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Sophie Alpert @sophiebits Menlo Park, CA

🍓🍊🍋🍏🐋🍇 eng at @humuinc, former manager of @reactjs team. occasional writer. 💎🌸 she/her. I'm trans!

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@EricaJoy I found this article a decent amount of context @DavidKPiano there can be value in truly understanding what is going on, which (if you squint) is mostly true for m… @freezydorito would you like a wheat bagel a corn bagel or a sausage egg and cheese bagel @freezydorito wait what if the bagel was MADE out of sausage egg and cheese though @charliesbot @humuinc We’re so excited!!
@radhikamorabia @dan_abramov “functional” is subjective but I definitely think Hooks are more so @taravancil maybe they did it on purpose? smart move
and then I woke up and @freezydorito's account is still here and I’m sure she knows CATRADORA but whoops hi, so I i… thought maybe she deleted all her social media accounts in preparation for working at facebook (idk why) so I dec… then I woke up and was Very Concerned about telling her the answer but when I tried to search my twitter app fo…'ve been asked to share my dream from last night with you all BEGIN DREAM I had a dream that @freezydorito tweet… @SeaRyanC ODPC: ocho dogs per child @SeaRyanC it’s not the one-dog policy that would be totally different @acdlite good question and tune into my livestream tomorrow where I’ll be discussing the nuances of our philosophy on this @acdlite sorry I missed “blazing” humbled and honored to unveil my latest groundbreaking and innovative initiative: ODPC (one dog per child)
@anildash For many types of ads, you can measure conversions yourself. If you get more dollars out than you put in,… @anaisbetts don’t mix alcohol with tylenol or ibuprofen!
@ur_friend_james this is definitely going in my "horrendous trivia" folder @ur_friend_james [.\s] would also be fine @ur_friend_james oh god is it because it's .|\s and not .|\n that must be it 😭🤦🏻‍♀️ @ur_friend_james wait why is this slow. it shouldn't trigger catastrophic backtracking – I'd expect it to only take… new favorite thing is how every language has its own little abbreviation of "for example" e.g. – English p.ej.… @youyuxi To reduce flickering, Chrome doesn't show you all the redirects – it keeps the one you clicked on in the a… @sebmarkbage @jordwalke @dan_abramov is it time for native react native seb
@sebmarkbage @dan_abramov @jordwalke I thought we needed .alternate to mark the ancestors dirty? @radhikamorabia I always open the wirecutter, read none of the text, then hit buy @MikeIsaac @finkd in the biz we called it “vaguebooking”ah yes, the six genders
@GroundControl Adobe Animate today is basically Flash built on web standards – so why isn’t it popular? @brian_d_vaughn I’m impressed you’ve already started your slides @freezydorito why can’t it be both? @acdlite I just looked up the Blue Angels and a full 10% of their pilots over time (26/267) have died on the job??? holy shit @taravancil hi simultaneously proud of your restraint and disappointed, I’m dad? @willmanduffy or, the noodles? @willmanduffy are the servers naked or the patrons? @acdlite then pour vinegar on it @acdlite just pour it on the rug
the jar of pickles I just bought says Serving size: 1/2 pickle so I’m not convinced the person who wrote it actua… @xjamundx I worked on improving it about a year ago…If you believe marriage is between a man and a woman, get married to a man and a woman.
I can't stop laughing at the phrase “symmetrical man” @fivetanley interview question: approximately how many big apples are there in new york city @satya164 @ryanflorence @modernserf @acemarke That's exactly what useImperativeHandle does. :) @humuinc @sweetgreen why am I looking at the floor @malchata if all the React developers quit, that doesn’t fix all the big problems with FB (probably doesn’t fix any of them) @ryanflorence @acemarke …but they do different things?"When your company is built on proprietary tech, you risk believing that your infrastructure is working in your fav…
Retweeted by Sophie Alpert @jackgeek @I_like_too_much I would guess you’ll never know
@brian_d_vaughn makes you miss fbsource huhthanks @fosslien for today’s #WorldMentalHealthDay nudge! 💖 @NikkitaFTW @AlxSavage you’re gay @heydonworks @NikkitaFTW @AlxSavage 2 of of React’s all-time top 5 committers are gay… so maybe React itself is gay? @khyperia I wonder if gcc/clang with -ffast-math can do this automatically? not that it helps you in c# though… @_developit your best and worst marketing decision @I_like_too_much oh is _that_ what we were supposed to do?Sometimes when you don’t know how someone would react to a crush, you instead want to ask them like, “How would yo… @eveporcello @suchipi crucially for this joke: Ann Taylor Loft is a sub brand of theirs @kwuchu hey they said NON-political @cassidoo function countEvenSequences(n) { return Math.floor(n ** n / 2); }
@acdlite it has made me much worse at opening my mail because now the anticipation isn’t there (previously there wa…
@its_zoey_betch @dan_abramov sorry, no!
@taravancil me: but crushes are good you: god dang straight me: oh
@codehitchhiker I would absolutely pay for this @acdlite But “antifa” isn’t an organization. It’s a descriptor.
@wongmjane @facebook I’d bet $5 it redirects to a workplace group post, so the fburl resolver itself wouldn’t help you that much… @radhikamorabia I used to be…
@wongmjane iglistkit?
@algonesis wasn’t a man @KatSlump woot woot!Just got out of an interview during which the candidate searched Stack Overflow and copy-pasted some code… from an… @freezydorito you’re not
@wongmjane It would be pretty straightforward for FB to check if the hash is for a real (live) magnet link, though I doubt they'd care to.
@jessidhia @freezydorito Transpilation typically doesn’t use .bind in practice. (Both Babel and TS use a temp _this variable.)We had a no negotiation policy for almost my entire tenure there. We didn't invent the idea of course. But as far a…
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@dan_abramov @acdlite I’m an intern and it’s my last day @tekmaven why not just tell her your secret phone number?my love language is me reorganizing my app icons so that the app I use to talk to you is on my first home screen
@zck These seem partly at odds. Permanent (useful) documentation usually requires more thought than can be done synchronously.
@DanielT_47 border-color already defaults to the text color!TIL: `background-color: currentColor` pulls the element's text color! Works on all modern browsers (IE9+). @fobbyal @kentcdodds @dan_abramov It's more: when any of the dependencies change, everything used in the function i… @fobbyal @kentcdodds @dan_abramov I guess that note is a little subtle. If you had written useEffect(() => { set… @fobbyal @kentcdodds @dan_abramov It logs the current value of counter1. Why would you expect it to be stale? @jennschiffer heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy @YoungSongJS Looking forward to giving you a chance! @wycats maybe the docs could be worded better but I think what it was trying to say is “it lets you do imperative w… @kentcdodds should work! IIRC it'll also forward the ref, which yours doesn't
@flexdinesh @ryanflorence @sebmarkbage more names: @ryanflorence @sebmarkbage @sebmarkbage no thanks for the name “augmentors” @sebmarkbage thanks for inventing hookswho invented the "everyone just add your own comments in your own color inline inside the message you're replying t… @vulpinewedding @yaahc_ I feel like I saw a tweet from nat confirming work on it, but I can't find it now @amyngyn burrito
@TensorNo I get a morbid sense of amusement from seeing how often people ask questions that are in the FAQ and don't find them @TensorNo cmd-f "getderivedstatefromprops" @freezydorito idk @freezydorito @radhikamorabia be the better person @freezydorito