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@lapisren omg so spooky i peed @lapisren MERRY CHRISTMAS【🎉お知らせ🎉】 「#ホロライブEnglish -Myth-」の新衣装お披露目が決定‼ お披露目リレー配信を、日本時間2021年12月9日(木)23時から順番に、本人のYouTubeチャンネルにて実施いたします🙌✨ 🔽詳細はこち…
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@fuckitshanzel can i have a sip of the juicejust 9 starred haikyuu ost buffIM CUMMINGI RAN OUT OF STAMINA AND DIDNT 9 STAR AGAIN IM GOING TO BECOMEMY HU TAO CHARGE ATTACK STOPPED ON MY ALBEDO FLOWER AND THEN I DIDNT 9 STAR BECAUSE OF IT I CANT BELIEVE IThi i just want to have fun and post cosplays im not a nsfw page,, pls dont use my pictures for that kind of content…
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Retweeted by yeai am bouta --- bustGive me... #刻晴 #原神
Retweeted by yea @lapisren THAT WAS ME UNTIL I GOT CHONGYUN LIKE 7 TIMES IN A ROW @lapisren I AM JUST NOT SUCROSE PLS @lapisren xiao sucrose
@lapisren kazuha or ganyu 🤤ござる #いろはにも絵を
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Retweeted by yea @fuckitshanzel its ok your like an Olympic athlete this will be easy for you @jazzDIED lay your seed into me @lapisren to bad we have never ever spoken 💔
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Retweeted by yeaDressing Room 2 "we are going to be late for the ceremony, Princess, everything is still a mess"
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Retweeted by yeathinking about spending another 90 hours playing persona 4「ねぇ、まつりとゲーム…しよ?」 (1/2) #祭絵
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end user license agreement…?
Retweeted by yeathere are times when i just wanna hit someone across the face with a sandal in a romantic wayim bouta jerk off using the Australian methodall my friends be simping for 3d girls but I'm out here simping for 2d girls that will never be realチャイナドレスマリン❤️ #マリンのお宝
Retweeted by yeawhenever im angry i just watch Japanese ice shaving and feel bettershow time #さかまた飼育日記
Retweeted by yea @lapisren ive looked at so much ganyu art and nsfw she has to come homepeople can say all i want for Christmas is you is overplayed but holy shit is it still a banger @tartaglows this aint an opinion its a factぽやしみ
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i am not even close to ready for a relationship @m1lf_lvvr you should stay on twitter or else you wont see all the bangers i likeWinter Bunny Shenhe! #GenshinImpact #Genshin #shenhe #shenhegenshinimpact #原神写真部 #原神
Retweeted by yea @lapisren am i your girlfriends @lapisren next step is eula
風真いろはさん、ほわほわさとジャキジャキなクリエイタースキルのギャップが強烈な初Haishinでござった🍃 #いろはにも絵を #風真いろは初配信でござる #holoX
Retweeted by yea @lapisren electro bc they alll hotfeeling: uneasy 🤰🤰沙花叉クロヱさん、初配信の終盤に可愛すぎる素顔出すのはずるい😇🎣 #またまたさかまた #holoX #さかまた飼育日記
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Retweeted by yea @m1lf_lvvr i am a sugar baby have a big dick (real) @m1lf_lvvr no Nicole not a single soul wants to edate
@thomalikesme no unless i squeeze really hard @thomalikesme YOU DID NOT NEED TO CALL ME OUT LIKE THIS @lapisren dear eula you are my everything and that is why you need to come home to ren please my mommy my aunty my…マッドサイエンティスト🧪 #こよりすけっち
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おはようでござる〜🍃✨ かざまが7時をお知らせするでござるよ〜🕖 眠くて目が開かないでござる〜💤 月曜日は…侍としての仕事でござる〜〜🍡 皆殿月曜を一緒に乗り切ろうでござる!🔥 いってきま( ˘ω˘ ) スヤァ…🌙
Retweeted by yea @bawleaters jazz rn 🍑💨 @lapisren THEIR BOTH JIST SO SO. THEY MAKE ME MEOW @lapisren FR I WANNA GET HER BUT SHENHE 🥵🍑♥️💦 @lapisren thinking about HER
Ty Insta for blessing my feed
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i love dareus
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Retweeted by yeaI love genshin for its combat and beautiful environments :')
Retweeted by yeathinking about her @jazzDIED daddy is back i threw up during dinner in front of the whole ass table bc i started choking and laughing【🎉🎉 速報 🎉🎉】 / #ホロライブ から「ホロライブ6期生」 《秘密結社holoX》のデビューが決定‼✨ \ 🔽詳細はこちら🔽 #holoX #ホロライブ
Retweeted by yea @lapisren people always be jumping to conclusions from leaks like chill @lapisren zhongli havers
Commission for @uedo_san! It is his character Isla. "Wanna join me in the shower? ;)"
Retweeted by yea @steadybruv I KNEW IT WAS GOING TO BE THIS SHITUMBRELLA ACADEMY GOES HARD @lapisren OMG HAVE A HAPPY MARRIAGE BUT I THOUGHT I WAS MARRIED TO SHENHE @SteroSuperior bc it doesidk anymore @tartagrysos nah bc this happens to me everyday so annoying @baovtuber bao whale vtuber @lapisren LET'S GO
ちょっと抜けてる姉タイツ👣 #ドジタイツ #OLの日
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Retweeted by yea @lapisren what is in there...たまには踊りを、王妃さま
Retweeted by yeaBRO LIKE WHY DOES THIS BASKETBALL ANIME GO KIND OF HARD @lapisren he will be happy when he dies
@lapisren yah8 more daysok between the three do i start running playing basketball or volleyball