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@onevoltage Can you start filling for my advanced team instead of this dumb fish, he keeps trolling by staying up til 6am the night before
Won the @CGNYLAN $1k tourney, thanks to them for hosting and GG's to everyone we played o7LETS GOOO!! @ryanstoptalking Quite* @RyanAtRBM @tariannkan Fuck, it’s too early @RyanAtRBM @tariannkan I’m sure you can quite any time you want :) @tariannkan Feels bad for @RyanAtRBMSo happy to see sjuush on Heroic and looking really good so far in his debut. He was so good on the OG Tricked/Mad… @Maniac_CSGO @RyanAtRBM @HELLRAISERSgg CT Win @piethrouer Throwback cup >NA teams – The 1st BLAST Premier Qualifier starts in around 48 hours and currently the only ESEA-P teams signed up…
Retweeted by SolGoat @RyanAtRBM The 2 best CS examples are the Meho, pretend you died in a car crash Or the eptima, “my son is dead, ho…
lft :D
Retweeted by SolGoat @el_jack0 Honestly, just make these versions the ones we use in league matches @FranKCS_ @piethrouer Still can’t believe smooya got me as many points as mightymax did in this lmao @MakzwellCS @HSKingsGG @doltnn GG Mr. Max @doltnn @HSKingsGG @MakzwellCS GGLost a super close game to @HSKingsGG, had a lot of opportunities to win, but they played well and didn't let us 😡… players rn making sure they don’t get upset in the DH qualifier
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Niko realized the big mistake he made on Faze was ego’ing his IGL out of the team to take his role, so he decided t… @onevoltage Watch out for the @koi_csgo koiupNiko after being in literally any team for a couple months
Retweeted by SolGoat @smooyacs G2.SmooyaNiko saw S1mple and Zywoo be the top 2 with the AWP 2 years in a row and is tryna get himself it that role now, could be pretty interestingI hope we can see KennyS on a team where he is the superstar again died tonight and looking for players or new home before playoffs :/
Retweeted by SolGoat @BoggsCS @RectifyEsports @koi_csgo @CuZ1H @Plutocsgo @twin_csgo @topswiftea @pewpew2x Koister PogIf any Premier players in NA or EU would be interested in doing some fun content outside of matches with me for ESE…
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any NA mdl players that are looking for a team // want out of their team DM me. We are looking for 1 and exploring all options
Retweeted by SolGoatGreat to see you continuing to ignore the FPL cups from ~4 months ago that players are still waiting on invites fro… @koi_csgo better than MTU Huskies, like what even is thatreporting for duty o7 @TidalEsport 16-14, lost both pistols but @hereticfps popped off on CT side to get us the W @dafCSGO Wtf that’s like 1/3rd of my hours ur nuts
93.2% of Texans aren’t fully vaccinated. The state just endured one disaster worsened by selfishness + denial of b…
Retweeted by SolGoatImagine being this stupid @Am1racle @FPLCircuit Just gonna keep ignoring the FPL Cups then? @tariannkan Sounds like a great spot
@piethrouer Why do the fish have airpods @TheSurgeonLIVE I think there's a lot of things epic about me dying my hair to help raise $26k for charity. There…
Retweeted by SolGoat @ESEA All hail the Season cups 🙇‍♂️ @piethrouer @tacitusfps This is my favorite new meme
@ethanarnold @RLewisReports Any sports ballers that play golf or shoot some hoops in their spare time are clearly j… @stamjna Not tryna jinx my team tryna get back up to .500 tonight, but I agree 100% @el_jack0 @r00ckyy @cros1k You guys have been killing it ♥reminder: @r00ckyy is great and so is @cros1k
