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That elementary school librarian recommending your next favorite book. #booktube #chicklitathon #swiftie #CalAlum 💙🐻💛

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Retweeted by Sophie Riggsby (allthingsequilateral)Charming!!!’ve known Senator @KamalaHarris for a long time. She is more than prepared for the job. She’s spent her career def…
Retweeted by Sophie Riggsby (allthingsequilateral)Already envisioning the Harris, Pence debate and how gloriously she will wipe the floor with him.
Retweeted by Sophie Riggsby (allthingsequilateral)Also, what a great list!!! The Diviners — yes! So many others are on my TBR. #folklore!? I’ve read so much about her. ♥️♥️♥️ @booksandlala 4.
Happy #BookBirthday to #FacingTheSun by @JLMatherWriter!
Retweeted by Sophie Riggsby (allthingsequilateral)Snapped awake super early, and over coffee I remembered that I dreamed about Stacey and Daniel last night. So maybe…
Retweeted by Sophie Riggsby (allthingsequilateral)Discover the books selected for the youngest readers from the Schomburg Center's Black Liberation List for Young Re…
Retweeted by Sophie Riggsby (allthingsequilateral)Coming to a screen (scream?) near you:  Hulu, ABC Signature Studios and Milojo Productions have optioned MEXICAN GO…
Retweeted by Sophie Riggsby (allthingsequilateral)His name is Peter and he wouldn't even be dating Lara Jean if it wasn't for the Postal Service bc he didn't even kn…
Retweeted by Sophie Riggsby (allthingsequilateral)A song you discovered from watching a movie
Retweeted by Sophie Riggsby (allthingsequilateral) @MissEmmG Goooooooooo Megan!!!! @MissEmmG Never, ever easy. Thinking of her and you and sending you ALL the good luck vibes!!!
Okay, I just finished this month’s selection for the literallydeadclub . First, the book cover?!? It GLOOOOOOWS in…, that cider can says “Blood Orange Tangerine”. I totally missed the placement. 😂 - 📚. First two days as a new e…
It’s on my TBR!!!
Do you love books about books? 📚 In #KindofaBigDeal, Josie Pie literally finds herself transported into the books s…
Retweeted by Sophie Riggsby (allthingsequilateral) @LifeinFiction Thank you for the link!Hi, friends! I've been told that the Quileute Tribe's Move to Higher Ground initiative has received an incredible n…
Retweeted by Sophie Riggsby (allthingsequilateral)I don't want to hear of any girl sent home because her bra strap was visible or her shorts too short ever again
Retweeted by Sophie Riggsby (allthingsequilateral)
This is gorgeous!!! And one of my most antcipated reads!! SKYHUNTER by bestselling author @Marie_Lu, submit your receipt, and we'll send you an exclusive #Skyhunter
Retweeted by Sophie Riggsby (allthingsequilateral) @EllenHopkinsLit First one was in 6th grade, so 12. And the next two were in 5th grade, so 10-11.
The apple store at our mall closed due to “current COVID conditions in the community”, but schools are opening! Wheeeeee. @heatherwpetty Twitchy witchy vibes. Kinda like it. Also, grim repear vibes. Just sayin’. 😂😉♥️♥️♥️
I’ve heard nothing but good things about the book! and the Beast ✏️ @ashposton Can you think of anything better than a Beauty and the Beast romance imbued w…
Retweeted by Sophie Riggsby (allthingsequilateral) @EllenHopkinsLit Exactly what I expect to happen on the 17th here in Washoe.A reminder to donate, if possible, to the Quileute Tribe's Move to Higher Ground initiative!…
Retweeted by Sophie Riggsby (allthingsequilateral)Set Fire to the Gods ✏️ @seesarawrite @kris10writes Elemental gladiators (think A:tLA) cross paths—and end up stu…
Retweeted by Sophie Riggsby (allthingsequilateral)No shade to #MidnightSun, but a lot 🗣️ of other new books hit shelves today, too. We wanted to give a shout out to them:
Retweeted by Sophie Riggsby (allthingsequilateral) @potterybarn AND the person I was talking to at the delivery hub in SF (ph #844-571-9428), who did not give her nam… best #booktag yet! Who wants to do this one?!? #booktube #booktuber #bookreviewer @potterybarn Having THE toughest time chasing down an item that was missing from a delivery. Four transfers, three…
@MundieMoms How many pages is it?!?!
@MundieMoms Absolutely! @EllenHopkinsLit Gorgeous! @MissEmmG Or jewelry wire?!? @MissEmmG Do you have any pipe cleaners (from crafting days)? You could just sew a little pocket for it?
