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@espn Should’ve been Lamar vs Mahomes but there’s still time for that. Glad we finally get Rodgers and Brady @eddietembani @RealSkipBayless You know he misses Bill’s coaching every time they get dumb penalties @RealSkipBayless Fuck MAGA Brees, glad they forced him into retirement tonight @panav_gogte @lemickey7 @RealSkipBayless Man that Bucs defense looked good tonight, but they’re not up against seni… @RealSkipBayless You’re literally 1-3 when to comes to predictions this weekend. Go to bed @tweetingzzzz @Seemon69420 @RealSkipBayless Not with that long super bowl drought they had in between. MJ 3peated t… @the_neolib @Seemon69420 @RealSkipBayless Only made it the second biggest sport in the world, but go off @Seemon69420 @RealSkipBayless That’s MJ’s title and you know it. Brady didn’t have half the impact or mystique he had @dinkcandace @BeatriceSEM @chunkbardey Jesus Christ let people have, it’s not your life @dinkcandace @BeatriceSEM @chunkbardey The usage of hard drugs goes down as well but party drugs will never disappe… @dinkcandace @BeatriceSEM @chunkbardey That’s why you decriminalize. Death % goes down significantly and treatment… @dinkcandace @BeatriceSEM @chunkbardey If it gets people high it’s gonna be abused, what are you trying to achieve… @dinkcandace @BeatriceSEM @chunkbardey Psychedelics can be as dangerous for some people, psychosis etc. If you want… @KingOfLighting Not the transphobia jumping out in the comments @dinkcandace @BeatriceSEM @chunkbardey Then stop attacking people who do amphetamines lol your pushing the stigma not fighting it @dinkcandace @BeatriceSEM @chunkbardey Maybe try to get rid of the whole stigma and decriminalize instead of your pick and choose approach @dinkcandace @BeatriceSEM @chunkbardey You say that like recreational drug use isn’t an escape for people
@dinkcandace @BeatriceSEM @chunkbardey “Do you want one” doesn’t exactly qualify as abuse does it ? You need to tak… @thats_a_biggn @BeatriceSEM @chunkbardey Methamphetamine @thats_a_biggn @BeatriceSEM @chunkbardey Wrong speed buddy, we talking Amphetamine not methamptamine @oiDaks @RealSkipBayless 💀💀💀 @MichaelRyanRuiz You’re an idiot @ShannonSharpe @MySportsUpdate @RealSkipBayless They rarely call it that close to the ground tho, both were in a full dive @78ChristopherJ @TaylorRooks They were low so it don’t count @BeatriceSEM @chunkbardey Relax it’s basically speed @itzJustNiCC @samsonite353 You know what you did. Coming on here enabling white males to call a black women unprofessional and worse. @JhbTeam Of course the whites love him @itzJustNiCC @samsonite353 Had to be another black man smh @BoolinOnDaBlokk @parksmusic No @thisisrory This is a peak industry tweet. the rankings are shifting ones more
@espn Encouraging him to an extra meal a day @ImLiteralLarry1 @SUBWAY @SportsCenter @ImLiteralLarry1 @SUBWAY @SportsCenter @NoCropBurner @BleacherReport @NFL He had to navigate through his whole secondary, it was a perfect play call @arturasfanclub @espn You know the other guy should’ve taken Adams lol he had to run through his whole secondary to… @BleacherReport @BrooklynNets These jerseys are insanely nice
@SupremeDreams_1 Act like you been here before nigga @heatstansarah His regular season stats are disqualified until he shows up in the playoffs @SportsCenter @notthefakeSVP This dude is so annoying, all he does is cry about people rating him correctly. He & C…
@TheOnlyNation @BleacherReport @ShamsCharania You better not compare prime harden, KD(at 80%)and Kyrie to Garnett a… @NumbFromThePain @BleacherReport @ShamsCharania It could’ve been way worse lol, the kept dinwiddie and Harris @BleacherReport @ShamsCharania Nets won, big time. They only had to give up Levert and Allen ? That’s almost crimin… @YahooSports Glad they all get their own ball, would’ve been a problem otherwise
@espn Henry passing by the locker after not rushing for 150 and 3 TD’s
@business Just lost all brand recognition they had lol
@myfabolouslife Fuck that racist cracker
@MySportsUpdate @RapSheet
@thisisrory Hope you’re in good spirits Rory thanks for keeping us entertained in this shit year mate
@FreddieGibbs Leave Big Elly alone man 😂
@AriLennox ✋🏾🥺
@Kamiikardash D’Fuck @RealSkipBayless @NonCasualFan @RealSkipBayless 😂😂😂😂 @ShannonSharpe Look at Unc rebelling against the Disney overlords by promoting a WarnerBrothers movie 👀🤭 @MySportsUpdate Poverty in lottery
