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If only someone other than Netflix took this manga and adapted it better...
Retweeted by MandarinToo bad it ain't for a movie 🎂 🤩🎉 For @dragonballz's most ardent fans, and everyone else of course, check out this video tr…
Retweeted by MandarinVidéo spéciale Dragon Ball Super réalisée par Toei Animation pour les 60 ans du Festival d’Annecy ! Juste magnifiqu…
Retweeted by MandarinMuch better 😌 YESSS 🔥🔥😍
Kill yourself and let's if you get more famous like XXX or nobody cares so much more fun and I would actually play the game more. I have some Zenkais but avoid using them unless I a… vs sacrificing your life for power 🧐あと海外の方からの需要があった壁紙サイズとヘッダーも作ったので載せときます! You can use it as a Twitter header and as a wallpaper for smartphone!
Retweeted by MandarinThe Zenkais I really like are GRN Broly, YEL Goku Black and RED Cell. Their Zenkais are an upgrade to their old kit… of Ragnarok is a manhwa?!? huhh But GoH was definetely ruined and I didn't watch it. Prefer the manhwa looks like shit... In this case manga is 100% better依頼
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How would you feel if I’m your new assistant? 🙌 #SamsungSam
Retweeted by MandarinLG Studio - Pink Girl Manufacturer:LG Studio Series:Other Measurement:Heigth 35cm Limite…
Retweeted by MandarinTummy 😋
Retweeted by MandarinIt's this one if you love soft tummies, ignore if you’re a coward
Retweeted by MandarinMy anime version of black-haired Chifuyu! Without subtitle below. #anime #TokyoRevengers #TokyoRevengersfanart
Retweeted by Mandarin新デザインの黒い装甲を装着😋
Retweeted by MandarinIs there a kit in english? Card art is straight fire 🔥🔥【"超サイヤ人ロゼ 紅き仮面のサイヤ人"参戦予定だといいな!!】 自身が不利属性相性の敵と対峙している間属性相性が反転!! さらに敵バトルメンバーに「孫悟空」がいると火力が超アップするぞ! 唯一無二の性能を手に入れろ!!…
Retweeted by Mandarinwe finally got shuji hanma's volume cover !!
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Illustration | Berserk Artist: @belgeist
Retweeted by MandarinSS BLUE SHALLOT?!?!"With enough hard work and training, even garbage can surpass the elite!" #DragonBall #ドラゴンボール
Retweeted by Mandarin#BSD: decay of the angel
Retweeted by MandarinVanessa .
Retweeted by MandarinTekken 2!?! Am I the only one that feels his IQ dropped after watching this Shallot 😩“i took the thing most precious to me and destroyed it” #東卍FA
Retweeted by MandarinHere's another Caulifla redraw in the DBZ style. To me DBZ was all about fierce expressions and the struggle of/aga…
Retweeted by MandarinBC theories getting wild 😱 fooled we were...年自分が選ぶ今年上半期の4枚 この辺をやっぱりよく描いていると。色塗りが嫌いなのを克服したいです……
Retweeted by MandarinStill waiting for Shallot to get Super Saiyan Blue or anything really... VB gets his platinum.... guess SS Blue Shallot is coming for 4th anni
Retweeted by MandarinBoth modern F1 and Gundam design's form languages are something I love to geek over. I combined them together out o…
Retweeted by Mandarinやっとカカロットを超え、サイヤ人の王子に戻る時が来たんだ・・。
Retweeted by Mandarin#MyDBLegends is live on! RT this post to discover your battle type & which DRAGON BALL LEGENDS' character is the pe…
Retweeted by MandarinPlease don't. @DB_Legends Where is this guy 🤔💀 #東卍FA
Retweeted by MandarinYuan Herong cosplaying Chun Li has just raised all of our credit scores, forgiven our loans and cleared our skin
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The CORRECT Dragon Ball openings tier list
Retweeted by Mandarin about hero name: Sun Wukong宿命の超対決!!
Retweeted by MandarinThis is what every Zenkai in the future should be like They buff the unit in the right way but not make them OP. On…🔥🔥🔥 Damn... if only this were real
@DB_Legends SS Blue Shallot when?!?How do you even get Sparkings from there loool
Happens to me when I want to go to shop Yuno dies?!?! 😭😭東京リベンジャーズ ドラケン
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Retweeted by Mandarinベジータも描いてみました
Retweeted by MandarinQuick warm up, also a small test which could look pretty good with the ssg aura #Bardock
Retweeted by Mandarin場地さん
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Retweeted by Mandarin#SANZU: i’ve been fooling you all along ♡ #三途春千夜 #東京卍リベンジャーズ #東卍FA
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Retweeted by MandarinAn LF that has only a blue card like Nameku. It does Supreme dmg, but you can't use it even if you have it in your… looks so cool I wanna play it right nowww all I see is 500CC Not enough considering this is the 3rd anny but I will gladly take it
Someone has literally recreated Photoshop feature for feature, for free, in the browser 🤯
Retweeted by MandarinGF have the MSP Gohan (battle ver) & Grandista SSR re-releases in stock!
Retweeted by MandarinName a more iconic hentai duo 🔥🔥
Retweeted by MandarinThe Lone Survivor
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I legit forgot about ToP... have VB at 7* so I think I will just skip for now Kaisen Mobile Game incoming!
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Cmon... PLEASE... Make him OP I don't care if he breaks the meta, Goku #DragonBall #ドラゴンボール
Retweeted by Mandarin⚠︎本誌ネタ⚠︎ 「抱いてやるよ」 Cosplay / 禪 院 真 希
Retweeted by MandarinSSJ2
Retweeted by Mandarin @DB_Legends Shallot Super Saiyan Blue?!🥐🔵
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SMH when Legends does it better... still better in my opinion on God Ki it's raining where I am...
I really hope to see Kento Matsuura draw manga again
Retweeted by Mandarin100倍ビックバンかめはめ波ー!!! #ドラゴンボールレジェンズ3周年 #ドラゴンボールGT #ゴジータ
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I'd rather not say... Sammy 😉 But to open the secret folder, you have to enter another password ☺️ ~ Let's hit 300 retwe…
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Retweeted by MandarinAnd now... KAIO-KEN!!
Retweeted by MandarinHappy Goku day! oh wait...
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