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First in war, first in peace, and first in the major leagues.

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@John_Henson The sound of a log laughing. @BernieSanders Good riddance, Bernie. @JordanUhl Bernie is the devil. This is the day I have been waiting four years for: the end of his political career. @JamesKosur Fuck Bernie Sanders. He should have dropped out four years ago, much less four hours ago. @Alyssa_Milano Fuck Bernie Sanders. He should have dropped out four years ago, much less four hours ago. @JordanUhl Fuck Bernie Sanders. He should have dropped out four years ago, much less four hours ago. @cnni Fuck Bernie Sanders. He should have dropped out four years ago, much less four hours ago. @JoyceWhiteVance Fuck Bernie Sanders. He should have dropped out four years ago. @CNNPolitics A nation sighs with relief. @SABRbioproject @tigers @sabr @PhilHecken Guy deserves credit for just making contact against Gibson that year.Here's an idea... When @MLB resumes (be it in 2020 or 2021), I think all #OpeningDay tickets should be reserved fo…
Retweeted by SoldierForPeace @thehill Both as a country and as a nation? That’s special. @BernieSanders “Grotesque” is the word that describes your refusal to get out of the campaign, Bernie.This is very worrisome. Among recovered former #COVID19 cases, “nearly a third had unexpectedly low levels of antib…
Retweeted by SoldierForPeace @thehill 😂😂 @davidfrum She might not have got shot if she hadn’t irritated her husband. @thehill I donated, Amy. @FightinHydrant Be nice to the Cardinals.You can’t tell the difference between Trump supporters & Bernie supporters in my replies right now. Cancel culture…
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@MotherJones Bu-byeeee @thehill @IvankaTrump “as a country and as a nation” ?? WTF does that even mean? @LindseyGrahamSC You’re the devil, Senator Graham. @kayleighmcenany Racist much?How I Met Your Brother -- Never mind, forgot he's still in that hut in Kenya. #ObamaTVShows
Retweeted by SoldierForPeaceAnd then there was this moment...I can’t even...
Retweeted by SoldierForPeace @KlasfeldReports @DevinCow 😂😂 @rgoodlaw @AshaRangappa_ 😂😂So sad. So touching. 😂😂😂 @AshaRangappa_ Careful Asha, the Chinese government has hacked Zoom.Hey, @BernieSanders! Are you going to condemn the BernieBros for attacking John Lewis for endorsing Biden or are you cool with that?
Retweeted by SoldierForPeace @BleacherNation There’s no rule against pine tar on a chest protector. @HarmlessHarley Tiktok is the Chinese government platform. The same people will brought you Covid.Happy birthday to Adrián Beltré, truly one of a kind.
Retweeted by SoldierForPeaceFLASHBACK: Newly named WH @PressSec @kayleighmcenany, back on Feb. 25: “We will not see diseases like the coronavir…
Retweeted by SoldierForPeaceWTAF!?!?!🤯🤬 Mississippi Governor Declares 'Confederate Heritage Month' During Coronavirus Pandemic
Retweeted by SoldierForPeace @MLBONFOX @Yankees @Royals @astros @Braves @Cardinals @Dodgers @FSKansasCity @FSMidwest @YESNetwork @FOXSportsBraves CardinalsWe intubated a 24 y/o today. Right before he went down, he said he needed to live to look after his 2 y/o daughter.…
Retweeted by SoldierForPeace @dcexaminer @LindseyGrahamSC No, I got an idea, let’s get Mexico to pay for the wall. @Ladyblueclr @Alyssa_Milano @BernieSanders This. @NBCPolitics Trump says lots of stuff. It’s mostly lies. Any reason we should believe him this time? @FiveThirtyEight Whatever. 300,000 people may die from this disease, the global economy is being wrecked. I can wo… @AshaRangappa_ The WH process is so profoundly broken. When an idiot like Peter Navarro, who is wrong 99% of the ti… News is officially being sued for peddling coronavirus misinformation
Retweeted by SoldierForPeaceBREAKING: President Trump has a financial interest in the maker of hydroxychloroquine. In other words, he has been…
Retweeted by SoldierForPeacePresident Trump: "Everybody's amazed at the job we're doing."
Retweeted by SoldierForPeaceHannity, who repeatedly downplayed the virus, calls for a task force to investigate Governor Cuomo
Retweeted by SoldierForPeaceAm I the only person that didn’t know @BernieSanders was still in the race? Is he actually going to do this TWICE?
