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Unbelievably honored to be selected by Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan (@PHarry_Meghan) for their @TIME talk, “Engine…
Retweeted by somewhere__good5) And finally, for my Black and Brown brethren, we deserve rest (follow @TheNapMinistry), space that's just for us…
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Me and everybody in the @somewhere__good slack rn 😭❤️👑. WE STAN.
Retweeted by somewhere__goodShe’s one to watch!
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Some portfolio news ...
Retweeted by somewhere__goodWhen wellness for Black and Brown people is being elevated. This is the work right here!
Retweeted by somewhere__goodomg 🤯 CONGRATS, NAJ!!!!
Retweeted by somewhere__goodwhooa
Retweeted by somewhere__goodAt some point in the near future Id love to see @somewhere__good build out a dating vertical, centering the black d…
Retweeted by somewhere__goodTalk about a world positive product and movement. Congratulations on this deserved recognition, @najjmahal! ❤️🌎
Retweeted by somewhere__goodGo @najjmahal go! We can't wait to tune in.
Retweeted by somewhere__good☁️👩🏽‍💻☁️ Calling all digital disrupters to come dream and build a safe space with us 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
Retweeted by somewhere__goodThe world is better because @najjmahal is here and working her tail off. Congrats, Naj and @somewhere__good!
Retweeted by somewhere__goodSocial media is a mess. @somewhere__good is about to change allaaa that. So hype for this fellowship and the magi…
Retweeted by somewhere__goodonly a TAD impressed to see the royal @najjmahal featured on @PHarry_Meghan’s TIME100 Talk about how to create a mo…
Retweeted by somewhere__goodThis is deeply needed! And a #fellowship #opp
Retweeted by somewhere__goodI am excited for what the team at @somewhere__good are building ✨⚡️🌈 If your work is "already an act of defiance,…
Retweeted by somewhere__goodWe’re building more intentional social with @somewhere__good & we’re bringing our community along for the ride. In…
Retweeted by somewhere__goodThis is an incredible opportunity. 🤔
Retweeted by somewhere__goodWoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
Retweeted by somewhere__goodlet's fucking gooooo
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Retweeted by somewhere__goodThis fellowship looks incredible for a person of color "whose work is already an act of defiance, an innovative dis…
Retweeted by somewhere__good😍👇🏿
Retweeted by somewhere__goodcalling @daniellexo @erinmikail
Retweeted by somewhere__goodHey, @blkfreedomfact , check this out!
Retweeted by somewhere__goodToday we’re introducing SHIFT, a one-year fellowship designed to build innovative frameworks for safer & more inten…
.@somewhere__good is a new social platform for us and by us ✊🏿
Retweeted by somewhere__goodI’m the founder of @somewhere__good, a new Black-owned social platform. We’re a team of Black, Latinx & queer fo…
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so beautiful
Retweeted by somewhere__goodI wasn’t looking for another social media platform, but very curious about @somewhere__good. Who else is on there?
Retweeted by somewhere__goodWe had the actual honor of having this queen bless us with her presence at our conference. If y’all don’t get the s…
Retweeted by somewhere__goodLanded on Sundae School, a Korean American-owned cannabis brand🥰
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Here’s to new social spaces centering joy & empowerment. ✨
Retweeted by somewhere__goodYesss! Sign me up!
Retweeted by somewhere__goodAll the feels for @najjmahal and what she is building!
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having to literally hack an algorithm to be noticed for work that is innately deserving is getting old and tired. I…
Retweeted by somewhere__goodHuman Capital: Coinbase and Clubhouse aside, Ethel’s Club founder wants to take us 'Somewhere Good'…
Retweeted by somewhere__goodAlso, some lines from our manifesto are featured in the article. It’s a living document that encompasses our coll…
Retweeted by somewhere__good“The vision for @somewhere__good is you take your phone out of your pocket and, as a Black person or person of colo…
Retweeted by somewhere__goodI’ve been a huge fan of Ethel’s Club for a while now & their latest plan is no different. They’re launching ‘Some…
Retweeted by somewhere__good @yeahitslex @iamkarmenk @somewhere__good (coming soon) @CircleApp
Retweeted by somewhere__goodThanks @vainpsn for putting me onto this and many other dope platforms today, this is going to be a fun rabbit hole.
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@najjmahal / @somewhere__good is building BRAND fr fr. @imcatnoone / @Stark Invest in founders who build BRAND. 😍😍😍
Retweeted by somewhere__goodWe were building the exact same product called "chattr" years ago at our first startup. There are a few others but…
Retweeted by somewhere__goodSaw @sharmadeanreid post about using language like “visionary” and “genius” when describing women in business & thi…
Retweeted by somewhere__good @MacConwell Just plugging @somewhere__good and @TheCookoutApp_ because this would never happen on Black/PoC led and…
Retweeted by somewhere__goodThis is one of the most interesting startups I've seen pop up in awhile. So excited to follow the progress (and obs…
Retweeted by somewhere__good"We are building a framework to become an all-encompassing social playground centered on identity." One of the big…
Retweeted by somewhere__goodLove everything in this living manifesto. I hope to see many more startups like this, w/ a clear-eyed view of what…
Retweeted by somewhere__goodReally appreciated this insightful thread on how we’re building @somewhere__good for creators, communities, brands…
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Very intrigued by this approach to community building — excited to see @somewhere__good come to life!
