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Sophie Weiner @sophcw Melbourne, Victoria

us citizen working for the globe earth conspiracy. co-founder @plurletariat. 😼

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@karengeier same just described Farm to Table as “taking things from the farm, and putting them on the table" Thank you, Antoni
Retweeted by Sophie Weinerhe has say "farm to table is taking ingredients from the farm to the table" TWICE, this is driving me insanewas "farming" what this country was founded on, antoni???i honestly just want to interview tan about how he deals with american culture lolone of the BEST things about queer eye is tan's horrified expression when some guy tells him he gets his clothes at "the farm store"the reason for the misunderstanding here is that "podcast" can refer to both "audio journalism" or "some dudes maki… @karengeier of course! anyone who doesn't understand that has never done any kind of journalism beforeanyway here's a mind bogglingly insane story by stephanie are telling stephanie, one of the best audio journalists of her generation, that JOE ROGAN is making better use of the medium lmaoevery idiot responding to this thinks there's no difference between this american life and cumtown @trashfuturepod yeah i love the stories you guys tellwhat is this new netflix show that is terrace house but as a road trip @njooney yeah we don't need to teach people to shop at cheap places, we need to take rich people's money lol @BingusOnline i'm all over it lol @gregoe86 they talk openly about depression with at least a few of the heroes this seasoni don't have a soundcloud but i just made a zine about socialism and techno @lindsaynec some parts are really sad but the "feel good" really works on megot a new job (temporarily at least) where i have no time to go online all day 💯💯💯 @judyberman caprese salad
"winter" in melbourne show as always @mountain_goats Philly loves you
Retweeted by Sophie Weinertheir daughter is named NOVAA. TWO As.this guy: i love my wife. she's my queen. she's my best friend. also i have three kids and i've never changed a diaper.a veteran who builds tiny homes for homeless veterans is the MOST possible queer eye person. this show embodies neoliberalism lol.why do antoni's emotional moments seem to come out of nowhere? he seems like he's going through some shit this seasonbut it also is incredible evidence of how much better off millions of people would be if they just got a little men… are a lot of uncomfortable things about this show -- the way they ignore structural and material problems lik… really sad thing about watching queer eye is realizing how many people in modern society are completely isolate… has compared two people to his parents in two episodes
damn he seems pissed at this ladydamn antony just dropping the "you remind me of my estranged mother" shitugh i want someone to come organize my house and make an exercise routine for memore problematic things: wayfair product placement. abolish ice!!!holy shit they got michelle kwan to come teach this little girl to ice skate???god this 10 year old girl who makes herself breakfast every day is gonna be messed up when she's olderok at least he asked for permission firstum wait karamo is calling the dude who shot the guy they are helping this week??? this seems like a questionable idea???this photo of bobby from queer eye as a teen 😭 @commielinguist @mikeservito really fun!
I am free from the confines of blogging about politics. Yolo. @whatfreshheck shion was cuter @whatfreshheck ehhhhhhalf of terrace house is the panel making in jokes about japanese comedians i've never heard of. wtf with makoto marochan.v v psyched to see @mikeservito in melbourne tonight, i can pretend i'm back home in brooklyn for a few hours.we might have sent some zines to knoxville earlier this week but you'll have to go to this party to find out
Retweeted by Sophie Weinerthanks for reading my work at @splinter_news for the last year. i start a new adventure on monday. <3
@halaljew shocking! @halaljew he's right tho! there are lots of white mexicans<3 lol avi photo was taken sitting in the window @carlyafisher Yeah I mean it’s been like that for awhile now, but it was def different in 2011The place that basically functioned as my office for 8 years in NYC is closing. Heartbroken. 💔 the skateboarder just blew out his bday candles and dabbedwhy do they all think this jerk sota is hot? he is not hot!i'm surprised they didn't immediately ask his ethnicityto be fair the show is pretty racially diverse considering the homogeny of japanthey finally found a black person to put on terrace house, impressiveuh yeah because the "routine" is putting people in concentration camps and getting them killed. can read this story and write it off as bloggers being mad at their new corporate overlords, or you can use you…
Retweeted by Sophie Weiner😬😬😬 @JordanUhl the baby is q. finally everything makes sense.👇From a scholar of fascism
Retweeted by Sophie Weinerphone falling into toilet is another serious concern with women's pants @okerproker we have to combat the influence of Big Bag @okerproker i agree lol though i know there are some problems like, there's no real way to have pockets on a bodyco… though i have left my phone in SO MANY BATHROOMS because of the lack of real pockets on my clothesthis was hard because i guess i have high regard for my dumb ideas lol. i don't think legalizing all drugs, abolish… women's clothes should have functional pockets @modernistwitch surprised this doesn't already exist
I wrote about racists using anti-Semitism as a shield and how flimsy and shitty it is
Retweeted by Sophie Weiner @therealtmcg Are you watching dark @mags_mclaugh Tidal is the best imo followed by idler wheelThe main problem with the tv show dark is it doesn’t address why these people are not trying to kill baby hitlerI'm detecting a pattern here.
Retweeted by Sophie Weiner @skrillex_dad520 lol we got you guys to buy that shitneed to cleanse my soul am not interested in a photo op at an Amazon warehouse. I am calling for Labor Department inspectors to come in,…
Retweeted by Sophie Weiner @TaraBethIdaho no, from californiathis is so upsetting O O M
Retweeted by Sophie Weiner
taka is cleaning everything before he leaves 😭it's nice how normal and accepting everyone is about the bi guy (the members, i mean) @roxaloxa it's so goodthis seina/noah makeout scene is intense!! terrace house has become softcore porn! i am scandalized!love sobbing with my bros want to go on terrace house just so people all cry when i leaveshohei's exit from terrace house is incredible. imagine playing for five people who are all sobbing. @zandywithaz it's a really good german time travel drama on netflix @Mike_Hfuhruhurr need a larger version of the second one lol @Mike_Hfuhruhurr lmao i was just about to say i am not gonna remember who the hell is related to whoBy telling @RashidaTlaib to go back to where she came from, Trump has finally endorsed the Palestinian Right of Ret…
Retweeted by Sophie Weineroh shit the second season of dark is out!!! @mikeystall never(quietly) a simulacrum movement to storm Area 51 in order to liberate nonexistent aliens is precisely what you get…
Retweeted by Sophie Weiner @whatfreshheck i know nothing about this show but we stumbled on an ep on tv here once and some guy was earnestly t…
Bert has a point here. If nativism & xenophobia are “racism” then all conservatives are racist. Great point, Brett
Retweeted by Sophie WeinerYeah, sure would be a shame if somebody were to associate Israel with racism
Retweeted by Sophie Weiner