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@thehill “My deepest sympathies and condolences to the families and loved ones of the sick and tragically deceased”… @BocaOrganics @mccaffreyr3 There’s a typo in your quote (there is no “of” in there, it screws up the iambic pentam… days ago
Retweeted by SoldierForPeace @DeeH_NYC Holy trinity? They’re shirts. Take a deep month ago today: “It is being contained. Do you not think it’s being contained?”
Retweeted by SoldierForPeace @Cut4 David Freese’s homer in the 2011 World Series. @Sam4TR @PostSports Yikes. Sounds like a demotion to go from the Nats to the Washington football team. Sorry to hear that.Woman A Leading Authority On What Shouldn’t Be In Poor People’s Grocery Carts
Retweeted by SoldierForPeaceInside the White House, a hack economist who is viewed as a joke in his field is fighting with one of the world’s l…
Retweeted by SoldierForPeaceFor other oil market nerds out there, @RyanMKellogg article is super insightful. to America’s diplomats. Unsung heroes on the front lines. Stay safe out there! @thehill Um, you know what’s sad? 250,000 dead Americans. @MLBRandomStats Good one. @soapachu I am sooo doomed.I am sooo doomed., it didn’t take too long for the Christian Right to blame coronavirus on vaginas.
Retweeted by SoldierForPeace @SABRbioproject @SFGiants @sabr @PhilHecken @McCoveyChron Noooo way for Jeff Kent. Yuck.On the one hand, you’ve got the doctor who has studied this stuff his whole life. On the other hand, you’ve got the…
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@WeLoveDogsUSA Fukkin Marines.😍 @MLBRandomStats Interesting to see Pujols on this list. His 11 best years were in the NL. @JordanUhl Biden is the only one thinking straight.Whenever the fuck Bernie drops the fuck out. When will you Berners EVER fight the GOP?
Retweeted by SoldierForPeaceWOW. ‘Either survive or die’: Fox News doc says it’s time for COVID-19 patients to ‘come off’ ventilators
Retweeted by SoldierForPeace @AndrewFeinberg It’s his Judge Pirro look.BREAKING: Obama admin green lit a machine designed to churn out millions of masks during a pandemic. Trump's HHS sq…
Retweeted by SoldierForPeaceMike Pence thought it was fine to tell us that we had 4 million tests when he know those tests couldn’t deliver results.
Retweeted by SoldierForPeace @lodgepolepines God bless America. @ebruenig I am a Dem and I have zero fucks to give for Bernie Sanders or Joe Rogan. Fuk em both. @thehill How would Trump know if Baron is happy?Trump about Hydroxychloroquine: "Try it, if you'd like."
Retweeted by SoldierForPeace @TruthOuter @glennkirschner2 @billmaher I liked Pete Buttigieg’s response: Trump can stay in the WH and do chores if he wants. @SABRbioproject @sabr @PhilHecken @blessyouboys @sabrdetroit I seem to remember that when I was a kid, Cobb’s caree…
@MLBONFOX @astros @Angels @Athletics @Mariners @FoxSportsWest @FOXSportsSW Mariners @humorandanimals He makes an unforced error and loses the point. Bad dog. @thehill That’s a pretty good line, Guv’na.WTF? @LAW1112 @Nationals Juan Soto can fix this! @baileyfrommars @harrisonjaime Stay healthy and strong, Jaime. We need you in the fight. @neeratanden @GlennGreenwald Greenwald lost me when he insisted he’s a “journalist” and not a Kremlin operative. @OFemmeFataleZ You won’t remember this one but it was a beautiful video: “New Soul” by Yael Naim. @thehill Get the fuk out of the Presidential race, Bernie, and then maybe I will care what you have to say about the airlines.In case you missed it, yesterday the President joked about his lifelong passion - trying to fuck supermodels - in t…
Retweeted by SoldierForPeace @AraleeBogar Great!Are you better off in quarantine then you were four years ago
Retweeted by SoldierForPeaceZoom admits user data ‘mistakenly’ routed through China
Retweeted by SoldierForPeacePSA: Please stop tweeting about the San Andreas Fault. By Executive Order, Trump already renamed it Barack Obama’s Fault.
Retweeted by SoldierForPeace @ABC TikTok is the Chinese state platform. The same people who brought you COVID-19. @Slate If they chose to go to Liberty University, we can stipulate that they were already confused.And just like clockwork, Tucker goes negative on Dr. Fauci
Retweeted by SoldierForPeace @SpainMFA @BMG_Bund “Ventilators”, in English. A respirator is something else. @FrankFigliuzzi1 @realDonaldTrump Announcement: the next impeachment vote will be held November 3. @PhilipRucker Announcement: the next impeachment vote will be held November 3. @MollyJongFast Announcement: the next impeachment vote will be held November 3.