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We have reached the Hieronymus Bosch phase of this pandemic.
Retweeted by Nicolas Barriere-K @beardswin Makes sense!
What was I expecting. fan arts of JoJo and RyuGaGotoku
Retweeted by Nicolas Barriere-Kwearing this to the Wayne Foundation ball to fuck with my ex Bruce
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#NobodyArtistClub 🌞 I’m an artist/sculptor with a focus on folklore, nature and fae 🌙
Retweeted by Nicolas Barriere-K @treswritesstuff Poor Daisy Ridley @MrPope @Drjennog TALK ABOUT HYPER SKA-PE FOR A BIT PICK IT UP PICK IT UP PICK IT UP PICK UP THE GUN @TheVTran Honestly been thinking about this and the shift to more prevalent parasocial relationships online since COVID. @barbarabot luv 2 not be defensive and insecure @NicolasVerge Ruh-oh... @beardswin ni(e)ce!Friends of Dorothy's? Online? Impossible. @NicolasVerge Lies. Flim flam. Shenanigans. Entertainment.
@MrPope I learned this from my first job when I was done the “emergency all hands locked computers” jig in the first six months. @cabtastic @boumerie CatbuncleAs someone with terminal graphic designer brain who keeps falling for this and ends up having to pick up cans off t…
Retweeted by Nicolas Barriere-KLoved The Old Guard. 💕💖 Congrats and thank you for the gift @ruckawriter!
@JLevstein More! I hope this brought you @tanyaxshort for the inspiration!I’ve been meaning to make a video about this: a couple of updates ago, we added a mock social media feed to Barbie… The true face of the dadification of videogames. @MitchyD It’s 2050 and the revelation that Pagan Min was the first zigote shakes the foundation of the earth @MitchyD Far Cry expanded universe and it starts with Primal and ends with Blood Dragon
@notquitefrodo I can’t for the bathroom to have seventeen fake stuffed two-headed devil goats who all look at you doing the deed
Hey GDC goers, you know what to do. of Thieves' credits sequence includes some of its design documentation, and it perfectly encapsulates why I lik…
Retweeted by Nicolas Barriere-KI must, to be earnest, decline
Retweeted by Nicolas Barriere-KToday’s doodle: Barda of the New Gods. #buffwomen
Retweeted by Nicolas Barriere-Kok but eco brutalism... brutalism with trees:
Retweeted by Nicolas Barriere-K @Sweeney_Boo Bravo!Eat, and Love Yourself is out today in all comic book stores!! 💜💛
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Let them fight. @uzionmain yikesRead this - Kim, as ever, has put everything into words so perfectly. I’m so so grateful for her friendship and all…
Retweeted by Nicolas Barriere-K @boumerie C’est la viiiieeee @Marri Upside: found a sparse few, after only two weeks. Betty's room seems to have been spared.
Rare footage of Joss Whedon and J. K. Rowling
Retweeted by Nicolas Barriere-K @treswritesstuff I raked leaves once. @pinksyllibus Already warned them Saturday and keeping them in the loop! @LoriHyrup Hi! Thank you for the advice! We just immediately true my bed, washed the exposed areas and we are deali… @casskhaw If only I knew a horror writer who could use this information for ill and good. @roz_stockton It was an extra 50$ dollars lol They stated their basic service covered six months @k9andkbd ... @rebheartsyou For now. Exterminator came. Betty’s fine, but yeah I was being bitten for a few weeks... @cabtastic Yupppp I’m on super lockdown now... @roz_stockton They came this morning. Coming back in 3 weeks. Then a month later. And I got a 1 Year guarantee. @michelmcbride The thing that puzzles me is the new tenant of my old place discovered some, and how they got there… @michelmcbride I had to act immediately, for transparency’s sake with my condo board. @michelmcbride LOL WELLLLLLLLLLLLL 👀It was a very mild outbreak thankfully. Exterminator came today to spray the apartment, but now literally everythi… morning Miles Morales🕷
Retweeted by Nicolas Barriere-KAhahahah they can live in books too! IN BOOKS. can’t own a bed again until August. Everything I own with paper, cardboard or textiles needs to be turbo-hotwash… on the upside: learning a lot about Parasites. Nothing should be allowed to be born from a microscopic egg and… extra spice to your life may I suggest becoming a homeowner and inadvertendly bringing in bedbugs inside it, th… remembered this pic of Shelley Duvall exists again so here you go
Retweeted by Nicolas Barriere-KSocial distancing
Retweeted by Nicolas Barriere-KHoly shit
Retweeted by Nicolas Barriere-K @Pixoshiru bonne fête! <3 @ghoulnoise Tuesday comes around and oh what do you know it's suddenly it's not Wesdnesday, but Doomsdayis this how you creature design?
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@K2theSwift @Sigtric Well well well just realized the inspiration for Headcrabshey #TransCrafted my name's min and i make video games! i wish i had some different projects to share but i've been…
Retweeted by Nicolas Barriere-K @treswritesstuff also this was and still is a near perfect mlm date movie @treswritesstuff My jaw hit the floor when matt bormer refers to god in the feminine and all the men patiently nod… friend overwrote my 100% completion Save file in Golden Sun. I discovered this exactly at the moment I was plann… @janamakesgames Aaaaaahhhhh @MrPope the heck is going on here with the fish eye lens
Lovelorn loser finds love and self-actualization inside a giant whale. do I love that idiotic of a sentence. “Hey Bud, why are you so SAD?” “Because I HAVE FEELINGS. FEELINGS THAT CAUSE ME PAIN.”It hurt SO MUCH because it was REAL. @LeishaRiddel They had it coming (the good parts)
what we mean when we say god-tier
Retweeted by Nicolas Barriere-K @WritNelson Oh man the second word after everyone’s favorite rap verse starting CHAR-ME-LEON @Gangles Yasssss congrats! @nicterhorst No angst just floofPeople are showing images of women with muscles to defend the design choices in The Last of Us II. And while nice,…
Retweeted by Nicolas Barriere-K @AvivaMaiArtzy you @KingCurryThundr Washington Voter Suppressions @LeishaRiddel @roz_stockton Great name for a company, in hindsight
I'm Sophie and I ruin people's childhoods for a living. #transcrafted
Retweeted by Nicolas Barriere-K @jozerphine They flipped them! @jozerphine YOOOO WHAT IS THIS FUTURE THEY CAN JUST THAW THEM AND KEEP GOINGYoooo they literally got frozen all this time at the end of Season 1 this writes itselfOh My GOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDD there any pro-native statue as badass as this inca warrior beating a conquistador in colca canyon, peru
Retweeted by Nicolas Barriere-K @danfergusonn I love this Baman Piderman game @SmallBuStudio
@treswritesstuff Then Batman, Then Cap, Then Spider-Man @Sierra_OffLine They could conceive of BisexualityRefreshed my website - !
Retweeted by Nicolas Barriere-K @radiatoryang If they’re at Fire Island let’s be real no ones doing anything innocent after dark @dejobaan Yay!He’s Gay Now Canada/Moving Day! Give full sovereignty back to all First Nations and defund the police! I learned yesterd…’s gotta organize the fun masterpiece is finally complete
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@treswritesstuff Oh no I googled and Candace Owens OH NOthe glorification of being hyper-successful in your 20's & the notion of "becoming irrelevant" are dangerous to the…
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