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Black. Mexican. Opinionated Capricorn. Mariah and Britney stan. Retired reggaetonero.

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FOREVER MOOD is really giving us Mood Ring tonight. Wow. When will your fave? @FknStrada @RealKeisue @alwaysbeourmimi @angelicmemoir Omg I didn’t even think about that.It’s wild how it take a damn dog being choked tf out and Target burning to the ground for white people to get upset… Carey really wrote... “Those ancient buried recollections, we transform and select them... While we’re too… totally here for the people of Minneapolis rioting and burning AutoZone and looting Target. Then big businesses… @MariahCarey 🙏💜Say His Name. #GeorgeFloyd 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
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So here my clown ass is... searching for testing sites in his area. When is a good time to say, “I told yo dumb ass… he text me and says to call him. I’m like, “Damn bitch whats wrong?” I’m thinking it’s a family emergency or… two weekends ago my friend said he was flying to LA for some dick and wanted to hang out. I told him he was a du… talking to Femme Fatale. @BritneyHiatus Imagine getting it right on the first album! @TaylorL46355142 @HillaryJane35 @FTI_US Doesnt really matter... SHE GOT FIRED FROM HER JOB! Stay mad.Just a soft reminder that while Christian Cooper is handsome and comes off well mannered and “educated” - doesn’t m…
@thekrissychula This video is so gross and very scary.This is Christian Cooper.
Retweeted by Solomon Ray 🌹 @breatheheavycom Its been very evident that Britney’s biggest love of her life are her kids and she would do whatev… TikTok dances just be elbows, hand rolls and hitting the side of your head with your wrist. @JohnnySibilly Im dyingggggy’alls immune system when you start hanging in groups
Retweeted by Solomon Ray 🌹 @JohnnySibilly Hahahahahah hahahahaha hahahahaha @setrocs929 She love herself a white man.I wonder how Amy Cooper is spending her day. HONESTLY, I’m 100% sure her white friends have all reached out and o… @romansrrevenge Aint nobody give a fuck bout no damn net worth honey. And your net worth is whatever negative overd… @FTI_US Cute. But we would actually like her fired. Until severe repercussions are taken, this woman and other raci… @TATIANNANOW The filter is what’s sending meeeeee 😂 @ritabeenhere And that means what exactly?Azealia can really teach the gerls what shade truly is. Wheeeeew. Not saying Nicki is in a condo with a scammer 😂 @BritneyHiatus This picture!!!! @realhudsonyards @baddiejezzy !!!!! @cehm27 For Mariah and Britney... yes. But worse. @superboy8500 🥺🥺🥺 @Jon_ALi 🥺🥺🥺 @setrocs929 This is what I need. @Jabrilllllll Sames. the gays on my timeline breaking quarantine, filming new OnlyFans content and throwing pool parties. 🥴 video of Amy Cooper is great because it’s easier for white people to get enraged. If her calling the cops to f…
@elusive_lamb @cautionoutnow This the version I siiiiiing. Including the “ahhhh!” In the middle 😂 @melodyMcooper This might be the SVP of Human Resources for Franklin Templeton Investments. Twitter do your thing... @FTI_US This might be the SVP of Human Resources for Franklin Templeton Investments. Twitter do your thing... @FTI_US @washingtonpost This might be the SVP of Human Resources for Franklin Templeton Investments. Twitter do you… @PlaineBlaine An old curdled milk beedy eyed hoe. @FTI_US After exposing herself as a racist and falsely accusing a black man to the cops we wanna know WHAT DOES THA… @FTI_US And what is accelerating- the number of deaths of black people commited by police. Which is why it’s sooooo… @FTI_US Many black men and men of color might consider a career in finance. But white racist women like Amy Cooper… @FTI_US @njdotcom And one scenario