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friendly lady @sophiehbishop London, England

Lecturer at King's College London. (Gender) + (Content creation/algorithmic optimization/feminist political economy)

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My article on #Instagram’s #algorithm bias against women following FOSTA/SESTA is now live via @FemMediaStudies! Th…
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@DanjoKaz00ie so i can wear this tshirt
If I had a penny for everytime an older lady gave me a disapproving look I would be a millionaire by now.
boy hobbies: vr machines, bike, round ball girl hobbies: bathing
I totally forgot about the concept of Anthony Fantano!
I haven't read NYLON in a long time but I am guessing it is just how literally 100% Pheobe Bridgers content
@AdventuresOfZip @FemMediaStudies lol tom rolfe did it @KatiePodszus @FemMediaStudies @bloggeronpole gr8! @npseaver that's true - 'drawers' in Ikea so u don't get all of the brackets and stuffWE ALSO HAVE TWO MORE PAPERS FORTHCOMING FROM @stoopt on the possibilities for feminist bots and @bloggeronpole on… can trust @ysabelgerrard to bring it home in her pithy and essential "Social media content moderation: six oppo… much needed lens on the relationship between gender, age and platformed visibility from @Melissa_Bliss_ in "Under… we have this belter from @bevskeggs on the relationship between algorithms, gender and class - "Algorithms for… an intro by me @agent_condo, @CBradburyRance @girlslike_us & Rebecca Saunders interrogating just who has th… special issue of @FemMediaStudies based on the conference Algorithms for Her is OUT NOW! We have some killer sh… IS THE FUNCTION I CANT THINK OF ANY FUNCTIONWHO in the world sorts by price 'high-low' ???what is it about tv stands that make them 1,000,000,000,00 dolla @aherman2006 Jonathan Goldstein and Heather O'Neil although they broke up a long time ago
@LennartSpion OH MATEYay! always think about my friend's breakup playlist which is simply called 'oh no' @rita_gracio @anajorge_ i will cite anything just call it 'instagram things' or 'stuff about influencers'lol @DanjoKaz00ie "In your interview do not say you will have a nice lunch. Stay present and avoid thinking about [u]lo… @MattColeWorks they might be able to get your lumber business #3 in Google, bless them @MattColeWorks no they do search marketingstraight people: woman on top is NOT a feminist sex position. women should rest.
Retweeted by friendly lady @christopherodom Ha, IKR! In the end it was fine because two years later I was an invited speaker at a massive indu… webinar from #VitalitiesLab 'Breaking Methods' by @ClareSoutherton is really groundbreaking - #TikTok…
Retweeted by friendly ladyI had a job interview at a marketing agency once and they really hated it when I answered the question 'how do you…
Dating someone who already follows you on Twitter
Retweeted by friendly ladyIN COURT omgI am so excited to see how a 'view' of an Instagram story holds up on court - basically Colleen Rooney did her own… need to concentrate! @JazzaJohn @RosiannaRojas cheer up luvCome through to our session at the virtual South African National Arts Festival! 2pm SA time is 13.00 BST, 4th July… @emiliakathleen When is your birthday! I am 30 on July 31
@markrt @MCRofficial Yeah such drama, Adams girlfriend cheating I think?! This was 2014/15 @markrt @MCRofficial Oh that’s good about tall! @markrt @MCRofficial Ye I met frank iero @markrt @MCRofficial But I’m not ok had just come out and so no one was there to see Adam lazzarra mic swing @markrt @MCRofficial They were supporting taking back Sunday @markrt @MCRofficial My first show ever was mcr @markrt @MCRofficial i want to be milton keynes emo :(Really happy to share @gamespacenl, @ludicpress, and I's most recent article in Social Media + Society, "App Imperi…
Retweeted by friendly ladyi'm delighted that this great (and really broad!) collection is finally out, and that @DrDaveOBrien @OrianBrook and…
Retweeted by friendly ladyOR got that 'awaiting reviewer scores' was just sexismed! It's real!
@LennartSpion you have to say please @LennartSpion You can’t show to students tho
Buy this for your FATHER Evoke CONVERSATION and raise cancer awareness @ysabelgerrard @ginasue @ginasue ty! she has not posted it which is interesting... are you going to go xI saw a thing about Caroline Calloway doing a guest lecture at Cambridge tonight but maybe it was a joke or a fever… @JFGinDigital3D continental! @MattColeWorks written about Sharon Osbourne probably! @npseaver I have listened to this now. It's a funny answer, but not a reasonable suggestion. @LennartSpion kind of! @_canndo no @LennartSpion this is a very clever answerWhat song would you like your neighbour to be practicing endlessly on their flute?Okay... I’ll go jump off my roof then
Retweeted by friendly lady @gavinmuellerphd i really like the pretzel one! also i really want to try the strawberries and cream but i only saw… @gavinmuellerphd i really like the circle chunks in that chocolate
or pail?How much effort should go into a snack? Can I fry a piece of halloumi as a snack or is that beyond the pale?Where is my 'bath of datafication' now!?How buggy just looking at a PDF is really contrasts with my afternoon grading papers that described how much the in… it really acceptable that I have to review these proofs in Internet Explorer only?
if i start smiling at yo texts i’m blocking you
Retweeted by friendly ladyThe thing about @DanjoKaz00ie is that he is very good at “Cultural Studies” but at the same time didn’t know that C…
@JFGinDigital3D No just everyone tries to shirk dates off as caramel and they aren’t!Working in construction and engineering on legal compliance, I think about this everyday! The way social housing (u…
Retweeted by friendly ladyi've memed
Retweeted by friendly ladyPiss on my back tell me its raining ≈ blend up some dates and tell me they're caramel
Boys will really try to tell you that these are the same shade.
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How many mathematicians, medical engineers, programmers, and "co-founders" does it take to detect a female orgasm w…
Retweeted by friendly ladyOh no is really great! I have an insatiable hunger for work on the construction of markets and how these shape media…
cool guys on skateboards...feel free to reach out
Retweeted by friendly ladyand if my grandmother had wheels she would have been a bike
Retweeted by friendly ladyFollow Larissa we really stan a queen who contains such multitudes 💓 💃🏻 @sarah_turnnidge 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 good riddens! So many of us have been burdened by its presence. It has no place in our…
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@nickdr92 Sweet JesusReally unhappy with my Spotify playlist including the artists 'DJ Seinfeld' and 'Ross from Friends" @LennartSpion Waxahatchee!
@DanjoKaz00ie"this post goes against our standards on hate speech"
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Absolute comedy. Hey, @lorealuki ....this you? You fired Munroe because she spoke out against white privilege and…
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What. Is. Going. On.
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an episode of law & order: svu but it’s only highlight clips of the 𝙝𝙞𝙜𝙝 𝙥𝙧𝙤𝙛𝙞𝙡𝙚 𝙙𝙚𝙛𝙚𝙣𝙨𝙚 𝙖𝙩𝙩𝙤𝙧𝙣𝙚𝙮 𝙬𝙝𝙤 𝙣𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙧 𝙡𝙤𝙨𝙚𝙨
Retweeted by friendly ladyyou know I had to do one 😤💪🏼
Retweeted by friendly ladySYNONYM FOR 'DRAW ATTENTION' ??? @EmilyContois @uncpressblog @MarkSV oooo i want to read this, v exciting!thank you @Such_Mayer and @clubdesfemmes for welcoming this little essay on queer viewing habits - everyone join th…
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@npseaver waaaat this is so good!! @benwurgaft @npseaver look at u with your symbolic capital on twitter dot com