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@JosiahCSGO @koi_csgo Wtf @koi_csgo Don’t have such a bad attitude, I’m sure you’ll have a great summer :) @koi_csgo Never go full Slugy
@Pol0cs We saw the bug in warmup so asked an admin to swap us to a diff map, inferno was randomly chosen, then for… @koi_csgo @heyitsFlorence @CSGO Maybe, but it’s still 1000x better than ducking donut @koi_csgo @CSGO Link > @witmer Try not to melt
The road to Fragadelphia 15 has begun. The main event and other announcements to release next week. We have some fu…
Retweeted by SolGoat @Partynauts_GG @MuensterGG @viz_cs @ben1337cs @TheRealPwnAlone @Infinite1csgo @djaycs @IzikGG @hereticfps❗️ GIVEAWAY ❗️ To thank everyone for all the support we've been getting, we're doing a giveaway for a Desert Eagle…
Retweeted by SolGoat @AtomiKCS Too easy
btw skybox is free on steam for anyone to get right now.
Retweeted by SolGoat @SubarashiiCS Maybe if u joined the server u noobTaking on Russian Street Party tonight at 9 pm on Vertigo! #BeBold 🔗
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@MunKlotz I’ll try🐻 x 🐸
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Match tonight vs The Pumpers on Overpass at 9 pm! #BeBold @xner20 has the cast here 🔗…
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@koi_csgo Zowie G-SR-SE @heyitsFlorence Wth, just from beating us? We must be nuts @tariannkan Facts @SubarashiiCS @brazen GG, Avangar > Spirit today @heyitsFlorence @SubarashiiCS Shoulda picked it so you guys would throw map 2 to be able to play it, unluckoGG @heyitsFlorence, @SubarashiiCS, & co gl in the closed quali
#BrazenTFUp @JosiahCSGO And let myself look lame standing next to your heelies? I think not @Nohte @floppyCSGO You're probably right, still just my knee jerk reaction is to keep the money in the CS scene, an… @floppyCSGO I understand that for sure, but regardless NA CS is struggling hard so it would feel kinda shitty to se… against @CS_Triton in the @DreamHackCSGO Qualifier. BO3 at 6 PM EST! #BeBold 🎙️Catch @xner20 here:…
Retweeted by SolGoatUpdate regarding Christian Eriksen.
Retweeted by SolGoat @SubarashiiCS @hereticfps Gonna be fun on the bun @Theta301 Idc that they swapped games, but I feel like it’s cringe since these LANs are so massive for T2 NA teams… day 2 of the @DreamHackCSGO Open qualifier, playing the winner of @CS_Triton and @YeniCherryGG in a bo3 tomorr… @RyanAtRBM I mean it would be fun to play against them, but these LANs seriously help premier teams that aren't sal… @CoachRuin @khanslashblitzz Obviously, but they were still top 30 within the last 12 months, and fragadelphia is a…
@boundiali BetThere's no shot ESPN News, the only spot broadcasting the Denmark v Finland game for me, just cut to fucking colleg…“Christian Eriksen breathes and can speake. He’s awake”. Martin Schoots, Eriksen agent, just told this to NPO Radio…
Retweeted by SolGoatFollowing the medical emergency involving Denmark’s player Christian Eriksen, a crisis meeting has taken place with…
Retweeted by SolGoatUPDATE: Denmark midfielder Christian Eriksen was conscious and raised his hand when he was carried from the field
Retweeted by SolGoatThank god, I really hope this is true and he makes a full recovery 🙏's real concern for Christian Eriksen here. The game has been stopped while he receives treatment on the fie…
Retweeted by SolGoat @AYRINval @heysnav @jcStani to @HSKingsGG, GG to them they were the better team tonight. Need to winout to make playoffs, so time to clutch up @MakzwellCS @brazen @TeamErosGG GG, yall are looking good w/ the new lineup
As much as I'd like to see some of them come back to CS, Valorant pros making T1 salaries talking about smurfing at…'s actually really upsetting that @BoLT_cs has not found a team yet. He's a capable AWPer that is dedicated and c…
Retweeted by SolGoatI can't wait for one of these LANs to have 50+ teams at it5 LANS LETS FUCKING GOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by SolGoat @keisarikine @_BrianCS Stop.
