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CA-raised, FL-living 🏖 Pedicure enthusiast. Girl next door. Professional tease. She/her. 20something. 👠👣🔞

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@BandageThoughts China's concentration camps deserve condemnation. So too do America's. Whether you think one is wo…
@BandageThoughts No, I'm not. I pointed out that you're being hypocritical to call out another country's concentrat… going on today to celebrate: 💫 40% off Onlyfans @ solesnack 💫 15-25% off Clips4Sale videos @ solesnack May… marks 2 years in the #footfetishcommunity for me! Retweet to congratulate me 😋 I've grown so much and gotten…’s some original paintings and prints on my store! I haven’t sold a painting yet this year and that doesn’t se…
Retweeted by Solesnack @BandageThoughts @Leighmac15 Speaking truth about my country doesn't mean I'm defending China.
@simp78867029 2/2 But replying to your own comment tags you, and you can't un-tag yourself. But Twitter also makes… @simp78867029 1/2 Look at my feed at the post under this one to see what I mean. Twitter makes it so that if you're… @yourgodvenus @plantbasedbaddi @AWuornosFan I screenshotted an example of what I see often. People deserve a bonus… @Shiny_Ginger @AWuornosFan Which is fine, because it takes work and time to build up any small business and grow a… tell me someone either has a solution to this or is just as annoyed with it as I am. 😩😅Why must my replies to random threads show up as Tweets on my profile page? I'm trying to respond to one person, n… @fenellascorner @OnlyFans @OnlyFansSupport 2/2 Now, my inbox isn't wanting to load, so I keep having to x out & reo… @fenellascorner @OnlyFans @OnlyFansSupport I've been having a variety of inbox issues on Onlyfans for about 2 weeks… @AWuornosFan LMFAO I just replied to that comment saying essentially this @bedlambabylon @AWuornosFan That's basically the story of the man who created Seeking Arrangement 😂😂😂😂 @AWuornosFan Agreed but also I think this is how most small business owners feel. Right? Maybe I've been brainwashe… @AWuornosFan Onlyfans especially feels like a pyramid scheme when people in the top 0.5% get newbies to sign up und… @CartonJulie3 You noticed! ^_^ I've been piling shoeboxes under my bed as people buy them from my wishlist. ☺️☺️ @TheGoldHedgehog Snapchat & TikTok aren't owned by any of those 3 companies. @BandageThoughts @Leighmac15 The United States still has concentration camps... @Leighmac15 What exactly do you think I don't understand? You didn't share any novel information.
@Jbyam1 @MavesSkyler @Policy @nypost The @nypost is a glorified gossip rag that has done tremendous harm to the ma… oil vid uploaded to Onlyfans and Clips4sale 😋💦 3 days from now will mark my second anniversary in the foot fet…
@VinMan17 You're either doing sex wrong or doing pasta very right. @ennuiboy420 ... nail polish remover?! 👀 @Beanstrips How are you so cute but so sexy at the same damn time?! @Beanstrips I love this!Dank bowls and nylon soles? In a pink room? And a $3 Onlyfans? YES PLEASE!!! Take my money!… @zackfox Lmfao I'm in this tweet and I don't hate it @SarahHuckabee You gained thousands of followers overnight when you took the job. Was big tech censoring the left b… @mikepompeo How exactly do you think following engagement looked when Trump was elected? It was just like this but…
@ProjectWuornos Is it deleted or am I blocked? @forestbonnieMFC I'm not an anime lover, and I love Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood.The answer is no, but a girl can dream. 😅 I just saw that Tom Felton is on the Cameo app, where celebs make short v… the real serious marketing questions today, like: should I pay Draco Malfoy $600 to promote my Onlyfans?
