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this is coming from someone quincy jones once pushed off a boat

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@beardjones @ChipSwelly @buzzkillary Pretzel please @notkerouac So will you buy me the shoes I want or @beardjones @buzzkillary Excuse me I had budgeted emotionally for one (1) location tonight so @notkerouac I made it out alive @buzzkillary Home safe!!!Help me I am still at Adobe @ChipSwelly prove it @ninastarner Love you @Monnster22 Thank you.
@eileenjforrest @buzzkillary I’ve fallen and I can’t get up @buzzkillary @eileenjforrest @buzzkillary @eileenjforrest 3 wives IS a lot but I’m sure he’ll manage @lindseyromain @buzzkillary @buzzkillary i really wish i’d had time to get my hair done @buzzkillary it’s why i’m in all the wedding photos!!!!I’m very disappointed in how sensible you’ve all become @sweetsoleil thank you. right? they’re basically a necessity @sweetsoleil 👀 @Monnster22 I don’t KNOW! I just wanted to be enabled and then...put new shoes on credit card @ellesep I KILLED THE TEEN DREAM @vrloebziss @urfriendmimi @JohnnyOatley FIGHT THE DOG @urfriendmimi thank you for not disputing my version of eventshappy anniversary to the time @urfriendmimi and i went to the celebrity all-star game and handled it pretty well
@devancoggan cc: @vrloebzisswhen is it too late to take a successful nap @SCannibalsBand ❤️🤘 @tatianatenreyro it looks perfect. can’t wait to listen 🥰 @carriecourogen earth sign recognize earth sign recognize earth!!!! (I’m Virgo + JL is a cap)I hope you’re having a blessed day!
Retweeted by sophy ziss @ChipSwelly no i just want a giant and very cold iced tea but i’ve absolutely placed that order before @PAYOLETTER those are the big ones that come to mind. tbt new york!!!! @PAYOLETTER he also didn’t respond to the fact that we were robbed until more than 48 hours after the fact and blam… @PAYOLETTER 280 characters isn’t enough but the same person moved our smoke alarm, forgot, accused us of doing it,… @ChipSwelly sausage pizza, extra cheese, side of chicken fingers @Nicole_Cliffe The “Wuvluv”, which spontaneously (and loudly) birthed a second toy in the middle of the night !!!!so close @SarahChrisFoley Thank you!!!! @ebrownie @brittneyplz @Tmoms @ChipSwelly @ItMeTony @boobie_styles @garbage_person @meowzakii @Punk_Aizawa @abrahamjoseph 💕thank you! every day is a new chance to find the good bathroom mirror at work @AmyLeighP LAST NITE 🥰 i took it yesterday!a guy held the door for me and now we’re married @ebrownie @ChipSwelly @knittykitty it’s WALL-E all over again @ChipSwelly @ebrownie @knittykitty This whole thing reminds me of that IKEA commercial where they make you feel bad for a lamp @ebrownie @knittykitty they’re deliberately trying to hurt us @hardlyart i didn’t even know about the album until like an hour ago 💀uti dot tacocat @retroglo maybe it was related to this? @perpetua giant sweater beach towel cactus @ItMeTony WHAT
@jaysonbuford that said i think the bulk of elephant is under-appreciated @jaysonbuford 💯It's like we all AGREE that geese should be extinct but no one has the balls to do what needs to be done
Retweeted by sophy ziss @knittykitty @ArianaGrande @carlyraejepsen hi arthur @SimoneZiss @nbcthegoodplace PARENTS! I am totally free to babysit your kids! Hit me up for date nights, late starts that you need help w…
Retweeted by sophy ziss @ebrownie It’s not up yet!!!!!! As soon as it is I’ll grab omg @ebrownie @TheKeyXPN @jennylewis @themetphilly WOW OH MY GOD WHAT @csymrl HANG IT IN THE LOUVREseltzer: because water should hurt
Retweeted by sophy ziss @JohnnyOatley This attendance! @jessryanco which place is this @nbcthegoodplace @gillenleeriggs it’s that kind of week man @SimoneZiss @gillenleeriggs oh my GOD @gillenleeriggs if you really mean that you will post a picture of Audrey @TheBenKaye bird internetcongrats to me for just noticing chidi on 30 rock @jltet14 💕 ya JT!!!!! and ETERNALLY proud 🥰 @loctastic “is the price negotiable” felt responsible enough @loctastic ya i mean in all honesty this was not during a phase of life where i was asking a lot of questions @loctastic not since edibles became shorthand for “sophy can’t feel her knees and won’t get off the train, can some… @dr_pizza_MD And then when they have her back on the show she gets a tag like “Ariana’s friend” or “Former SURver” @dr_pizza_MD YES and now this Carter “drama” ???? gonna have to challenge her on that one @dr_pizza_MD my truest hope is that they give scheana a spin-off that’s immediately cancelled @dr_pizza_MD the mom, James, Raquel unless Lala is trying to get real with her, also latter-day Kristen @petal_pa OH HELLO FRIEND 😍 this ear situation is magical
the twitter mute function but for people i don’t care about on vanderpump rules @ninastarner they have not located this person which i do not lovejust circling back @GeorgiaWonk thank you. @JohnnyPhisher i did absolutely love this, thank you for the reminder!! @lazyboneskuehn can we bring this back yet is it time @lazyboneskuehn @SimoneZiss @sharpalright @Coderan AH if i had my phone (another element of this joyous day) i'd show you the pic i took last w… @Coderan this morning the first subway i tried to take was cancelled there, then the second one was too, so they sa… @Coderan @knittykitty the crazy thing is it was having issues this morning for a totally different reasonterrific @emmylanepotter @retroglo that's me with a star is born @retroglo @emmylanepotter not even a little bit! not even once! @emmylanepotter me either! @CourtneyVolk29 @bimadew deeply important @mckfrank this is precious @actually3dots i can't see this! @savittj thank you! literally every time i thought "it won't get worse" it actually DID so i'm steering into "this is fine" energy for now