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LIVE. CLASSIC WOW AND STONKS. @Valkyrae LET'S GOOOOO, market manipulation by federal reserve pumping $ into failing banks & corporations is okay. But Reddit users ra…
Retweeted by sonii @Trainwreckstv ready when you areLIKE THIS TWEET IF STONKS @GordanRamseySDK I’d go vegan protein if you got stomach problems from other protein powders @danzer_FPS Peanut Butter / Nutter Butter / Chocolate Cereal Milk, EZGamers, hot dudes, hot babes, and weebs. GHOST is having a BOGO 50% OFF on all Protein for the next 24 hours. AND… @hasanthehun this host on CNBC is crying rn.#SaveAMCGUILD FIRST ATEISH!!!! CONGRATS TO @Soviethammer007 <Hero> still going strong 💪🏽 @shroud @sonii @beckinsalex
Retweeted by sonii(This is a very nerdy WoW tweet) My brother is currently building the FINAL Legendary of Classic WoW on his mage..… @MitchJonez nah The Hungering Cold, its a classic WoW wep. Turning tide I think is BC? @GhostLifestyle Vegan Peanut Butter Cereal Milk EASY. @WARDELL416 @Jacob_MvPR @GhostLifestyle code sonii? ;oI got this cool sword in World of Warcraft today :) @hypland @VIZMedia I need a vegeta rug boys. Plz make it happenhey just testing something could you like this tweet?
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LOOKING FOR COLD BREW COFFEE SPONSOR DMhey just testing something could you like this tweet?
[DAY 3] Hardcore Leveling in WoW !rules in chat :3 @natnatow she was CRUSHIN' it @TeamLiquid but what if I wanna celebrate YOU 👉🏼🥺👈🏼 @G4TV No problem. Now launch the network already😤’s chest/back workout on the GRAM. [found an outdoors gym with minimal equipment.. /…
@JakeSucky @HikoI just rubbed like 70mg of CBD Peppermint balm into my body and I feel myself floating into enlightenment Chill c…
Doing Classic WoW HARDCORE with some Guildies. Leveling from 1-60 on Alliance. FIGURED MIGHT AS WELL HAVE A MAGE… @Rishness It wasn’t obvious enough? @AsapTHod And here I was thinking we were friends... @ArkhonDH Had to get it off my chest.. @Teadrinkinfiend Appreciate it Conrad. @Michelle_T_MFC Thank you Michelle. @mitchyt_22 Thanks Mitch. @porchpirate52 Thanks man.. happens to the best of us.Been wanting to tell you guys about this for a while now... Read: @Sakimianimation @SakimiChanArt wrong account @Sakimianimation @SakimiChanArt fuck.Go get some exercise 😡😁 [training arc] people ask me if I still play Classic WoW
Just put down payment for my Shiba. Going to be a proud dad to one of these boys very soon 😁🥰🥰🥰 @hypland Neji, 💯omg @iamjasonpun Was blasting Kingslayer and sempiternal
@Ferunandochan 💪🏼🎉 @brodyserg down bad atmPulled up to the gym this morning 2 scoops of pre workout deep blasting bring me the horizon only to find out they… friends wanna queue Valorant? placed plat 3, dm me :3 @ItsOscvr @GhostLifestyle you can but thas a WHOL lotta caffeine. I personally can only handle one or the other, could try half n half? @humid1x @ItsOscvr @GhostLifestyle @DivinexKage and just use code "sonii" at checkout! 😂😅 @ItsOscvr @GhostLifestyle @DivinexKage Enjoy my man, best supplements in the game.Valorant is cool and fun 😎 you know what else is cool and fun? you. 😎
@KirbyAu Feedback : goodThis ain't really about me either ~ I vibe heavy with my community and chat. Just wonderin' what everyone's take was. @AfroSenju Kind of embarrassing how Akira Toriyama can't throw my boy a bigger bone. Yeah Vegeta has had some epic… to figure this out for a while now, Is there a sort of reverse psychology in getting viewers on Twitch by N… @Valkyrae Can't wait to see the green! @SutoCustoms If travel opens back up in the summer YES! Currently registered for JPN 102 in the spring at a local c… @Archangel_Creed Thanks dude! I’ll check it out @TipsOutBaby Congrats to you and Mrs. Tips!!NOT DELETING THIS. I NEED A SENPAI👊🏼looking for japanese tutor / penpal! [deleting soon] if you have the Genki books that'd be huge too! @NICKMERCS hmu when you find the remedy
@talk_esports @Ninja @NICKMERCS LMAOOOO no way did you guys actually make a video on the fight list 😂😂I LOVE BACON @ur_succubus_gf @kiwi_sunset :o ok @TheFabilolz @AlphaWeebChad LOL! Kinda, we are doing Naxx @ 10AM tho :) @kiwi_sunset I'm kind of confused are you mad at my tweet? @TheFabilolz @AlphaWeebChad TMRW MORNING, 10AM, NAXXRAMAS FULL CLEAR, THEN MC,BWL,ONY,ZG20,AQ20, UBRS @Barry_74 Hey @twitch @TwitchSupport , can you guys unban my friend or genuinely look into his case? The clip he w… @rainywavess @AlphaWeebChad this will probably be the battle plan tbh @Lynoxian @AlphaWeebChad That games still exists?! @NICKMERCS this off-brand-shitty tier list website didn’t have you on there and idk how to photoshop but know I’m p… miss having a primary game to grind / stream Classic WoW.. Valorant.. Retail WoW just didn't do it for me at al…
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made a streamer fight list @brian_sator Not pretending anything, if you have truly been a part of my community for a few years I'd like to thi… @brian_sator if you want to have a civil discourse you can privately DM me I apologized for forgetting, that is th… @Yassuo glad everyones respecting the power of anime. better watch it, moe. @brian_sator huh? I didn't bland down anything. I forgot it was MLK day and deleted my tweet because I didn't want… some people deserve to be cancelled? Yes. Is there good in PROPER Social Justice? ABSOLUTELY Is there ANY good… @brian_sator but just because I was in a rush this morning waking up at 6AM to get to the gym before an online clas… @brian_sator not for one moment am I dismissing the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr ~ his teachings and general app… @snoops_mine156 this ones staying up.I hate cancel culture, SJW culture, snowflake culture, misinterpret culture, never-giving-people-benefit of the dou… @LoganDodson @100Thieves White baseballthe amount of heart-felt messages I’ve been receiving lately is really something else.. know you guys like to tell…
@RivingtonThe3rd that might be the only place I can go get a workout in these days. don't understand, LA/Malibu beaches open, everything in NorCal open.. but my small gym that has Dora on the ellip… @MrBeastYT code "sonii" 20% off.WE'RE STARTING AT 7:10PM PST @MokisHome ??? LMFAO @BajheeraWoW Happy birthday big J. Keep inspiring and rocking on. ❤️👊🏼
hi I know I haven’t streamed in a few days, been working on my training, health, and a few projects that you all wi… NIGHT @ 8PM PST IN DISCORD WE'RE WATCHING SAMURAI CHAMPLOO @RealStrongLegs @Ethoz InvDocumenting a day of @ home training / activity on my IG! @NnTakumi You got this man <3GOOD MORNING ITS CAFFEINE TIME @Unreal_Dreamer @UmiNoKaiju1 ❤️👊🏼