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@olofnae Haha, same thing except it never ends. @rymdkraft Don't touch my F-keys. @j3rrytron @glassbottommeg I've got basically my name which is a fairly common name, and I've gotten all kinds of s… @ctrlshifti I see this sentiment a lot on Reddit and I totally get debugging isn't perfect for every case or enviro… @ALucidAdventure Thank you :)
@SQHistorian I did, but then I ran out into the street instead and yadda yadda died a happy flea. @SQHistorian Not yet. I'll try it more another time! @SQHistorian Played through a couple of paths. That was quite a ride.I'm sorry to report that I have created an experience again. #AdvXJam #gamedev
Retweeted by Sonny Bonds @rymdkraft @VideoGameDJ Congrats! @chipzel Thought for a minute you'd gotten rude private messages. @charlottegore Exciting! @SQHistorian Ooh, will check it out later! @AthenaQueen17 @CreativeReader3 Hey Ya @charlottegore @mistress_lu @SQHistorian I'll admit it's not the apex of smooth interactive fiction. DM if you want a hint. :)
@charlottegore Thank you :)I'm sorry to report that I have created an experience again. #AdvXJam #gamedev you guys srsly🎄MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY🎄 #80sremix
Retweeted by Sonny Bonds👀 all the jingle ladies? 🎵 🎄 ho ho ho 🎄
Retweeted by Sonny Bonds @saracecilia I've never had one at least. Could be interesting if it exists. Or horrible.I'm selling a test pressing of the #SpaceQuest V double #vinyl to raise money for @IQ_Adventures's new kidney. I'm…
Retweeted by Sonny Bonds @mode7games I thought wider would be a bit weird for desktop work but I love it.Ok The Game actually has a proper ending now. Some additional hints needed along the way to avoid getting stuck I t… @8bitpimp It is! Just didn't know if you had Spotify. @8bitpimp Some of those tracks are amazing. @8bitpimp Rush Coil's 8-bit Christmas!
Also should have made sure I actually used the correct font. @Waveshaper_SWE Lost mine in 2014. Totally opposite though, deteriorated over 30 years. He was 100% the reason I go… @FreakyZoid I think this is the one I was thinking about @FreakyZoid I don't remember what show it was but there's some clip from some home makeover show where the guy hate… I should've made sure my font was actually properly monospace before doing ascii art... #AdvXJam @martijnfrazer "pretend there's an ending here" is not an adequate ending to a game. Hope I can remedy that tonight. #AdvXJam @PixelGuff Same. @PixelGuff Mine are 4 and 7 and both require adult presence until asleep, and especially the youngest can be awake forever.Cursed achievements @lunasorcery Fairly sure it's -1, 0, 0, 0, 0, but the weird thing is I'm 99% sure I fixed a bug in some code which… @pati_gallardo It's fortunately one of those where when you've been bitten by it once, the next time it happens you… @PixelGuff How old are they?
So I put @mode7games through my #AdvXJam game and it seems like he had A Good Time. @mode7games I think you stopped reading just before where it said "good content".
That fleet thing hides account switching in a menu, and since one of my accounts has it and others not it also make… @FreyaHolmer @ASUS @Acer @Alienware Just the other day I realized I'd been running my 100Hz monitor at 60Hz since l… @Akien @reduzio I've written a fair bit of Python and I honestly had no idea about // @gloom303 Honest question: Is it better than 7zip in any way? @darthhelmet86 @SQHistorian @ScummandV True statement of kindness. @SQHistorian @ScummandV @ScummandV @SQHistorian I'm going to assume it means full endorsement. @PiecesofKate Strong Bad has a catchy song that helps you remember!
Might actually complete something (simple) for #AdvXJam. Still needs some fixing, but @SQHistorian played through i… @Wolfrick74 @Bhaal_Spawn My favorite is the submarines (probably in Warcraft 2): "blblbllllbllblblblbllubb' @TPropstart Gif search neither, it seems. night I woke up _twice_ from dreaming I was supposed to hold a zoom lecture on inverse kinematics for some cla… @FreakyZoid @MckKirk Too soon @mode7games No energy energy @grapefrukt @FreyaHolmer @khyperia Gut feeling for some reason says the first point you find isn't guaranteed to be… @FreyaHolmer @grapefrukt @khyperia Any room with more than one opening could have a node like that along a wall. @FreyaHolmer @grapefrukt @khyperia That makes it a lot more complex because those nodes don't feel super trivial to find. @FreyaHolmer @grapefrukt @khyperia Oh, true! Good catch. @charlottegore Shitty neighbors is the worst. @FreyaHolmer @grapefrukt I don't have any proof, but gut feeling is that for every outer corner there will be an in… @charlottegore What's worse, every time I'm about to listen to something I put on my headphones, then remember I have speakers. @MomGamesHard @ChickenPoliceG @MiddleAgeStream Oooof @MomGamesHard @ChickenPoliceG I hope you stopped somewhere around PQ3.I always feel a bit stupid when I realize I not only have my headphones on but also the speakers, even though I'm at home alone.
What's the best world music? @killthenoise Scatman's World
@rymdkraft @gloom303 @Ace_Buchannon I don't think I've seen any synthwave drama like... ever. But I've seen three tweets today about syn… @danthat Also yes I'm promoting my own shitty jokes I have no shame. (Actually a little bit shame which is probably… @danthat Just a matter of time @charlottegore @gillhespy I'm at the other end of the spectrum. It's playable through, but has no sound or music an… @charlottegore @gillhespy Live action, music, art... I'm getting inferiority complex over here! @Bhaal_Spawn It was just a few years ago the 'pun' in Rush 'n Attack dawned on me. @shaneus_ @JuliaMinamata @benjedwards Had no idea there was a NES version. @JuliaMinamata @benjedwards You take that back.Between the New Consoles and some big AAA releases, it has been an unusually weird and shitty week for Clockwork Go…
Retweeted by Sonny Bonds @charlottegore @keli_booster @ctrlshifti Yep! Unless there's some kind of safeguard but I think not.
@PixelGuff Oh saw it now. :( @addaleax I wonder if that ever stops happening. @PixelGuff Wait what has she done now? @plgDavid When it's happened it's been because a package within whatever I've notarized has been broken somehow, bu… @plgDavid My favorite is when it successfully notarizes, staples, but then still doesn't work because if you actual… @glassbottommeg I get this a lot specifically with Photoshop. Sometimes it just stops working with clipboard at all… @Bhaal_Spawn @dosnostalgic 1985 Bill can hold my floppy anytime. @chris__martin That's actually exactly what I did. (I know I can quote it but I still wanted to be sure. 😅) @mode7games @FreakyZoid We changed address like 7 years ago and it feels like the old one still pops up every now a… @Bhaal_Spawn I don't actually even have them on this account 😂 @Bhaal_Spawn Just wait @studioanisa I'm married, it's the same but "no Babe, ..." @aismallard @ctrlshifti In this case it wasn't empty though, but yeah. @charlottegore Wish I had the time to watch these streams! @geekyjohn @ctrlshifti Oof @luciakvel @noopkat @ctrlshifti No idea honestly!When you're down here with me you'll fleet too @mode7games ♥️♥️♥️ @MHLut @markwitt_me @ctrlshifti I once had a folder in DOS like c:\games\something that had gotten broken in the FA…