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A team of Belgian engineering students, competing to build the best solar car.☀️ 🥇 1st place #CSA18 & 🏆 1st place #BWSC19

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There's no feeling quite like that finishing-first-feeling; even one month later, we still get chills thinking back…
@PloughboyBris @bertlongin @WorldSolarChlg Thanks for the tip! We do use those in the 2 liter water bag the pilots…
And when the going gets tough, you have to keep going. The #BWSC19 has reminded us the journey through Australia is…
Taking part in the @WorldSolarChlg requires a lot of on-the-spot improvisation: this was our workshop at the end of…
@tiffhu_ @ScientificGems @KGU_Solar_Car @sonnenwagen Thank you, Tiffany! 😁
Congratulations again to @solarteam_be for winning the #bwsc19 World Solar Challenge. The chart summarises the top…
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Happy birthday, @bertlongin! Hope today is filled with rest and time to recover from all these races you’ve been driving (and winning)! 😉🎉
So proud of our students. World class in a very tough competition. @solarteam_be @LeuvenU @WorldSolarChlg #energy
Retweeted by Agoria Solar Team @sonnenwagen @bertlongin @WorldSolarChlg Thank you so much, guys! Your team and car were great competition - can’t… @solarteam_be! You did a tremendous Job in building such a beautiful and stable car! Well deserved after s…
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World champions in the Cruiser and Challenger Class of the @WorldSolarChlg! What an achievement of @solarteam_be to…
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@solarteamtwente Thanks guys! ❤️💙1️⃣ And taking out top spot in the Challenger Class is @solarteam_be! A well-deserved standing ovation accompanies…
Retweeted by Agoria Solar TeamCongratulations to @SolarEHV for winning first place in the #CruiserClass - well deserved! 💛💙 #BWSC19, @kogakuin_koho University Solar Team! #TechnicalInnovationAward ☀️’ve got chills! You can follow along live at ☀️ @WorldSolarChlg #BWSC19 Awards Ceremony! 🏆🥇✨
@agora_kuleuven Bedankt om bij te dragen aan ons diploma, en zo indirect aan onze zonnewagen. 😉 @LeuvenUEen welgemeende proficiat aan de #kuleuven studenten van @solarteam_be. Winnaars van de World Solar Challenge in Au…
Retweeted by Agoria Solar TeamWat een prestatie! Het @solarteam_be van de @KU_Leuven wint het WK voor zonnewagens in Australië. Dat is een race v…
Retweeted by Agoria Solar TeamCongratulations to the #kuleuven students @solarteam_be on winning the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge! We are SO…
Retweeted by Agoria Solar Team🥇So proud!! @solarteam_be
Retweeted by Agoria Solar Team @solarteam_be you've won the @WorldSolarChlg!! Congratulations, you guys deserve it so much! Let's celebrate togeth…
Retweeted by Agoria Solar Team @ScientificGems Thank you, Tony!My personal #bwsc19 faster than lightning gem goes to @solarteam_be -- they built a fantastic car, and drove it at…
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Race report of our final day in the Australian outback #BWSC19 team wint voor het eerst World Solar Challenge in Australië #vrtnws
Retweeted by Agoria Solar Team🇧🇪 Wereldklasse! @solarteam_be wint Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australië. #gaanvoorgoud
Retweeted by Agoria Solar Team🏆Leuvens zonnewagenteam @solarteam_be wint voor het eerst de World Solar Challenge. Wat een prestatie! Proficiat! L…
Retweeted by Agoria Solar TeamFor the first time in the history of our solar team we are WORLD CHAMPIONS! 🏆☀️🥇✨ #BWSC19’re currently focusing all our attention on our own car and the last kilometers to Adelaide, to finally bring hom… only 100 kilometers left until the finish of the #BWSC19, we are currently in first place!… @VattenfallTeam @WorldSolarChlg We are heartbroken. Good to hear your driver is ok, sending all our love to you 🧡💙
Today we start only 2 minutes behind our competitors. We arrived 7 minutes after them yesterday but they made a sma… of raceday 4 #BWSC2019 #BWSC19 was insane. Strong winds made our journey to first place nearly impossible, but we were still able to bring o… arrived 7 minutes behind @VattenfallTeam on the control stop, we will be staying here together! #BWSC19 @VattenfallTeam We will be there in a few! Safe us a good spot 😉This morning we were 40 minutes behind first place but we are closing in!! Only 25 minutes behind at the moment, wa… to hard weather conditions, @solarteamtwente has had an accident. Their driver and team are ok, but were forced… we had a sandstorm at our campsite, we focussed all our energy on keeping the car and the team safe throu…
Kulgera, the final control stop of the day. A place with a lot of character! #BWSC19 #solarcar #solarracing at her, cruising at high speeds through Australia! On to Kulgera 🤗 #BWSC19 #solarcar #solarracing #bluepoint World TV interviewed the Agoria Solar Team from the middle of Australia as they prepared to set off on a new da…
Retweeted by Agoria Solar TeamWhen there is a hole in the road and you do not want to harm the bottom of your solar car! 😇 #BWSC19 #solarcar do enjoy the different landscapes of the Australian outback! We are entering Alice Springs at the moment, this m…
We are almost halfway through the race! We are driving to Alice Springs at the moment 💪 #bluepoint #solarcar 3: the morning briefing! How are we going to take over the Dutch today? 😉 #BWSC19 #solarcar #solarracing @solarteam_be
