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The night before he was assassinated. Assassinated. Many wish “Happy Birthday” to a man today that they would have…
Retweeted by SoliloquyofSoulWhite men carrying assault rifles to the VA state capital. Must’ve traded in the tiki torches this time around. T…
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Rosewood, Florida was a thriving town with a bustling economy. The population was 95% black and most of its reside…
Retweeted by SoliloquyofSoulThe great irony, of course, is that the gun rights of white men are never under threat nor the real issue. Armed w…
Retweeted by SoliloquyofSoulDr. Martin Luther King Jr was murdered by white supremacy. That’s it. That’s the tweet.
Retweeted by SoliloquyofSoulDr.King died for he was murdered your freedom cause y’all racist
Retweeted by SoliloquyofSoulDr. King “was not the cuddly creature we re-invent every King Day to lie to ourselves and our kids.” Dr. King’s li…
Retweeted by SoliloquyofSoul @MoparJade @freshhel Ya can’t fix stupid @educatedbupetty She said something about Botox and I was like in your chest? @MrQuenchiAdams @FierceFrankie1 Chicken! Fire seasoning: 1T each of chipotle powder, garlic powder, onion powder (and if you're a w…
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@MohamedMOSalih Heavy by @KieseLaymon
@JadedCreative This is what you used your freei in flight wi-fi for?!?#WeLoveYouAlex
This is backwards. You consider diversity in order to *better* reward merit without the influence of your own limit…
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@theonlyazriel The only forgiveness you need to seek is God’s and your own. The rest will come. @FeministaJones
Gentle reminder: There is no correlation between your weight & your worth.
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My niece is a 🌟 ⁦@Beyonce⁩ ⁦@BeyLegion⁩ @kahweena @ciivilies As old Kanye said you “gotta take all they bad asses to Showbiz...”His reaction when asked to name something President Trump has done well...
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@hosienation National Geographic worked well until twin sis ratted me out. @michaelharriot @AsteadWesley @DrJasonJohnson I got ISS in the 8th grade for telling a teacher “You make me sick.” @Wilawesome12 That’s some bullshit should have called the ACLU @chicagotribune You love to see it. #FreeAzriel @WSAV News we can useAmid violence, some advice on how you can help stop Islamophobic Harassment. Edward Moody reports
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@TheKitchenista @TheKitchenista @TheKitchenista Be careful with those. My sister was giving them to my niece nightly and she started having nightmares and sleepwalking.We’re being led into another disastrous war by a Lying Ignorant Fool. God help US.
Retweeted by SoliloquyofSoulAt an East Room press conference before the Iraq war, then President George W. Bush emotionally revealed to the pre…
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#OTD in 1891, author, anthropologist and civil rights activist, Zora Neale Hurston was born. A prominent Harlem Ren…
Retweeted by SoliloquyofSoulHappy birthday to the queen mother Black woman anthropologist, Zora Neale Hurston (January 7, 1891 - January 28, 19…
Retweeted by SoliloquyofSoulOn Zora Neale Hurston's birthday, we present to you: The ZORA Canon: 100 Best Books by African American Women Autho…
Retweeted by SoliloquyofSoulZora Neale Hurston, who was born on this day in 1891, never fit comfortably in any community. And she still doesn't.
