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@thecultureofme SUPERSTORE @jltet14 IT WAS BAD. It wasn’t on one of my stories — it was a tweet — but still, dammit @thecultureofme genre?Hi 911 I read the commentsthis show is 98% bummer and 2% actually enjoyable but the good parts are SO GOOD that i'm headed into S3E3 (and mad about it)you will know me by my trail of references @scottwthurston I understood, generously, maybe 2/3 of Breaking Bad. I’m just not invested in enough of the charact… jealous of this name and profession
Retweeted by sophy ziss @_oygevalt i think they're gonna put natalie dormer's head on jessica rabbit's body and just call it a day @_oygevalt literally every guy on hinge says his childhood crush was lola bunny already christ @nerdist @olivegarden omgcast WBNA stars in space jam 2at the end of the day, no one UNDERSTANDS better call saul, right? @ayygarl keep me updated!! @JoshhTerry @alyssadehayes and me on the right tbh @ayygarl i know!! the regular is meh that i'm really surprised. i only bought the seltzer because i glanced and tho… @ayygarl i know!!!! so: 1. comes in a bottle, not a can 2. i enjoy the size of the bubble 3. you can taste the lem… @Boringstein @gillenleeriggs it is decidedit’s official: i am renouncing all other seltzers in favor of deer park lemon lime @lindseyromain omg the purring @ebrownie !!!! @TheHorrorMaster @TheGreyKing @buzzkillary maybe @TheDreamGhoul has advice? @Nicole_Cliffe @buzzkillary a limited series debuting october 1 only on netflix @jaysonbuford i'll be honest: i was so excited for it i couldn't sit down the entire afternoon. and i was in my apartment the whole time @jaysonbuford HEY THANKS 💛 @sheaDUCK @vulture @captainmarvel TY @lanikaps yes!! @iwearaviators KAT YOUR MY FAVORITE MURDER PIECE IS SOOOOOOOO GOODalready hungry @nicolemarievdb ❤️❤️❤️ @ericslickmusic yikes @eileenjforrest engaging with men on the topic of sexual violence is part of my skincare routine
Retweeted by sophy ziss @kathleenhayn @garbage_person @margareteby @npratc AAAAHHHHH @caitieekk YOM TOV BABBY @urfriendmimi @emmamayjk fyi there's a fund for him! @ellesep cc @TheGreyKing @ThirstBaseman @buzzkillary @vulture @captainmarvel ❤️❤️❤️ @Crawf33 @RachelLeishman @vulture @captainmarvel THANK YOU ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ it means a lot coming from you!!! @danieljtgallen wild @danieljtgallen Where is it???? @ninastarner safe flight miss you @ninastarner i luh you
@ChipSwelly wink @philatticus yes! a while ago. and my editors have been really, really great about talking about everything, too @philatticus this *also* went up today if you like a niche binge @philatticus i am OUT OF MY MIND excited for it and also Chilling Adventures of Sabrina in a major wayIs Captain Marvel's cat hiding in the film's first poster? A brief investigation
Retweeted by sophy ziss @FanSince09 i'm about it @ChipSwelly then i am grateful to you and forced to continue writing, so a win-win really @philatticus thank you!!! would you believe i had to cut it down to 17 @blahstin the answer to every question @ebrownie @ebrownie @SimoneZiss @csymrl give me the peach coke or ill knock you off your broom @csymrl offense takenwhen you get that Vulture byline @PAYOLETTER @MrsMeyersClean 100000% @PAYOLETTER @MrsMeyersClean Right here boss @somevelvetblog Do not attempt to adjust your picture!! @hellolanemoore love it SO MUCH @somevelvetblog i’m so glad! and i wouldn’t lie; it’s really all on Hulu right now👀📺✨ @csymrl give it @killakow i’d be honored if you ran it by your tentative cat pal at your next meetingon the real tho i’ve read Vulture for a solid 10 years and to be published in it on the subject of a cat alien is insane and rightwrites one article for Vulture @Crawf33 ❤️ @beardjones @vulture @captainmarvel honestly that seems like genius #sponcon @abrahamjoseph @vulture @captainmarvel I was V worried I’d get a “we have someone on this cat story already” response so tbh... thank YOUnow it's time to go eat mashed potatoes out of a pan @colealtmann @vulture @captainmarvel ❤️ @colealtmann JUST DIDin my debut @vulture, i talked about @captainmarvel's cat truly can't believe the thing i'm about to tweetcalling an emergency coven meeting to discuss captain marvel’s cat @LouisPeitzman @scheana Cc @eileenjforrest @buzzkillary @devancoggan I AM DESPERATE FOR CONFIRMATION @gospelofjawn Further. Faster. Watch the trailer for Marvel Studios’ @CaptainMarvel in theaters March 8, 2019.…
Retweeted by sophy ziss @Crawf33 Not saying I cried; not saying I didn’t @gospelofjawn 8:30my life is pretty good but i wish i was some kind of laughing skull that floated around
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Retweeted by sophy ziss @mernswino do NOT get me started @jeslach 💞 @jeslach wow i genuinely forgot i still had some, thank you @erikawynn she’s an underrated part of crazy stupid love HONESTLYI will take you to the emmys but I won’t propose to you there. I will propose at the oscars like a fucking lady.
Retweeted by sophy ziss @jacobtwop Che definitely qualifies 👀 @RachelHeine @lindseyromain you know what they say @RachelHeine @lindseyromain PS your favorite Emmys looks thread is so soothing @lindseyromain wow rebranding as a goth porg