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sophie hall-oween 🎃 @SophLouiseHall Boltonian living in London

I like to try and be funny sometimes when I'm not tired :) she/her ✨

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@kakapojayne tbh though it's more just pret fatigue. I'm bored of talking about them @AllyFarrell Me on my way to Delice De France after picking some authentic french fries from a local restaurant @JonHornbuckle 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 @JonHornbuckle @AllyFarrell Day 4: Sophie has had to book an emergency dentist appointment from eating too many roc… FOOD CO. ALL IS FORGIVENAt this point I'd rather get a 300 day old egg & cress sandwich from Whistle Stop than ever go to Pret againJust get rid of Pret, see you all at Pumpkin Café
@mirandalang @canyonmoonblu good luck explaining that weird harry potter/styles hybrid poster we made @canyonmoonblu @mirandalang does stuff like this just make you want to punch a wall @thescottreid happy birthday! 🎈 @BeffernieBlack @EddieRobson @_emilyoram omg yes !!!! @HuwieMcChewie Sherlock bursts in. "Well the Monopoly is clearly set up for *seven* people... and someone's already…"Nobody's been here, officer, I swear" "Then who ate all the Bountys in the Celebrations box then??" @Flying_Inside a bomb disposal unit is brought in to detonate a christmas pudding @_emilyoram @EddieRobson yes! like I LOVE things like the Coppola family tree wikipedia page @EddieRobson @_emilyoram did they or did they not go to the Sylvia Young Theatre School @HuwieMcChewie putting crime scene tape around cousin timmy's new scalextric @_emilyoram @EddieRobson another one I like doing - seeing how much the celebrity's kids look like themjust the thought of the police breaking into your house, handcuffing your gran and stamping on the turkey is so fun… @EddieRobson @_emilyoram better yet - if they have a 'controversies' section @_emilyoram the 'personal life' section of wikipedia @alexjgreen_ how dare you! @alexjgreen_ of course it is!!!wait what sam and mark are doing a pokemon youtube channel
💫running thread of texted verification codes i’ve gotten and what i think about them 💫
Retweeted by sophie hall-oween 🎃 @TalieDelemere especially one that makes zero sense. Also just Sandra/Keanu 😻😻 @TalieDelemere I LOVE the lake house. It is god-tier badKudos to Laura for sneaking around that copyright and basically making a secret pikachu cake #GBBO @MatthewLaidlow I mean, it’s not looking hopeful @husseybyname THIS IS THE BEST ONE @HRFMichael Bring back melted Freddie Mercury!!!After 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle wit… @Beige29 Aurora Borealis??! buns or #GBBO all of the Studio Ghibli food #GBBO my Christmas seal in spectacular 2020 fashion that they took the inner monologue of my brain and kindly put it on a poster @NotRollergirl It's Wednesday! PIE @nickw84 just want you to realise your full potential Nick @nickw84 shouldn't it just be 'raichu a good reference' without the extra you @JonHornbuckle lol yeah they only have 400 odd followers @Philip_Ellis @sillyolddaniel it's all very
@octojon @_emilyoram he's such a happy talented boy 😻 @_emilyoram lol don't open up this rabbit hole for me @_emilyoram I wish they would kiss!!!! @JonHornbuckle Lol was this YESTERDAY Jon @NotRollergirl would kill for some tiny jelly babies rn @alice all the cool kids hung out in chart singles @stuj9 omg packs of videos!!! @TalieDelemere fizzy cola bottles 4eva xox @nicolaslavin if you were nibbling off the shell you clearly already had problems @nicolaslavin I mean, I haven't tried them so I cannot comment, but I dislike the squishy concept @alexjgreen_ would I find baby you? Baby me was in the stationery section 😎 @Philip_Ellis Where 👏 was 👏 her 👏 post 👏 Jaffa 👏 cakes 👏 career‘Wet moon!’ @_emilyoram i mean, please, report back!! @_emilyoram I just feel like without the crunch they’d be really unsatisfying. Like tiny versions of Starburst‘Hey guys I’ve thought of a great idea of how we can ruin Skittles’ have now decided there is too much moon news and it's time everyone calmed down @natluurtsema that's it, just some water. Mate, we've got water at home. Try some Evianso glad I made such a fuss over thisastronauts: hey NASA, our boiler's on the blink, could we have a bath at yours? NASA: @natluurtsema @robgillett ah yes I learnt this word about a year ago and will now find any excuse to use it 😎😎😎 @robgillett maybe it's ALL of the various mondegreens. He does say the line multiple times! @robmesure my brain is going to be so confused next time I listen nowI was today year's old when I realised he's not saying "Call me Chet Baker" in REM's The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite @alice he sleeps in circle 😭 @alice @tkasasagi @beccadeltest did you write this about Alan? @nicolaslavin it's my favourite channel on the internet :) @LukeJamesParker every day is a fun new quirky surpriseextremely cool & normal that tampons have been put in prison @fairycakes If you mean ‘this one has all the hallmarks of a modern ChefClub classic’ then yes I would have to agreeWhat a sad little life, Monday
@HuwieMcChewie The melted cheese ‘dip’ will genuinely make your soul leave your body @raffers Chekhov’s skewer @sarahisnothere Someone would need to pay me at least 20 million pounds to make this @HuwieMcChewie This one is particularly awful, stick around!Also I’m choosing to fully ignore that captionI was surprised at how early the ground beef came into play in this one! It usually doesn’t come in until the third… sunday scaries in 2020 are somewhat lessened by the fact that all days melt into each other but also extremely…
Retweeted by sophie hall-oween 🎃Lol why is it so hard to retweet now, don’t make me actually think about my impulsive actions
Retweeted by sophie hall-oween 🎃I also don’t need my sweatshirts to be self aware but thanks! we all calm down with the cropped sweatshirts please, I invest in sweatshirts so i may feel warm & snuggly whil… @LukeJamesParker This is crap & I’m sorry. ILU xRude of Sunday evenings to be directly followed by Monday mornings, aka the worst sections of the weekTrying to ignore that stupid twitter man who thinks you can buy individual slices of bread and also that you boil a…'ve finished it now 😭😭😭😭😭Sometimes I feel like the only time I was ever proud of the UK was when Nigella read out our results at Eurovision @JacobKreider Haha yes I’m in the UK @JacobKreider Nope!
That extra hour in bed we’re getting back tonight is kinda like finding a tenner in a coat you’ve not worn for ages… @Maciejkowicz Hahahaha what @_emilyoram ‘Whether you agree with starving kids or not’ @Maciejkowicz I do feel like Caroline Quentin being on Strictly is something you DESERVE to have happened in your life