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writer on pop culture, tv, music, and feelings. i'll leave when i'm good and ready 🤘

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@buzzkillary one day we'll have a photo of me sleeping with mulder like this!!!!! @harmonicait !!!!Pretty big talk for a grown woman whose jacket told incarcerated children they can go to hell for all she cares
Retweeted by soph @csymrl you get me!!!!! @TheDreamGhoul 🎶your job’s a joke, you’re broke, and your name is jaaaaaaade🎶so no one told you life was gonna be this way
Retweeted by soph @TheDreamGhoul @Coderan did you try reading them this one @csymrl wait how do you know me i RT’d it earlier today and had to take it again @GipperGrove I don’t disagree. Bugs turns into a real C though @buzzkillary <3 and then i'll have money for us to go to SUR with eileen and also all phillies games we can handle… @buzzkillary don't worry. i talk a big game about it but it hasn't happened yet, so @ItsDanSheehan i’m upset that i saw the responses to that tweet @emmylanepotter YES omg and the way she brusquely hands the mom(?) the styrofoam cup is incredible @emmylanepotter my mom and i say “do people just FAWN all over you?” all the time!!!!!Okay twitter is back to being a dating app for me
Retweeted by sophwhen it’s sunday night
Retweeted by soph @retroglo healing image! enjoy!!!!! @morninggloria how dare they say that to paul ryan's daughter @killakow well maybe she’ll sing staind for you too @killakow one time when i saw jenny lewis she was like hi everyone, it’s been a while... and then started to sing it. it was magical @StelliniTweets [redacted] @eileenjforrest @ebrownie i’m literally flying Aer Lingus so i’ll text you the info! make it 2018! @StelliniTweets would chase utley be proud of me @CourtneySoliday TY ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @eileenjforrest @ebrownie quick jaunt across the pond in August for a friend’s wedding! it’s in London but I’m flyi… @TheGreyKing @eileenjforrest @ebrownie oh i almost booked an Airbnb owned by a Niall btw @patchak21 @urfriendmimi mazel tov @historiancole for your consideration @eileenjforrest @ebrownie @SimoneZiss @eileenjforrest @ebrownie I’m so happy for you @urfriendmimi THANK YOU MEIN SCHATZI <3333 come home soon @GipperGrove oh omg #nospoilers but feel free to live-tweet me. they get up to some genuinely Vanderpumpian shenani… @eileenjforrest 💛💛💛😓 @GipperGrove the current season? it’s WILD. i want to fight Joao @GipperGrove right here bossa mood worked last time so @laurenelizrrr <333 thanks boo. it's a LOT easier to yell at myself but i'll try to be nice 😒 @VinnieMancuso1 oh my god @ebrownie @VinnieMancuso1 WOW HI CONAN @cpayneonaplane great see you there @cpayneonaplane well it's in london on the 4th!!!!! @ebrownie can it be my turn for a shirt please @ErinChack this is the definition of a cursed image @AlexWexelman well i hope your luck is better than mine <33 @AlexWexelman thank you!! it bites but life goes on i GUESS @cpayneonaplane omg are you going to my friend Jess’s wedding too @TheGreyKing @srubenfeld noooooooooo thank you been there done that and shan't again unless i have a lot of money @srubenfeld hey i keep threatening to leave philadelphia — maybe now i'll actually do it?trying to remain calm when you get a rejection email for the job you wanted on a sunday morning @lorenzo_quiogue @robcesternino thank you for tagging rob!! i'm rewatching Amazon now and thought he was the funnie… @Phillies @Eagles love you @treblaw i want to press criminal charges against chris hemsworth for looking like the sun and being so good at this version of thor @treblaw the thor/loki dynamic and the way dr. strange fucks with them is @treblaw "i'm not a witch" "no? then why are you dressed like one?" is an underrated moment IMO @iamsamkeller i’m gonna make an account just to say how honored i feel no joke @abue1a mad tigerfame, i’m gonna live forever!!!!!!!! @iamsamkeller HOLY SHIT @iamsamkeller AAAAHHHHHHHHH @beardjones
@dominicknero extremely da share zone of you @RachelHeine @notkerouac @ebrownie oh it’s not for another 10 days but i wanted to make a big show of not forgetting!! @SimoneZiss i am being business casual
Retweeted by soph @notkerouac you didn’t have to do all this for my anniversary with @ebrownie @TheGreyKing @jaysonbuford @inkthepage also her best work after Juno @inkthepage @jaysonbuford also one of Judy Greer’s few movie roles where she gets to be the hot one, ALSO Gollum is in it which is WILD @maggieserota what the hell @inkthepage @jaysonbuford 13 Going on 30 is his best work, change my mind!!!! @jaysonbuford 13 Going on 30, The Kids Are All Right, Spotlight, Shutter Island