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The last defense of liberty is the people. #CivilRights are not a zero-sum game. LBGTQI Ally 🏳️‍🌈. We are better than this. #Beer, #books, and the #OxfordComma.

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@JesseBWatters @JoeBiden @ewarren Here's @SenSchumer calling for a public health emergency to be declared on 27 Jan… @JesseBWatters @JoeBiden On the 29th of January, @ewarren released her plan for pandemic response. @JesseBWatters The utter mendacity of this is breathtaking. While you were calling COVID-19 a hoax and downplaying… and #Memoryholing at the same time, when @WattersWorld lies, he really lies @viragoergosum @AKARELK I remember that issue. Rom was a rough comic book.Stay strong folks, stay safeCan't let a measly pandemic get in the way of corporate profits @Abraxsys M*A*S*HNeeded message, check up on each other @all_eddy @IbyIcy Squirrel!Not the picture we wanted, but the #leadership we needed. @austingcommons I should ask them for a copy of my last SF86 @DevinNunes Don't you have a boot to lick?Snort dropped "don't be evil" from its corporate code of conduct in 2018... @pamcosquared @stevensonpj @Google They quietly dropped that motto a few years ago @CNN There goes the stay at home order out the stained glass window @ZaknafienDC What the heck is the pile of spaghetti in the upper right corner?SCHUMER wanted #coronavirus designated a public health emergency on Jan 26 BIDEN wrote an op-ed warning we’re not…
Retweeted by Gen-X Cynic @lexnicular @epsilon3141 @GermsAndNumbers The epidemiologists in the US did raise the warning, they were ignored an… @LtUhura2017 Reading the original article, I don't think Capt. Crozier went public. He sent the letter to Navy HQ,… @LeatherQuilting @garamondagency @HC_Richardson @OUPHistory Not what you think @realfacade1 @garamondagency @HC_Richardson @OUPHistory The Confederacy lost the war, white supremacists won the pe… @lucyleid Ahem, squeeeeeeeeeeeeeal. OMG. 😍I feel I am overusing WTF these days, but WTF. @epsilon3141 @GermsAndNumbers They did, however certain politicians ignored them. For example, the Obama administra… vortex?! @tyrion1 @bfs2020 Were the rational self-interest of the market undermines the common good. @DHBerman Meanwhile the Pentagon offered up 20 labs to assist in the testing and the administration never acted on… @Jim_Jordan Resign @WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump Distraction and deflectionIf there’s a way for Trump to fvck up this response, his people have done it. @WhiteHouse Bullshit
@TomHeartsTanks @9coacheswaiting @SRoseesq @evo_kositz Read this out of context and still agreed with you @retiredLEO125 @79Ralphie Absolutely @AlexHortonTX Relief for cause is the least that should happen to the leadership @retiredLEO125 @79Ralphie Ash Clown works to keep HR off your back"Lock her up" denounces "just a flu" rhetoric, asks everyone to keep in mind our commitment to total victory in the war with Eastasia.
