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But also at this point may make a tighter knit discord for something similar as well ~ let me sleep on a few ideas!Pretty awesome seeing just how many people are into this type of self-discovery/improvement ~ Will get back to you… for more (aspiring)enlightened men to chat with late night on discord about life, goals, philosophies, etc.… @1HP_Medic I'm in ventura county, you do housecalls? 👀Reminder to not give up on the person you want to become keep it goin’ and get up. ❤️👊🏼no it's gonna be summer.....
@MaxxChewning I’ll DM you a pic.. Of something else ;)))))HEY 😡 Book a massage. You deserve it 😡I’ve decided after going to the gym today that I need to create a schedule of both garage gym sessions & gym sessio… @DonSoup You look like a frogAnabolic sushi’s good to be back. Watch the new #F9 trailer now.
Retweeted by soniiFATHER YOU’RE GOING TO DESTROY THE WHOLE PLANET YOUVE GOT TO STOP ITTTTTTT TRUNKS!!! LET’S GO!!!!! heheAHAH FINAAAL FLASSHHHHH ohh SHITT @jakenbakeLIVE @TwitchRivals @loltyler1 Let’s worry about them legs before we get you in one of these jakeypoo😉😘😘 @RusSwole’m lifting in this. I don’t know what I’m lifting. But I’m lifting. And I will be victorious alongside my Saiya… @RiftAwaken @Leilax_art AHAHAAHAHAHA 💀 💀 💀SONII - THE STARK-NAKED SAMURAI [VOLUME 1] thanks for the idea @Leilax_art & @sonii
Retweeted by soniiMy dog is so fkn cute sometimes I just wanna squeeze him way harder than I should but I practice self restraint and… gym stream today, I am cranking some pre workout and going TO the gym.. it’s been too long. lord give me streng… Ball Z : Cooler / Return of Cooler were the best DBZ movies. Hands down.he licks his lips every time I make this sound cause he’s used to coming up to me n kissing 😂 @NnTakumi BroToday was a good day. It’s nice being busy. Ty for supportin’ the stream hot dudes ❤️ @RusSwole I’ll join @alexringe @HiRezStudios Why is almost every game just better as... “Classic” 😪😪😪Hell, just revert Realm Royale back to how it was super early on. Get an actual dev team on it. And pay out a few b… I genuinely feel like there’s still an audience for a BR similar to Realm Royale. Easyish to play, straight…
LIVE NOW FOR NAXXRAMAS SPEED RUN Classic WoW // TBC Karazhan Testing after🤔 Ol’ day of streaming ahead ~ Chest Day for the Boys to start. WORKOUT STREAM NOW LIVE… @WAHTAA Bed time! @Kalakbar 😂😂😂 @matthwjwest GOOD SHIT BRO👊🏼🔥 @Leilax_art do it 👀dogs are so op. my lil guy started barking at the backyard so I thought there might be an intruder, grabbed my sam… @jordanfisher Yeah, and your forehead is about to be starring with cameos from mr. Pimple 1 and mr. pimple 2 @jordanfisher dude those are the worst. I had a giant one that was under my skin for like 3 years and then last wee…
Join us tonight at 7pm CT as the GHOST® Fam Plays: @FallGuysGame SZN 4! 🎮 @sonii 🎮 @lazyemily_ 🎮 @Ronshredz 🎮…
Retweeted by soniiHappy Monday :) WoW: TBC Beta Leveling Stream Today // then playing Fall Guys on the @GhostLifestyle twitch channe… stream w/ @jakenbakeLIVE moved to Thursday. forgot I had vet appointment today @ 11AM so gotta prio that. wil… out to all the dudes solo grinding their whole show ~ it's a full-time gig raising a pup, keeping healthy,…
@Artemishowl_ I'm surrounded by hot dogs @MaxxChewning dbl dry scoop to the dome and get your ass in there ladHot Tub Titty Streamer plays WoW for the first time live on MFC Cut Bacon > Any other kind of BaconBORUTO ANIME IS ABOUT TO BECOME ABSOLUTE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @Kala @riotgames Vouchcan confirm gym streams are still a vibe regardless of energy levels ~ loving it. ordering IRL backpack today too if all goes smoothly ^^ @EsfandTV Atababy @JoshOG SHEEEEESHrecovering still a bit from food poisoning BUT I’m inspired to get a really solid gym + gaming stream schedule goin… n brushed 😋 added some bone broth to his dinner tonight and he LOVED it 🥳
