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FSA Bioarchaeology, osteology, paleopathology... lots of archaeological dead bodies. Ancient Egypt, medieval Spain... And family fun. Work @sotonarch Love #NUFC

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Hoping desperately that we might be able to keep EU citizenship. Have you signed up on @microburin Fingers desperately crossed. And signed up.Bored this Thursday? Check out this patella we recorded this week, demonstrating bipartite patella (Type 3), a cong…
Retweeted by Dr Sonia Zakrzewski @ChrisStantis @lablesbian .@archaeowright did exactly that at BABAO in Liverpool to explain osteobiography. It was fab.
@CranioMattrics Oh dear. @jimbonesmorris @microjology Madness @DrCJ_Houldcroft See @ChrisStantis Sooooo many. It depends on my mood. But the movement I love most is pronation/supination @brennawalks @electricarchaeo @clmorgan @amalexathorn .@Sarah_Y_Stark did some on bioarchaeology for our TAG session back in 2016Impressive new platform from @RequestWSTEMM! You all are doing amazing work. Thank you! Good time to show off and…
Retweeted by Dr Sonia Zakrzewski @carolinepennock Yeah. Nail bars seem to be coming more common on high streets so maybe it's coming. Another expect… @howardmrw My husband's appears every holiday and then usually lasts for months as kids seem to hate him shaving it… @carolinepennock Isn't that really a US obsession? Mani/pedi etc always much bigger & more common in USA. V few peo…
I was saving this for tomorrow (from tomorrow's lecture)...but apparently it needs to be restated now. Race ≠ Eth…
Retweeted by Dr Sonia Zakrzewski @microburin Oh no. Are you ok? Take it easy and keep breathing calmlyFollow the conference online on 1st Feb #blingarch"The Public Archaeology of Treasure". 5th University of Chester Archaeology Student Conference on Friday 31st Jan a…
Retweeted by Dr Sonia Zakrzewski @HannahPethen Nicolas Berdyaev (is that how it is written?) - Russian polymath I think? @BryanDruzin Nicolas Berdyaev
@indigo102 @flybe Really worried for FlyBe. Hope they can be saved.Great list of archaeologists on Twitter. Many I know but some I don't and need to check out @ancientchildren What a nightmare. Good luck.
@PEJWiltshire Freedom to travel, work & conduct world-leading research via collaborations without boundaries is unq…
Retweeted by Dr Sonia Zakrzewski @PEJWiltshire And freedom? Where to start? Freedom to live and work across different countries. Freedom to undertak… @PEJWiltshire That might be due to pressure to publish. Better people as staff at universities now due to ease in a… @Skeletoress @PEJWiltshire Absolutely. Better before part of the EU? Complete and utter tripe! And definitely signi… to Leicestershire @recordoffice who have been announced as the new home for the entire…
Retweeted by Dr Sonia ZakrzewskiNice little stats thread explaining (some aspects of) p values @MsDebbyAber I trust you realise that @DeborahMeaden was being rude about Piers Morgan (and the other commentators… morning ⁦@HantsAuthors⁩ here with ⁦⁦@j_mcconnachie⁩ and ⁦@SparkesAli⁩ delivered an open letter to ⁦…
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@pittsmike And so wonderful to see Jackie McKinley - though I don't understand why she isn't treated as same as the… @GeorgeGilbert Looks good. Good luck blogging!I always loved Michael Stipe. Now I love him even more: What did you want to be growing up? Archaeologist
Retweeted by Dr Sonia ZakrzewskiThis is golden!
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@poisonchallis That'd be like our Sky Sports subscription! @poisonchallis Drat! Don't have a subscription but might need to now. @poisonchallis Where is that on??? I missed it! @SimonDoubleday Toon! And that's despite now being Soton-based. @carolinepennock @AdamRutherford @sixteenthCgirl As an adult, am always tempted to give the brutal honest response! @carolinepennock @AdamRutherford @sixteenthCgirl Try my name!!! As a kid, I was *always* being told - trying to wri… @Sarah_May1 Me during the week (as I get home first) and him at weekends.Suella Braverman MP (Fareham) benefited from a year in France under the ERASMUS programme, yet did not vote in favo…
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MPs have voted against Amendment 4 to Clause 37 of the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill, by 348 votes to…
Retweeted by Dr Sonia Zakrzewski @kdstrutt Terrible. And ERASMUS too.MPs have voted against New Clause 10 being read a second time, by 344 votes to 254. This new clause would have re…
Retweeted by Dr Sonia ZakrzewskiWhich do you think will affect more people? Prince Harry & Meghan stepping back from royal life, or the government…
