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Sophie Alpert @sophiebits Mountain View, CA

🍓🍊🍋🍏🐋🍇 eng manager at @humuinc, former manager of @reactjs team. occasional writer. 💎🌸 she/her. I'm trans!

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@unconed @jenistyping No one is discriminating against white men. Encouraging people to remember that non-white-men… @tesseralis maybe an octopus. they're so slippery and so smart @tesseralis if by "your O'Reilly Media book" you mean "the book about you" @TatianaTMac I guess this tweet does reveal the sort of things I think are "fun"fun fact: Netflix has a super detailed style guide for how subtitles should be written! this section does seem a bi… @tesseralis yes
@rustandstardus I don’t think straight women get unreasonably attracted to actresses fwiw @rustandstardus but I think almost all of my attraction is to people I know @rustandstardus maybe @rustandstardus suddenly worried I’m a bad allo @rustandstardus is that… supposed to be a question that I have an answer to? @savio_sebastian I don't want to get rid of ads though @rustandstardus not to an unusual degree, at least @rustandstardus lol @rustandstardus I’m into women but… not into this?
@UmarFKhawaja They’re used for pretty different things, even though they have some conceptual overlaps: useCallbac… @ubilliards Pick something you’re interested in, then try to learn what you need to learn for it. @UmarFKhawaja function useCallback(fn, deps) { return useMemo(() => fn, deps); } @rfagen @techgirl1908 If I knew how to do clever tweets, I’d probably be off making them… @DSuurlant oh I don’t want to block ads in general though @mrbajerjax If new tools can make things accessible to more people, that’s great.wtb an ad blocker blocker @chrismiliki Oh! I thought you were asking about the warning below that.Who can I pay in order to not get ads about ad blockers? @benbentn Will you want them to share code? Will you want to make changes that affect multiple servers at once? Wil… @chrismiliki If you run `cd ~/Desktop/you2ub-jobs/react-jobs/github-jobs` (note the capital D) and restart the serv… @felabon @ItsHelenTsui It is (but you don't need to know that to use it). @pelinolojii Almost everyone does good things and bad things. Talking about that is usually more productive than ta… @hotSurfave Not familiar with Postman, sorry. If you post more details maybe I (or someone else) can help though. @varungovil Searching strings to understand code flow is super normal. You can also try to add log statements. @ridbay Start simple? Maybe just with one or two routes. @RealEricLu It definitely won't work as well with some future features of React. Essentially you'd be working at a… @skies_vince It takes a tiny bit of time for React.memo to check whether to skip the render, and if the answer is a… @titanve This is usually called SSG (static site generation) – if you search you should find resources about how to… @Toyurc What have you got so far? @shakarnwal I'm not familiar with any resources for those in particular, but as with anything – first-hand practice… @Dev_Hammad I usually suggest trying to building without Redux until you really feel like you need something like i… @MrDarrenV That said, I'm pretty excited about some of the new things the React team has planned. @MrDarrenV I think it's possible but no one knows for sure. Some libraries like Flutter, Svelte, Swift UI have thin… @alangnative @techgirl1908 eg: What are the likely benefits? / What are the potential costs of adding it? @alangnative @techgirl1908 I think getting everyone to try to agree on the pros/cons lists is a good start, even if… @jimmycallin Not often. Usually if you're reading a variable in an effect then you are missing something by ignoring its changes. @Ariane_er Sometimes useReducer can help since the reducer can always read the latest variables. Hard to say more w… @jessicamalonso That is – I feel like most of my follows are interested in using tech for good, but none I'd point to in particular! @LewPayne I don't think I understand the question, sorry. @stevelizcano I haven't tried any of the form libraries, sorrry. @ItsHelenTsui In the future, maybe a smart compiler can add it automatically. @ItsHelenTsui (1) when a particular calculation depends on only some of your props/state and you don't want to redo… @titanve Not sure I understand the question? Many people use React without SSR. @jessicamalonso No one in particular comes to mind at the moment, sorry! @sjroot I've heard is good. @charlespeters I'm not too familiar with the state of things. Good Android keyboard support is one deficiency of Dr…'s Sunday afternoon. Who's stuck on something I could help with in a tweet? @cperciva @apenwarr can tailscale do this @SC_Griffith cc @FlammableMaths
@_rrdelaney @sebmck You can always fork it internally to add rules if you’re up for an adventure.
