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Retweeted by Nicolas Barriere-K @jaimewoo Two handsome floofy boys Two
@acccent sad mad dad or glad mad dad or... @acccent what about dad
Retweeted by Nicolas Barriere-K @AvivaMaiArtzy gayme recognized gayme @acccent what about madThey say “We can’t do that. We’re not Amsterdam.” You respond “Amsterdam wasn’t always like that either,” showing b…
Retweeted by Nicolas Barriere-K @christinelove for you to state this... @ianjq Oh My God Ian of course you didJust... wow. It's pretty, of course, but what an investment! Art and feedback in that style is usually so iterati… wow! Legends of Runeterra. Neat hybrid of Gwent and Magic! Very much liking the tutorial so far! Also: Me ever… @Pixoshiru Wow-wow-wow! @meakoopa Were you consulted on these nipples?
@41Strange big @beardswin energy @boumerie omfg c’était pire ce que je pensais...representation matters, motherfuckers.
Retweeted by Nicolas Barriere-KDefinitely my fave art from the new set!
@brett_douville Scratch that. NEW DREAM!My Dream. @sintecta L’ECUMME DES JOURS @Marin_Gouin Just 510 grams! @Marin_Gouin I can share if you want some!Finally read this gem. 🌈 Thank you @upandoutcomic! 💖 a reasonable choice, for once.
@liamesler Oh no those are very malnourished from poor working conditions @liamesler Plus it was gym spider, probably getting swole to prey on hunks EXTRA dangerous @liamesler Oh no how did you miss a 16 meter wide spider? That’s the average australian spider’s size afaik. @acosmos ooooooohhhh I’ll check showings in MTL! @boumerie Omg I know that game!!! 🥰 @LeishaRiddel A daring opinion.I... I... I stan. @RekkaBell ever want to try a new art thing but you're like
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This is so many fonts
Retweeted by Nicolas Barriere-KTrue allyship is a straight DM crafting an excellent and moving campaign going on of 3 years for an entirely LGBTQI…’s up YouTube? Doing a review of my hotel bathtub in Seattle.
Retweeted by Nicolas Barriere-KA very special game updated today (hint hint it was mine’s) @BooDooPerson He knows you used catsup.Completely unrelated: Just came out of watching Parasite.
You know during my teens, in hindsight, my old camp counsellor either was factually prophetic or read my closeted a… @DamianSommer This is your game design gift and curse, clearly. @DamianSommer Oh come ON @ghoulnoise We’re scamps @thechrishaley Holy Shirt @LeishaRiddel Holey Moley
Wholesome vibe: Little boys giggling while reading together bright flash pink shojo mangas on the metro just now.💖 @tanyaxshort Sadly hahahaha tragically Disney now owns all variety of “Blue Milk” for perpetuity. @tanyaxshort SESAMILKthis review i'm ☠️☠️☠️
Retweeted by Nicolas Barriere-KWhat is. Art? sufficiently modern Catholic shrine is indistinguishable from an Assassin’s Creed setpiece. (in the Crypt of…
Retweeted by Nicolas Barriere-K @NicolasVerge Loved it. Super relatable: I used to be sorta super judgy like that in my teens. @NicolasVerge @MitchyD I blanked this was “Midichlorians moment” in Rise of Skywalker.Important #TokyoMirageSessions
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@edenthecat Gorge!No 2 Runner-up - Dustin Hoffman as Captain Hook (wants to steal a kid away from his parent!!!) No 1 GOAT - Anjelic… normal UK things, I assume. @sparklebliss @ckunzelman @bliproasters Enjoy Theros! I can't go today. :( @legobutts I mean, it is probably one of the most symbolic rejection of privilege we've seen in recent years? If t… The Witcher and now plan to call and claim The Law of Surprise at every possible opportunity. You are all warned. @NicolasVerge @MrPope There’s a twist midway that is so great-dumb it caused me to shout on a plane.Dimetrodons don't get a lot of love in prehistoric fiction but I always thought they were pretty rad. (art by Jona…
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@pulsemeat Chrom WASN’T a Mute Fire Emblem main character, is my point.ಠ_ಠ
Retweeted by Nicolas Barriere-K @pulsemeat At least Chrom and Ike fight for their friends! @MitchyD Restraint. It’s good. @JonahD You are quite tall for Japan @JonahD Big. In Japan? Preposterous.If you want to make someone’s entire year, you can also NOMINATE other people!
Did the first year of this workshop and it was the greatest. Don’t hesitate and sign up! @liamesler @legobutts @TheVTran THIS GIF DEAR LORD @legobutts Adaptation is rough. It was good seeing you! Safe travels.infinite as the universe we hold inside
Retweeted by Nicolas Barriere-KJust imagining this near a lake and I’m 103% more gender relaxed. @LeishaRiddel How ‘bout Potato @beardswin My couch. Your butt. @legobutts Happy for you!
@osamadorias This is me reminding you of that talk we had in your car that one time last year! I’m glad you’re hea… @Spinadoodles Depending on the team size, genre, budget, art style, schedule, platform, game design is never quite… I COME FROM THE FIRE? WE’RE GOING BACK, OH YEAH
Retweeted by Nicolas Barriere-K @Spinadoodles Hummmm. 😰 Today on Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures for mobile Iiiii uhhhh wrote amazing detailed interac… @Cheyenne_Curtis Watch out Giancarlo is pouncing @41Strange @Sweeney_BooThis was so interesting! I love learning about how other creative fields pull their own stuff off!!!
@edenthecat Okay now rap that sentence @JonahD Love you, survivor.tired: asking your date their astrological sign wired: asking your date what kind of gamer they are according to t…
Retweeted by Nicolas Barriere-K @JarrydHuntley Telling Lakeith Stanfield to get out gave me a mild chuckle. @hunicke Where can I buy theeeessseeeOh my god. What excellence. I really wish they had advertised the movie’s political bent more, because it handles… Out let’s goooooo!
@CBCMusic Purchased with my own money? Blink 182 - Take Off Your Pants And Jackets @hownottodraw The moon makes one horntyou’re listening to 103.3 WFYR i’m sisyphus bringing you the same rock every night
Retweeted by Nicolas Barriere-K @AvivaMaiArtzy I loved Taylor Swift's Cocaine Heist Boat where the plan was seemingly to kidnap Cat God by making e… @phosfiend @nickfourtimes Rey stop. Stop. Stop running. Away. @SmallBuStudio @MonsieurEureka @disco_jill Only the oldest of jellicles can break the 4th wall it seems