Retweeted by SoliloquyofSoul @FoxyJackieBrown @asmamk I can relate. I live my sister and I love her babies like my own. My husband and I try to… @alexgeejr @rolandsmartin
@AhmedBaba_ I am trying to ascertain how much he can really do “on his own” as he’s an incompetent idiot. My questi… Dead, 20+ injured according to sources amid Parchman Prison unrest – A Timeline of Current Events Behind MDOC Wal…
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2 trillion for WAR But we “can't afford” Free Education Healthcare for all Clean water for Flint Reconstructing…
Retweeted by SoliloquyofSoul @MsTerryMcMillan You betta WERK! give up! @gnuman1979 Wrestling with the dog IS the workout!America has always sanctioned and besieged Black and Brown bodies both at home and abroad. America militarism is th…
Retweeted by SoliloquyofSoulPaula White’s plastic surgeon must really hate her 😐
@HellBentVet Dread @FeministaJones Heresy! Throw her into the icy waters of Lake Minnetonka! are generations of people who were taught as kids that if something bad happens to them, it’s because they broke a rule-@TaranaBurke
Retweeted by SoliloquyofSoul @JamilahLemieux Makes me angry that she profited off these girls abuse. She was a pimp."Black women are not allowed to be victims ... we can't be anything weak, but our men can." - Lanita Carter. #SurvivingRKelly #MuteRKelly
Retweeted by SoliloquyofSoulThis is not about women finding our voices. We have always had our voices. This is about people being able to hear…
Retweeted by SoliloquyofSoulThere are great orgs out there that support victims of sexual assaults/abuse and provide healing tools and resource…
Retweeted by SoliloquyofSoulSexually predatory behavior, such as pimping, macking and other manipulative dating behaviors are so ingrained in o…
Retweeted by SoliloquyofSoul @theonlyazriel Beloved, go home to your parents. They will receive you with open arms ❤️I’m glad Dominique found the courage to speak. Her story stood out in the last episodes. #SurvivingRKelly
Retweeted by SoliloquyofSoulArkansas State Board of Nursing: Revoke Jen Emrich & Lindsey Perryman-Dunn's Nursing Licenses - Sign the Petition!… @_SJPeace_ Protect her at all costs
@tylerperry is doing the damn thing. Y’all put some respek on his name. @TheKitchenista Retweeting for when I get my life togetherMy spicy tuna #deviledeggs are perfect protein bombs for snacking during your #januarywhole30! Splurge on Spanish o…
Retweeted by SoliloquyofSoulRaise your hand if you think Kushner, Eric & Jr. should be the first ones deployed to the Middle East. 🙋🏼‍♀️
Retweeted by SoliloquyofSoul @MohamedMOSalih Maze. @TheKitchenista High praise when it’s from the babies!Please don’t just blame Trump for where we are now. Name all those who have lied for him, upheld him, covered for h…
Retweeted by SoliloquyofSoulSo I’m reading bell hooks in anticipation of ~possibly~ writing about the very specific anti-Blackness aimed at Blu…
Retweeted by SoliloquyofSoul @shannonrwatts She’s giving me so much shade...It is also not okay as a community protection method under the guise of "wanting to keep our people free," and "try…
Retweeted by SoliloquyofSoul @zellieimani Name names...If Robert being abused 40 years ago is worthy of tears today, how can his brothers not weep for all the women and g…
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@buttonedlip @hgtv That was definitely a question I had when I watched the special last night!’s live together 😍 surprises there @UWMadison #SSDD thread about the four times I met John Lewis: First of all, I stan John Lewis and Muhammad Ali probably more tha…
Retweeted by SoliloquyofSoulThis shook me to my core. So many missed opportunities to save this young man. Everybody heard but nobody listene…
Retweeted by SoliloquyofSoul @mhdksafa A true hero
@GeorgeFoster72 Heartbroken. Why did Bryce have to die for this family to get help?!What looks more natural at the #RoseParade than Wisconsin red? The marching band and float inspired plenty of Badge…
Retweeted by SoliloquyofSoulI ate my greens, peas and some dirty rice. #2020 is officially underway! @CNN My question is if he lost it, who got it?
If I attend a 1920s-themed NYE party will they put my table in the segregated section?
Retweeted by SoliloquyofSoul @SamuelSattin In 2nd grade (1979) Id walk 2 blocks from school to the neighborhood bar to meet my granny who would…
@BarackObama @AprilDRyan No @ava “When They See Us?! Come on man!Me and the boo and @HamiltonAnthony and @thehamiltonesnc #datenight ##Savannah @repjohnlewis my Beloved brother. Our love and prayers are with you and your health care team. Whatever you decide… @mochamomma I’ll see your Cuban Tupperware stained and raise you a empty cereal/cracker/cookie box in the pantry hubby
@CelesteHeadlee Happy Birthday from Juicy Zeusy ( our cuddle boy) @KingTrillaX @Cheeta_Blossom Your momma finna whoop your ass for dancing on the counter like that
First day of #Kwanzaa Look, we would love if we could get a boost to the post below. We have a goal of 1,000 share…
Retweeted by SoliloquyofSoulPeople say I'm being divisive when I say that America was founded on racism and white supremacy. The reason for tha…
Retweeted by SoliloquyofSoulWHAT HAPPENED TO THE $6k Nicole? #90DayFiance when my husband asks why I’m watching so much trash TV #90DayFiance
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Give @soledadobrien the anchor job for one of these Sunday shows. Let her show how it should be done!
Retweeted by SoliloquyofSoul @AngrierWHStaff Just jealous that Melania looks at JT like she wanna eat him for lunch."John McCain was released this week in 1973, after more than 5 years imprisoned by North Vietnamese. In case U were…
Retweeted by SoliloquyofSoul @michaelharriot @shaunking @KevOnStage Happy for y’all! Be present and enjoy it!