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FSA Bioarchaeology, paleopathology... lots of archaeological dead bodies. Ancient Egypt, medieval Spain. Family fun. Work @sotonarch RT≠agree, Follow≠agree

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@DanHerb10 Oh dear. Glad it was nothing more serious @photograph_tut @BumbaughSolange @w_carruthers I discovered that when I expressed a view last week that was disagre… @photograph_tut @BumbaughSolange @w_carruthers Also become. He hasn't gotten ill would be he hasn't become ill. I f… @clairetwilliams @RevRichardColes I was pleased to see @CatJarman and @noddinggoth have replied to this. But lots o… @EmmaJBL @uniofleicester @ucu @leicesterucu @LeicesterUnion @UNISONinHE Madness. Esp as Leicester have been encoura… @w_carruthers @photograph_tut I definitely feel there is slightly different meaning in while and whilst. But not su… @milkywaykks @HomeOfCricket Impressed by your friend & their luck. I thought there was no way my OH and I would man… @milkywaykks @HomeOfCricket That was my feeling precisely. V upset and disappointed too. @dobbin59 @RaynesJuliet @anjli_m @HomeOfCricket At least I think that was the problem I had. Couldn't get tickets f… @HomeOfCricket Why is it not possible for families to buy tickets? If there's a limit of 2 tickets, which is what i… @dobbin59 @RaynesJuliet @anjli_m @HomeOfCricket You can only buy 2 tickets. Won't let you buy more than 2. @holland_tom Good luck! I finally got through but could not get tickets for a family of 4. Very disappointed. You w… we're still talking about statues are we? This is a vapid, superficial failure of an argument and it bugs me tha…
Retweeted by Dr Sonia Zakrzewski 🇪🇺Real shame that there is no option for family tickets as @hantscricket had for matches. How can we get kids into cr… frustrated trying to buy tickets @HomeOfCricket @MCCOfficial for @englandcricket Pakistan 1 day game. Nowhere… @Sarah_May1 Personally I see it as a great way of using resources that I find problematic. I don't like having mili… @HPS_Vanessa So much seems to depend on where you are in the country. My father and FiL are both late 70s and due t…
@noddinggoth Oh I am so sorry. Such a hard decision to have to make. Glad you got to have last cuddles. @HistorianHelen Have to admit, we have generally left our year 5 kid to her own devices in the afternoons in order… @HistorianHelen Definitely seems better than set online hours that families with young kids would have to try to wo… @HistorianHelen I think that the idea is they set some ideas that siblings can work on together if they want to. Th… @HistorianHelen We don't have more than 20 mins of videos to watch. School aiming at covering maths & English in mo… @HistorianHelen Each year at our primary get 10 mins each morning to check in and wave at each other. Everything else is asynchronous. @DrCJ_Houldcroft I was teaching in person labs last term and will be again in March (assuming no extension to lockd… @nikitameo @shoomlah @ARCENational Looking forward to that!Vaccinated people must not change their behaviour because we still don’t know if vaccines can stop spread of corona…
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@Richedwards0803 I got handed videos I had made of Ramprakash batting in style when I last saw my parents! Oh and r… @DanielLambert29 So sorry about your business. Lucky you for being able to leave. #jealous! @FullerLabGlas I remember both you and George with similar highlights at about the same age! 😂 OK, I admit your ha… @DeborahSuggRyan @JoelFagan1 @corinne_fowler @nationaltrust @ColonialCountr1 Absolutely. And I am horrified by the… @EmmaKEdDev Not sure it's actually breaking the rules anyway as they are currently laid out. Students are still per… @EmPfefer @TheLucyDavies @EmmaKEdDev Legally not allowed to have any other kind of socket in bathrooms to avoid wat… @GascoigneA I can confirm that it was very yummy! @AdamRutherford @FryRsquared My one not having online lessons cannot wait! She loved @FryRsquared in the @Ri_Science lecturesWow, kids really into cooking today. Crab souffle for lunch and 3 different types of salsa being made for supper (t… interesting & thought-provoking thread on COVID data @davidwengrow Glad you are on the mend. Take it easy and don't hurry back too quickly
#isitok to celebrate the NRA filing for bankruptcy? Sadly apparently only for restructuring reasons but here's hoping! @AHKorstjens @poisonchallis I knew about the elections anyway but it is still so nice to see people taking responsi… thought of a government actually resigning over a scandal when I live with one who has overseen (almost) the wo…
Retweeted by Dr Sonia Zakrzewski 🇪🇺 @poisonchallis A country where politicians have integrity? Wow! I miss those round here.Dearie me. I wish I was surprised by this thread but it's a Tory minister... They seem to have forgotten that they…'ve been uncharacteristically (for me) silent on here about the #SHA2021 incident that happened, but there are a f…
Retweeted by Dr Sonia Zakrzewski 🇪🇺If you build 3D applications within academia, consider requesting access to our @open_inventor Academic Program. Fr…
Retweeted by Dr Sonia Zakrzewski 🇪🇺 @burdish @SaraCureton @ClaudiaWebbe Wish I could do something to help her. It's v hard.Entering the weekend with total #Zoomfatigue like...
