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@jainormis GGs! @PlayVALORANT @loleu @ZeronisART I NEED AGENT SKINSSSSS @toripareno This hits home. Stay strong ❤️‘Refreshers’ is what I’m using to describe events (which I feel a lot of people relied on), travel, eating out with… a lot of streamers struggle during this quarantine.. In my current experience I’ll say before covid I was a… is so. so.. SO incredibly awesome.. speechless. ❤️ @Warcraft @GordanRamseySDK @beckinsalex found a gym that was open again :X @_Turkeyleg @jordanfisher @xaryu @BajheeraWoW @pikaboowow @DrLupo ❤️ appreciate you
omg I'm a huge fan @BMWEsports ty for the followShoutout to @AndresCreates and his team for super high quality stuff❤️omg these NEW GIFT ALERTS ARE GONNA BE FIREEEE. Setup 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100 variants of DBZ STUFF 😊 Here's Super… :) hope you have a really good day. got some weight training to get through and then I’ll be live on Twitch ^^. @scarra @shroud 💀
Live now :) Act 2 of Valorant LET'S GO @EsfandTV PogU. Good stuff @AustinOnTwitter’t wait to live in here with my future wife too I ever make an exorbent amount of money from my career this is the kind of house I’ll build 😤'mornin hot dudes ~ Feeling proper and ready to stream today ~ Just need to take care of a few errands.. Will be… @NICKMERCS goals. cept I want a edo-period style japanese mansion @Maaz_Suri11 I think it was a huge spoiler 😓 @MaryyMaybe IM SO SORRY I DELETED! @MaryyMaybe Wait shit @REALMizkif Awesome pic. Great size. Look thick. Solid. Tight. Keep us all posted on your continued progress with a… @b_nguyen38 after realizing how toxic that environment was to my mental, yah.Happier.
@hypland I need both of these YOO @T1 @HarveyWins T1-NA-Content Takeover? 😁
@NoSoyLava Context can’t be found in just one clip. Was just the usual back and forth jokingly shit talking / bante… I just shouldn’t have said anything.. feeling really.. really shitty from reading some of the stuff coming… @Kala @Ninja I haven’t been much involved in Classic WoW lately either and you still find it necessary to belittle… @Kala @Ninja You’ve thrown many.. in fact numerous aggressive/toxic comments my way both through proxy in - game on… @Kala @Ninja Sorry you still feel so resentful dude. I’ve apologized and acted cordial with you many times since ou… @Censor What..... LMAO @XCyqt I’m aware. Just saying bringing up the possibility of a future where we don’t have social media.Make sure you’ve prepared yourself for the removal / banning of ANY and ALL Social Media platforms. Bit of an eeri… @Heero_Time @D0mmyboy_ @MethodNoizeeh Sorry but this isn’t true. I’ve opened up to criticism VERY well especially from Lex morg n Greg. @the_jvegas love my Twitch community.. so much. thank you for all the positive messages here on Twitter too. 💙
LIVE NOW :) Always moving forward. @ReilsGO I believe that he didn't consider me good enough for the team.. but I can't figure out the actual reason b… @NotOnBooze HAHAHAHAI’ll be looking for a new 5 stack / team to actually scrim and practice with. Hmu!Updating here cause I know a lot of people were fans and supported us as a team.. Tyler has made the decision that… you're going through right now is temporary. wake up tomorrow and get 1% better. do this everyday.
Retweeted by T1 SONII @FierceEIite This GIF is always such a vibe @nguyen_mickey Thanks Mickey @Jmmer_ LOL!! Yo you’re that cypher! No not at all. GGs @vlvtrm😞 @shroud WHAT DOES IT MEAN @vlvtrm @Ninja PERFECT.
@Greekgodx @pokimanelol Hey Greek thanks for letting me borrow the lambo and training me in the gym appreciate it b… @TattedLady3 yes. yes I do. @chloe_hime7 :(sry for late update but no stream today. I’ve been going incredibly hard since Valorant BETA release and into the… @Shiphtur sendin ya vibes my dude. always a good idea to take a step back from time to time @hichemhamouche yuhWHY DO PEOPLE TRY TO TEAR OTHERS DOWN? I DUN GET IT. REALLY DON'T. Imagine using your platform to just shit on s… @_FunWithFire_ ~6 years ago 😭 @kellenkennedyGU @JoeMar @T1 ^_^(Photos from my study abroad trips in Japan) 🍃I miss this.. I miss traveling, meeting new people.. I miss exploring.. being in new environments. I love streami… @aibunv LMFAO @_SoFreshh Some coconut yogurt and date syrup. Tastes like heaven to me tbh @SirDimetrious Yes contrary to popular belief it it is neither a tigers testicles or an actual nut! It’s a root vegetable:) @_SoFreshh Prob ~300 cal for a large waffle 20g protein 30g carb 10g fatAll I’m saying is if you don’t have a waffle maker already buy one. My life is forever changed. Tigernut-paleo-pr… @DrLupo @LogitechG @NinjaI may have over-hyped this but they were clean to me 2 anticipation snipes 😩 @JessicaBlevins I'll offer free fitness classes on the beach and oil my body up all I ask for is a few pina coladas
Sorry for delay in stream start times!! Been doing a bit of work behind the scenes to get merch and a few other pr… @Trappin2Tappin @Ninja I've had better games this is just consistently the case. RANKED SYSTEM IS SCUFFED @WVRDELL stay natty roids are for NOOBS @Ninja I shoulda just cropped your dumbass out FML @GR4ND nope @BarnettZaila ily @BarnettZaila ????????????????????????? WOT @XCyqt this is the best comment ive received in a while tbh ty @WVRDELL lol ur small @boxrTailored @Morgausse_ LOOOOL @AnselmBKK3R @GhostLifestyle code sonii ^^ @_Phoxy @hypland @ShikhaaXO LMAO let’s see it 😤 @AnselmBKK3R To can’t go from normal Saiyan straight to Super Saiyan 3 a planned..concentrated approach with mind / muscle con… @UwuMushu @FBILosAngeles bro? @MK_Insuperable It’s a smaller gym but my county / city is also super small compared to anywhere close to LA @2ez4rikki ur not brett....Never thought I'd say these words.. Driving to the gym right now 😭🎉 Found one that's actually open and is only 5… @Sneaky @estherlynnhhj @squarenoodles I lost @timthetatman Bro I am SO excited for thissssssssssssssssss
Live now!!! Sorry for the massive delay.. Slept in then had to raid in WoW then business stuff and my body was li… @Razer @Xbox @Halo Send me @ginosabii is 2 hours ago EU friendly? I'm usually live by 12 most days.. just doing some WoW raids off-stream rn @FaithTTV austin i think @Fr0z3N1985 @AlphaWeebChad I think if it's primary function is to remind me to pull back my shoulders and engage my… EU Gamers (I know I did a AUS accent sry)
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