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Lee Harvey Oswald @SombreroOreo probably inting some xbox sped

Professional complainer @ErrorTerror_ my portuguese brother🇵🇹❤️ @LolloxReal forced me to put him here😑 @Diavotic ❤❤❤

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@EzWalla @AngeIinah Glws @AngeIinah Hello Angelinah, Wanna do cardio together?
Retweeted by Lee Harvey Oswald @AZENTAURI Danke😌
@selfdestruct @SUBWAY Very much do, gonna have to try that @selfdestruct @SUBWAY Never had it, is it any good? @princ3ss_sima @thesecksy @Evergueyy Stupid and unfair sums life up really well nglSomeone game anything on pc, so boredSo grown up i only buy loose tea @thesecksy Thats where u open up the camera and save what u can get🤤🤤 @thesecksy Anywayd what she look like @thesecksy Glglgl @FrxstBURN Yeah thats most common i think @FrxstBURN ??? U chose when u buy which switches u want @FrxstBURN Yes same keyboard but u can get like 7 different switches @thesecksy Shes not gonna fuck you bro😔 @FrxstBURN How would u know what it sounds like from this picture? @poke_oni Hell noNew keyboard feels so good @5ekaa 2014 u were 5Hey guys @GatShady300 I am
@GatShady300 No wayI am like the best person ever @Kxstom @m7ghty Horny hours @m7ghty Jerked off to him multiple times @kritoni_OW @Kxstom He wants a hug @RookieXBT @cryptoaladeen Nope, if they were ever thirsty they wouldn't be for long...My dear friend @cryptoaladeen has agreed to give away three watches from this suitcase to three people who answer t…
Retweeted by Lee Harvey Oswald @AutoMemoirs Cant risk the fumes @TheHaxor_ @SoyCondee @LVAH I do not want rly fast @AutoMemoirs I refunded and they said take ur money and keep pad, they do that for cheaper items sometimes bc the r… LWell amazon doesnt even want it back, of anyone wants it, ill give it out for free, u just have to pay shipping @apocketfriend @Alexstreeb @pl9gue Go back to na @Alexstreeb @apocketfriend @pl9gue Danke bro @apocketfriend @Alexstreeb @pl9gue Mong @apocketfriend @pl9gue Im more of an early game focussed player @apocketfriend @pl9gue Might be yes @pl9gue Cant believe i will say but the only pad ive tried and found too slow @SoyCondee Whats a pad with approximately 40x40 and good quality @SoyCondee First one was nice, large 40×45, minimal branding and good quality, just assumed v2 was the same but newBought a razer gigantus 2 pad after using the 1 for years, has some noticable wear, and fucking dogshit company doe… @kustxm U said u didnt have his pace, i assume that means u have his other aspects @Sullyoutofjail Hes leng @kustxm But ur saying u shoot like him?😭 @sek4a Come over bby @BlueT7ck Havent been console in a while, who is this???
@Alexstreeb @Nyctxphobia Sag doch wo😭 @Alexstreeb @Nyctxphobia Me 2 @Shyraa__7 @EzWalla @LyahttaSpam Shut up, hes finally winning @EzWalla @LyahttaSpam My boy is on the path of success😍 @LyahttaSpam Moin @pl9gue Only own designer stuff so far but wanna get into niche as well🙏 @pl9gue What r ur favs rn?risotto is so relaxing to make @EzWalla @m4del1nee @Alexstreeb Get a fleshlight and get off twitter for a bit @Alexstreeb @priscyila_ @GhostZxFlamezZ @m7ghty Was??😂 @EzWalla @m4del1nee Next one @Alexstreeb @Alexstreeb @EzWalla @mommymiIks So horny der junge @EzWalla @mommymiIks Ur everywhere😭 @priscyila_ @GhostZxFlamezZ @m7ghty Oder tochter kp @priscyila_ @GhostZxFlamezZ @m7ghty Sorry Sohnemann @priscyila_ @GhostZxFlamezZ @m7ghty Wo ist das was anderes😭 @poke_oni Yup, i mostly agree but some ppl make it out to be like impossible to sleep bc of blue light and stuff which it rly isnt @poke_oni I guess but 95% of the time i sleep very fast @poke_oni Yes but like it doesnt effect me, im always on screens before bed @poke_oni U know how science says blue light from screens is bad for falling asleepIm pretty sure im immune to bluelight, ppl always say mimimi screen before bed bad but honestly never affected me in any way?? @EzWalla @suckityoufreak Never give up @suckityoufreak @EzWalla go for it bro @EzWalla @GatShady300 Night bus20 mins waiting for bus on 5%....
So many ppl on here i miss talking to):
@ZvariI I am strongly for human rights but your tweet does make me think abolishing the death penalty was a mistakeIf i continue first uni month like this, im worried alcohol spendings will overtake rent
@sombaraden Wish he did that for me @princ3ss_sima MbFinally settling in, ready to begin my living off deliveries for a while arc @FrxstBURN @5ekaa @KingVloqd @VezWed Nobody on na is in chat or talks @LolloxReal Looks like masters/high diamond, not gold
@GatShady300 @thesecksy No different than porn🤷 @Mokar_ Make sure u keep those stacks ready, plugging the ps back in @GatShady300 @thesecksy Mf dont know experience is value.... @GatShady300 @thesecksy Or punishment for that matter @GatShady300 @thesecksy Mf girls in your country cant even show their faces, every marriage is a big surprise gift @GatShady300 Hows r eyes in one piece @apocketfriend @5ekaa Doubt it @apocketfriend @5ekaa I remember u as a mercy player and always will @thesecksy How bout you pull some girls frfr.... @apocketfriend @5ekaa But he was a good shot @apocketfriend @5ekaa Was a good man @5ekaa Decent, but matt>> @apocketfriend @5ekaa Id pick a dead danny devito over thatIm bored @5ekaa Easily a top candidate @5ekaa Yes, he definitely has the class/elegance for a good bond and the smile @5ekaa Fastest retweet ever perfomedMatt bomer should be the next James Bond
Retweeted by Lee Harvey Oswald @Kxstom Ur messin