@RyeCarrigan @nervousdj I think it needs to have egg too @rustandstardus I'm privileged in a million ways, including the many education opportunities I had, but I don't thi… @rustandstardus I agree 100% that those are different. Not sure that you can conclude "went to college, thus benefi… @rustandstardus I don't know much about this person, but is it not reasonable to say you don't have a degree if you…
@zachtratar @HayaOdeh @aweary What I mean is that people are allowed to say things that you disagree with. @zachtratar @HayaOdeh @aweary I didn't say they were. I didn't even say I agree with Brandon. But I also don't see… @HayaOdeh @aweary Where's the personal attack? Spec work is widely considered to be exploitative; it isn't outlandi… real meritocracy would support people from minoritized groups, who deserve (i.e., merit) at least as much support and opportunity
@skies_vince yup
@GoldenAccessib1 @maciasd @A11yLondon @DebugSteven congrats!! @aweary if I sold a billion dollars of teeth per year, maybe I wouldWhen I eat OREO-brand cookies, crumbs always get stuck in my teeth – I don’t understand why they haven’t simply gen…
@buildsghost @sebmarkbage @dan_abramov yeah! I thought season 1 and 2 were fantastic, season 3 and most of 4 were m… @sebmarkbage @dan_abramov @dan_abramov First things you noticed after mass-unfollowing folks?
@xander76 @mjackson Threatening TikTok's US employees might be easier…
@rustandstardus I hope not @rustandstardus oh no @rustandstardus yes but this masterpiece got 10/3x as many likes @rustandstardus what about me @hikikomorphism wait what's the answer also wow yours are so pointy
@can It'd be hard to avoid having him in your management chain. @can I usually tell people: you probably already know the things you won't like about working at Facebook. @xlepaul @cassidoo Great catch. Sloppy on my part.
@anaisbetts @alexsklar I don't think it's been officially discontinued (new development is still open source) but t… @FlammableMaths {\in} > 0 @freezydorito Wow geez, the timelessness of an unstyled <h1>. @jdan I'll send this request to someone I know who works on it.
@munashiibased @silvenon @1984Friedrich @lunasorcery @genderify You realize that the entire US and entire EU (for e… @lil_morgy this is not latin american, but I really enjoyed Money Heist seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix @acemarke @sebmck Your tweet is written as if you're correcting @sebmck, but I don't think you're telling him anything he doesn't know…
@cassidoo For these I try to do "real code you'd commit, modulo variable names and comments" in a single tweet, but… @asvny_ @alexkaminsky From glancing at the README, yes, it looks like it. The important property is that it should… @cassidoo let ips = []; function impl(pr, s, n) { if (n <= 0) return; if (n === 1 && s && +s <= 255) ips.push(p…
@sebmck React @beccathoughts @dotyaah she really is
@lencioni Depends when you have to wait for it. I wrote a webhook for a merge-on-green label in our GitHub org and… @wongmjane Under what model did you imagine #4 would not show 🏳️‍🌈, given the results of #1–3?
@LittleKope in a video I saw, @MattThorson said “everyone who plays celeste thinks they’re bad at it”I wish I didn’t see so many people (in the US) without masks. It’s really the best way for us to get this under con…
@rrenansoares @stripepress @nayafia @captainsafia @IncrementMag Looks like it's linked at ("Watch Now").
@owencm @joshuaisgross I must be misremembering. claims $432 subsidy.… @chordbug still a thing. still good, ish! though server-side HTML templating is less in vogue these days