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Cantante & Reggaetonero. Mexican & Black.

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@dvvidnvvvrro PERIOD!!! @uneedashanita Jail @alncrz Omg I gained like 100 plays from you I think the other day. I was looking at the data. 💜
@ArellanoDanni Thank you. 😭 😢 @Mannwee @Ingrooves Liiiiiiiike. My fave song ever. And nobody wants to feature her? Apple Music? Spotify? AMAZON?! NAPSTERRRRRR. NOBODY?!!!Also... not me equating my music and it’s worth with a number. Sksksksksk sksksksLike wtf is happening! 😢 @Mannwee Either that or my label rep at @Ingrooves is incredibly busy and just hasn’t had the time to diligently fi… @Mannwee Yes. 😔 Spotify has no desire of putting her on any sort of playlist big or small. And with that I’m cancel… ON THE BEIGHT SIDE I save money and can now just make Reggaeton tracks. Not like I gotta pay violinist, pia… honest and saying “Costumbres” is my favorite song I’ve ever done and knowing it’s my biggest flop. we found out this week that almost 70 THOUSAND children were kept in govt custody this year alone as a result…
Retweeted by Solomon Ray 🌹 @myprerogative15 Omg I miss when rolling stone had these type of covers. Iconic.I already miss Mexico and ain’t been a day. I low key wanna move. 😔 @MANCANDY 🗣DADDDDDDYYYY @Juliannyc901 🗣DADDDDDYYYYSee. I’m a petty bitch... if I were as famous and had much pull as a Maluma or Balvin or whatever.... I’d throw a s… key live how all the reggaetoneros not nominated at the Latin Grammys are posting themselves living it up and t… casually and demurely reading my @AmazonKindle in full beat, a vodka soda and some jewels. the best place to put those in placements ads.... is reggaeton. Because labels have built that up so much over… fact Billboard has a “social media” chart really irks me. We really negate the fact most if not all popularity… @Mannwee 💜💜💜 @BundleVers !!!!! @BlancoOctaviano @MANCANDY Los Daddy’sListo para lo que se viene con @solomonraymusic ?! #llamaATuNovio 💅🏿
Retweeted by Solomon Ray 🌹 @justdimy @libra10584 Is that a jessica Simpson bag?Only reason I’m waiting to drop this EP so late is cause of a documentary. And for festivals. Otherwise girl...I dropped a song in June. Video comin out in December. MY EP IS DONE. But she ain’t dropping till June 2020. Inside… one listens to my shit anyways buuuuut Im never gonna feel rushed to do things because mainstream music is doing… I’m sure this wont even matter in 20-25 years but I highly doubt any of this fast food conveyor belt music… @mikkahchu 🗣DADDDDDYYYYY @hugodalmonte 🗣DADDDDDDYYYY @BundleVers What song is this. Sounds lit. @BlancoOctaviano Marry me!!! @BlancoOctaviano DADDDDDDYYYYIt’s wild. Moms will stop at nothing to put themselves last and not inconvenience others.Talked to my momma and she said I can take her anywhere for dinner for her birthday. This woman said APPLEBEES. I a… STAN Jennifer but most of her roles were white women romantically involved with white men. Like. Let’s keep it a… artist release music every single week it doesn’t give me time to fall in love with them nor the music. But I…
@therealedsonh Muy amable Gracias 😊See y’all next week. ✌🏽 #DisneyPlus @Mannwee Te quierrooooGive this a listen!! It’s a masterpiece!
Retweeted by Solomon Ray 🌹 @50_henriquez @I_AM_FRESH1 @HeartThrobROBB gracias. 🥰Please. Te lo ruego!!! Por favor escucha mi cover de Costumbresssss! Please don’t let this flop. Cause it is 😂 Es m… Disney plus not working? fact people think Rosalia meant she keeps shrimps in her glove compartment... really makes sad. @songmessmusic Yassss @bronzeavery I wanna do the same so bad. I get strep at least twice a year. And no gag reflex!
Lil Kim been doing this for Biggie after his death. @Juliannyc901 The creepier is me. I am Creeper. @flopriah The accuracy!!!!AIWFCIY stalling at #2
Retweeted by Solomon Ray 🌹 @ZachStafford So beautiful. Great questions by the way. Nicely done. @_malditamari Omg SAME!!! I thought I was the only one. @myprerogative15 !!!!!!!Its so gross how people now just wanna be famous for NO reason. I remember people wanted recognition or noteriety f… @solomonraymusic ASÍ SERÁ! 🚀🤘🏽🌹 #REGAYTON PAPIS ❤️💅🏿😎 Love to Make this w you ! Xoxo
Retweeted by Solomon Ray 🌹 @_DOMlNlC_ ToooooAzealia Banks singing Britney Spears while cooking is the reason she can be and STAY as problematic as she wants.… @Juliannyc901 Honestly. With media and how it works we are taught to hate ourselves. I grew up thinking the men in… 👑 this without context
Retweeted by Solomon Ray 🌹 @JohnnySibilly This is SO relatable it’s kinda unnerving. This was legit me last night before I washed off my makeup. Omg omgAs artist sometimes we need a moment to smell the roses. This industry is f*cked up. It’s an actual Hell. The busin… really be wanting to quit music every day. Every hour. Every minute. But seeing a photo like this and knowing how… love love this photo of @MANCANDY and I between takes while shooting the video for “Llama A Tu Novio” in Mexic…
When you get to the session and he say he don’t eat ass. 📷: @sukihanagoat @williamvercetti @setrocs929 DADDDDDDYYYYY @MikeCallejas_ Te quiero 💕¡Que increíble es conocer a uno de tus ídolos! Pero más increíble que el me invitó a conocerlo hiciste mi sueño rea…
Retweeted by Solomon Ray 🌹Christianity is a cult.As a gay man she is right. Period.
Y’all don’t understand how much I hate overhead lightingJackd in Mexio City is NOT poppin. It’s dry asf.
@Jamaica658 THATS FINE. Jordan is in good hands the internet will take care of this king. @wayneleedsfan @bbybexi @JackWrights Baby. The only rule on if someone can buy something is if the coins line up. T… Internet outrage leads to performative Internet trauma.I’m shook! Your fav could literally NEVER! Whitney’s vocals were unmatched.
Retweeted by Solomon Ray 🌹 @evanalexanderx @ReggieD_06 The neeeeeeerve to have a vocal mix!!!!! Your fave literally could NEVERRRRRBasically Cardi B when she ran up on them fags. is how you deal with bullying. I need the gerls to be like King Jordan and learn to throw hands. @JordanSteffy1 Work Jordan. GET THAT ASS!!!!! 🙌🏽 @BundleVers Is he in a Hone Depot showroom? @Dylpik_ Omg i didnt notice. I like his videos! @sabrinadanieIIe Ok cool. Thank you. @ArellanoDanni solomonraymusicWhat does this mean? Does it mean I have to accept their request so they can follow me on Snapchat? @MrAnthonyRaul Im in Mexico City boo 😢
@strongblacklead @netflix Im screaming 😂 😂Gimme ya love, gimme ya love 💔 taking pictures last night with all you skinny ass Mexicans. while I’m in Mexico City let me just go on and get me a lil piece of dick while I’m here. @alncrz I MEAN @dvvidnvvvrro LATINA GODDESS @yanitacalmdown AssProduction took me to eat at a Japanese restaurant and like I have NO desire of eating anything but Mexican food while I’m here. Deadass.