Retweeted by Gen-X CynicCriminal negligence @davidmweissman Do not repeat verbatim, e.g. "McConnell says <insert lie>." This reinforces the lie. Rather point… @jaketapper HOAs are an invitation to pettiness @pamrecev @CabsPuebla Billionaire "christian" needs his benjamins @PanelExpertSGMs @jamesmadison501 @secret_kindof @PatDonahoeArmy @Me Perhaps he washed out of tanker school... @realDonaldTrump Squirrel! @TweetinJoshBe Her: I paint a nail red for each ex-boyfriend... Friend: But don't you have like 15 exes? Her: I have toes.Updated my social distancing protocols with mutton chops. drop
Retweeted by Gen-X Cynic @jalmcpherson @byzantinepower It's back. @MattWalshBlog Meh, health departments ordered the same in 1918 and free religion survived. A fixed, physical locat… @jamesmadison501 @Umzy32 @MattWalshBlog St. Paul, Minnesota ordered churchs shut as part of a city-wide shutdown du… @jamesmadison501 @secret_kindof @PatDonahoeArmy @PanelExpertSGMs @Me Who hurt you? @ProfJSCarberry @E_H_Carpenter Holy cowTrust me, read this @steak_umm thread negligence on part of the administration @RichOToole District 3 lost the last Hunger Games @HillaryClinton Ma'am, Trump does not want testing done as without testing the numbers stay low @MarshaBlackburn Yep they lied, doesn’t change the fact Donnie fvcked up by the numbers. @RichLowry All the shit he “slammed the door on” were his own arguments. @Diana_Prince_ @TomHeartsTanks And their strips beat the socks off Chick-fil-a’s. @BA_Friedman @KaurinShanks @Guntraitor @historyismydrug @chriswray3 @tonyposnanski @realDonaldTrump See, and again. Is there something wrong with your autocorrect? @Bill_Leasure I will give you credit, that is a sweet picture. Though the horse appears to be laughing. Wait, you… @RPG_volley @Bill_Leasure saddle pad by the looks @Liz_Wheeler Religious observance does not rely on a specific physical location. The New Testament is pretty clear… @WTF_Judge @WanderNWoodsman Telework violates the HOA bylaws?!? What kind of fun that place must be to live. @Guntraitor @historyismydrug @chriswray3 @tonyposnanski @realDonaldTrump See, you did it again @realDonaldTrump Resign @Guntraitor @historyismydrug @chriswray3 @tonyposnanski @realDonaldTrump You misspelled MAGAot @DMSkeletor @AITA_reddit Oh, I missed that one. "drunken mishap" is a nice euphemism. @just1deeva @NatashaBertrand And they didn't pay attention to the results of a pandemic exercise from last year.Buried in this tragic report is a student who is sick, but not tested because their symptoms are not severe enough… @PanelExpertSGMs Moron beret. An utterly useless, worthless piece of headgear. Give me a patrol cap with cat eyes a… @Gam38274493 @brynrobinson3 @spark327d @isaacstonefish @saradannerdukic That Trump is a lying POS does not negate t… @Guntraitor @historyismydrug @chriswray3 @tonyposnanski @realDonaldTrump Nah dog, you are projecting @AITA_reddit Yes for "deciding I would move in" Yes for stealing the LEGOs Yes for throwing the LEGOs away I would press charges. @WTF_Judge Holy crap, dump her? I'd be filing charges--pretty sure the insurance company is going to want a police… @RPG_volley Or maybe a playbook? @NatashaBertrand If only there were some sort of Pandemic playbook the government could use to organize its respons…
@FrankLuntz Trump was one of them saying it @Timodc @joncoopertweets Trying to rewrite history @ddale8 @WEMUSTOKE He is #Gaslighting to try and rewrite historyTrump keeps projecting that NY “got a late start” in its response. #Gaslighting @Guntraitor @historyismydrug @chriswray3 @tonyposnanski @realDonaldTrump Jesus fvcking christ. What kind of sick mi… is attributing his own statements about downplaying the virus, saying it was like the flu, and that we… good to do a self assessment't lay this clusterfvck at the feet of the IC. The intelligence was there. The intelligence was briefed. The int… @abarber1 The human mind is really not good at conceptualizing exponential growth, though you'd think a expert epid…
Retweeted by Gen-X CynicWow @4everNeverTrump @DavidLarter Open Source intelligence accounts for the vast majority of intelligence gathered and… @Guntraitor @historyismydrug @chriswray3 @tonyposnanski @realDonaldTrump You like that one sweetie? Then you'll lov… @dolo_sensei Algebra, Trigonometry, and CalculusI aspire to be this content😩
Retweeted by Gen-X CynicFor only $2.99, today only, you can buy WAKE OF VULTURES and enjoy: * book 1 of 4 (completed series) * weird west m…
Retweeted by Gen-X Cynic @Gam38274493 @brynrobinson3 @spark327d @isaacstonefish @saradannerdukic Ah, reinforcements have arrived. Interestin… @KevinLevin @DeKalbNeighbor Or concrete? @KevinLevin @DeKalbNeighbor Dynamite?This is way a fvcking NATIONAL crisis demands a fvcking NATIONAL response. Cc @NikkiHaley @realDonaldTrump @VP @kasie @senatemajldr is lying (again), this suggests DHHS, CDC, FEMA, DHS, and the intelligence community were dist…