CS:GO community I could use as much help as I can get Looking for a Graphic Designer and a Team Manager, have a pr…
Retweeted by SolGoatVery curious about this sort of stuff. If you see this and have the time to fill it out, I'd really appreciate it.…
Retweeted by SolGoatLets go @RBG_Esports!!! take the win over Synergy Reborn, 16-7 on Vertigo to move to 4-5! GGs #BeBold
Retweeted by SolGoatLets go! Huge bounce back win for us, GG 16-7 over @werdnacs & co.
The NA MDL match fixing will come out once it doesn't matter anymore. @ESIC_Official collected and sent evidence to…
Retweeted by SolGoatMy team is potentially looking for a coach before roster locks. Mainly need someone to record comms and keep the mo…
Retweeted by SolGoatAfter a long-needed break from socials, I'm happy to say that I'm still going to be helping out our boys any way th…
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@NIPCS @CSGO @piethrouer @BoLT_csThe findings of the first subsection of the investigation, Mr. Smith added, should be made public "within the next…
Retweeted by SolGoat @piethrouer The holy trinityLooking to hire a writer for @DriftersQQ 2-3 articles a month, can discuss rates in DM! RT's appreciated, want to work with the best <3
Retweeted by SolGoat @piethrouer Damn you’re right, all the pics on google suck @piethrouer How did you find a picture where all the crosshair colors are somehow different from the standard ones
@koi_csgo @ManILoveFwogs I'm beginning to think you might not actually be a Koi fish @fragadelphia 👀Information on Friday...
Retweeted by SolGoatPhantom Abyss hits Early Access this month but you can get a free code early to be ready for launch! For a chance…
Retweeted by SolGoat🏆 𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐌𝐏𝐈𝐎𝐍𝐒 🏆 What a game! What a night! 🇺🇸
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@scottiyioioioio @NicholasPCSGO how tf did you not get an invite after last season? @NicholasPCSGO I was literally asking you if you want me to throw a flash for you while you silently tilt push, plu… Adv + Rifler Entry 2nd Entry :)
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Just gotta hold on for 25 more days🙏 @DaddyskinsCSGO @piethrouer found another one for your memes from 2012 threadWe take the win over @TakeFlyteGG with a 19-15 finish! GGs! Thanks to @xner20 for another great the cast. #BeBold
Retweeted by SolGoatThrowing for content, GG @TakeFlyteGG we win 19-15we got @brazen vs. @TakeFlyteGG tonight!
Retweeted by SolGoatWe're taking on @TakeFlyteGG right now on Vertigo! #BeBold @xner20 on the mic 🔗
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Good news from the Bad News Bears! Looking to be a part of something great? We’re opening up for potential brand pa…
Retweeted by SolGoatelementary schoolers got to submit names for Colorado's new snow plows and damn
Retweeted by SolGoat @scottiyioioioio Mellow mushroom slapsLFT Premier+ willing to consider top adv teams if the right offer comes up. Can play every role except AWP/IGL. Tea…
Retweeted by SolGoat @scottiyioioioio Yeah, I'm just unsure about having to pay for prime to play ranked nowUnranked MM is gonna be huge for CS, I'm not sure I'm a fan of removing the free path to prime and prime being requ…
@CMSwahn @brazen @BigChillinInc GG, gl in finalsI guess everyone’s gonna be watching some maden demos tonightDamn, FPX looked really good on Ancient, they had a lot of interesting stuff that clearly took Astralis by surprise @StahlDenver Happy birthday 🥳Ancient already in the BO1s?!?!? @scottiyioioioio I’m actually about to just watch a bunch of your overpass demos and have my teammates copy youIn light of us accomplishing some big things and making sure where everyone knows where to find us when you go for…
Retweeted by SolGoat @WolffeTwitch @jitt3r3 Imagine not picking up @heyitsFlorence @balor @HHandyj @JonjiJlc @hornyhomies I think he’s already pretty familiar with that system rn Sadge
@Azirah__ big event tournament with Ancient in the map pool starts tomorrow, LETS GOO @AJaxzcs @ESIC_Official @UndeadCullan holy shit lmfaoI love having an AWPer with nuts movement @hereticfps 😍 @Millz_CS @brazen Can’t wait to Bo3 you guys in playoffs, gonna be a 5 hour series