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Sophie Anderson @SophieASlut London, England

😈”Go on then show us the goods”. ⚔️Sophie the DICK SLAYER⚔️I will SLAY them all⚔️🚓The DICK POLICE R ERE🤫😂

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🔥Wank wank, Wank those gang fuck Dick’s🔥 ❤️I LOVE DICK SOO MUCH, TAKING THE GANG FUCK DICKS is a DREAM!❤️ old me when my parents walk in on me searching porn on the family computer before trying to blame it on my you…
Retweeted by Sophie AndersonMe every time i pick my phone up at work
Retweeted by Sophie AndersonMe aged 8 getting caught still on my Gameboy at 3am
Retweeted by Sophie Andersonme when i was 8 and my mum walked in on me talking to my nintendogs at 2am
Retweeted by Sophie Anderson @neenerwienerrr @more_milf Omg your sooo lovely x @Michelangelul Awww xxx❤️❤️😘😘Me, tweeting shit on my personal when my friends ask about it in public🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Sophie AndersonMy family catching 12 year old me watching p*rn on the home computer
Retweeted by Sophie Anderson🧨U want 2 come and be my cuckold husband? 🔥Picture Set me when my mum walked in on me conspiring with foreign powers through an encrypted, unregistered black m…
Retweeted by Sophie AndersonBeing caught on your phone when at work. 😂 I’m busy 😂
Retweeted by Sophie Anderson‼️Fuck I’ve been caught‼️ @ItsJedMunroe OMG boo I so hope it went well..I remember my first time xNext vid - Destroying the Gypsy King cock!
Retweeted by Sophie Anderson @stara_david Love u sooooo much xxx🥳Woop woop can’t wait for this tonight !!🥳 @RossKemp6 Omfg yes!! Xxx😂😂😂 @JlspzSpitz Baby thank u sooo much honestly so so lovely x @arianatane @alyzamo Omg I would love to xx @az1bankmoney @JlspzSpitz @jujubigbig Omg J that’s soo kind x @Splatbukkakefa2 @splatbukkake @sexyukpornstars Omg thank u xxI totally love it xx thank u sooo much xx that’s just so awesome x @skullfuka @MiaOffici1 @MistyMckaine Brilliant!! Xx @GODthegoodone I know I’ve only just got in from Bristol..heading to bed now..been a long day xxxx @erogenous1000 @ddlouise2 I do love this xxx🎥Getting ready for the Fuck gang, gang fuck🎥 😃I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it😃 📹let’s get it on baby📹💋Hey my sexy fans💋 🌹My Cumfun outfit🌹 🔥Session 1🔥 🧨Picture Set🧨 ❤️Only 4.99 to join!!❤️ 💡What a bargain, is cheape… @flossopherr I really appreciate this xxx thank u x @ONLY_Me_2020 Quite a few baby!! Oooo yeah baby yeah!! X @MiaOffici1 Love you more x @KiraMasgrovTS Hey hey baby x
Follow both myself , @skullfuka & @SophieASlut on @OnlyFans for all the juicy action !!! #stepmum #taboo #kinky
Retweeted by Sophie Anderson @puzzlecunt Love u xx sooo much @Issydecrimnow @GayeDalton @TheJasonDomino @LizzyTalksCrap @graceyswer O I loves u xxx @KyleCrossan Awww boo hope your ok xxx @HarleyQuinn__97 Omfg sooo true x 😂😂❤️❤️❤️ @MiaOffici1 OMG it is boo!! X @SophieASlut this is us !! 😆
Retweeted by Sophie AndersonWhen the Tax man takes more than usual off your wage
Retweeted by Sophie AndersonMe
Retweeted by Sophie AndersonWhen you sit down in the odeon after buying a hot dog and a ice blast
Retweeted by Sophie Anderson @PeterCarlton4 Thank u sooo sooo much for cumming xxx honestly it was sooo awesome xx thank u xIt is not all gang bangs that offer DP on tap..... truly amazing, can’t wait to see it on @SophieASlut OnlyFans!!!…
Retweeted by Sophie AndersonGoals
Retweeted by Sophie Anderson @TevinJC 😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️ @DJChiChiLaRue Babe honestly I do feel like that xxx love the dick xx I think it’s Cos I lose myself xx u know I just feel great xx😁woop woop the gang fuck all went brilliantly fucking amazing!Yeah baby yeah!!😁 @KatieKayxox Aww babes xx @miguelyvonn Omfg love u xxxAnd we all love gang fuck day @SophieASlut 🎉 🎊 🎉.
