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Soniqs @SoniqsEsports Harrisburg, PA

Official Twitter account for the Susquehanna Soniqs, competing in Rainbow 6 Siege, Rocket League and PUBG. #SoniqBoom💥

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@Vet7Disgruntled @KnightsGG Send us a DM we will see what we can do!
This week @suprSeth and @iconicr6s sat down to talk about the team's 1-1 start to the #R6NAL, adjusting to a new ro… one could have predicted the outcomes for week 2 of the #R6NAL. Despite the craziness, @Goddess_R6 is here to br…
Happy Independence Day! 🇺🇲 We hope you have a safe and happy holiday. claim third in the #PCS1 NA Grand Finals! 🥉 The squad showed resilience, climbing from 8th to a top three finis… BOOM. 💥💥💥 #SoniqBoom
Great start to the evening for the crew after knocking off STK. #SoniqBoom's the final day of the #PCS1 NA Grand Finals! Can we climb tonight for a top 3 finish? Watch:… @ShrimzyPUBg You're always a solid 8 to usWe remain in 8th place after today, but we're back tomorrow for the final day of the #PCS1 NA Grand Finals.…
The final two days of the #PCS1 NA Grand Finals begins tonight and we're leaving everything on the line. Watch:… seeing Keitaro's statement we have removed him from the organization effective immediately. We hold a high st…
2020 @RLEsports LETS GOO
Sometimes you got to put the young guns in their place @EasilyyR6 @iconicr6s 😅 @R6esportsNA ♥️back from my 6 month holiday, we beat tempo 2-0 really fun game, played some good rounds some trash rounds, all in…
Retweeted by Soniqs @GomfiW Glad to have you back ♥️If @suprSeth says it, it's the truth. bounce back this week with a 2-0 victory in the #R6NAL, giving us the chance to finish in the top 2 of Group B.… almost no time left we pick up the win on Clubhouse and the 2-0 victory against @Tempo_Storm. #SoniqBoom'S BACK!!! @GomfiW with a quad kill clutch #SoniqBoom take the first map! Next up is Clubhouse with an opportunity for us to pick up our first win in the #R6NAL.… is extremely good at clicking buttons 😂 #SoniqBoom @Tempo_Storm I'll bring the snacksGlad you got the name right this time @R6esportsNA 😅're up next. Tonight we take on @Tempo_Storm for Week 2 of the #R6NAL and it all starts now! Watch:…
Tonight we face @Tempo_Storm in the #R6NAL. If you missed how they did last week we figured we'd get you caught up.… Announcement.
Retweeted by SoniqsHappy birthday @SlebbeeN! 🥳 We hope you have a great day today.
Missed #R6NAL Week 1 action? @Goddess_R6 gets you caught up on everything that went down in the opening week on THB… 3rd @ has to leak roster moves with you to the liquipedia guy and you get to live here with @spoodahRL, who ya…
It was a difficult night of us but we're only halfway through the #PCS Grand Finals. We'll be back next week ready…
Day two of the #PCS NA Grand Finals starts now and we're looking to climb from third place! Watch:…'s the dream team for the 50k Rise Together Charity Warzone tournament! @tgltnPUBG @FaZeBlaze @TeeGrizzley We finished the opening day of the #PCS NA Grand Finals in 3rd place last night. Later this evening we'll be… couldn't hold on after the first map, we fall 2-1 in the opening week of #R6NAL. #Soniqboom TAKE MAP ONE #SoniqBoom TO THE BIG LEAGUES @iconicr6s 😤 #SoniqBoom pick up our first chicken dinner in style with 10 total kills. 🔥 #SoniqBoom's finally time. We make our return in the #R6NAL tonight with our match against @DarkZeroGG. Watch:… take those. #SoniqBoom
Hey @PUBGEsports can you calm down with these circles? We're just trying to have funThe #PCS1 NA Grand Finals start NOW. After finishing the group stage in first place, we're looking to do the same… @DarkZeroGG dw there will be more than enough clips after tonightCan't wait to get this W Santa left for us under the tree tonight 😎 #SoniqBoom @R6esportsNA @OXG_Esports @DisruptGaming @DarkZeroGG #SoniqBoom𝘴𝘢𝘥 𝘷𝘪𝘴𝘢 𝘯𝘰𝘪𝘴𝘦𝘴Regarding our roster for today's #R6NAL match.