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@Boothicus @urbanprehisto @shakenbeck @Tash_Reynolds @davidwengrow @brennawalks @pontus_skoglund @SelBrace @DrDonnaYates Good luck. We're going to miss you here in Blighty @Tash_Reynolds @davidwengrow @brennawalks @pontus_skoglund @SelBrace @preshitorian @Boothicus @mt_genes @davidwengrow @brennawalks @pontus_skoglund @SelBrace Obvious terms include migration, population, ancestry as turn… @davidwengrow @brennawalks @pontus_skoglund @SelBrace Think it also would help explain the 20-21st century prism th… @davidwengrow @brennawalks @pontus_skoglund @SelBrace in the different field as it became apparent that we understa… @davidwengrow @brennawalks @pontus_skoglund @SelBrace Just wanted to say thank you again for organising the TAG rou… @KirstySquires2 @ChrisStantis IJO used to be great for thatTory MPs have voted against a Lib Dem amendment to the Brexit bill that would give EU citizens the right to appeal…
Retweeted by Dr Sonia Zakrzewski @JenniferRaff But the one that is a spelling issue, rather than muscle memory, is accommodation @JenniferRaff My students usually appear in types form as studnets! Rather an embarrassing one! That finger memory…
@Larushka_iz Who else was in 69 Bridge Street? @karen_parkes and who else? @GeorgeGilbert Yeah, I saw this too - it's spectacular! @Larushka_iz Hi there! I think the last time I saw you was when I physically bumped into you on the Tube years and years ago!If you don't follow @ChrisStantis, you should. She's doing great archaeological work on diet using isotopes in… was great to turn on @BBCFrontRow and hear a familiar voice - that of @Larushka_iz on the @BAFTA nominations (mo… @jackielibdem Trying hard not to use any. Or as few as possible. Why on earth isn't there a collection point at cou… @GilesMooney 5 more. @Kolyin THAT is spectacular! @precatlady OMG
@rachelsjudah @SimonDoubleday @rosiewhitehouse It's a fabulous story and one I had already shared with my family. A… is the story of my grandmother Marion and my great-aunt Huguette - who survived the Holocaust thanks to the in…
Retweeted by Dr Sonia Zakrzewski @fen_ken @DavidPetts1 Will look them up. Based in Winchester now & sadly Winchester Morris Men are men only. @fen_ken @DavidPetts1 @CotonMorris I danced with Granta and Gog Magog when I was in Cambridge - and ladies NW with… @AdamRutherford @carolinepennock Highest mark for shortest distance travelled. Thereby rewarding those who haven't tried to pad things out. @carolinepennock @AdamRutherford When you have done yours, please can you do mine? My marking will hit next week -… inimitable @FryRsquared - an actual mathematician - on dominic Cummings, and the difference between knowledge a…
Retweeted by Dr Sonia Zakrzewski @petrabonegirl The rest of us think your career is doing great - not plateau-ing. You are too harsh on yourself. Bu…
@DavidPetts1 I wish there was a mixed Cotswold side around here. I miss it.Deeply saddened by what Brexit and those responsible for it unleashed. Johnson, Gove, Cummings, Farage: every hate…
Retweeted by Dr Sonia Zakrzewski @MatthewPope It was a big (mostly) unspoken issue in the fab TAG round table sessionNO. Let’s spend that £120m tackling homelessness or funding food banks If this delusional, self-indulgent, nationa…
Retweeted by Dr Sonia Zakrzewski @MatthewPope And please can we stop the worship of David Reich too?The International Criminal Court includes the targeting of cultural sites as a crime against humanity.
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"Brexit has fundamentally challenged Britain’s projection of itself in the world ... which brings into question the…
Retweeted by Dr Sonia ZakrzewskiLOVED the present wrapping. Got the kids really thinking. Now extrapolating to talking about % accuracy on health t… having a chance to watch the @Ri_Science lectures with the kids. Thank you @FryRsquared. Kids are engross…
Jan 1st: New decade going fairly well, all things considered. Jan 2nd: Australia appears to be on fire. Jan 3rd…
Retweeted by Dr Sonia Zakrzewski @lottelydia But pity me who remembers him as a kid in Durham. His sister went to my comprehensive school (in my sis…
Great thread.
@DavidPetts1 🤣🤣🤣
On my flight to Toulouse, I couldn’t have sat next to a more relevant person to Brexit issues. British, of Chinese…
Retweeted by Dr Sonia Zakrzewski @DeepFriedDNA Excellent gifts all. Pretty similar in our house but there were additional books... Husband currently… are a few less known facts about scientists.
Retweeted by Dr Sonia Zakrzewski @DeepFriedDNA What on earth did you receive then???
@RebeccaRideal @mikehallfoto Knowing you and your family Mike...!!!Merry Christmas to all my European friends. We belong together. #ResistanceChristmas
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@DrSarahJohns @Hermesparcels Know that one. I will now pay extra to avoid having anything (not) delivered by… still fueled by marshmallows (and alot of coffee) I'm digging and diving on my archaeological adventures with…
Retweeted by Dr Sonia Zakrzewski🔥 a group of starlings flying in the shape of a hedgehog, with the moon as an eye
Retweeted by Dr Sonia ZakrzewskiSo I have finally got around to releasing my post election research on why voters left Labour in the election. Mu…
Retweeted by Dr Sonia ZakrzewskiA 52-year-old Navy SEAL was accepted to Yale and expected to find “snowflakes” and “safe spaces.” Instead he found…
Retweeted by Dr Sonia Zakrzewski @FJSoyer My predatory conference invitations are usually in Korea. And are usually some form of engineering!