Retweeted by SolGoatNot to mention @fl0mtv and @MythicRebornGG who are super awesome too, and are single handedly carrying FaceIt in NA…'s so frustrating and disappointing because the FPL cups were super excited and looked great, but then no follow…'s getting more and more frustrating trying to do anything with the brick wall that is NA FaceIt admins, 4 months… @stamjna @Am1racle @FollowSwindoll I agree 100% that it's in a terrible state and a few of the admins seem to not c… @Am1racle @stamjna @FollowSwindoll I really hope this includes the FPL Cup players too, since me and my teammates h… @2TR1LL @MnmzzzCS Our leader didn't know that, it's surprising how many people still don't know this @hazedCS Stay the fuck awayGambit winning just in time to finish their homework due tomorrow
Retweeted by SolGoat @RyanAtRBM @ethanarnold How do my out find these old tweets every timeEthan was watching all these new CIS teams pop off and just peaced out to a new game @ethanarnold Sad to see you leave, gl playing anime game :( @piethrouer VP, eliminate liquid and astralis and are still just getting absolutely outplayed in these last 3 maps @piethrouer Hopefully losing taste won’t affect your memes, hope you feel better soon 😘 @Pol0cs Clearly ESIC won’t let any threats deter them, you better follow through and throw your next league match to get their attentionHey just to clear up the confusion, this isn't ESIC nor is it some world shattering change. Its regarding the dismi…
Retweeted by SolGoatOur team is looking for an IGL to join us for the future. We love our man @Zwomp_cs for stepping up for us under ex…
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Imagine watching Katowice 2020 and afterwards someone tells you that Katowice 2021 will be even more stacked and th… ways with @ImP_GG. Nothing but love with the staff/players on the team and honestly I learned a lot. That be…
Retweeted by SolGoat @piethrouer Vouch, can hard carry any team he’s on @piethrouer counter strike: Golbal Offensive
In super hyped to see sjuush on a relevant team once again, he was really good on old tricked/Mad Lions with Hunden… of today I'm a free agent The adventure wasn't what I expected but I'm now looking for new home, I feel that I…
Retweeted by SolGoat @OnFireSemmler There’s a lot of benched/FA danish players so they can still get a solid roster put together, and wi… @MakzwellCS @JosiahCSGO @MythicRebornGG @fl0mtv @adreN_Hoag @daveycsgo @dafCSGO Makzwell: I am the mosquirtoMatch vs Pryde starting soon, come watch 🤠 is now scouting for CS:GO! - Players - Managers/Analysts - Coaches We’re looking to expand the current CSG…
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If you or someone you know is interested in collegiate CSGO, please reach out to me via Twitter DM or discord (Koi#…
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@TriumphGamingGG @koi_csgo @JacobHalfman @hereticfps @hereticfps @HenryGcsgo @HiggasonAidan You guys have made a lot of progress this season in premier, keep it up :D @JosiahCSGO damn you're right lmfao @JosiahCSGO dumber than this? @hereticfps 👑i've been slumping but i'm back :D
Retweeted by SolGoat @BrutalBlaze1 Thanks for the cast :D @drewtheshrew1 @UnjustifiedGG nvm it's overpass, def was expecting train lmao @drewtheshrew1 @UnjustifiedGG We needed the extra 10 rounds of prac with the new roster tbh, y'all better be ready… @UnjustifiedGG 22-18 in our first match with our new lineup! Super happy with how the new roster is feeling so far🤠First match with the new roster, come check it out
@JakeSucky Notail had a 17-bedroom mansion in Spain, and isn’t even the richest gamer in the world
@koi_csgo The gall of them to have a trout on KoiSquad @Skiddler @Flakeslmao @ryanstoptalking Lmao I was wondering what you meant @ryanstoptalking Idk if that’s possible but gl @ryanstoptalking Go to bed gramps
@CMSwahn Happy birthday 🎉
Me when I get random'd in an MM match: 2 people leave to go play with friends.... 🐍 So, I'm looking at my options for the rest of the season can IGL… LFT looking for top adv/prem as either an awp or igl Able to grind as much as needed. Might post a t…
Retweeted by SolGoat @Bo_oMcs @piethrouer That's a @Vince_CS1 at denny's kinda high