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kachow. @sophiesolit Mi Luz🤍

|Bus Major ^o^| /ᐠ. 。.ᐟ\ᵐᵉᵒʷˎˊ˗ fuck it, Pythagorean theorem time.

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@Gotswag031 🤍😼 @j4zzyko Certified banger 👍🔥 @DarienBMG LMFAO @DarienBMG Oh noConflicted @qcures @zac_pl Bruh @xoxabstract Keep right one @2dfanta thank u toni pepperoni @ll8bloomerr 🤍🤍🥺 @silvasalavisa Almost as pretty as u Fr @lexieyuh Thank u Lexi!! @Bongo_Boy 💗🔥 @j4zzyko Thank u jasleen💗😼 @jjennifur_ Gracias 🤍 @Gabe_moore35 👍😼😼 @SamjaySJ :)) @graham527 :33 @BossUpJose Thank u 💗I haven’t curled my hair in awhile :3
@katiejuliannaa Happy birthday ! @KittenElise “So no head?” @j4zzyko @Gabe_moore35 LOL @Gabe_moore35 @j4zzyko pls elaborate @graham527 <3 @j4zzyko YesGoodnight 🌙 🤍 @enocbwaap Happy birthday enoc :3 @SheCaIIMePapi @IcyVert STEALINF THIS DHANXJSNSKNS @SheCaIIMePapi @IcyVert It is poggers @SacramentoKings 9 @rachelsxvideos same @lexieyuh queen shit @j4zzyko ok @Layymooon this @mrpotatohaed ? Ok and @j4zzyko We know @mrpotatohaed @j4zzyko Talk queen ! @mrpotatohaed @j4zzyko Omg it’s ok hun men are such pigs Fr @j4zzyko @mrpotatohaed No they do not LOL @j4zzyko @mrpotatohaed Wym @DarienBMG @mrpotatohaed LMFAOOOOOOOOOO funny. @mrpotatohaed IM KIDDING short hair is the move no cap it’s so easy @OnTheFlyTwitch @mrpotatohaed Gonna grow my hair long now just cause u said this @scaruki @visionofviii I like it 💗 @XxQu1cKSc0peZz 🤍🤍 @VanishingTerror no
@XeenNoLogs @yNope_ @qtyliv @Layymooon @aldo0ooo @joshmadcute00 LOL @XeenNoLogs nah it’s a party bus @XeenNoLogs I drift my bus 🚌 @XeenNoLogs ... @reaIlysexy nice 👍Second semester starts on the 18th @VanishingTerror Yes @kvrohs @oFabz Rt @IcyVert @HrznAz Happy birthday! @ImMashed_Potato @jjennifur_ He’s jealous don’t listen to him @ImMashed_Potato You’re the one playing with a 1-8 teammate simp😹😹😹 @ImMashed_Potato You started it. @jjennifur_ @ImMashed_Potato omg yesss @ImMashed_Potato @ImMashed_Potato WHY @yNope_ Workin @yNope_ Sup
@ReallyIshaan LMFAOOOO @thegingerbatt AOT @visionofviii is so good omggggg I lost bro @Irgpriv ? @sammynotfounddd @SamjaySJ I wish @SamjaySJ I like the white car @mitch_champ / PEARL
Retweeted by kachow. @Gabe_moore35 @SheCaIIMePapi LMFAOOOO YOU DELETED IT IM WEAK @Gabe_moore35 say that to my Wiener @j4zzyko Huh @Gabe_moore35 I stand by my statement @SheCaIIMePapi Bro @fvckwill @Gabe_moore35 don’t disrespect seraphine like thatWhy does belle Delphine look like seraphine @YoungPoopStain_ ? @kvrohs 37 @C9AIex My whole timeline is just u and your rts I hate it here @VanishingTerror You know I been nosy @C9AIex STOP PUTTING THIS SHIT ON MY TL @C9AIex Why @reaIlysexy SAME @HoodieXF I’ll lyk when I get on I wanted to do some todaythis isn’t easy for me but i’ve decided to step up to the plate and admit that i was wrong. i know i hurt a lot of…
Retweeted by kachow.Does anyone wanna do league placements with me
@XeenNoLogs SHH @TheTopViking 🤍 @yNope_ SHHHHHH @megcp13 ✨✨ @BossUpJose Just how I like em😼