Retweeted by Sophie Anderson @skullfuka @MiaOffici1 Love this xxxSneaky behind the scenes shot from today's shoot with @MiaOffici1 and @SophieASlut
Retweeted by Sophie Anderson‼️Hey my fans‼️ 🙌I can’t wait to see you all tonight in Bristol🙌 🔥7pm till 9pm tonight 🔥 🌹All the content will be o… @DJChiChiLaRue @NickFittXXX OMG this is brilliant xxx 😂😂😂💋Hey sexy fans💋 🌹so I’m just on my way to Bristol now to see Mistress Mia and the Gang Fuck later!!🌹 ‼️Is there an… is now officially called gang fuck day from now on
Retweeted by Sophie AndersonI think I’ve found out Eurovision entry for this year.....
Retweeted by Sophie Anderson @SophieASlut Is super EXCITED 4 today! #sophieaslut
Retweeted by Sophie Anderson @erinhopperxo I love u xxThat would be sooo awesome x original song Oscar 2021
Retweeted by Sophie Andersonthe energy in this video
Retweeted by Sophie Anderson @AkiraHunterXXX Baby I know The feeling I really know one of these will get easier, it…🤩What say is it today???🤩 💋It’s gang fuck day...💋 @mikefromphx Mike keep on going baby xxx @PutaInternet That’s sooo kind honestly xxx I really appreciate this x @KatieKayxox Babes u ok xxxI agree...we have to keep on living guys and girlies..please I ask you do not give have so much to… @DragonMarketin3 Means so much to me x#FF @SophieASlut because this bewitchingly beautiful lady is the most inspirational woman of the decade. She inspi…
Retweeted by Sophie Anderson❤️Good morning guys and girlies❤️ 😘Life is a challenge...but let’s keep on living and working and challenging our o…
Retweeted by Sophie Anderson @s1mplywohoo Brilliant!! XxI want your cum in my bum (Oh yeah) @SophieASlut 💝
Retweeted by Sophie Anderson @BKlara11 Let’s do it baby xI did a thing @SophieASlut @more_milf, in the first video I seen of these two I can't get over when they start brai…
Retweeted by Sophie Anderson @_un_safe @more_milf Omg this is brilliant xx @bluadieu Omg baby!! Yes!! @_derek_ray Omg love u xxx @nickelz315 @more_milf Really appreciate this x @DonnaX_xxx Omg this is wonderful just wonderful...I love u and thank u soo much x❤️Good morning guys and girlies❤️ 😘Life is a challenge...but let’s keep on living and working and challenging our o… the best thing I'll see or hear all week on my Twitter feed!
Retweeted by Sophie Anderson
@ICEDOUTFAGS @maxmalanaphydes Awww babies well I’m following you both back now xxxLight Up Dicks SOTY
Retweeted by Sophie AndersonQueen
Retweeted by Sophie AndersonI love this so much 😂
Retweeted by Sophie Andersonthe new star wars movie looks so good
Retweeted by Sophie Anderson @FairyLezMother 😂😂❤️😂IM FUCKING SCREECHING
Retweeted by Sophie AndersonI want these four words on my grave stone
Retweeted by Sophie Anderson @Filthyman069 @JamesBo09907154 DP please ready u sexy fucks...holes open wide x @SteveBa90357490 Honestly so kind xxx thank u @maxmalanaphydes @ICEDOUTFAGS OMG how weird!! Back on you babies xx‼️U wanna see these‼️💣Secret dressing room wank💣 🧨picture set🧨🌹Sloppy mouth Cunt power🌹 x CUPCAKKE omfg we have to stan
Retweeted by Sophie Anderson‼️WHOREGASM on set baby‼️ CUM and see...your fuck slut whore🔥Can’t wait baby!!!🔥whos yo for some filth xxx🔥😁