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@urfriendmimi did you know jerry has a daytime emmy @ItMeTony i don't know her @ItMeTony they have it for the rest of the week! @ItMeTony have you seen 2001 at the franklin institute yet cause it rules @Monnster22 most of it is boring and bad! so the stuff like whiskers harrison just kinda sticks @Monnster22 like the 1890s in between grover cleveland's terms, he had a goat named whiskers, i'm so sorry that i'm like thisfor my next trick, i will relax @AmyLeighP @eileenjforrest ❤️ @RachelHeine @lindseyromain confession: i dig hot dumbledore but i'm all in on theseus 🙊
@AmyLeighP oh YES @EmmaSpecter fine, we'll write it, whatever, but there's a corny high-stakes dreidel game or there is NOTHING @AmyLeighP smushed up in the back of the drawer! @EmmaSpecter IS THERE ONE I CANT TELL IF YOURE JOKING @eileenjforrest @killakow doritos are gross!!! @bananapeele also can i just say..........good for jesse bradford good @bananapeele sarah silverman shit talking a court full of men in a way that "takes the wind out of you" is hands-do… @thejessicadore omg how dare you @bananapeele i admit i already did ctrl+f duchovny just to really hype myself up @bananapeele how dare you share something wonderful like that when i am on deadline and can't obsess over it!!! @beardjones @emilygmonster thank you!!!everyone was super nice earlier so i'm reposting this to keep myself humble!! @carriesnotscary um you should be proud of that and all of its portions for foxes glory @carriesnotscary YES YES literally my introduction to the show !!! @carriesnotscary bomb episodes of grey's hands DOWN @JohnnyOatley the canada of it all!!!! @JohnnyOatley "sports centre" @JohnnyOatley who ARE you @alyssamtrudeau yes literally that but my except is "the urbn headquarters at the philadelphia naval yard"just now realizing i should have made a taking my talents to south beach joke @carriesnotscary i promise to only name them after characters and events in thor: ragnarok @FanSince09 DIBS @VinnieMancuso1 i've said it before and i'll say it again: conan is the fifth element @perpetua i do like auntie anne's @perpetua i'm not sure! where is it that people go, exactly? @Nicole_Cliffe thank you!!!! the first orb that crosses my path WILL be named CliffeALSO i'm not going to stop freelancing altogether (the content must go on!) but i'll be taking on significantly les… @treblaw Thbakn yoy, @CourtneySoliday thank you!! @velocciraptor yes! on the brands and the restaurants the company owns, somehow???📣 [banging a fork against a solo cup of champagne] hey hi so i have some career news: next week i start as a copywr… @TVBadBoy i think about videos of him training with his dog probably once an hour
@ebrownie oh okay pisces @iamsamkeller @ebrownie and, as my sister points out, why he already knew here come the sixers by heart @ebrownie excuse me. is it true that jimmy butler a virgo @TimHerrera WHAT @perpetua @Abbey_Bender is it up yet is it up is it is it is it @AmyLeighP @AmyLeighP @seaninsound it's new!! @seaninsound kinda? @comcastcares hello i need my bill to cost way less please @iamsamkeller @eileenjforrest @eileenjforrest @iamsamkeller it's like MASSIVELY sketchy though we're talking says they're based in london but rea… @ninastarner shady company reached out to say their algorithm chose me as an influencer, and i know it's bogus but i also kind… @sharpalright @killakow thank you!! i've been weird about telling people because i'm convinced someone's gonna yell… @hipsterboner mine has weird stains on it though so it's basically just for eating messy foods in now @hipsterboner we're shirt twins @LonelyBoyBarbs YIS and i had literally 5 rounds of interviews @killakow copywriter for anthropologie!!! here in the perfectly fine city of philadelphia. and to show my gratitude… @urfriendmimi @killakow oh you absolutely did @sassafras_ash amazingseems uncalled for to have first day jitters a full week before i start my job @drmattdambrosio i feel like the timeline could use some more pictures of yours tbh @urfriendmimi WENT FOR IT
@urfriendmimi you know i will @aklingus i haven't had the confidence to wear it out of the house yet so officially, neverthinking about wearing my beret this afternoon but probably won't @ebrownie @xtine_files @iamsamkeller we need this group chat @xtine_files @iamsamkeller tbh though and no shade but what has kara done!!!! @xtine_files @iamsamkeller also i hate dan i hatteeeee himhmmmmdfognhg @xtine_files @iamsamkeller oh that could so be it. maybe one of the producers just has a crush on him @iamsamkeller @xtine_files nick!!! interesting. i feel like his gameplay is so good it's gone unnoticed by the rest… @ninastarner @PhilaBCoulter
@AmyLeighP @ellesep a shot every time the person singing karaoke is clearly a middle child
Retweeted by sophy zissforgetting i dyed my hair and jumping every time i see myself in the mirror seems normal
@tatianatenreyro plus a lot of people don't see "you guys" as gender neutral, soooooooooooooo that person can hush @xtine_files SURVIVOR!!!!!! @vrloebziss @vrloebziss @ninastarner we'll send you selfies from dinner!! @iamsamkeller wow yes!!!!!!!!!A word for “songs you heard played during Scrubs and cried through and now pretend you knew first from a non-Scrubs source.”
Retweeted by sophy ziss @ninastarner i mean, if delia*s is coming back, i see no reason for limited too not to @ninastarner who's a rockstar? Short King delegation does not recognize jeff bezzos as a Short King but we still advocate for his right to a s…
Retweeted by sophy ziss @klawls and if it's possible for a tweet to be stuck in your head.... this one is always rattling around in mine @klawls he is the gem of all gems will forte win any emmys for his parks and rec episode? i don't want to look it up
@socialistyentl no one does! let me be the devil on your shoulder whispering "grocery delivery" @socialistyentl i'll add you to my list of people to jewish mom-style text about getting groceries before it snows next time !! @eileenjforrest @buzzkillary hahahahahhaiusfhzsughzisow;ixghfc @ChipSwelly @patchak21 @Mikelennial @killakow my first two years of college were powered by raspberry smirnoff and i heaved just TYPING that