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Socialist, dedicated despiser of all things Tory.

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@JonesCitizen @soopagaz The criminal gang will rob you blind, lie to your face, they are all corrupt, the gang is called the tories.
Retweeted by Soopagaz #BuckForis @jones24051 @JonesCitizen @eftooms @Tentoads4truth @Cruellaisdevine No problem, this needs to be put there. I’m ashamed of my country.This is where we are, tragic 👇 @soopagaz #HerdImmunity and #eugenics 👍 They're doing well on these two
Retweeted by Soopagaz #BuckForisWe need a Universal Basic Income. Retweet if you agree. #UBI
Retweeted by Soopagaz #BuckForis.@MattHancock is useless. Fact!
Retweeted by Soopagaz #BuckForisYup.
Retweeted by Soopagaz #BuckForisIs there anything this shitstain government can do properly, apart from flagrant corruption? @barryoleary77 @EggarSimone Fuck ‘em Barry. Fuck the lot of them, bunch of cunts. Keep up the fantastic work, you’…
@RachelH71364724 @hazell_steven @Keir_Starmer @UKLabour Captain Bland.Love this pic... where is it from??
Retweeted by Soopagaz #BuckForisIf you watched @Keir_Starmer on #Gogglebox this evening, you will have seen what most of the left already know. Th…
Retweeted by Soopagaz #BuckForis @Noirdeathe Never will, along with any of the parties at presenting @TheHarryHaz Will do fella @JohnPaynter1970 not sure chap. i'll get a picture this evening. we leave from Victoria stationOut for dinner this evening on this thing of beauty. story: @Jinks_7: 'Some bloke out running “arrest Prince Andrew” 😂😂 The Valleys are a different breed ffs '…
Retweeted by Soopagaz #BuckForis
Very good read on MMT in layman’s terms 👇👇👇 @humanenergy5 Yep. Like an episode of Black MirrorEver hear a Tory say we can't afford a train line, nukes and the billions we spend on brexit so we had to make 'dif…
Retweeted by Soopagaz #BuckForisDear Jack, thank you for your lovely letter. Really made me smile tonight. Keep being kind. That’s what makes the w…
Retweeted by Soopagaz #BuckForis#UBINowSo, supermarkets are already limiting items people can buy! It's not even October. I'm pretty sure the utter fuckwa…
Retweeted by Soopagaz #BuckForis @DadontheEdge @soopagaz This (long) article gives us lots of clues as to where the Country's headed:
Retweeted by Soopagaz #BuckForisEverything is completely and utterly fucked!Don't stand still and slide backwards Move forward with #CEDAWPeoplesTribunal Who have vision of…
Retweeted by Soopagaz #BuckForisWe never ask anyone if they are a Red or a Blue. If they are Scouse or Manc, Geordie, Cockney or Brummie. Our only…
Retweeted by Soopagaz #BuckForisYou missed Dorries Lorries at 1000/1 @jacqui703 @mikecoulson48 @drbobgill @karl_trotsky @mojos55 @celtjules66 @pauldashworth @Hardeep216
Retweeted by Soopagaz #BuckForis @JustMeBeingMe4 @Conservatives We need to organise @JustMeBeingMe4 @Conservatives easy visualisation of the new Self Employed scheme @soopagaz If only real people looked like Bankers 🤪 🤬🤬
Retweeted by Soopagaz #BuckForisA Recession, they say. A Depression, I say! #UBINow @FALLLFAN I’m similar if not worse @FALLLFAN 👇👇👇 @FALLLFAN 20% only @VictoriaRoseoff It’s only 20% of average monthly profit.20 fucking percent!! news on the self employed scheme being extended ?#UBINowUBI NOW ! #UBInow
loosing my shit over biersocken mit henkeln
Retweeted by Soopagaz #BuckForisOn behalf of France, I'd like to thank Michael Gove for gifting us Kent. 🇨🇵 Just a little more of these #Brexit sha…
Retweeted by Soopagaz #BuckForis @ThankTam No problem chapFor a leader that says he want unity in the Labour Party, Keith has a very strange way of going about it. Or does… @ThankTam here you go, full list as below👇 @NadiaWhittomeMP Solidarity ✊❤️ @soopagaz
Retweeted by Soopagaz #BuckForis @jimmycoops2018 @Tinkerbell32112 @TwitterSupport Cheers @LexDavies3 @elishaleann87 If he does, it would be good news. @Tinkerbell32112 Yeah only just logged in since this afternoon lost hundreds of followers and people I was following too. Seems a bit oddIs Twitter doing a follower/following blitz or something? Or are just taking out loads of dubious accounts ?Labour MPs quit Keir Starmer's team to vote against bill condemned by Jeremy Corbyn - Mirror Online
Retweeted by Soopagaz #BuckForisAny of my followers have experience in contract law? Urgently need some advice as I've a feeling I am about to be r…
Retweeted by Soopagaz #BuckForisAdd your name:
Retweeted by Soopagaz #BuckForisWatching the British government is like watching a bunch of monkeys fucking a roulette wheel.
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@georgina09641 @WorkersPartyGB No👇👇👇👇 played well tonight, well done Man U.The need now for a True Socialist party, has never been greater. @aconda_ann Not sure? @ppryan1 Has he? Not sure.How long do you think it will be before Starmer does an interview for the S*n? I’m sure, after today, he’s begging for Murdoch approval. @Dellboy29670181 Definitely, if there’s anything left to buy.If you’ve started panic buying (again), you’re a fucking twat.Come on you Hatters!! @skloodles Shite!Martial Law-Incoming. @LeChatMystique Nope.Here he goes, the spaffing haystack spouting pony!Nah. I’ll give it miss. hear!
Retweeted by Soopagaz #BuckForis @KashkushHamed aye, he's a good manager. kept us up last season, a fantastic run in for us. Fingers crossed for this evenings game. @KashkushHamed I'm a lutonian, so bound to say that. @KashkushHamed Come on you hatters!!!!As the wise sage, David Bowie once said...... "This is not America", the COVID Hokey Cokey Work from home, go to work, work from home Eat in, eat out, eat in. You do the COV… to rise with the council estate than from it. #labour2020
Retweeted by Soopagaz #BuckForisBang on, is this tweet 👇 @mellassaurus Cummins mate‘People’s Behaviour’ It’s all your fault, you thick plebs. Nothing to do with us, whatsoever! Byline TV... 🔥 to support us, visit
Retweeted by Soopagaz #BuckForisReason Labour lost red wall seats is summed up here. Any other excuses are triangulation. Pushing for a ‘people’s v…
Retweeted by Soopagaz #BuckForisThat’s the Murdoch approval he wanted, now all sorted! @Mandi_Riseman Got 10/1 for a luton win, put a few quid on it @Mandi_Riseman Come on you Hatters!Someone’s on the Columbian Flake again. Toot-Toot! @PLoyalties 👍😂😂😂😂 @PLoyalties Up ya bum!If you’re a grammar or spelling pedant with tweets, go away.Covid turning up at the pub to find it shut at 10
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@MarisaDrucker If we couldn’t get a Sunday afternoon lock-in. My mate Sayeed, would sell us beer from the back door… @BlackCloud1966 Yep. Pissed up in kebab shops, then on to buses, trams etc. It’ll make no difference whatsoeverI remember when pubs opened at 12, shut @ 2.30. Reopening at 7, then shutting at 10.30. All that lead to was more p… @barryoleary77 @KaseyJRocks I’m in!!! @soopagaz 👇
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