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Sónar+D CCCB, 18.19 September 2020 Sónar Festival Barcelona, 17.18.19 June 2021

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.@SonarFestival torna al CCCB! Sónar+D CCCB se celebrarà el 18 i 19 de setembre i serà fonamentalment on-line, gr…
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We are all in the fight for the right to party. Stay safe and see you back in 2021! #sonar2021
Calling all creators! We are back for the second edition of our #ArtistinResidence program. Apply now to join our 4…
Retweeted by Sónar FestivalPlease to be helping the @sonarplusd team with the new #Artistinresidence program
Retweeted by Sónar FestivalOpen call! apply now.
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Ecco quando si esibiranno i @ChemBros al @SonarFestival 👇 #billboarditalia #ChemicalBrothers #sonar2021
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.@ChemBros have been confirmed for @SonarFestival 2021.
Retweeted by Sónar FestivalThe Chemical Brothers presentarán su nuevo directo en el Sónar 2021
Retweeted by Sónar Festival😍 Today the @SonarFestival announce the first name of #Sónar2021: The Chemical Brothers
Retweeted by Sónar Festival#ÚLTIMAHORA 🔴 The Chemical Brothers y su nuevo show audiovisual inmersivo son la primera confirmación de…
Retweeted by Sónar Festival¡YA ES VIERNES! @Siglo21_Radio3 empieza con una noticia: The Chemical Brothers es el primer nombre confirmado para…
Retweeted by Sónar FestivalActuació 🔝 al @SonarFestival 2021! #Sonar2021
Retweeted by Sónar Festival💥 THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS AL @SonarFestival 2021 💥 La 27a edició de Sónar i la 9a de @sonarplusd tindran lloc el 17,…
Retweeted by Sónar FestivalComença el calendari de confirmacions 2021 del @SonarFestival amb @ChemBros! 🎶🔥
Retweeted by Sónar FestivalThe Chemical Brothers actuaran a l'edició #Sónar2021. Serà el dissabte 19 de juny. El mític duo britànic presentarà…
Retweeted by Sónar FestivalNo todo iban a ser cancelaciones. Ahora, con la mirada puesta en 2021, festivales como el @SonarFestival nos dan bu…
Retweeted by Sónar FestivalBarcelona! @chembros will perform live at @SonarFestival in Spain on Saturday 19th June, 2021. No tickets on sale y…
Retweeted by Sónar FestivalThe Chemical Brothers @ChemBros actuaran a Sónar 2021 el dissabte 19 de juny! Un dels més esperats shows electrònic… Chemical Brothers @chembros actuarán en Sónar 2021 el sábado 19 de junio! Uno de los más esperados shows electr…ónar is thrilled to announce that @ChemBros will bring their live AV show to Sónar 2021 on Saturday 19th June!… @Rosiipii Hola Rosi, en las preguntas frequentes encontrarás el email de contacto en el apartado de 'No podré asist…
Un missatge de Sónar i Sónar+D. message from Sónar and Sónar+D. mensaje de Sónar y Sónar+D.
@inheadkay Hi Kay, We fully appreciate your concern at this time of global uncertainty. The festival will respond w… @Agustinfv @sonarplusd Hola, Entendemos tu preocupación en este contexto de incertidumbre global. En los próximos… @taglepage Hola Guillem, entendemos tu preocupación en este contexto de incertidumbre global. En los próximos días…
@mryipling Hi there, We fully appreciate your concern at this time of global uncertainty. The festival will respond… @LolitaORH Hi there, We fully appreciate your concern at this time of global uncertainty. The festival will respond…
Comunicado de Sónar y Sónar+D de Sónar i Sónar+D message from Sónar and Sónar+D
.@SonarIstanbul @SonarFestival
Retweeted by Sónar FestivalYa en todas las plataformas: @el_imaofficial
Retweeted by Sónar FestivalConsistent quality from @batu_uk. Catch him at SonarLab by @residentadvisor at #sonar2020 @albagcorral en #sonar2020
Niño de Elche, María Arnal y Marcel Bagés, B1n0, Juicy Bae o Chico Blanco en la próxima edición del @SonarFestival
Retweeted by Sónar FestivalBlistering talent from Madrid. Listen to 'Je suis la promesse' by @Afrojuice195 now #sonar2020 #sonarfestivalí digo un par de cosillas en esta entrevista
Retweeted by Sónar Festival🥶 PROMESSE! 🥶 @Afrojuice195 a la última con este temón by DjVerse + NersoBeats + Enlamezclaellooez Video by Hugo…
Retweeted by Sónar FestivalI had a v interesting chat with Holly Herndon, Jon Hopkins and Anna Meredith for @bbcworldservice - composition tec…
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#opencall ¡Abierta La convocatoria destinada al #talentoemergente! Sónar+D subvencionará con más del 50% del coste…
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@uurhelo 😢Björk y Rosalía colaboran en el nuevo disco de Arca. Se titulará "KiCk i”: Arca estará act…
Retweeted by Sónar FestivalMañana subimos nuevo videoclip flackos guapos ♥️♥️♥️ feliz domingo familia 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿
Retweeted by Sónar Festival#MDLR
Retweeted by Sónar FestivalFollowing her slamming single on @itsfemmeculture, Brazil's @badsista011 turns in a fiery mix
Retweeted by Sónar FestivalThank you @SonarIstanbul that was fun!
