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Many Minds One Body... sometime actress, film-maker, homemaker, not in that order. Intrepid traveller, lover of life, food, ashtanga yoga and the Himalaya.

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♥️♥️♥️ Gandhi has inspired generations before us and continues to do so today. I am so glad to be a part of this i…
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@SteveUnknown Oh Steve. That’s sweet. But don’t take the trouble. Too swamped with the play to think about a birthday :)Wow. Is it just 7 years ? Seems like so much longer !
Happy Birthday to the gracious elegant lovely @Simi_Garewal. You epitomise what it means to be beautiful inside and out. Much love 💕💕💕In #WhenTheCrowsVisit, #AyeshaDarker & @BallyGill_ play mother & son in a cast that also features @The_AsifKhan
Retweeted by Soni Razdan'It's so funny' 'It becomes an edge-of-the-seat thriller' 'A wonderful script' 'For different people, it'll hit the…
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Oh God. This is all so terribly heartbreaking. 💔💔💔 name you’ve heard a story you haven’t. #GangubaiKathiawadi ❤ This ones going to be special!! Directed by…
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This is what I’ve been busy with ! When the Crows Visit in rehearsals via @YouTube @KilnTheatreFinally. Post paid mobile services restored in Kashmir after more than two months. Friends and family able to speak to each other at last.
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Despite claims made by the BJP, #RahulGandhi said that nobody wants to invest in India now and that many traders an…
Retweeted by Soni Razdan#TheVerdictStateVsNanavati is a must watch even if you have watched #Rustom 🏅 Such Powerful acting and they actuall…
Retweeted by Soni RazdanA Coast Guard hovercraft was spotted off Juhu Beach today 👍🏻👍🏻 Why cant Mumbai have hovercrafts to transport citiz…
Retweeted by Soni RazdanTo all my friends. If you haven’t yet seen it, GO SEE IT. #TheSkyIsPink .
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Sooooo adorable. ♥️♥️♥️
“Patriotism is supporting your country all the time , and your government when it deserves it.” - Mark Twain
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Today on #WorldMentalHealthDay one thing is extremely clear. No one needs to be alone. Its becoming clearer as the… Like. Share. Comment. Help us reach it to wider audiences please. 🙏🙏🙏…
Retweeted by Soni RazdanNo one needs to be alone as they struggle with mental health, battling their fears & anxiety. Sometimes all you nee…
Retweeted by Soni RazdanWhy on earth can’t the Govt raid the accounts of the promoters of PMC and ensure that the depositors get their mone… absolutely terrible. @SteveUnknown Yes insta sorry. @herecomesthesunofficial on Instagram. I look back on your journey Shaheen, I feel so much pride and joy. Because I know what it’s taken to get to wh…“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.” @herecomesthesunofficial
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A rose by any other name is still a rose. Lynching by any other name (mob violence or mob murder) - is still lynchi… now: sedition case dropped by Bihar police against those who wrote letter raising concerns over lynching.…
Retweeted by Soni RazdanWoohoo! My YouTube channel got one million subscribers 💃💃 ♥ Thank you for all the love 💫✨ @YouTubeIndia
Retweeted by Soni RazdanWow. A year already !
@SteveUnknown Yes. It’s not so easy though is it.The eventual triumph of good over evil is an universal truth. Today we celebrate and reaffirm our belief in that tr…
Retweeted by Soni RazdanIn response to an FIR being filed against 49 celebrities and prominent personalities for writing an open letter to…
Retweeted by Soni RazdanThank you Dia for your very wise and balanced words. I pray that some are listening and it’s not too late. I pray .… mental health is like your physical health – you need to constantly take care of it to be the best you possibl…
Retweeted by Soni RazdanHow the last two months have badly hit Kashmir’s economy - BBC News
Retweeted by Soni RazdanMust try !💔
@SalmanSufi7 What a beautyVery impressed with @deespeak firm but sober views on Aarey.. worth a listen..
Retweeted by Soni RazdanWish they had figured this out better. They could have used part of it and left the other part for us. Better than… @TheAsifLone Many thanks ! 🙏The way things are going we now need a court that operates at 30 mins notice. And in the dead of the night too !Please see article above. they have cut so many trees in the dead of night at that. There are alternatives to this location. These hear… the whataboutery doesn’t matter because this is bigger than all of us.Protesting against the chopping of #Arrey
Retweeted by Soni RazdanBreaking now: no more trees to be cut at Aarey till next SC hearing on October 21 rules SC.. (most trees already cu…
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Huge round of applause and heartfelt thanks to you all. Mumbai has a lot of heart and a lot of courage. So proud th… green warriors come home! All men were released from Thane jail a little while ago. We can never thank them eno…
Retweeted by Soni RazdanThe Sunday Game Rules: - Stay horizontal - Remain in pyjamas until lunch - Roast everything in the fridge - Eat…
Retweeted by Soni RazdanCM Devendra Fadnavis, JICA Stop the cutting of 3500 trees in Aarey Forest - Sign the Petition! via @ChangeOrg_India#AareyProtest | SC takes note of the special plea filed by law students over the axing of trees in #Aarey and has c…
Retweeted by Soni Razdan#Update Finally, all 29 students, who were arrested and were in Thane jail , have secured bail. Finally, we all ca…
Retweeted by Soni RazdanThis is got hooked! Mind blown by this one..Super awesome @samarmumbaikhan it's a great watch. #Verdict @ektaravikapoor @altbalaji
Retweeted by Soni RazdanStarted watching #Verdict on @altbalaji and I am glued onto the screen. I'm gonna spend the Saturday night binge wa…
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#AareyForest destruction is about greed, hubris and foolishness. The fact is that ALTERNATIVE SPACES FOR THE CARSHE…
Retweeted by Soni RazdanSpace is beautiful
Retweeted by Soni RazdanFIR’s against artists who stand against communal violence, and jail for students who want to save trees in the fift…
Retweeted by Soni RazdanThe Verdict: Yet Another Gem Of A Show That Excites, Engages & Thrills By- @Tutejajoginder @KubbraSait
Retweeted by Soni Razdan @mattoosunny @aliaa08 @Dev_Fadnavis No one is opposing the Metro. Said it time and again. There is a place for ever… hope you know that planting 13,000 saplings not the same as annihilation of an existing forest. It takes 100s of…
Retweeted by Soni RazdanIf trees could talk in a language humans could hear, last night Aarey would have sounded like a mass murder camp site.
