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kachow. @sophiesolit On twitter way too much

/ᐠ. 。.ᐟ\ᵐᵉᵒʷˎˊ˗ fuck it, Pythagorean theorem time. yes I have a baby face ok

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@oxynod Ah @JoeyTheSuperJew omg make sure to label all your stuff :> @oxynod why did he even block u man, also pretty sure he deactivated @itsWaddles_ THIS IS IT @JoeyTheSuperJew pog what state @albert127946 Cali 🔥🔥 @AIexTBA2 gn Alexgoodnight homies😼🤍🌙 @vietNblack lolololol @oxynod dude I was CRACKING UP LMFAO @ImMashed_Potato sup @AIexTBA2 :>🤍 @Daymeeein @ImMashed_Potato @may_wedda THAT WASNT ME“You’re a beautiful beaner” @may_wedda POGGERS @Layymuun I’m still better @PotatoTakesLs @PotatoTakesLs No @PotatoTakesLs @PotatoTakesLs DUDE @PotatoTakesLs No @PotatoTakesLs fuck u @PotatoTakesLs Not anymore @PotatoTakesLs fuck u @yNope_ @100TJackiee Ight man @oFabz sup @oFabz Mmmm need it @yNope_ @100TJackiee Nah america is a mess LOL @oFabz that video was so good @yNope_ @100TJackiee Irish same thing @100TJackiee @yNope_Goodnight Twitter, Say it back or I'll be sad 💜🖤💜
Retweeted by kachow. @SamjaySJ man I miss this show @juulpodjules 18 @optiuh lol @sophiesolit @SkreetMan LMFAO
@silvasalavisa HOLYYY he spitting ong @silvasalavisa LOL if that was possible right now I would @silvasalavisa Wish I could help u sorry @yNope_ @XeenNoLogs IM NOT LYING @may_wedda @Froste Is that a wallet dawg @XeenNoLogs dude I wouldn’t notice a thing, I’m deadass the funniest @Javan_Murphy @Icy_Rapture lol @KnownAsLit @Icy_Rapture 1 and 4 dawg💀😭😂 @KnownAsLit @Icy_Rapture Bro 1,4 💀 @Javan_Murphy @Icy_Rapture it’s so good javan try it @wtfshaay I like to buy those TV dinners with low calories at the grocery store, I just grab those and go to work @Javan_Murphy @Icy_Rapture ITS LIKE PANERA MAC N CHEESE HAVE YOU TRIED IT @Icy_Rapture 1/4 @oFabz You a jackie player now ?? Smh @koordell proof @koordell WTF @JulioEvadeTaxes dawg?? @permabad I’m doing good :D I hope your day goes well queen 🤍 @vietNblack Letsss goooo birthday boy @may_wedda 🔥😼 @permabad hi how are you Rachel :) @Javan_Murphy ok @yNope_ Check dms @may_wedda you’re always taking a shit @silvasalavisa I’m good Silva :> ooo curry I haven’t had that in so long I don’t remember how it tastes @ImMashed_Potato Nope @silvasalavisa Whatcha eating :D @ImMashed_Potato good :> @BasedGothlol Val? @ImMashed_Potato bai :> @Layymuun @Anon_Ct My friend has that last name too @ImMashed_Potato Yes @Layymuun holy dm me @ImMashed_Potato uwu @Anon_Ct IDK WHY BUT THAT MAKES ME LAUGH SM @SamjaySJ Whi guys how are you :>🤍 @HarryButAverage @GFuelEnergy Pog @yNope_ @koordell DUDE WHY ARE YOU RESPONDING TO EVERYTHING WITH MY HEIGHT LMFAO @koordell yeah cause you’ll still be on the bench, keep your chin up kiddo @juulpodjules hi @bil_cipher @yNope_ @oFabz LMFAO @yNope_ @oFabz @bil_cipher eat shit child @yNope_ @bil_cipher @oFabz DUDE @bil_cipher @yNope_ @oFabz bro @oFabz ???? @XeenNoLogs It just a website where you can make yourself lo @joshua_deadly @tilly_capalot That’s his hair idiot @yNope_ @bil_cipher @oFabz shut up @AIexTBA2 no @wtfshaay AWE @aldo0ooo Looks like gta @bil_cipher @oFabz @ImMashed_Potato :D:D @ijdawg998 Ye :D @Layymuun @Anon_Ct @permabad @koreandaughter @ookrach @pisslowelo @butterrnoodle @wtfshaay @nomasaurusrexx @nCaustic_ dawg @LazasBautista goodnight laza :> @Anon_Ct I need a better picture you whacko I can’t tell from the pic your facial structure @bbaggss @Layymuun LAY @bbaggss oops had to fix parts but here you are :> @ijdawg998 @Layymuun WHAT @Layymuun What da