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If Kanye & Pharrell had a baby in Hell watching Animal Planet, that was kidnapped & raised by the alley mechanic, thatta be me.

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How is it that literally every single Scorpion main in Kombat League has the most terrible wi-fi connection ever? I… y’all bring me a glass of beer from a white womans ass I’m calling the health department.
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@EAMaddenNFL my only complaint at this point is, give us the ability to pick and choose Superstar and X-Factor Abil…😂😭😂😭😂😭 if they traveled from the future to deliver themselves? *hits blunt*
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidSo i cant wear a durag because it “gang affiliation” but the whole english department can bang bloods in class????
Retweeted by Sonic Soulkid“Don’t disrespect anime” pt.1
Retweeted by Sonic Soulkidmy favorite player without question bro lol 9y/o bro did an experiment. Lost tooth, told no one for 3d, kept tooth under his pillow. No $. Then he tells…
Retweeted by Sonic Soulkid @WaywardWillz me and Jess went to White House today and cashed out on apple cider lmao it's fantastic 😂 @Pharaoh_DNA_ bruh I see crap like this everyday it's so ridiculous 😭😭This is how hard it is to buy a gun in Japan... This is brilliant, and should be the benchmark for gun ownership i…
Retweeted by Sonic Soulkid @quintabrunson Hi... I'm not proud of myself, but, I too have fallen victim to in-app purchases 😢😭 @unrooolie "they added Kreate A Fighter to MK11", I would be like @ShabazzHakeemm_ @WaywardWillz bruh Kenny be TAKING me with these jokes 😂😭ME lol is how McDonald's makes their Sprite
Retweeted by Sonic Soulkid @WaywardWillz I'm not the only one lol
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidA Busta n OBD album woulda been crazy
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidFreeway one of the most consistent and underrated rappers in the game
Retweeted by Sonic Soulkidput it into the universe and watch it come true. it may not happen when you want, but exactly when you need it to.
Retweeted by Sonic Soulkid @WaywardWillz 😂😭 the way to the #Bank 🏦🏦🏦🏦 tag @DaBabyDaBaby we need him on this remix GO GO GO!!
Retweeted by Sonic Soulkid @WaywardWillz bruh this deadass brought a huge smile to my face lol you are the only one who understands my love for wolves ✊🏾 @Sonic_Soulkid I follow this page and you’re the only one that I think would enjoy it as much as I do lol
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BRO LMAOOOOO I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT AT ALL 😭😭😭😭😭“Isn't it weird that in 2019, someone still has to make a movie trying to explain to people not to be a Nazi?”…
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidHere’s the full interview with @TaikaWaititi:
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidForever a classic 🙌🏾 I am 25 years old and Sonic inspired my rap name (obviously) so this is extra special for ya b…’ve never resonated with a picture so much in my life. HOW IM ALWAYS FINNA BE.
Retweeted by Sonic Soulkidthese #MK11 Halloween Skins are so fire that it's crazy lol I wish they had these for more characters!I was stuck in that same 2K MyTeam cycle where I'd spend $100-400 a month on packs. Now I just save that money and…
Retweeted by Sonic Soulkid @Blaxk_Bauer I need to learn how to create dope stuff like that lol I can already see the images in my head 😂Steph doesn’t end his workout until he makes five straight. Looking for a new drill? @StephenCurry30 starts in the…
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidSome work I did for @JIDsv fym. Repost and show love🖤
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidI need to see a photoshop of Miles Morales wearing these IMMEDIATELY., the cussin’ Pastor that’s on @FreddieGibbs albums got caught eating a lil pussy? Lmaaaoooooooooooo y’all bet…
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidOpponent: *pokes me and immediately goes for pressure* Me: *jumps on hit* 🤷🏾‍♂️
Retweeted by Sonic Soulkid @Jazputin @blakk_sensei @WaywardWillz 😂😂 has accomplished a feat that is heading into extinction. He’s got a terrestrial radio hit AND a streaming hi…
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We been in 2019 for two years
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidThe best one yet.
Retweeted by Sonic Soulkidlegit question: does anyone know if there is a 2k20 Roster where EVERYONE'S official height according to that new N…, listening to the new music from @WESTSIDEGUNN @BennyBsf @WHOISCONWAY @smokedza and @PeteRock tonight.
Retweeted by Sonic Soulkidoh snap let's gooooo!!!!! 🙌🏾 got something against gay people Deshaun?
