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@vantzouchrist made an excellent new LP. out now via Edições CN. It ft @johnalsobennett - Marilu Donovan - Magik*M… @pengmusicpeng no prob we will correct :) @brownswood has released the new LP by @zaramcfarlane. "Zara has created a futuristic sound palate, electronicall… based young producer/Dj Marco Diamubeni's new mixtape. @perfumegenius ' new video. Best Music of The Week. @AngelOlsen @nubya_garcia @archymoor @yui_onodera & more. Drive West is the project of British East London-based producer Joe Baker. New Ep out on 21st via…[Video]: Bob Mould – “Forecast of Rain” via @SonOfMarketing @align_music 's new song. amazing new composition by @maxcoopermax . @chkchkchk 's new song out now. nd new LP out from yesterday via @WarpRecords . @carparkrecords from #Washington DC has released yesterday the new LP by @madkenney - video below. @SaintSaviour 's new song. @maxrichtermusic 's new video. @SANKTOTTEN 's new song. is your Groundhog's Day going? Here's something to pop you out a bit. Read the second instalment of the three-…
Retweeted by Sonofmarketing @loljudofficial 's great new EP. #AmbientPop #SoulPop[Talks]: Guy Andrews via @SonOfMarketing[Streaming]: Nubya Garcia – “Source” via @SonOfMarketing[Streaming Premiere]: Carrè – “Carrè EP” via @SonOfMarketingMy AweSome Guest Mixtape: Golfers via @SonOfMarketing[Album Streaming]: Ben Frost – “Dark: Cycle 3” via @SonOfMarketing
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🔴 A SETTEMBRE #TUTTIASCUOLA Siamo a Roma, davanti il Ministero dell'Istruzione, per chiedere a gran voce di rientr…
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[Streaming]: !!! (Chk Chk Chk) – “Walk It Off” via @SonOfMarketing @nickhook 's new video out below[Streaming Premiere]: Snowdrops – “Ultraviolet” via @SonOfMarketing @jagajazzist 's new video. @bobmouldmusic 's new video. @runjewels 's new video. @ellenallien 's new video directed by Stini Röhrs and comes with this statement: “After the darkness comes light. O… album is out now!
Retweeted by SonofmarketingHere comes the fourth and last episode of #TalesfromQuarantine, messages from the community to the community, this…
Retweeted by Sonofmarketing @jessy_lanza shared a new video for the track “Over and Over“. It was directed by Winston H. Case. Watch it below a… @Swrvy 's new song! @holymotorsband 's new video: @ConcordJazz will release the debut LP by @nubya_garcia [21st Aug]. the new song below. @avonhausswolff 's new video: @AngelOlsen 's new video. @FatouDiawara 's amazing voice in the new song & video by @disclosure - watch it below.[Streaming]: Archy Moor – “The Long Road” via @SonOfMarketing[Album Streaming]: ideesnoires – “Au Ralenti EP” via @SonOfMarketing[Video]: Ethan P. Flynn – “Everybody’s Dying To Meet You” via @SonOfMarketing(1/2) After a short hiatus it's so good to announce brand new music from @Guy_Andrews. A prologue to the forthcomin…
Retweeted by Sonofmarketing @Guy_Andrews has a new album out in Sept with 'Permanence', and it's led by a prologue piece titled 'Twenty Seven I…
Retweeted by SonofmarketingEstate: tempo di falò sulla spiaggia, di scoperte e nuove sonorità. Notte buona per perdersi nell'universo jazz di…
Retweeted by Sonofmarketing[Video Premiere]: Miguel Gil Tertre – “C_2” via @SonOfMarketing
Retweeted by SonofmarketingHÅN live 14 agosto 2020 sotto la tettoia dell'#hanabi72! Free entry! @RADARconcerti