@TWPundit Why? Sources leaking info isn't strange. I do find it strange that you asked for links about this and t… @bocxtop "I am uh... I don't... racism is um... how is that a crime?" @bocxtop "Attacking him how? Yelling at him? Okay, yes." Lmfao what? No sweetie, by *pursuing and tackling him.* @CBSThisMorning @GayleKing "Caught on camera allegedly attacking" ??? I know you have to use the word allegedly for… @danserboi89 @imma_mood Why: The project includes Rashida Jones (who has a history of doxxing sex workers) and Mery…
@brad89739161 "Trespassers will be shot" & "when the looting starts, the shooting starts" & "she shouldn't have bro… @brad89739161 @greenhousenyt Those are literally Trump supporters. The first is Jake Angeli (a Qanon protestor and…
Sex working writers, looking for a place to contribute your work? Consider sending an abstract for this new volume…
Retweeted by Solesnack @Reese__P Tyra also featured sex workers on her talk show multiple times. Now after seeing this tweet, I'm going to… @marcelineFsteel "[OF should be outlawed]. I feel so uncomfortable to see [women] turn to sex work due to pressure… @FabulousFook @keisaraynja They're probably lying tbh. Foot stuff is the most popular fetish in the entire world th… @freckled_feet Yay I'm glad you're feeling better! I've been saying I need to go, and this just reinforces that. @explosivetoes @NikkiPresents Thank you! I'm glad it worked! @TheRealCiandria @NILES100 Lolll why did that not even cross my mind 😂 @explosivetoes Thanks for the tip. Can you share what you wrote in that first email? Also, how did you find their s… @Teryel5 @CorvaCorvidae That's like someone saying "vacant properties are linked to increased crime" & you reply "c… @Teryel5 @CorvaCorvidae The fact that trafficking exists in places where SW is legalized doesn't negate that abolit… @AnonymousFemmeX Yes. Her second tweet has to do with why people are disagreeing with the first tweet. I'm just say… @Teryel5 @xsf19705 @CorvaCorvidae @espygonz Abolition, prohibition, & regulation have distinctions in policies, but… @Teryel5 @CorvaCorvidae So what? Your claim that Germany, NZ, and Holland have the worst trafficking numbers was en… @AnonymousFemmeX No, they aren't misunderstanding it. They are disagreeing with it, because removing legal access w… @NILES100 Done @FabulousFook Delete yours because you're an unnecessary asshat who no one wants to see tweets from. @these_barefeet @NILES100 LMAORetweet if you want to sext with or get a dick rating from me 😘 You can choose either as a monthly bonus when you…
Retweeted by SolesnackTaking my #dirtysocks off to crush you bare 💥 I took 6 pictures with this miniset & wrote a #giantess fantasy that…
Retweeted by Solesnack @NILES100 I didn't know until this tweet that they're getting a divorce, but I didn't have to read anything further…
@evefingdonnelly You were a sweater stealer then, huh? @amarutuf For me, it's because it feels like the propaganda and brainwashing is more blatant with the photos added.
@VinMan17 SW & her last saved meme 😋 @snitchery Right? He told on himself so hard 😂 @TheEpicDept Real women look like dolls ALL the time, didn't you know? @Soles_Scream @DammitTracy @tinaleecomet Lol
@StackingDimes30 No YOU @VinMan17 Look up "Bad Dragon wearables" and you too can have your very own monster dong. @coach_Moose57 @LoyaltotheLast "Don't comment if you don't think it's funny" says the guy insulting strangers over… @AtYourFeet22 Ooooh yum 😍Officially locked in chastity into the New Year for my Queen @solesnack_ and I love it. It’s just how I wanted thi…
Retweeted by SolesnackMy heart went 💘 are your NYE munchies? Mine are Takis & thin crust barbecue chicken pizza 👅
@KennieJD @aaliyahtheonly a kink is a type of sexual play & a fetish is just a kink that's necessary for arousal.… if you want to sext with or get a dick rating from me 😘 You can choose either as a monthly bonus when you…'ve been obsessing over me from afar for what seems like ages, but that just isn't enough anymore. I need you.…
Retweeted by Solesnack @savannah_solo I haven't been available for sexting in 2 WEEKS and OF decided today of all days was the day to fuck… @ScarlettLush I was just searching Twitter to see if anyone else is dealing with this, so you're definitely not alone.
@ZmacZane @bocxtop Nope gotta post alone so they think you have no friends. That's the ticket. @CartonJulie3 Lmaoooo I'm not sorry about this development @chefmaeda Is this AU, NWO, or a kink? @freshhel Remember saying "I can't hear you over the music" and hoping they'd walk away, but instead they repeat th…
Retweeted by Solesnack @itskristofer They thought my leg fat was a vagina... they were mad because I'm an ethot and they don't understand anatomy I guess 🤷‍♀️
If you gave me the last thing you bought, what would my gift be? ☺️🎁 P.S. you can see my ass in this full pic on…
Retweeted by Solesnack @dogemeat23 Yesss 😅 @PFootboi Nahh gotta take a tip from FSSWs and make em shower when they get to the hotel. @NikkiPresents @feetsoles86 Thank you beautiful. I DMd him yesterday to remove them from this thread & post with cr… @longjohn790 @mx_elodyrose He would have had to pay more than $100 if he'd hired a company to do it, meaning she al… @angelinalcy1 @mx_elodyrose Gosh I can't wait to be in a position to tell a landlord to sell me the property they'r… porn color scheme 🦩 – by @mondofetiche #pffvienna
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Last Monday of 2020! We got this!
Retweeted by SolesnackI'm in the mood for a finsub to drain every last dollar and every last drop for just an 8 second JOI. You get my p… @NYinLA2121 @Jloz69Q @MrBeastYT And then you sell it for $750 cash @MrBeastYT *cries in poor*