@myreadingisodd They are the worst. My daughter suffers from them. We are looking at all her triggers, but mostly t… @MissEmmG The dipping masks work well, also thinner fabrix and a nose wire sewn in. That wire is key, because it ho…
How I adore @Catreads ! Her kindness simply radiates! favorite #booktuber! ♥️ @heatherwpetty Because of nutrition. That is a seperate and serious problem, but can be addressed. I am going back… @heatherwpetty They are hybrid-ing as of now. Did you see the “dark days ahead” comment from the head of our county… @heatherwpetty It is a nightmare.On today's @pchh podcast, hear a conversation featuring @annkpowers, @idislikestephen and @LyndseyMcK on the songs…
Retweeted by Sophie Riggsby (allthingsequilateral)It’s time for an ADDIE LARUE galley giveaway!!! Open internationally. Step 1: Follow. Step 2: Comment. Step 3: Sha…
Retweeted by Sophie Riggsby (allthingsequilateral)
@lisa_schroeder My heart goes out to you guys especially to your son. ♥️Fresh summer reads for 4th to 8th grade readers! ⁦@annieblooms⁩
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My zoom session with @MissEmmG was exactly what my soul needed! @MundieMoms, we will get you in the next one!!! Emm…
Also, umm @simonteen , some of @cassieclare’s stories play right into #folklore ! The Love Triangle in ChoG?!? 😉 S… to The Diviners + Great American Dynasty! ♥️ is happening tomorrow! Who is going to join us and several other fansites? ➰
Retweeted by Sophie Riggsby (allthingsequilateral) @jkbibliophile @bethrevis You can do this! I did it twice (by diet only) with my girls! They arw 17 and 15 yos now!!! Go, Mama, go!Looking to get lost in a fantasy novel this summer? Dive into A PECULIAR PERIL by bestselling author…
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Poetry and cookies? Of course. - 📚. This is the latest in Amanda Lovelace’s series of poetry collections, and I thi… @faeriefully @OfficiallyAlly Joe and Rachel! ♥️ @SDMizzen Right?!? Just one.
“...the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice”. ❤️
Retweeted by Sophie Riggsby (allthingsequilateral)Looooove hearing details like this. #folklore @LifeinFiction @taylorswift13 SO DAMN GOOD. We were supposed to be at Lover Fest West this weekend. This makes it hurt a little less. ♥️ @LifeinFiction @taylorswift13 YES!
Just popping in to say what @taylorswift13 did in #Folklore is magical. Her @jackantonoff numbers especially resona… @MissEmmG THAT would have been an amazing! Postponed, though, right?Oh no, I’ve started scrolling through political tweets. November cannot come soon enough. #turnNVblue #thismamavotesIt’s been 3 months since Senator Mitch McConnell declared a “pause” in our response to coronavirus Now we have 4 m…
Retweeted by Sophie Riggsby (allthingsequilateral)He did this as a landlord, why wouldn’t he continue to do that as Pres?!? #thismamavotes #VoteHimOut2020 😭 #exile #folklorepartay
Retweeted by Sophie Riggsby (allthingsequilateral)I recently read MEXICAN GOTHIC by @silviamg and @DelReyBooks . It's a horror novel set in Mexico during the 1950's.…
Retweeted by Sophie Riggsby (allthingsequilateral)We're hiring! What we need: A bookish, organizational powerhouse assistant for a boutique literary agency. If that…
Retweeted by Sophie Riggsby (allthingsequilateral) @margotwood Old man Becks always seeks out the comfiest cushion on the couch. Hope his floof makes you smile. IS ME watching with the College Kid. 😂 were supposed to be at Lover Fest West this Sunday! And we are grinning ear-to-ear. Sooooo good to have new TS m… knew you tried to change the ending, Peter losing Wendy. The #cardiganMusicVideo is out now.…
Retweeted by Sophie Riggsby (allthingsequilateral)Alrightey, who’s read this?!? Southern vamps?!? Yes, please. As for the baked treat? One of my kiddos requested pea… @MundieMoms @MissEmmG I love you two so much! @MundieMoms @MissEmmG I mean, the only thing I can answer with is this, a well placed hair flick -
@Catreads OHNO! Do you have an antihistimine on hand?!? @AllisonAuthor A college classroom.Sent @MundieMoms & @MissEmmG a DM. Because I miss our bookish shenanigans. And I had this idea...LOL. Stay tuned.august & my tears ricochet are my favorite things we’ve done together
Retweeted by Sophie Riggsby (allthingsequilateral)Harry and his fans are always so kind. As a parent, I was impressed by the shows and the dedication and kindness of…’s like @taylorswift13 knew that we needed this!!! @thehodgenator I hope we follow suit!
Looking for ideas on what to read next? Our book experts are giving personalized recommendations live on Facebook u…
Retweeted by Sophie Riggsby (allthingsequilateral)Daily affirmations can be very helpful during challenging times. I would like to share mine with you, it goes like…
Retweeted by Sophie Riggsby (allthingsequilateral)My nighttime routine: ✅ brush my teeth ✅ wash my face ✅ get in bed ✅ recite the 10 duel commandments
Retweeted by Sophie Riggsby (allthingsequilateral)One of my @thereadingrush reads. I picked it for it’s #chicklit vibe and madcap-sounding plot. What are you guys re… happy to hear this! @disneyplus is giving us all the (new 😂) hope during COVID. #lando completely love this. Please read and RT - “Teachers want to teach, not die, and we should support and protect t… @OfficiallyAlly You worried us all! Brava! #tearsofyourreaders #Achievementunlocked @EllenHopkinsLit It was a scary one!!! Kat’s working at Summit Sierra SBX and wasn’t evacuated. Phew. @EllenHopkinsLit They are smart lads who know the person that holds everything together. ♥️ @EllenHopkinsLit I adore your strength. ♥️ You have filled your family with so much love. I know they all feel it.
@trishpolking You guys are the true inspiration. Thank you for letting me lean on you. ♥️