Amy Cooper could have implemented was putting her dog on a leash. Instead of fal… @FTI_US @Forbes And Amy Cooper should have considered the fatal severity she could have placed a black man by calli… @FTI_US @MarketWatch Wanna know who ELSE is in for a rude awakening? The NYPD when you’re employee Amy Cooper calls… @FTI_US And NO salary is a good thing when it comes to racist employees that reflect negatively on your company and… @kenDOLLAsign Do it! @FTI_US Let’s talk about the Head of Insurance Investment Solutions instead... @FTI_US @washingtonpost That’s fine. But what we wanna really know about is what you’re gonna do with Amy Cooper wh… @FTI_US That’s nice but we gotta talk about Amy Cooper, first. @iamdavyboi Like 🥴 what did I miss? @arncts Places are reopening to save the economy. Not because it’s safe yet. How y’all don’t know this? @JanetJackson I started using the word “sedated” after watching her use it on Making The Video. @JanetJackson Such an iconic video and choreography. @jkgovea Right like we need her to answer the question. @lildaddyrey YesMy sister just said, “they call themselves minimalist but they just can’t afford furniture.”All you bitches live in homes with no furniture, one long ass mirror and a bunch of fuckin PLANTS. 🥴 Why y’all live… @melodyMcooper Disgusting how she knew by saying he’s a black man and how she was in Central Park, police would arrive quickly. Just gross. @melodyMcooper That poor dog. 😔 @chris_cali_ Let me go and subscribe real quick now @tiagocalixxto @truthieeliasi @Lambilyofmariaa @DunkaFabio Hateful? Bitch you started it off as being hateful by in… @MilesDavisMoody Send me your friend code and play animal crossing. Thanks. @Lucid_Dreamer01 Like I really spent time thinking of what song to sing and THIS was the outcome!! 😂Mind you. Everyone was doing upbeat songs and the atmosphere was very cheerful.I was at karaoke one night and I NEVER do karaoke. But I was being pressured. So I agreed and decided I should sing… @yosoymichael SAMEI love how Cardi B went from being scared of Coronavirus to not giving a fuck and throwing parties at her house and… you find out trade really ain’t trade. 🥴 @setrocs929 SAME! @Thesaintwade Emo balladI knew I couldn’t trust Doja Cat when I saw them wigs. That told me all I needed to know about her. And she turned… jackson’s walk is unmatched 🥵
Retweeted by Solomon Ray 🌹 @alncrz 8 hours of sleep a day. Like for reals. And stay single. @iamdavyboi @michaelxmedrano Like is it drugs? Stress? Lack of sleep? Blue light?!Some of you gerls in ya 20s is lookin rough. What is going on with the younger gerls?!!! 😢 😮 @alexjergi I see I struck a nerve. Good luck. @alexjergi Yeah, you missed the point babe.I think it’s a little incredulous for the CDC to require anyone that has tested positive for COVID-19, that the cau… @ScottHendey Thank you.
@WilsonKMusic Juicy like White Cab from Wilson Creek!!My pussy sweet like a peach.I’m getting the hang of this DIY haircut thing. 🥴 @The_JM_Life If we’re talking about technical abilities... Keke, Brandy, Mariah and.... Celine. Tamar is a close on… @yanitacalmdown It’s a mess. But. So is the USA. @Juliannyc901 @baddiejezzy Yeah gonna be a hard no. @CalebMichael__ HahahahahahahaI love getting Barbs suspended. 🥰
Retweeted by Solomon Ray 🌹 @WVUGuy29 She would have been dragged.
@yosoymichael Omg with some hot sauce this is gonna be so lit tbh @SeanZevran Its just something people do to connect with the lyrics cause they’re so good.After having friends die of AIDS, Janet Jackson wrote a song to  honor them and shed light on the AIDS crisis, as o…
Retweeted by Solomon Ray 🌹Like my ancestors blessed me all 2020 only for me about to fumble my blessings. They put a stop to that shit fast.… I be a stupid biiiiiiiiich. They knew damn well I was about to be out here lookin like a 🤡 and saved me an L.