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We're looking for 6 plat Rocket League players for an upcoming YouTube video. 👀 DM @MitsEvoX if you want to participate.In light of the movement taking place on Twitch today, we felt it was more appropriate to postpone Playday 2 of the…
Retweeted by Soniqs @DarkZeroGG
See you tomorrow. #R6NAL @Ken_Rou_Voice International shipping and only $39.99!
tag a friend who fears for his life in 2s into the new season of @R6esportsNA, please welcome our latest additions to our sub roster: ⚪️ @LagsR6 ⚪️… @R6esportsNA @DarkZeroGG @eUnited @DisruptGaming @TSM @Tempo_Storm @OXG_Esports @SpacestationGG See you Wednesday 😎
To the dads: Happy Father's Day! To everyone else: don't forget to call your dad. and @MitsEvoX try out Heatseeker mode and find the best possible way to play the game mode. Have you…
In the latest episode of The Hard Breach, @Goddess_R6 gives her perspective on the craziness of the @R6esportsNA dr…
How to deal with stream snipers feat. @tgltnPUBG @SkillzRL @eUnited @itsmeDemo @primethunder_rl Very well played! Best of luck in the next round!
We're back for the winners final series in Group B of #BRAWL10k against @SpacestationGG starting now! Watch:… defeat @eUnited in overtime and move on to the #BRAWL10K winners final in Group B! #SoniqBoom @eUnited @MemoryRL_ @hockserRL @ayjacksrl Not even tagging us guys... can do it all, he clutches up in overtime and we take game one! #SoniqBoom gets things heated up with back-to-back goals 🔥🔥 #SoniqBoom GAME DAY! #BRAWL10k Group B plays today and our first series begins at 3:45 EST against @eUnited. Watch:… to announce that the Soniqs have elevated @jobrokkaebi from the position of analyst to head coach and that he…
Retweeted by Soniqs⚪️ PCS1 NA Group Stage Champions ⚪️ The only established esports org ⚪️ Best looking team in NA Why wouldn't you v…
When you want your 2s teammate to push up for the ball @Rainbow6Game @R6esportsNA mastermind behind Group B
@DarkZeroGG take it easy on us, its been a while @Tempo_Storm @DarkZeroGG @TSM Don't forget the fist bump this time @DarkZeroGG @Tempo_Storm @TSM This is where the cool kids hang out right? @Tempo_Storm @R6esportsNA @DarkZeroGG @TSM 👋Have you ever seen them in the same room together??? is like gym class where if you're one of the first picked it means you're the best right?Thanks for the pick @VellyCasts. No bribing required. 😎If you're not watching @R6esportsNA's Season Draw right now then you should be. After all, you don't want to miss t… @PUBGEsports @Im_Relo @Snakerrrs @BalefrostPUBG @OathGaming @luke12PUBG 3rd place POV @R6esportsNA know who to vote for @PUBGEsports Why can't I vote for @hwinnfps and @pr0phieQUALIFIED 🔥 We finish the group stage in first place and qualify for @PUBGEsports #PCS1 NA Grand Finals! We're onl… wins for the squad, they're going out with a bang. 🔥 #SoniqBoom WITH THE CLUTCH! We secure a double-digit kill victory in game three and they said we were slowing…
Will we finish the group stage at the top of the leaderboard? Tune in now as the last day of PCS groups begins! Wa… day is a struggle for @SpoodahRL 😅
Whether you're attacking on Consulate or Chalet, you're going to want to know about this angle in @Goddess_R6's lat… the first day of week three of the PCS we still hold on to our first place position. We're back in action Sun… but confidence as the squad takes down @RadianceGG in the final game of the day. #SoniqBoom a perfect flank from @pr0phie we pick up the victory in game four! 🍗 #SoniqBoom
We're back for the final weekend of the PCS group stages. Right now we hold first place across all groups and we're… @MitsEvoX @SpoodahRL is nextWays to compliment your teammate...'RE LIVE. Today we're playing through groups of Codename: Covert. Watch: | #SoniqBoom