Retweeted by somewhere__goodThis is the exact reason I’m so excited about @somewhere__good. Twitter made a choice to allow rampant abuse and t…
Retweeted by somewhere__goodmore people doing good things! support their good things!
Retweeted by somewhere__goodIt’s this key business strategy for me @najjmahal doing amazing things with @somewhere__good - really is the one to…
Retweeted by somewhere__goodThis is so exciting! I’ve been following @najjmahal journey through @ethelsclub so looking forward to seeing…
Retweeted by somewhere__goodWe’ve had brand communities before on FB pages, but I have a feeling this might be the start of a new approach whic…
Retweeted by somewhere__good“The mission of the platform is quite unique. In its public manifesto, there are points that dig a bit deep: “inten… Capital: Coinbase and Clubhouse aside, Ethel’s Club founder ⁦@najjmahal⁩ wants to take us ‘⁦@somewhere__good⁩…
Retweeted by somewhere__goodJust wanted to surface this from one of the brilliant insight mavens in the game, @zoescaman. There's a lot of hype…
Retweeted by somewhere__good @TwitterComms Let’s just make sure we’re all signed up for early access to whatever magic @najjmahal is working on…
Retweeted by somewhere__goodI can't wait!! 😍
Retweeted by somewhere__goodRather than a normal social network based on a personal page & follower graph, instead they’re allowing brands (whi…
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Somewhere Good: come for the network, stay for the vibes. 🧚🏾‍♂️
Retweeted by somewhere__goodSix days ago I introduced @somewhere__good and 2,500+ people signed up. The world we live in is designed for a pr…
Retweeted by somewhere__good @_MissRandi @somewhere__good once it's up
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This is so cool.
Retweeted by somewhere__good @najjmahal @jackyalcine The creative direction of the website is 💋 just amazing. The take a peak feature after sign…
Retweeted by somewhere__good❤️❤️❤️❤️👇🏽
Retweeted by somewhere__good🤩😍
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Retweeted by somewhere__goodThat said, I am (Impatiently) waiting for @somewhere__good and the beautiful community and discussions that I inten…
Retweeted by somewhere__goodyes! @somewhere__good
Retweeted by somewhere__goodLove seeing friends glow 🚀🚀
Retweeted by somewhere__goodLofi hip hop mix beats to relax/study to? Nah, I'm just on the @somewhere__good homepage.
Retweeted by somewhere__goodEthel's Club founder is launching Somewhere Good, a social platform that centers people of color by @meganrosedickey
Retweeted by somewhere__good @emerline_xyz ☺️ Kaj Izora: you don't know, now you know
Retweeted by somewhere__goodI've been singing "Take me somewhere good" to the tune of "Tell me something good" for the last couple of days now
Retweeted by somewhere__goodsuper excited for @somewhere__good and the incredible platform @najjmahal and team are building for intentional, sa…
Retweeted by somewhere__good @thatclarafied @somewhere__good @meganrosedickey I thought it was just me that peeped! Stumbleupon needs it flowers…
Retweeted by somewhere__goodSo excited to watch the next chapter of @ethelsclub @somewhere__good as they create a social platform for people of…
Retweeted by somewhere__goodVery excited for this. The future of storytelling on social needs this shakeup to create safer virtual spaces.
Retweeted by somewhere__goodEvery discussion with @najjmahal is an exercise in being blown away with excitement
Retweeted by somewhere__goodEthel’s Club founder is launching Somewhere Good, a social platform that centers people of color…
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Exactly what I've been looking for! This is HUGE!
Retweeted by somewhere__goodFor two years I talked to men in the app building field (coders, UX designers, etc) about what it would take to bui…
Retweeted by somewhere__good @meganrosedickey @somewhere__good I love the call back to Stumble Upon too. Big tech needs to take note. This is what people need.
Retweeted by somewhere__goodSomewhere Good's manifesto
Retweeted by somewhere__goodI am so beyond proud of and inspired by @najjmahal — the definition of an exceptional founder with exceptional visi…
Retweeted by somewhere__good🤠🤠🤠
Retweeted by somewhere__good @najjmahal is unstoppable. Please sign up and join me on @somewhere__good when they launch!
Retweeted by somewhere__good👏🏽👏🏽👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Retweeted by somewhere__goodAYE BLOW THIS UP
Retweeted by somewhere__goodWow! Wow! Wow!
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Soooooo... Who’s joining me?
Retweeted by somewhere__goodgoes without saying that @somewhere__good cant launch soon enough
Retweeted by somewhere__goodCan’t wait for this.
Retweeted by somewhere__goodI’m going somewhere good.
Retweeted by somewhere__goodThank you @somewhere__good for including us in your social playground! The site is beautiful. Check it out & explor…
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