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidPat Mahomes injury aside, no team has lost more games than Broncos by refusing to sign Colin Kaepernick. Before kne…
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidMadden is really broken. We’ve been told to just wait it out and don’t play the game. Yikes!
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidBro I’m in Australia and they got my face on the wall. This life shit is crazy.
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidWhat school is this so i can report their staff for Gang affiliations
Retweeted by Sonic Soulkid😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by Sonic Soulkid😂😂
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidThis shit petrified me as a kid. Doctor launch a whole shotgun force airwave straight in your eyes talking bout “Do…
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidI purchased a Dante Fowler jersey, he got traded. I purchased a Jalen Ramsey jersey, got traded... 🧐 Where can I f…
Retweeted by Sonic Soulkid @SLAMftw The "Animation Devastation" Badge 😂EA: "We're going to introduce a competitive mode where skill is the top priority and everything has counters.” Als…
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidHow Harden leading the Rockets to a 1st round exit in the playoffs
Retweeted by Sonic Soulkidniggas will post kylie jenner singing rise and shine but they wont post they friends work so that they can RISE and SHINE, do you hear me!
Retweeted by Sonic Soulkidthat video of them popping Patty Mahomes's knee back into place🤔
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidFor booking info ... hit my line 🤣😂😂
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Where we droppin’ @Ninja?
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidIndiana Pacers ‘Rise of Dipo’ Season Trailer. #pacers
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidFujin komfirmed!!!!! AND they konfirmed Raiden as an announcer voice in the future. i'm hype!!!!! #MK11“I would say we talk about basketball, maybe, about 25 percent of our conversations." — Karl-Anthony Towns More on…
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidSo no one is going to question how that umbrella is floating in the first frame???
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidI wish they were in the game
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidIn season 2 of FX's Atlanta, the episode where Paper Boi gets lost in the woods, there's a quote I think about ofte…
Retweeted by Sonic Soulkidmy nigga dripping hol up
Retweeted by Sonic Soulkid @blakk_sensei ok they said I had to update my settings so I think that fixed itFAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM do y'all know how crazy this is [and even if they don't know I'm the artist who did th…
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidMake moves only when your hearts in it! #starbury
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidPSN down?Best passing non-PG in NBA history. And there's only about 3 PGs you can name who were better
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidIf you dont understand the genius of Key! we can probably never be close friends
Retweeted by Sonic Soulkidlet's gooooo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥♥️ Her. Hip Hop sistahs.
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidI actually haven't heard something this peaceful in awhile
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidDevin Bush is your AFC defensive player of the week ! #Steelers
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidIf anybody ever asks you what white privilege is, show them this video. Now listen to me. I’m glad the police did…
Retweeted by Sonic Soulkid @juckshot_3 dawg what 😭😭😭😭😭 @Beezyotf this nigga cropped me out of the picture I’m fuckin done 🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidI know he's not one of the greatest Steelers to ever play but he definitely is one of my favorites. so many memorie… you @espn for allowing my mom and I to share our story. I hope this motivates you to push through any chall…
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidI was 17 when Columbine happened. I was 37 when my child was murdered in her school. Nothing has fucking change…
Retweeted by Sonic Soulkid. ⁦@Stalley⁩’s The Head Trip Tour Starts November 7th. Get your tickets!
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidSo on “sue me” lyric video it goes “Smack bouncing racks ...on hand maybe racks” ???! Like huh? What do they be h…
Retweeted by Sonic Soulkididc how many times I’ve seen this video but it will never NOT be funny
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidAye moe .. they be butchering my lyrics ..they gotta be stopped 😤😂
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidPJ is playing in 500s tonight. I’m ready for the greatest sneaker free agent season we’ve ever seen.
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidWith caution. Try not to startle them. Also, Do not feed.
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidThis is how much we luv y’all @colorsxstudios version of #Up out now!
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidThis is White Privilege If he was black or brown, he would have been shot. THIS IS WHY WE KNEEL!
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidThe @RickRoss x @DwyaneWade Li-Ning Way of Wade 7 🔥
Retweeted by Sonic SoulkidKnowing there is negativity out there but purposely avoiding it at all and any cost is an amazing skill
Retweeted by Sonic Soulkidwell damn lol 🔥
Jus drop it. It’s all in Kenny hands now .
Retweeted by Sonic Soulkid @blakk_sensei Neo from the Matrix AND John Wick? Keanu Reaves boutta get a CHECK lol. a Street Fighter character… influence is jumpin out everywhere
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