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@I_Skream @SonarIstanbul @RedBullMusic @UMFANG let's do thisReady to absolutely go and cause it at @SonarIstanbul catch me closing the @RedBullMusic stage after @UMFANG
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Music, technology and creativity lighting up @sonaristanbul off. @kolschofficial, creating a techno maelstrom @SonarIstanbul #sonaristanbul Moran mesmerised the crowd at SonarHall with her Grand Piano audiovisual show, here at Sónar Istanbul.…
Retweeted by Sónar FestivalVoices got higher and spread their energy to Sónar Istanbul. Intensional Particle by Hiroaki Umeda was at SonarHall…
Retweeted by Sónar FestivalChronosphere (AV), spun time within a globe with his show on SonarScreen. #sonar2020 #sonaristanbul #yüzdeyüzmüzik…
Retweeted by Sónar FestivalChoir power: Full Choir AV Live @SonarIstanbul the line between the senses. @kellymoran grand pianoLive AV @SonarIstanbul out his blissful set with muffled drum machines and foggy synths of underground house and techno; DJ Python…
Retweeted by Sónar FestivalDay 2 at @sonaristanbul is getting underway! stage is set for day 2 of @Sonaristanbul!, talks, demos and installations, defining the future of music creativity and technology at @sonarplusd Dubstep original, and master of contemporary dance music, @I_Skream, joins the line up for @SonarIstanbul! He'll… @SonarIstanbul for an unforgettable first night. See you tomorrow for more! moments on day one of @SonarIstanbul #sonaristanbul
Music. Creativity. Technology. Christian Loefller @SonarIstanbul the hidden beauty of html - The Skin by re:sole @SonarIstanbulónar Istanbul’un lokal kahramanları sahneyi ısıtmaya başladı! #sonaristanbul #sonar2020 // Local heroes of Sóna…
Retweeted by Sónar FestivalGood things come in Small packages... the most intimate stage at @SonarIstanbul #sonaristanbul Total Kick Off by TKO @SonarIstanbul #sonaristanbul, testing. The stage is almost set for day one of @SonarIstanbul. First shows at 8pm! #sonaristanbul giderek artıyor, Sónar Istanbul’un başlamasına yalnızca birkaç saat kaldı! #sonaristanbul #sonar2020
Retweeted by Sónar FestivalA sneak peek of one of the shows at tonight’s @sonaristanbul. live Choir AV, tonight 21:45 #sonarScreen call to all festival guests; COMA (live) joins the lineup, replacing Red Axes, who were planned to perform at Zo…
Retweeted by Sónar FestivalAdam Beyer, Christian Löffler, Steffi and many more are waiting for you on the first night of Sónar Istanbul!…
Retweeted by Sónar FestivalRave refixes of Kanye and her own heated productions: @badsista011's mix is a good time
Retweeted by Sónar FestivalFavourite Faces 👉🏼
Retweeted by Sónar FestivalDance the sun up with @CharlottedWitte at #sonar2020!‘Live at the Barbican' premieres on Monday 7.30pm GMT The link is here if you'd like to subscribe to the stream.…
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Always discovering new ways of musical creativity, and managing the Polyfusia record company, @seefeel_signals will…
Retweeted by Sónar FestivalThe clock is ticking till @SonarIstanbul. Kicking off tommorrow with an opening concert by @paulkalkbrenner as well as melodic and transitive among the genres of electronic music, @DenisSulta will be at Sónar Istan…
Retweeted by Sónar FestivalAn all new live show from electronic legends @chembros comes to #sonar2020 on 20th June #sonarfestival #barcelona from the flipside. @tommycashworld. Sónar by Day. Sat 20th June days. 10 stages. 2 venues. 100+ artists. All ticket types now on sale #sonar2020 #sonarfestival #barcelona
SonarXS is where leftfield sounds and up and coming scenes converge. Discover more the cost of your SonarPass over 2 or 3 months. Pay in instalments here the sun up with @blackmadonnachi, playing the closing set of #sonar2020 don @laurentgarnier will be bringing the beats to Sónar by Night on Fri 19th June. Single tix on sale now!… - Sónar İstanbul @SonarIstanbul
Retweeted by Sónar FestivalA live soundtrack for the film of your life. Don't miss @theblaze_prod with their only live show of 2020 at… is happiness #sonar2020 #sonarfestival #barcelona't touch the decks. DJ Marcelle mutates her vinyl collection at SonarXS on Fri 19th June #sonar2020
Choose your own #sonar2020. Single day, Single Night, 2-Night, Delegate Pass and SonarPass tix on sale now… top boy of UK rap. The multi award winning flows of @santandave1 at Sónar by Night on sat 20th June #sonar2020 one of a kind circular hi-fi soundsystem by James Murphy and @2manydjstour touches down at Sónar by Night on Fr… man with 1000 hooks. @headieone at SonarLab by @residentadvisor on Fri 19th June. Discover the full line up her… vibes in the sunshine with @channel_tres at Sónar by Day on Thurs 18th June. Tix on sale now…