Retweeted by Agoria Solar TeamRise & shine! Day 3 has begun! #BWSC2019 de tweede dag van het WK voor zonnewagens in Australië staat het @solarteam_be van de @KU_Leuven op de derde pla…
Retweeted by Agoria Solar TeamSome of us came prepared... some of us didn’t. 🦗🦟🐜🦂🕷 #BWSC2019 we end in third place!! We have overtaken the team from groningen and are decreasing the gap with the first… three is all together again! At the control stops we know the exact time in between teams an we can guess the… chillin with our friends from @solarteam_be and @solarteamtwente. Having fun catching up on all the controlsto…
Retweeted by Agoria Solar TeamRoadworks ahead! Anything can happen during the race 😮 #bluepoint #solarcar #solarracing #BWSC19 every control stop the driver has to exit the vehicle as fast as possible to press the start button. From then o… you found something that is not sand or a rock in the middle of the australian outback! Photo time 📸
We woke up to this beautiful sight: #BluePoint and Green lightning are charging side to side! #solarcar your neighbours are showing off with their morning workout! 😉 @VattenfallTeam #bluepoint #solarcar a quick recap of our race day In our daily #UpToSpeed, we give you a 40 second rundown of the race day! ☀️ you know that every team has an observer in their chase vehicle? They note everything down that happens to make… are following the #bluepoint wherever she goes, what are you doing today? Let us know ⬇️ #solarcar #BWSC19 you need some shade and a nice picture of the #bluepoint #BWSC19 #solarcar #solarracing again, this 8 more times over the next 5 days. The exciting moments of the #BWSC19 #solarcar #solarracing first control stop, it has been a hectic day but a Good day! #BWSC19 #solarcar #solarracing #bluepoint catched an amazing view, the BluePoint cruising over the Stuart Highway! #BWSC19 #solarcar #solarracing
And she is off!! We have started the journey to Adelaide, for the next 3021 km we are driving and camping throughou… driver has his lucky socks on!! Everything will be all right 😃 #BWSC19 #solarcar #solarracing #bluepoint last minute preparations: cleaning the windscreen, taping the rear window shut and making sure the driver can s… to race! Start of the #BWSC2019, today at 8:36 Darwin time! #excited 🇧🇪☀️ Team rijdt Belgisch record tijdens kwalificatie voor wereld­kampioenschap #vrtnws
Retweeted by Agoria Solar TeamA massive thank you to Saphir from @solarteam_be for taking time out to help us with the engineering sign off we ne…
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Retweeted by Agoria Solar TeamSo excited to start in #P4 tomorrow!😀 #BWSC2019 #solarcar @WorldSolarChlg RESULTS See the starting order for the start of #BWSC19 in State Square, Darwin on Sunday. Full list:…
Retweeted by Agoria Solar TeamYEEESSS! We will start 4th at the world championship. We drove a qualification lap of 2.02 🤗🤗 are next in line! Some last motivational words for out pilot @bertlongin #BWSC19 #solarracing #racesimulation will drive three laps today. 1. Warm up 2. Qualification lap 3. Cool down The cars are faster than last edition,… to the starting position! These are the most valuable moments as a hard working team! #BWSC19 #bluepoint pilot, @bertlongin, is preparing himself to drive the lap of a lifetime! Today is qualification day! #BWSC19
We're marking UN’s International Day of the Girl today by celebrating the over 200 women who are part of the 2019 B…
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Great testday @solarteam_be and they give me a warm welcom🙏 worldsolarchallenge 👍
Retweeted by Agoria Solar TeamBelgen gaan met zonnewagen voor goud op WK in Australië
Retweeted by Agoria Solar Team#Scrutineering update: we passed! All green! ✅✅✅ After stopping by a third time, we finally received that last gree… SCRUTINEERING UPDATE @VattenfallTeam 🇳🇱 @AntakariST 🇨🇱 @solarteam_be 🇧🇪 @DurUniSolarCar 🇬🇧 MDH Solar 🇸🇪…
Retweeted by Agoria Solar Team🔊🔊Interview 🔊🔊 We caught up with Yante from @solarteam_be to talk about the work the only Belgian team in the fiel…
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In 3... days, the race is ON! 😱 We're very excited to follow the @solarteam_be in their cross-Australia race. Quali…
Retweeted by Agoria Solar TeamThe race is getting closer and the motivation of the 𝗔𝗴𝗼𝗿𝗶𝗮 𝗦𝗼𝗹𝗮𝗿 𝘁𝗲𝗮𝗺 is only getting stronger! The 𝗔𝗴𝗼𝗿𝗶𝗮 and the…
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Static Scrutineering! A quick recap of the day: we passed nearly all checks but have some modifications to do to th… through the stages of scrutineering! Some changes have to be made, but so far - so good. #scrutineering
@VattenfallTeam Thank you! Good luck to you as well 👏Big day! We’re at the Darwin Convention Centre for #staticScrutineering, where the #BluePoint will be checked to se…
Packing up & heading home! Succesful testing time out on the track. 😎☀️ #BWSC2019 #HiddenValley car convoy, no? 😉 #BWSC2019 out at Hidden Valley Race Track today! Only 6 more days until the #DynamicScrutineering or hotlap starts!… at the Darwin Waterfront today! Featuring a Q&A with @ATNSolarCar, @solarteamtwente, @WestSydSolarCar & Chris…
The end of the day, we did some strategic tests to measure our power consumption. We will use this data during the… are driving out of the simulated control stop. A 30 minute pause to switch drivers and fill the water bottles… are other teams as well, this is the car of the stanford university: Black Mamba @SUSolarCar #solarracing