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announcing something super cool tomorrow.... :) #TGDidYouEver
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️ @kayteaqt once it’s safe i’m gonna do it 🥺😤offer only valid for girls 💗formally inviting all my twitter girls over for raspberry winewait i finally opened the raspberry wine and it tastes like i’m drinking raspberry preserves with a little bit of alcohol i am.. in love...DID PAIMON JUST SAY CLOUT TO ME.......
the 'gross' parts of mental illness should be talked about more, like depression, it isnt always just about being s…
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️we have to stop bottling wine with impossible to get out corks we have progressed PASSED THISthe next time apple corrects samira to zamora i’m cutting this damn phone in half cut it tf out @lolAmbie queen carry me i’ll seraphine your samira 😭😭😭😭after a long stressful day of existing and having emotions i will treat myself to trying some raspberry wine 💗Disabled ppl deserve to spend money on frivolous things & shouldn't have to spend all their limited/fixed income on their Healthcare.
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️not me reliving my middle and high school years watching toxic friend tiktoks 🤢 @YazBaee @YazBaee so wise, my brain is but a babie, i will Learn @YazBaee i really love it so much!!! but a lot of the fun was going to cons and taking pictures with people it felt… wanna cosplay so bad but i’m so awful at keeping up with posting content and actually getting into cosplay to take pics n shit 🗿 @MissBicepslol @YazBaee hard agreechanneling my inner @ashleykaee and ordering seafood boil to my house 😌 @sixxtears he needs to put his white little tongue away i KNOW his breath smellsi am SO angry that i’m never close enough to food places i see on twitter and tiktok that blow up 😐I’ve seen Twitter really change peoples life, so I’m gonna give it a try. My husband opened up this restaurant call…
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️Almost the whole country is in the "Uncontrolled Spread" category 1/
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️Hey twitter! The Navajo nation lost their lawsuit to allow their ballots to be counted 10 days after the election b…
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️ @ttttttttttired everyone being like leave him alone like.... no bitch that really ruins all the fucking fun to take… @McMugget i literally wish i was soraka but only drawn by u .
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️1 out of every 1000 Black Americans has died of coronavirus btw. Not 1 out of 1000 who gets it, 1 out of every 1000 total
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️also making me realize how heavily gaslit i was in my first relationship super coolthe way i’m addicted to tiktok compilations of people getting caught cheating 😐
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️// police brutality . . . . .
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️little kid: omg u have so many stuffed animals can i play with them me:
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️ @YazBaee they’re so cute 😭 your kitty’s face looks p similar to bandits it’s adorable 😭😭 @YazBaee bb girl @YazBaee bb boi @YazBaee omg my kitties look like her 😭😭has this been done yet?
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@CallMeSulpan i wish leftists knew: disability is both a physical experience and an economic status. it announces how well y…
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️ @sinfulcacti u don’t have to 😡😡😡😡😡 @sinfulcacti do it!!!! @clairvoynce truly leo women superiority!!!!!! @clairvoynce EXACTLY UGHHHH RAW ONION SUPREMACY @clairvoynce NO BC ME TOO.....
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️My little cousin has gone missing. She lives in Palm Beach county, Florida. If y’all could retweet this to death, I…
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️everything i do is out of spite so wait for the results and this tweet might make sense 💗 @internalies YES OFC W MY FAVE LIPTSICK AND PERFUME OWOthe videos of the lady “doing her dogs makeup” are so cute but i would yeet any mf dog to another galaxy that LICKE… @internalies ALRIGHT THATS IT IM BUYING THE SAMPLE PACKS u want blue raspberry, cotton candy, sour watermelon, or juicy peach??? @youknowlimbo WAIT AM I TOO LATE FOR AMONG US FIDNJDND @internalies omg girl i keep getting ads for this cbd drink and i’m like..... but would miss hulu like and approve it 🤔wait til they just ghost you out of all functions and post it all over social media 🥴🥴🥴 telling people to forgive their parents. start telling people to forgive themselves for things their parents b…
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️I just want you all to look at this. Right now. This an issue. A big one. This was just 4 out of so many. After I r…
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"bi people are attracted to gender and pan people are attracted to personality" the front of my truck is attracted to ur knees
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️Newsflash! The evil, savage "races" in fantasy media having a tradition of facial tattooing is rooted in anti-Indig…
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️if you’re not jewish, say something about this. retweet it at the bare minimum so the word can get around OR say so…
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️America: Canada:
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️how can y’all tweet this shit with all the violence happening at mi’kma’ki, wet’suwet’en, sekwépemc, algonquin terr…
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️We really work 5 days a week just for 48 hours of freedom LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️uh idk who needs to hear this but you dont need to forgive your parents lol
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️안녕하세에~~~~~~ 욥
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️ @toriioriori @toriioriori i know it’s seated but seeded makes more sense in my head bc “deep rooted” like it’s shit planted n growing in ur head!!! @mishaahhIRZ actually it’s more like IDIDJDND wrote about how Billie Eilish walking around in her body isn’t bravery and how we have to stop calling women larg…
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️ @mishaahhIRZ him coward 😤 @mishaahhIRZ my favorite is when he DOES do clash w the bro and then is like oopsie i cant do it hehehe gl tho!my junglers ditching the bros for clash and ignoring bro code ladies hmu if u wanna start a team 😐😐😐
some small derpy KDA kitties
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️Buena Park, Fullerton, La Habra‼️ This little girl was taken FROM HER BED at her home in La Habra in the middle of…
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️girl i could not SURVIVE an episode of bad girls club i can’t fight and i’m too gayugh just wanna have weekly sleepovers w a bunch of girlies and we watch bad girls club n do face masks n play games n bake n cook n stuffonly lame ass losers say shit like this 💗't call yourself a gamer girl if you don't have an RGB pussy
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️You wonder why indigenous people avoid hospitals? Because we know they aren’t going to help us anyway. So many time…
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️bro he was stanced👀
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️TW/ Physical & Sexual Abuse i was being kicked out of the house and blame for my uncle’s death who molested me. cu…
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️i keep trying to paste my genshin code and it’s not fkn letting me zzz @bisoulovely if the cloud bags sell out will they return? i don’t have enough atm 😭Sorry but watching astronauts sped up on the moon will never get old
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️every finger who retweets shall be wealthy this decade
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️bisexual people when bi visibility week is over
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️ @YazBaee oki!! 💗 @YazBaee hewwo 🥺👉🏻👈🏻anyone wanna help me lvl and grind on genshin 😔sitting my Bf down & explaining that i have to spend money every day Or Else i will die
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️all i want is to do an all girls clash team is that too much to ask 😩ADHD can feel like it gets 'worse' when we get older and have to organize ourselves more - the same thing can happe…
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️ @dumbricardo @youknowlimboAnyone who says things like, "We survived Regan, we survived Nixon, we can survive this," reveals an awful lot about who they think "we" is.
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️I am once again thinking about the Animal Crossing tea pot
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️indigenous people have the most beautiful voices you can’t change my mind
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️I haven't stopped thinking about this video
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️Does anyone else feel like a bootleg version of their usual selves lately
Retweeted by Literally Seraphine™️ @clairvoynce she is!!!! 😭 @clairvoynce and we don’t even know when tf that’s coming out either which is double ass!