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@micsolana @chrylis @razibkhan I think that was his main gig and he was only incidentally a CNN commentator? but I'm not positivetoobin wasn’t the only guy masturbating on that zoom call let’s be real
Retweeted by 🎀 🤖 @wumboitaliano does that require war-gaming though? maybe we'll find out more about what this actually entailedhas anyone explained why New Yorker staff was wargaming the election in the first place? @hardmaru @mineZcash ZEC sign! @cowboy_mode @fail_sun @EggProphet @TRULY_DOZING @rbbrbrrn @forshaper reminds me of a famous quote: "Utopia is not under the slightest obligation to produce results: its sole… @JBruhling glad you enjoyed!
Wikipedia is an exercise in handing over the foundations of our collective epistemics to those with the most time t…
Retweeted by 🎀 🤖"Once an ideal is alive, it may not give back our ideal response." by @PreCursorPoetsthe spiritual malaise on this platform is so strongMonday I am teaching beginner's yoga Tuesday is intermediate vinyasa Wednesday is Yin Thursday is TBD! If enough…
Retweeted by 🎀 🤖 @odesnotelegies congrats!"Human beings live in the future at all times, and our tools are the earliest evidence of that temporal dislocation… facts as points. People may see different shapes in them. A point is signal or noise depending on your shap…
Retweeted by 🎀 🤖This is one of the best things I've ever seen. @defcon 1 in 1993. I need this kind of energy in my life.
Retweeted by 🎀 🤖The @NYPost was a newspaper until last week, when it became just another Twitter user. Big Tech has swallowed both…
Retweeted by 🎀 🤖So I finally finished the beta of this tonight. It isn't quite what is described below. First real nodejs/mongo/jav…
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@arran basically yes but it varies a lot by individual @Duderichy @nickcammarata you guessed it!, Valencia, 1889 #impressionism #sorolla
Retweeted by 🎀 🤖 @nickcammarata a change of attitude toward consciousness ~Birth of an Idea by Norwood Hodge MacGilvary, 1920 The Beginning of Life by Frantisek Kupka, 1900
Retweeted by 🎀 🤖 @VR_Cuttlefish I'll have to take your word for it lolI think tonight I caught a glimpse of what @nickcammarata keeps saying about the self loving itself / I-self / myself / anyselfmost of my thoughts these days are like: concepts are inside of reality. huhSonya is such a fan of @Thinkwert she prints his tweets and scrapboards them!
Retweeted by 🎀 🤖 @vgr @TylerAlterman @tomcritchlow I didn't mean it in a bad way 😭 @sonyasupposedly And the data that I encountered by chance oriented me differently from the data you encountered by chance.
Retweeted by 🎀 🤖all there is to say to anyone who disagrees with you on anything is, welp, your skin in the game orients you differ… @rfitz77 it's intentional by YouTube's comment sorting team! or whatever they're called internally. see the comment… @TylerAlterman @vgr @tomcritchlow you're the closest I know to MBAs @warm_horizons you can still blame it on em lol @postpostpostr @ahardtospell well that makes sense then @default_friend just guessing, what do you think? @default_friend being too up-tight, too type A?this grandma YouTuber I follow got IT help from a subscriber in the comments 😭🥰 @warm_horizons I think personality is like 70/30 genetic versus environment anyway @ahardtospell exactly, EXACTLY @sonyasupposedly Fiscally Daddy Issues, Socially Mommy Issues
Retweeted by 🎀 🤖(I love my mom and we're on great terms now, she didn't do anything wrong I just Do Not Handle Authority Well and h…'s like daddy issues is an aesthetic or a lifestyle or somethin @auderdy @nickarner @VecnanKrait I thought you were in Singapore or something, I didn't know either!!! @generativist @sonyasupposedly Made some with red cabbage a few weeks ago and it came out amazing. Got some gochuga…
Retweeted by 🎀 🤖I had mommy issues not daddy issues but I still did everything associated with daddy issues @InfosecIvy hahha it's an excuse tbh, it's mainly that I'm a diva too and I DUN WANNA DO EMAIL but I know I have to… @vgr yes!!! @bruces was Talleyrand an inspiration of Lindsay? @AMartinCastro that antler pic is dope. looks like a fun time! @Duderichy I have a job!!! @InfosecIvy maybe 2morrow @InfosecIvy I promise I will respond!!! is technically weekend however u know @qorprate beautiful! glad that you post the pretty places you visitphotos from twitter friens hiking trip
Retweeted by 🎀 🤖gleefully deleting the emails that I don't have to respond to and dolefully pretending that I don't know about the…
we live in the cybernetic future @TheWWWSucksNow @MoonstruckTwolf haha sorry you can literally just google "kimchi pepper" and it'll come up. hence I have not retained the actual name @EricRichards22 probably the Chechen part, at least that's my guessPSA: kimchi is stupid easy to make at home, you just gotta get the right kind of chili pepper for it to taste right @nickarner @auderdy @VecnanKrait not in person! @4ever_becoming @qorprate @0K_ultra yeah ok @auderdy @VecnanKrait ALSO LOVE @miftah___ra @thesravaka @sonyasupposedly What if our real values are the decisions we made along the way
Retweeted by 🎀 🤖 @FrankMe123 what's confusing about it? @daily_barbarian nope! just looked it up and the synopsis sounds intriguing. do you recommend? @exotericist ty :)stuck it on my gallery wall which is a bit all over the place 😅's a poster I made from scraps. mostly bird scraps is constantly and inevitably demonstrating their values
Retweeted by 🎀 🤖 @default_friend repeat after me: 💅 @WithTheCaswave he need the snuggle @astrofixit then go for it :P @Duderichy this is me when people object to my strong opinions haha. "but [insert objection]!" me: "well, we don't have to agree. shrug" @paulcritchlow more like ought doesn't real :PI've long admired Talleyrand, who slips through history by playing the metagame.Explaining your values is far less effective than demonstrating them. Not a coincidence that the latter is much more difficult. @fire__exit that's okay @RokoMijicUK rationalism the subculture selects for people who want to write neurotic effortposts not people who wa… @fire__exit yes I do @Aelkus @anonymiserly but I want to pet Daisy! @rbbrbrrn You will find your wife and start your family 🥰Reality is not utilitarian. Hayworth & Fred Astaire in YOU'LL NEVER GET RICH (1941) dir. Sidney Lanfield
Retweeted by 🎀 🤖 @random_eddie Both! But common sense is a great tool @Aelkus @anonymiserly yes.jpgUntitled #surrealism #beksinski
Retweeted by 🎀 🤖 @VecnanKrait uh ohhmm... once again beginning to overflow current book storage... @netrunnernobody I forgot that this was an option, ty for the reminder! @PreCursorPoets ooh good to know! I will keep you in mind! @HundredthIdiot you looking? I'd be glad to! @robert_mariani or just post it and I'll RT you, opposite option @robert_mariani DM me what kind!should I retweet every looking-for-job-candidates post that I see? I don't have a great sense of how many of you are seeking employment @amasad I snorted @thesravaka @GlitchesBrew omg that crust. @TRULY_DOZING @sonyasupposedly the Tweet which can be posted is not the eternal Tweet
Retweeted by 🎀 🤖the more popular a tweet is, the higher the likelihood that you're going to regret posting it
been getting a lot of "I'm So-and-So with Blue Cause" spam texts but this is a new one