Retweeted by Dr Sonia Zakrzewski 🇪🇺 @aaronmdesouza @MSCActions Beautifully written. And so good to see honesty and openness to all.Think #ARCH3039 will enjoy! @katherineschof8 @Sarah_RedMeeple @vashti @cashandcarrots @LucieMiddlemiss @icarus62 And many university libraries… @DanHerb10 Great news. 🤞 the progress has got even better since then @RodionRaskol12 @burdish @SaraCureton @ClaudiaWebbe I would like to believe so. But so far the evidence is just tha… @RodionRaskol12 @burdish @SaraCureton @ClaudiaWebbe The thing is that most of us hate fees. But somehow university… @JoHartley78 @SaintsBrass Thinking of you. So hard.
@burdish @SaraCureton @ClaudiaWebbe I hope she gets more sessions next week and she organises some meet-ups with th… @burdish @SaraCureton @ClaudiaWebbe From your words, it sounds as if term is just starting and she has actually had… @LadyLiminal1 @MatthewPope @HeatherBirt1 I was always a little jealous of my cousin for hers... Think of it as a bonus! @burdish @SaraCureton @ClaudiaWebbe What course is she doing and where? Which year? 1 session a week seems v unusua… @LadyLiminal1 @MatthewPope My cousin @HeatherBirt1 definitely used to say she found her synaesthesia useful for her… 17:00 today, @march_change will be hosting a Live Q&A on Long Covid for the public to ask questions to a panel o…
Retweeted by Dr Sonia Zakrzewski 🇪🇺 @drkatieplant Oh no! Hope you and he are both OK and don't feel too bad. @ManonYSchutz @CGraves88 Ooooh me too. Thank you ever so much. @w_carruthers Have you seen ? Clearly an issue with staffing, but good to see resources being used in AZ. @AnthropologisTL Wonderful news. Been reading about other anthropologists in AZ getting vaccinated too. So great.… @iainmartin1 At least parts of the USA are doing vaccinations continuously incl throughout the night: UK is currently publishing less data on its otherwise impressive vaccine rollout than other countries. I've d…
Retweeted by Dr Sonia Zakrzewski 🇪🇺 @abi_bouw 💙💙💙💙💙 @abi_bouw Currently she is at home. But it's when we all go back that worries. V pleased we don't have a GOSH appoi… @abi_bouw That pretty much sums up how I felt earlier this morning. But it's certainly put pay to my concentration on marking. @abi_bouw And when the kids are back in school, C sits next to the child involved. 😠 @emma_mp @AngharadHafod @DmitryOpines @mrjamesob Agreed. Regular checks around Geneva.Argh the frustration of knowing that your local anti-vax family have travelled up to another part of the country to… @HarveyArchaeo @Cristina_TorMor I was so touched that my students gave me a copy for my kids. (To my shame, I had forgotten the stories!) @JohnJJohnston @jcunningham02 @dutchchurch Congrats you two! @HarveyArchaeo @Cristina_TorMor And their dog skeleton too.
#Winchester is going viral @LeilaKayTanner @Charlietrypsin Absolutely @Charlietrypsin Winchester!Dear @bbc, please can you edit your headline? These were not "surprising" - some were, but the 1st, for example, wa… @DavidPetts1 My son bizarrely loves them. But he is very weird as he dislikes anything sweet. Does not take after me at all. @DLVLK @Katherine_McDon That made me snort with laughter! 🤣 As for fir/for, same here. No idea when I last wanted t… @RebeccaRideal Hugs. I think I am just in denial about this week happening at all. @DLVLK @Katherine_McDon Oh I am so glad it's not just me who gets the autocorrect of for to fir on their phone. It'… is madness!! Thousands of COVID patients are dying every week & when asked if he will vaccinate 24/7 Health Se…
Retweeted by Dr Sonia Zakrzewski 🇪🇺Student’s AI can search buried history from space via @thetimes
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Whoever thinks it is ok to send out bits of vegetables and fruit like this AND scraps of other food in what seems t…
Retweeted by Dr Sonia Zakrzewski 🇪🇺 @profmarkcollard @lockey749 Absolutely. Hard to get good module evaluations (excepting the wonderful @rachelbynoe),… @ChrisStantis Old university where they (largely) paid for the work. Unaffiliated when something done not linked to… @rajoyceUCB I laughed at the bit where his mother said he would "literally" be sick if given non-organic foods. OMG. @katieglyph Those look AMAZING!I’m getting individual permission from everyone sending me pics of their food boxes in my DMs to repost them here b…
Retweeted by Dr Sonia Zakrzewski 🇪🇺 @w_carruthers @lwahlgrensmith Absolutely. Similarly I think they will need to tighten up who can have their kids i… @w_carruthers @edanderson101 apart from maybe with those of us who know Durham & Barnard Castle (and indeed where h… @lwahlgrensmith @w_carruthers I agree. I am pleased that Derbyshire police have rescinded their fines of the women… @w_carruthers Cycling is permitted and if he is doing exercise outside, safely distanced from others, what is the p… to hear about Egypt and the sun with @AnnaS_Amarna ! #EES #Amarna
@nmj428 I sooooo want to go back to Alaska. Desperately. I loved it so much.Bad news for bees: The Government has bowed to pressure from the National Farmers Union to agree the use of a highl…
Retweeted by Dr Sonia Zakrzewski 🇪🇺 @EileenFindlay3 @DeepFriedDNA I also like the port of Newcastle being high up in the western reaches of the Pennine… @fen_ken @DavidPetts1 @lornarichardson TBH I was gutted only mixed side around here was Border. Has meant I haven't danced in 20 years. ☹️A 'lazy and apathetic' generation some say... I beg to differ.
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