💜 @Bingeru_ well @SwaYK44 and @Fps_Sai are here until monday morning, so maybe that night? @Maxiedome thank you mr dome ❤️ @Bingeru_ carry me as my present?!? 👉👈 @FaIIDmg Love you nate <3 We need to play games soon @miraixz thank you young goat <3 @OUTCA5T Almost cried reading this one, I love you homie ❤️ @audiistic Thank you! @Zecurso love ya brotha. glad to know you got my back <3 @TSavT21 Thank you sav 💜 @_routers LOOOOL glad we met brotha. Forever grateful for you. We’re just gonna keep killing it from here on. Love… @Bingeru_ Thank you bing ❤️ @trameeklious Love ya! @ums Thank you kitten! @ayoMalikai Love you dawg ❤️ grats on 100k on the tok @PvndaBear Thank you! Happy Birthday to you as well :) @oakval_ ty brotha!Crying and throwing up. Don’t reach out to me… worst birthday of my life. @HAS5AM Noooo not true!! @HAS5AM no please @sinizap Thank you sini 💜 @HAS5AM OMG I LOVE YOU THANK YOU HASSAM DADDY 💕 🥰🥰 @Szod_ You’re one of the goats @CameronMadsen_ I love you brother. Thank you so much ❤️ @elijah8k love you elijah ❤️ @snowiexo Thank you twizzy @xcliex SHE NEVERS MISSES! Thank youuu 💜 @oralcn Love ya Oralon ❤️ @DSCPLES Woke up to a new walker in my living room 😭 @SwaYK44 has been at my for a SINGULAR DAY and mans has me hooked on souls games now.I’m so OLD LOOOOOL @bolt437 LOL shut up! @bolt437 sheeeeesh @_routers @makz we LOVE routerkill @Crudes i have hopes he can change 🙏 such a young talent to be wasted by poor choices @SwaYK44 @SoaRLewy i like that check mark @ums can't believe another valorant creator out of control...Router Read: @Szod_ @SoaRGaming My mf twin!!!
@_routers @SoaRGaming my twin ❤️ @IAmJoshuaJordan @SoaRGaming Yes buy all the SoaR merch you can! @m9dusa We’re gonna crush it. Nothing but big moves for us in the near future. @makz @SoaRGaming Thank you big dawg 🙏 @Maxiedome @SoaRGaming IF THIS IS REAL OH MY GOD @232rosa_ @SoaRGaming You were here for the whole ride. Love you for your support always ❤️ @ahad @SoaRGaming Omg thank you brotha 💜 @Pythhn @SoaRGaming Thank you big sexy @Maxiedome @SoaRGaming OMG MAXIEDOME REPLY OMG MAXIEDOME REPLY @daimyoFPS @SoaRGaming thank you so much 💜 @HAS5AM @SoaRGaming I love you Hassam 💜 @ignovercook @SoaRGaming tysm brotha 🙏 @hollowFPS @SoaRGaming Thank you big head 💜joined @SoaRGaming 🚀It finally happened… @SwaYK44
@m9dusa @SoaRGaming @bumpaah @makz I think it’s only natural for @Hiko to have a chat with Bumpaah 👀 @ahad 0 the day is amazing across the board @m9dusa @bumpaah @makz Mak after the first question
@SwaYK44 Better take some medicine and come on @HAS5AM King shit @refresh1k I love Hassam @ums @_routers 👀 @_routers “the food taste better when daddy pays for it” @Rewind1K @_routers Bro… @_routers yes @HAS5AM @_routers Never thought I’d find out this way, but I’m so happy for him!!!
@SoaRGaming @hollowFPS we love soar swallowshooting heads in valorant
Retweeted by SoaR Solace | HunterNEW SICK VID TY @solace6k FOR THE FASTEST EDIT WORLDWIDE!!@!!!@
Retweeted by SoaR Solace | Hunter
@SoaRGaming As much as I love @Szod_ , @bumpaah just knows how to please a man 🫦 @snowiexo @Bingeru_ On god… @Bingeru_ get good man @Bingeru_ wanna see that rod knock back + 2 hit + flint + 7 heart combo @Bingeru_ Minecraft Hunger games or else
@super_sophia11 Also getting specific drum kits to match the sound you’re going for. You can find tons of them for… @super_sophia11 FL Studio is the most user friendly DAW for beginners. Learning chords for melodies is a great star… @super_sophia11 What are you trying to do? Just vocals, produce? @HisWattson “My wattson coin leveled up” @angelo0_o Have a good stream twin @szodvfx I hate this mf @softaimsuppress @boomtv Easy dub for suppress @Noah_Falky yesThere is such a thriving gaming culture in Atlanta. I wish there were more consistent LANs/Tournaments for Valorant…
@florscnt Your clips would go crazy on TikTok @hakaFPS Sending nothing but good energy your way brotha. You got this! @snowiexo Internet is not wanting to work @_routers We love routerkill @snowiexo A few hours @SwaYK44 It’s so nice right?
@Pythhn @SoaRGaming So handsome and talented @ums @Maxiedome +1 need the Maxie content @oralcn @OvertimeGG Congrats brotha!