@pokimanelol I’ll take 3 for self-experimentation and feedback plz @jordanfisher Yeaaaah I think I just spaced. Was starving after a workout and didn’t think about how long the chicken was in there forso puppy school from 12-1PM PST today :3 thankfully I feel well enough to go! will be live after for GAMES @hazelixir I WANT TO GAME HAZEL @NnTakumi Bro that is some insane weight AND volume. Good stuff @NnTakumi What is 435x6 for 3? 3 sets of 435 pulls?!?Was in bed from 1pm yesterday till now ~ 😓 Going to take care of some errands and slowly wake up, gonna be live la… @ElliottVenczel So beautiful. I need to come visit!!! @Svenrad92 LMAO @LexLunaa Even if both were fully cooked through before eating? I didn’t take the bacon off until the chicken was done @JRelzi I think it was THAT chicken, yeah. :( and then I ate the same chicken again for lunch. Q_QI just dealt with quite possibly the worst food poisoning I’ve ever had 😞 Ate chicken 2 days in a row that was unk…
@jakenbakeLIVE Leg day, make you stretch your glutes ahead of time ;)I am officially sore everywhere. GGs Solid week of Gym Streams, thank you for hanging out if ya did, loving them.… @syanne77 @aibunv @macawcaw123 @chaseshaco Totally 2nd the intuitive eating ! I haven't tracked calories in ~ 7 yea… @aibunv @macawcaw123 @chaseshaco @syanne77 I think it just comes down to what you prefer no? In my experience girl… STREAM. HIIT / SHOULDERS / ABS puppy woke me up from a deep slumber but it’s ok because I love him 😠😠😠😠😠 @MaxxChewning Maxx the remake is literally the original I think. WDYM @_Rootoo Took snap of wrong one ;X I just had this all - day and I didn't even know?....... Well, we'll be playing D2 after Gym Stream tomorrow… @AsapTHod @RusSwole big weight big proud BIGGet some early sleep tonight.. We got a BIG training day tomorrow morning😎 @AsapTHod @RusSwole SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESH
@jordanfisher LMFAOOO @jordanfisher welcomemy puppy paced back and forth from my computer desk (where I was on a call) to the backyard door because he had to… I cook bacon while cooking chicken so I can eat bacon while I’m cooking chicken every studying showing that cupping is “placebo” there’s also a study showing it’s benefits.. at the end of the… lot of people asking me what this does. I had deep tissue/ART, Cupping, and Scraping done to help break up adhes… @JessicaBlevins It’s one of the many modalities I use when I’m trying to release fascia / get deep tissue work done…🤔 @watchvenn 🙈🙊 @ItsD_A_ Get after it dude 🤍👊🏼 @sonii I workout in the morning and I am always watching these gym streams. Making me want to run two a day workout…
Retweeted by soniicall me the sage of 72 paths 😂 I am SO SORE .. BUT I said Leg Day today. So we’re doing leg day. Control>…’m going to rewatch Hunter x Hunter for the 3rd time and give you guys an arc by arc as well as overall reasoning… @xChocoBars LMFAO @jordanfisher Yes. But first things first, sushi @Esports_Health Not enough man =\ this past year has been really rough in terms of finding good body workers @Kala HAHA. I’m fine. The good kinda hurt but I’m alive @YunalesckaGames Yes. All of it. Got scraping / cupping / deep tissue work done. LMAO“day-off”
@ZaiArts So sick dude 🔥 @Valkyrae @100Thieves UP! 💊⚡️ @sonii
Retweeted by sonii @RusSwole Listen I’m not trying to get killed hereHunter x Hunter is slightly overrated.