Retweeted by Soni RazdanThis is heartbreaking news. With such an outcry to stop the cutting of trees why is this being allowed mumbai has d…
Retweeted by Soni Razdan400 trees have been cut in the dead of the night. As citizens sang and joined hands in unity pleading to STOP this…
Retweeted by Soni RazdanThe narrative is that people who have asked for trees not to be cut are against Mumbai Metro. The truth is every mu…
Retweeted by Soni Razdan.@Soni_Razdan and Vinay Pathak will play a couple in #HarraBharra, who have a unique take on parenting
Retweeted by Soni RazdanIs this what we want to be responsible for ? #india #pakistan @AroraGirish @aliaa08 He also alleged that the MMRCL has not followed the due process before the cutting of the tre… @AroraGirish @aliaa08 "The High Court dismissed the petition on the ground that the case is still pending before th… trees at night is a pathetic attempt at trying to get away with something even those doing it know is wrong…
Retweeted by Soni RazdanCannot bear to even watch it. Murder in broad daylight's always been a conflict between development & conservation. Yes, the city needs to build infrastructure to s…
Retweeted by Soni Razdan#War #BoxOffice Collections Day 3 – The @iHrithik and @iTIGERSHROFF starrer enters Rs 100 crores club in just 3 days
Retweeted by Soni RazdanThey had cut 300+ trees in dark in just 2 hours. They started tree cut again in this morning. Cops blocked all entr…
Retweeted by Soni RazdanTrees being cut down at night, like freaking criminals
Retweeted by Soni RazdanWhat !!! This is how we take care of the environment in India ? All pretences off aren’t they now Senator keen to see Kashmir ‘first hand’, denied nod. Says “If you have nothing to hide,there is nothing to fear…
Retweeted by Soni RazdanA strong ‘Noble’ recommendation for this weekend on @NetflixIndia: Watch #Noblemen starring @kapoorkkunal,…
Retweeted by Soni Razdan#Noblemen (2019) by Vandana Kataria, feat. @kapoorkkunal Ali Haji, Mohammed Ali Mir @MuskkaanJaferi @Sgsimplydbest
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300 trees have been cut in an hour. #Mumbai, you cannot reverse this process.
Retweeted by Soni Razdan#AareyForest is being murdered right now, in the dead of night. @narendramodi @Dev_Fadnavis , please don't do this.…
Retweeted by Soni RazdanOh wouldn’t that be loverly .... 💔 cut my trees! They cut your trees! They cut our children’s trees #AareyForest 😢
Retweeted by Soni Razdan @Shehla_Rashid Oh nooooo. Please take care Shehla.
#Review: #War is a defining action movie of our time. It’s Hollywood enough to rock the multiplexes, but it doesn’…
Retweeted by Soni Razdan#TheVerdictStateVsNanavati is a compelling watch... See it as a wholesome show. Not just a courtroom-drama...
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My one aim with respect to the Hindu Muslim question is that the solution will be complete only when the minority,…
Retweeted by Soni Razdan @nalinirathnam Wow. Must see it now :) @ladyschumacher How sweet. Thank you :)Great ! 🥳 Guys! I have a personal request to make. We have made #WAR with a lot of hard work, blood, sweat and love. Pleas…
Retweeted by Soni RazdanOhhhh thank you 🙏
A title suit case of a land is more important than 7 million people. Of course.
Retweeted by Soni RazdanSo happy to announce that this brilliant film is soon out on Netflix. ⁦Do not miss it. @smwhtlatelatif @SteveUnknown Great. Yes#EktaKapoor’s #TheVerdictStateVsNanavati is indeed a binge watch! Review : @vyas_sumeet
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Today’s launch a show that I’m super proud of! A new narrative n a fresh perspective to a1959 case…
Retweeted by Soni RazdanTwo years of blood sweat and tears ..... and now it’s out in the public court .... thank u @ektaravikapoor for your…
Retweeted by Soni RazdanDelighted to announce that this fabulous show is now streaming !