Retweeted by Sonofmarketing[Talks]: Sergio Díaz De Rojas via @SonOfMarketing @Sonofmarketing include @MammalHands - 'Chaser' in their 'Best Videos of the Week' Watch here:…
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Run The Jewels – ‘RTJ4’ via @SonOfMarketing[Talks]: Sergio Díaz De Rojas via @SonOfMarketing @safe_jazz 's fantastic new LP out now via @popcanrec full streaming below. @annakellymusic 's nice song. of you ever been at @ExitFestival in #Serbia? :)#chillingwith @erolalkan :'t miss our new digital show MW:M Dial-in – Music Changemakers this Thursday! It’s the first in a new series of…
Retweeted by Sonofmarketing @Swrvy 's new great song & video.[Album Streaming]: Tomotsugu Nakamura – “Literature” via @SonOfMarketing[Streaming]: Evening Elevator – “Higher” via @SonOfMarketing[Streaming]: MJ Guider – “FM Secure” via @SonOfMarketing[Streaming]: Julielle – “Double Hour” via @SonOfMarketing[Video]: Helena Deland – “Lylz” via @SonOfMarketing[Streaming]: IKSRE – “A Day Off” via @SonOfMarketing @KazyLambist 's new song.[Streaming]: Elliot James Mulhern – “When Morning Comes” via @SonOfMarketing[Streaming]: Loelash – “Chaos” via @SonOfMarketing[Streaming]: Love You Later – “Making Plans” via @SonOfMarketing[Album Streaming]: Hidden Rivers – “Plainsight Lakes” via @SonOfMarketing[Video]: Humans – “Beggin” via @SonOfMarketing @ethermachines luv luv luv it![Streaming]: HorrorPrty – “To The Sun” via @SonOfMarketing @gorillaz 's new fresh collab and video. @kaitlynaurelia 's new song.[Streaming]: Shivum Sharma – “Ride” via @SonOfMarketing[Streaming]: Carey Clayton – “Not of Plastic” via @SonOfMarketing[Video]: Lisel – “Specters” via @SonOfMarketing[Video]: Catherine Anne Davies & Bernard Butler – “The Breakdown” via @SonOfMarketing @deacon_official 's new video below. #AmbientPop #ElectroMobilityPoland P. Flynn is a Yorkshire-born, London-based musician, beatmaker, singer-songwriter, known also for the collabo… AweSome Guest Mixtape: Golfers via @SonOfMarketing @archymoor 's new song. Ltd is a French label based in Paris, and comes back with a new Parisian act called ideesnoires. @reypila 's new video animation video was directed by Daniel Farah and animated by Salvador Herrera and Daniel Fara…[Open Call]: INES#Talent 2021 via @SonOfMarketingPer viaggiare con la mente in questa estate anomala vi portiamo alla scoperta dell’altro Messico di Gloria Anzaldúa…
Retweeted by SonofmarketingSOLARIS // 1 settembre 2020 // live at #hanabi72 presentano ai piedi della duna "Un paese di musichette mentre fuor…
Retweeted by Sonofmarketing[Album Streaming]: Nicolas Jaar – “Telas” via @SonOfMarketing
Retweeted by Sonofmarketing.@Sonofmarketing say some words on J. Zunz new single ‘Four Women And Darkness’:
Retweeted by SonofmarketingI just got nominated for an Emmy Award! 😮😮
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hey friends, this #Friday out the one made for July :) @mariboustate @mannequinlabel 's new sweet #Electronic release with:[Album Streaming]: Cernichov – “Cernichov” via @SonOfMarketing[Album Streaming]: Ben Frost – “Dark: Cycle 3” via @SonOfMarketing[Video]: Catherine Anne Davies & Bernard Butler – “The Breakdown” via @SonOfMarketing[Streaming]: LEYA & Liturgy – “Antigone” via @SonOfMarketing[Streaming]: HorrorPrty – “To The Sun” via @SonOfMarketing[Video]: Lisel – “Specters” via @SonOfMarketing