@BMellakh @business These titles mean nothing in politics, our former education and defense minister is head of the EU commission now 🥴 @eddieb2 @Maverick24_8 @shadalaiyan I would say Steph is a better facilitator and has an edge in creating his own s…
@Daz2701 @zuffle @MayaJama @BakeDangerfield @Twerkll @RealSkipBayless Damn Skip is the Golden God ? @JustFactsFam @deacon_ascott @DAWGLIFE06 @SportsCenter But he never was a dominant iso player, if the ball isn’t mo… @UptownDCRich @espn No one can, AD has to find a way to explode for 40 more regularly or they are getting the gentleman sweep in the finals @JustFactsFam @deacon_ascott @DAWGLIFE06 @SportsCenter These warriors weren’t beating the nets or the bucks lol be… @JustFactsFam @deacon_ascott @DAWGLIFE06 @SportsCenter Let’s see how curry looks against non top 5 tams first @BleacherReport @NFLBrasil He just tied the record @jakeviousmingo @BleacherReport More like stormtroopers shooting at people with plot armor lol these dude make noth…
@Seemon69420 @BleacherReport Bron is the better all around player but KD is the better scorer by a mile @deacon_ascott @DAWGLIFE06 @SportsCenter Exactly and that was 20 years ago. We see similar point guards like Russ n… @DAWGLIFE06 @SportsCenter How could be ? He’s a 6’3 point guard, it’s not like he can just shoot over everyone if h… @BleacherReport @warriors Wiseman looking real nice so far @BigTexGio @MusignyBentley @ochocinco
@TheUndefeated If he develops at this pace to the warriors could make the playoffs after all.
@GymNerds @Dan_Onas @NBA @warriors @BrooklynNets No they haven’t but that might’ve been the worst injury collapse o… @SASBurnerAcct At this point I just feel bad for Steph dude is wasting 2 years of his prime with this stinking team because of injuries @Asensii20 @NBA He is fucking garbage man, he looks like he doesn’t even want to play you can tell he put zero work in the whole offseason @warriors Trade Wiggins @BleacherReport @NBAonTNT Trade Wiggins now!!!
@StephenCurry30 Let’s fucking gooo @Dan_Onas @NBA @warriors @BrooklynNets KD was worried about his legacy lol everyone was on his ass for joining them… @Bron_Season @espn @NBA How ? Lol look what that team did without them the last 2 years. All these dudes are still… @Bron_Season @espn @NBA Well it is Steph vs KD, Kyrie and the deepest team in basketball @halseyandone Why didn’t you get the commercial over Dua ? You have whole account dedicated to this lol @yourmanlebron @NBAonTNT @DaBabyDaBaby @DUALIPA Oh I bet she’s a casual fan like everyone living in the US. But you… @SirLarr @RobertoApodaca @EliotETC You’re welcome. Any chance we get a cyberpunk 2077 time to hack montage ? @NBAonTNT @DaBabyDaBaby @DUALIPA What does Dua fucking Lipa have to do with basketball. Could’ve at least put Halse… @SirLarr @RobertoApodaca @EliotETC It’s not, but they did manage to put a game breaking bug in the Johnny side quests. @omarruizz10 nah fuck that, pretty people have character flaws as well @TheGreenSnipa @SASBurnerAcct Not the sad dancing to pump it up 😭😭😭 @BigLetch357 @ShannonSharpe Man i wouldn’t want to play with that creep weirdo at QB either, AB getting out was the right move @lAmMentallyIll @espn @ESPNNFL @Bengals Exactly dude was talking all the shit in the world while AB just being on t… @MySportsUpdate Had it coming lol all the talking he did when he got open looks because the whole defense was focus…
@FreddieGibbs Nigga your super power is rapping real good and treading on community guidelines @TGDarien @psychmommy @thisisrory Mate your brain is coming out of the sleep state before your body, hence you are… @TGDarien @psychmommy @thisisrory And you are obviously not fully awake during the SP when you can’t move your body… @TGDarien @psychmommy @thisisrory You have the knowledge in your hand and still choose to be ignorant. When you see… @TGDarien @psychmommy @thisisrory Yes hallucinating during sleep paralysis(literally what you do) is the rebuttal t… @TGDarien @psychmommy @thisisrory Explain why you see what you see when you dream lol it’s the essential the same.… @psychmommy @thisisrory You’re oppressing your sanity by believing you his nonsense. Nothing happens during a sleep… @thisisrory Plus the writing is just too convenient, how many coincidences can probably happen in 3 episodes ?